15 NBA Players Rejected By Regular Women

NBA players make millions upon millions of dollars and are some of the wealthiest people in the country. Their expensive lifestyle allows them to pretty much have anything they want. Whether these stars love fast cars or gigantic mansions, they have the money to get these luxurious things and more. Of course, the other thing these well-known basketball athletes also seem to easily get is any woman they want.

It's easy to slap the whole "player" label on a basketball star. With so much money, these men can literally get anything their hearts desire, and that includes the most beautiful women in the world. However, we shouldn't label every single NBA athlete as a lowlife who just loves the attention of women and then throws them away. There are actually players who appreciate good women and want to dedicate their lives to being with one person. Sadly, it's these athletes who have gotten hurt the most by the woman they thought was the one.

You may be surprised to learn that women actually reject some NBA athletes. There are plenty of reasons why a female would reject an athlete. Whether it's because that player has slept with hundreds of women or they are fully aware that the player is a serial cheater, many women are just not going to live their lives a fool. So, check out these 15 NBA Players Rejected By Regular Women and see why not every athlete can get what they want.

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15 Sasha Vujacic And Maria Sharapova - Basketball Star Gets Dumped By Blonde Bombshell

Photo Via: nypost.com

Okay, so tennis pro Maria Sharapova isn't your average regular woman, but it's safe to say that it probably sucks getting dumped by this blonde bombshell. Sharapova ended her engagement to basketball player Sasha Vujacic back in 2012 after just being engaged for nearly two years. The two met at a friend’s BBQ in 2010 and looked like a very happy couple. However, something went sour for Maria to have ended the relationship after such a short period of time. At a press conference, she talked about the split stating, "It was obviously a challenging decision, you know, from both of our ends." The tennis star also added that it was their schedules that were a major factor in ending the relationship, but we find that a little hard to believe.

14 Matt Barnes And Gloria Govan - Basketball Wives Star Trades Up

Photo Via: BET.com

Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan ended her marriage with former Golden State Warriors basketball player Matt Barnes in 2014. The couple apparently has had major ups and downs during their time together, with Barnes admitting that Gloria was just an "attention seeker" when they split. However, that didn't seem to bother the reality star one bit as she's now dating New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher. Fisher surprisingly divorced his wife of ten years to be with Gloria. Back in 2015, Fisher and Barnes were actually caught in an altercation, which stemmed around Gloria. Whatever the altercation may have been, Barnes definitely lost in this battle, as Gloria was the one who traded up from player to coach.

13 Lou Williams, Ashley Henderson, And Rece Mitchell - Thought He Could Get Away With Dating Two Girls At Once

Photo Via: youtube.com

The website Baller Alert was the first to report back in 2014 that then-Toronto Raptors guard Lou Williams was officially dating not one, but two, women at the same time. Named "The Legend of Lou" for his antics, there were apparently several photos of Williams with Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell. The two ladies didn't care that they were sharing him either. The three would casually hang out together all the time and even took vacations together. Williams even called them "Blonde" and "Brown" for their hair color. Many men definitely envied Williams. However, the three didn't last long. Apparently, Ashley Henderson grew a brain and figured that this relationship was not for her. She split from the group after she was no longer interested in sharing. Good for you, Ashley.

12 Serge Ibaka And Keri Hilson - R&B Singer Left Disappointed

Photo Via: frostsnow.com

Singer Keri Hilson is a beautiful woman who ended her relationship with NBA baller Serge Ibaka when she figured that he was just not the "one." Apparently, the basketball star left Keri "disappointed." Talking to Rolling Stone magazine, Hilson said, "I think I am an exception to the rule when people think of R&B "divas." I thought I found someone who's also an exception. It wasn't "enthralling" for me to date an athlete. It was on my list of "not to dos" — no rappers, no actors, and no ball players. I broke my rule because I thought I found someone different … It wasn’t an attraction to the status and the money." Ibaka definitely blew this one.

