15 Nerds That Always Manage To Date Steamy Celebs

Nowadays, celebs come in all different shapes and sizes, and have different personalities. It’s kind of refreshing, because it brings something new to our screens. Not every guy you see on screen looks like a model. Sure, a lot of celebs like to stay in shape, have rippling muscles, and some can only be described as Adonises. But there’s an increasing number of celebs out there that prefer to bury their noses in books, read comic books, and get up to other so-called nerdy activities. That’s a bit of a stereotype there, but you get my drift.

Some celebs are self-proclaimed nerds and own that tag. Vin Diesel for example, is a massive nerd, but he certainly doesn’t look the type. Most of these celebs fit the bill. They’re nerdy on the inside, and look pretty nerdy on the outside. Again, I’m in no way bashing them. It’s actually pretty cool to be a nerd nowadays, due to shows like The Big Bang Theory. And these 15 are comfortable in their own skins, which makes them exude confidence. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why they tend to get with seriously hot women. But kudos to them; they managed to date hot women when the stereotype dictated they’d only attract like-minded individuals. Here are 15 nerdy celebs that somehow manage to date sizzling hot women.

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15 Jason Segel

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Jason Segel, the lovable actor who achieved fame for his role in How I Met Your Mother, may not have had the same kind of success since the conclusion of that sitcom. But that’s not going to worry Jason. He’s got plenty of things going on to keep him occupied. Some may say that Jason Segel is head and shoulders above everyone else in the nerd pack. He doesn’t just look a tad nerdy. Jason’s actually pretty smart, and engages in activities that most people, including himself, would think fit the criteria of being a nerd. I mean, the guy’s hosted the “Nerd Oscars,” for God’s sake, otherwise known as The Science and Technology Academy Awards. And he kicked the roof off that place. He’s also responsible for reviving The Muppets – his fellow nerds would be proud.

In terms of Jason’s dating life, he likes to keep things seriously private. But when he started dating a real hottie, he had to step out with her. It’s rumored that Jason’s dating the steamy Alexis Mixter. It’s also thought that while filming that hit sitcom, he hooked up with Alyson Hannigan, his long-term partner in the series.

14 Zach Braff

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Here’s another guy that just looks nerdy, but it’s why he’s become so successful. He achieved fame for playing the nerdy character of J.D. on the hit series Scrubs, who’s quite possibly the nerdiest doctor you’ll ever come across. I’m sure people wouldn’t mind being treated by a so-called nerd doctor, except for the fact that in J. D’s case, he was a bit of a bumbling buffoon. But it’s why people loved him, and it’s what made the show so great. Zach’s real-life persona is a tad like J.D. They’re definitely similar in the nerd department. He’s got a “theatre geek past” – his own words – that he’s very proud of, and has divulged all by doing a Nerdist Podcast. You’ve got to be a super-nerd to get invited to do one of those.

Zach’s rumored to have dated some steamy celebs. He used to date actress Shiri Appleby. It’s rumored, a rumor which was pretty much inevitable, that Zach was dating his Scrubs costar, stunning actress Sarah Chalke. The chemistry the two showed on screen was thought to have been as a result of off-screen relations.

13 Jason Sudeikis

via: ocm.com

Don’t know who Jason Sudeikis actually is? Not to worry, you won’t be the only one. He’d like to think he’s famous due to his career as a comedian and his prowess as an actor. And he’s not exactly a dud actor. But let’s face it, Jason’s mostly recognized for being Olivia Wilde’s other half – well, soon to be other half anyway, as they’re currently engaged. Actress Olivia Wilde has had a number of star roles. She’s probably best known for starring in the medical drama House. People got to see her as the sultry, troubled doctor – it’s a role that resulted in Olivia becoming a s*x symbol in many people’s eyes.

Before getting engaged to Olivia, Jason was with screenwriter and actress, Kay Cannon. The two were hitched for six years, before they split and went their separate ways. Pretty much right throughout his career in the limelight, Jason’s always had a steamy celeb by his side.

12 John Legend

via: glamour.com

American singer-songwriter John Legend looks pretty dapper, although you can’t really say he resembles an alpha male. He used to be a nerd – and he claims he still has some nerdy qualities – and that look has just stayed with him. Being a nerd has made him amazing at what he does, so fans wouldn’t have it any other way. He was a serious nerd growing up, and says that being one has helped with his creative process. Again, just like they’ve sought out Zach Braff, all these nerd publications and websites want John Legend on board to do a bit of something, and he’s been only too happy to oblige. Being a nerd has made John Legend smart, and incredibly attractive to women, as has his singing and prowess with a piano under his fingers, of course. He allegedly has dated some steamy celebs over the years, and he walked down the aisle with one in 2013. Celebs don’t get any steamier than Chrissy Teigen, and the pair just look adorable together, although John hasn’t yet converted her to his nerdy way of life.

11 Kunal Nayyar

via: knownpeople.net

Kunal Nayyar is famed for being one of the main cast members on The Big Bang Theory. He’s known for that geeky, nerdy persona, as a shy astrophysicist who struggles in social situations, struggles to find love. Also, everything about him pretty much screams "nerd." I am of course mentioning his on-screen persona, but he’s admitted to having many of these qualities in real life. Even if he didn’t have them, he’s been playing the role of Rajesh Koothrappali for so long, it’s inevitable he would’ve picked some things up. Like I mentioned in the intro, this sitcom has made people see nerds in a different light. They’re considered cool, and as Kunal describes it, being a nerd has made him into an “uber-babe magnet.” The magnetism’s certainly been working for him, because Kunal’s been rumored to have dated some beautiful women, none more beautiful than his current wife. His wife, Neha Kapur, isn’t just beautiful, she’s Miss Universe beautiful. She’s competed in the Miss Universe competition after winning the prestigious title of Miss India in 2006. That just about says it all.

10 Daniel Radcliffe

via: ohmymag.com

Regardless of what he does in the future, Daniel Radcliffe will and always will be known as Harry Potter. He was propelled into the limelight, achieved worldwide superstardom at such a young age for his role as the troubled wizard in those iconic movies. Part of Harry’s star appeal, despite being a wizard of course, was that he was a pretty unassuming character. Look at him and you wouldn’t say he was anything special. Those big round glasses, that haircut, and pretty much everything about him makes you think of a nerd. In his real life, Daniel’s also a pretty big nerd. He’s divulged that when he was a kid, he suffered years of bullying because of it – he’s certainly had the last laugh. The uncool nerd has gone to super-cool nerd, something that’s made him a hit amongst fans and the ladies. He’s dated steamy celebs, such as assistant movie director Rosanne Coker, a few British socialites, and Irish actress Laura O'Toole. Understandably, he was also rumored to have dated fellow Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, who is perhaps the steamiest of them all.

9 Nicolas Cage

via: mumslounge.com.au

Nicolas Cage is famous for playing the action hero, the guy who swoops in to save the day. But back in his teens, he couldn’t have been any more different. He was very shy, and by his own admission, incredibly geeky. Nicolas was obsessed with comic books, and I mean obsessed. It’s actually an obsession he still holds today – he was once the proud owner of one of the most expensive comic books in the world. Oh, and by the way, his name’s actually chosen after one of his famous comic book heroes. His real name’s Nicolas Coppola. You may recognize that last name, because his uncle directed The Godfather movies. Nicolas chose a stage name because he didn’t want to achieve success because of his family name. He chose "Cage" after the fictional superhero, Luke Cage.

Nicolas is a superhero in a lot of people’s eyes, including a number of steamy celebs. In terms of dating, he’s a regular Casanova, but married life hasn’t been kind to him. He’s been married three times, to Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie Presley and Alice Kim. He’s also dated American actress Christina Fulton, with whom he had a son. In 2016, he split from his latest wife, and has been pictured out and about with many women since. He’s back in the dating game, and from the looks of things, seems to be enjoying himself.

8 Kevin Smith

via: hollywoodreporter.com

Is Kevin Smith, American filmmaker, actor, comic book writer, author, and podcaster, of the nerdy persuasion? He most certainly is. You can probably tell he’s a nerd because of what I’ve just written. He’s into comic books, and must have felt like a kid in a candy store when he got the opportunity to write his own. Today Kevin is actually deemed to be the God amongst nerds; like the guys in The Big Bang Theory, he’s a guy that a lot of other geeks and nerds look up to. He revels in it, and loves being the so-called father figure of the group. You might think that being labelled with that title, the God amongst nerds, may have gone one of two ways for him in the dating game. It could’ve seriously hindered him, or given him some animal magnetism. Luckily for Kevin, it’s been the latter. When he was younger, there were all sorts of rumors floating about of him dating some steamy celeb or other. But then Jennifer Schwalbach came along and he’d found his perfect match. The steamy actress got married to Kevin in 1999, and they’ve been going strong ever since.

7 Andy Samberg

via: simplemost.com

Andy Samberg is another guy that just fits that profile of being a nerd. But anyone who’s seen him at work knows he rocks it. It’s what makes him so lovable, and it’s why he’s managed to achieve so much success. Andy’s been around since the early 2000s doing screenwriting, acting and comedy, but it’s fair to say that he became most well-known when he starred in the police sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine as the hilariously immature yet brilliant detective. He’s another guy who’s responsible for making nerds cool. Those in the nerd community look up to him, as they should, because his career’s on the up and up.

Ever since he first met her, Andy’s been infatuated with Joanna Newsom. He met her at one of her music gigs, they hit it off right away, and tied the knot after five years. It’s amazing looking at some of their pics. Based on looks alone, a lot of people wouldn’t think they’d be compatible. Joanna’s drop-dead gorgeous, whereas Andy – well, you can’t get any nerdier. The princess and the court jester comes to mind.

6 Darren Aronofsky

via: hellogiggles.com/elmundo.es

Darren Aronofsky is a filmmaker and is one of the best in the business. He’s different from others in the industry, in that he makes films that are edgy. But it’s what’s made his films stand out, and it’s also why he’s achieved such widespread acclaim and global success. His films such as Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler, and Black Swan, and mother! have stirred up a tremendous amount of controversy. It’s pretty daring stuff for a so-called nerd.