11 Chandler Parsons And The Women Of Instagram - NBA Player Gets Rejected By Two Women On Instagram

Photo Via: nypost.com

Chandler Parsons' game is apparently very weak off the court. After splitting with Victoria's Secret model Toni Garrn, he was spotted messaging a couple of hot women on Instagram just a month later. However, he got denied both times. Parsons was seen messaging a lewd comment to an Instagram model named Felicia Sanders, but his basketball status did not impress her. The second time, Parsons tried his luck with professional golfer Paige Spiranac and got rejected yet again. This time, the NBA player said "Hi" during Paige's live Instagram stream. Apparently, both women were not impressed. Sorry, Parsons.

10 Jason Kidd And Joumana Samaha - Ex-Wife Had Enough Of Kidd's Affairs

via Buzztopic

Joumana Samaha is drop-dead gorgeous, but she said goodbye to her husband of ten years, NBA star Jason Kidd, after it was rumored that he was having affairs with strippers, drank excessively, and even beat her. Ultimately, Joumana had the courage to leave and raised their three kids as a single mom. Kidd went on to marry a model in 2011, but his vices came to haunt him after he was arrested for a DWI in July of that year. During an interview, she did have one positive thing to say about her ex: "He really is a talented and skilled basketball player." Yikes!

9 Mystery NBA Player And Saniy'yah Samaa - Did She Sleep With LeBron James Or Allen Iverson?

Photo Via: youtube.com

Stylist Saniy'yah Samaa had a lot to say on an episode of Basketball Wives LA that shocked every single cast mate on the show and probably everyone watching. The ladies and social media blasted Saniy’yah when she admitted that she had an affair with "the top person in the NBA" and admitted she slept with the player, who was married and had children, the day before his wedding. Rumors are swirling that the mysterious NBA star has to be either Allen Iverson or LeBron James, but there is no truth to the rumor. Regardless, maybe Saniy’yah didn’t reject these men, but she sure as heck got what she wanted and left!

8 Kareem Rush And Bonnie-Jill Laflin - As The First And Only Female Scout In The NBA, Bonnie-Jill Doesn't Need Any Man

Photo Via: zimbio.com

Bonnie-Jill Laflin is supposedly dating former LA Laker player Kareem Rush, but before that, we're pretty sure that she rejected a number of athletes because of her success and intelligence. Not only is Bonnie-Jill the newbie of Basketball Wives, but she is also the first female and only NBA scout. After her days as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Bonnie-Jill became a sportscaster that led to a career as an NBA scout for the Lakers. She proved people wrong by becoming the first and only female scout in the NBA, and that is definitely something to be proud of. Meeting tons of players, we're sure she's rejected many athletes who've asked her to go out on dates. When you're that accomplished, who needs a man to take care of you?

7 Brandi Maxiell And Jason Maxiell - Almost Rejected Husband After Infidelities

Photo Via: VH1.com

Basketball Wives star Brandi Maxiell had a tough time on the VH1 show when she opened up about her husband's infidelities. According to her, Jason Maxiell, who is now retired from the NBA, cheated on her multiple times during their marriage. What made matters worse was that Brandi was also recovering from her fight with ovarian cancer and a cheating husband just added a lot more stress. During the show, Brandi opened up to her husband about his cheating ways and demanded that he change or she would finally leave. Jason got the hint, and the two are still together. If it wasn't for the reality star's commitment to their marriage, Jason would have gotten the boot, and we're sure not many women would have appreciated a man who cheated on his wife who struggled with cancer. Tsk, tsk, Jason.

6 Shaunie O'Neal And Shaquille O'Neal - NBA Legend Gets The Boot After Multiple Affairs

Photo Via: VH1.com

Shaunie O'Neal is a prime example that money doesn't buy happiness. And no matter how famous and rich your husband is, if you're not happy, it's time to leave. Shaunie left the NBA legend after he cheated on her and even Shaq admitted to failing at staying faithful to his wife. The pair ended their seven-year marriage in 2009 despite already having four children together. Talking about his infidelities in his memoir, Shaq said, "I was a guy with too many options. Choosing to be with some of those women, well, that's on me," he said, adding, "In my mind, I never did it disrespectfully, but obviously I shouldn't have done it at all." Sorry Shaq, but Shaunie isn't a fool and definitely didn't care how much money you have.