Due to what he does and his whole appearance, Darren definitely fits into the category of being a nerd. It’s something that’s made him attractive to a number of steamy celebs too. In the past he’s dated actress Rachel Weisz, Brandi-Ann Milbradt, and is currently with the stunning Jennifer Lawrence, who he’s been with for about a year. They make a cute couple, although the two seem very different – opposites do attract.

5 Seth Green

via: hollywood.com

Seth Green is a nerd in pretty much every which way. If you’ve seen him at work, you probably didn’t need me to tell you that. He’s nerdy by nature, but it’s something that’s held him in good stead right throughout his career. The guy has played Nerd in the Robot Chicken franchise, which just about says it all. He’s also a secret science geek, and is obsessed with technology and all-things space. He’s a regular at various comic-cons, where he shows his passion and promotes nerd culture.

Seth’s been in the acting profession for a hell of a long time. Over the years, especially during his younger days, he’s rumored to have dated a number of steamy celebs. In 2010, he got married to one of these celebs, after falling head over heels for Clare Grant. Clare’s an actress, producer, model and singer, and is a bit of a gaming and science fiction geek herself, so she and Seth have plenty in common.

4 Ed Sheeran

via: marieclaire.co.uk

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is probably the biggest male artist in the world right now. From his days hustling in London to becoming a global megastar, Ed Sheeran’s life has changed drastically in recent years. Or so you’d think. But Ed Sheeran’s actually a pretty simple guy. Aside from the obvious fame and fortune, he’s remained one of the most grounded celebs around. Ed Sheeran’s made the geeky look his own. Upon first impressions, you certainly wouldn’t think he’s one of the best-selling artists of all time. But the fact he’s still himself is why people, including other celebs, love him.

Ed’s someone who likes to keep his private life very private. But we know he’s currently dating a woman named Cherry Seaborn. They’re childhood sweethearts, met in high school, and things just progressed from there. It’s also rumored that he’s been with many other celebs during his years in the limelight. Fellow singing sensation, Taylor Swift is one of them. Nowadays they’re just extremely close friends, but it’s rumored that before they became besties, they were secretly dating. Ed’s also hooked up with numerous members of Taylor’s entourage, her famous girl squad – that’s something he’s actually admitted, probably wanting a few high fives.

3 Johnny Galecki

via: zimbio.com

You could probably presume that more than one of the Big Bang lot would feature on this list. If we did a list of female nerds that date handsome guys – or something of that sort – the entire female cast of the sitcom would probably feature on that list too. Johnny Galecki is a guy who’s probably the coolest nerd of the lot on that show. In real life, he’s a closeted nerd, but has this suave sophisticated demeanor about him – something you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a nerd – which has certainly helped when it’s come to his dating life. Johnny’s managed to date pretty much everyone’s dream woman. With him dating Kaley Cuoco’s character on screen, there were always going to be rumors that they were hooking up in real life. They did actually have a proper relationship and dated for a couple of years. We don’t want to be mean about Johnny, but people honestly couldn’t believe it. Even though there were inevitably going to be rumors, people couldn’t believe it when it happened. The lovable nerd has also dated actress Kelli Garner, before splitting with her in 2014.

2 Benedict Cumberbatch

via: ibtimes.com

Benedict Cumberbatch is a guy that tends to divide people. A lot of people rate him as this dapper, suave and sophisticated English gent, whereas others deem him to be a nerd of epic proportions. He does scrub up well, but those thinking he’s a nerd would be correct. He’s not just a nerd either. Amongst the current crop of actors, Benedict’s regarded to be the biggest nerd around. And he takes great pride in being labeled with that title. His nerdy qualities are enough to take up this entire article. So, here’s a snippet. He’s a regular at various comic-cons where he’s seen hanging out with elf queens and dwarves. He takes goofy selfies, does interviews barefoot, and is revered by other nerds (possibly a lot of those on this list). Benedict doesn’t just hang out with the elfish kind. He’s also hung out with steamy celebs over the years, although nowadays, there’s only one woman on his mind. He’s hitched to the gorgeous opera director (that’s a new one!), Sophie Hunter, and they have two kids.

1 Daniel Moder

via: thewebtrovert.com

Some of these dudes may be nerdy on-screen, but in real life they scrub up pretty well. But Daniel Moder – see this guy and you’ll instantly think "nerd." He just possesses that stereotypical look, and has a job which just enhances his position on the nerd scale. Daniel, rather than being in front of the cameras, spends his time behind them. He’s a cinematographer, and is probably one of the best around. He’s imparted his magic on a ton of movies over the years, and on some steamy celebs too. He met his first wife, the stunning makeup artist, Vera Steimberg, in the mid-90s, although things petered out pretty soon. Then superstar actress Julia Roberts came along. They wed in 2002, are still together, and have added three kids to their family. Daniel Moder’s got that nerdy charm about him, and it’s worked wonders on the dating front.

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