5 Amy Duncan And Tim Duncan - Wife Couldn't Stay Faithful

Photo Via: youtube.com

Retired NBA star Tim Duncan and his wife were married for a whopping 12 years until he reportedly caught her cheating. It seemed that Amy didn't care that her husband was a famous basketball star or was wealthy because she allegedly carried on with her affairs. Even after filing for the ugly divorce, Duncan had private investigators spy on his wife to find out what she was up too. It's still not known what the private investigator found out but the two are no longer together. It seems that money and fame don't equal a forever kind of relationship. And it also shows that not every basketball player should get a bad rap as a serial cheater, not for Duncan's case, at least.

4 Steve Nash And Alejandra Nash - Former NBA All-Star Leaves Wife Day Before His Child Is Born

Photo Via: SheKnows.com

Eight-time NBA All-Star Steve Nash and his ex-wife, Alejandra Nash, had the most bizarre divorce. Steve Nash left his wife a day after their son was born. Every single person on the planet was confused about it. There were rumors that the child wasn't his and Alejandra was accused of cheating on Steve with Jason Richardson, a former teammate of Steve. However, their son, Matteo is definitely his, so maybe the split wasn't because of infidelity. Still, the timing looked extremely weird on Steve's part. Whatever happened to cause the split will forever be a mystery (that is until one of them decided to write a tell-all). Regardless, it looked like both Steve and Alejandra rejected one another and moved on.

3 Dwyane Wade And Siohvaughn Funches - Not All High School Sweethearts Work Out In The End

Photo Via: http://wpgc.cbslocal.com/

Dwyane Wade married his high school sweetheart, Siohvaughn Funches, in 2001, but split 6 years later in 2007, which resulted in a bitter divorce. His ex-wife claimed that Wade had left her "homeless" after he filed for divorce and even went as far as saying that the star NBA player abused her. You could say that both Wade and Funches both came out as losers during this hectic time. The basketball player ended up with a $5-million-plus settlement in 2013, and Funches ended up losing her million-dollar man.

2 Pau Gasol And Silvia Lopez - Hot Girlfriend Takes Advice From Scandalous NBA Wife

Photo Via: Zimbio.com

There is no question that Pau Gasol's ex-girlfriend is extremely hot, but the bombshell apparently left the million-dollar NBA player, thanks to another NBA wife. According to multiple rumors, Silvia Lopez ended things with Gasol, thanks to Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa Bryant, back in 2011. "Pau thinks that [TEAMMATES] wife was behind it. Sylvia didn’t have many friends and he’s convinced that [wife] either is behind it, or could have talked Sylvia out of it,” said a source. Whatever Vanessa said definitely worked if the rumors were true. It was also said that the breakup showed during the games, and Gasol played poorly during that rough time. He's denied that Bryant's wife was involved, but it still makes for a scandalous story.

1 Kobe Bryant And Vanessa Bryant - NBA Star Almost Rejected, But Love Conquers All?

Photo Via: youtube.com

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant's relationship had always received media attention. From cheating rumors on both ends to a s*xual assault scandal in 2003, where Kobe admitted to having relations with a 19-year-old, his wife still stuck by his side. (The 4-million-dollar ring he bought her might have helped too). What women would stay with such a player like Kobe? Vanessa filed for divorce in 2011. But apparently, their love was too strong and they decided to work things out. They're still together, but we have to wonder if she just enjoys the lavish life she's living. Rich or not, we don't think any woman would date this sleaze ball and would definitely reject him. We're surprised, and a lot of people are too, that Vanessa continues to stay by his side after all that he has done to her.

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