15 Naughty Photos That Remind Us Why Elizabeth Hurley Was The Ultimate 90’s Babe

Back in the 90's and 2000's, we couldn't get enough of Elizabeth Hurley, who may be one of the hottest women of all time.

British actress Elizabeth Hurley, affectionately known as Liz, is undoubtedly one of the hottest actresses in the industry. It’s hard to go through the acting profession and rate looks, but she’s got to be one of the hottest actresses of all time. I mean, just look at her! If you look at any photos of her, movies she’s been in, through any stage of her career, and she’s always looked drop-dead gorgeous. Her looks haven’t diminished in any way as the years have rolled by, and neither has her acting prowess.

She’s been around for a hell of a long time, but still, it’s truly staggering to think that Liz is now in her 50s. She’s 52, for God’s sake! Look at her and tell me she looks like she’s 52! There must be something dodgy going on with her passport and birth certificate, because there’s no way 52-year olds are meant to look that stunning. She knows it too, and isn’t shy about flaunting her assets, and she shouldn’t be. In fact, shy isn’t really a word that can be associated with Liz when referring to any stage of her career. Now she’s in her 50s, the British bombshell is sultrier than ever. But it’s time to tilt our heads back and reminisce, think about the good old days when Liz first burst onto the scene as a young, beautiful woman, eager to impress. Impress she certainly did, and it was during these initial stages of her career, during the 90s, that she created a long-lasting impression due to some of her antics. Liz Hurley really was the ultimate 90s babe. Here are 15 sultry pics from that era to remind you why that’s the case.

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15 Dazzling In Bedazzled


At the mention of the movie Bedazzled, I reckon quite a few of you movie aficionados would be tilting your heads back, recollecting snippets of that movie with a great deal of fondness. It was a movie which showcased Liz Hurley at her glorious best. Now, before a lot of you start to point out that this movie was released in the year 2000, simmer down, because we’re going by the fact that it was shot over the previous year, which makes the film perfect for this list. And there is going to be more than one pic on this list from that movie, simply because we got to see Liz in a number of provocative outfits and situations. This is one of them. Liz dressed to impress, about to bite down seductively on that strawberry with cream. That’s one delicious treat, and I’m not talking about the strawberry!

14 She’s Got A Thing For Snakes


If you’re a Liz Hurley fan, you’re probably aware that she’s got a thing for snakes. Whether that’s a good thing or not, we’re not quite sure, but she’s certainly got a thing for them, alright. Over the years she’s taken part in a number of sultry shoots, posing provocatively with a python of some sort, as you do. She’s posed with massive pythons wrapped around her svelte body, draped seductively over her shoulders, and she’s posed with snakes in pics like this one. Although this snake’s probably harmless– it’s a safe bet that it had its venom extracted and fangs removed– not a lot of people would agree to take part in a shoot like this one. But we’re mightily glad she did, because it made for one sexy pic.

Incidentally, here’s some more info about Liz Hurley and snakes. She’s revealed that once upon a time, whilst holidaying in Spain, she saw that a snake had gotten too close to her son, and so she chopped its head off with an ax. Yep, seriously.

13 Sultry Spy in Austin Powers


You think of those iconic spy movies, like James Bond, and in addition to all the action, the mind’s instantly drawn to those sultry women. Usually, they play the role of the femme fatale, the villain, seductress, but in some cases, they themselves are the spies. The latter is the role that Liz Hurley played when she was cast in a couple of Austin Powers movies. She played the role of Vanessa Kensington, a British secret agent turned Dr. Evil's henchwoman.

Just set your eyes on this pic and you can see why Liz was cast in the role. Firstly, when it came to British actresses, she was the best and the hottest in the 90s, despite her career still being in its infancy. Therefore, when looking for a British secret agent, casting Liz was a no-brainer. And, as I’m sure anyone who’s seen those films would agree, it worked out splendidly.

12 Red Carpet Appearance


Celebrities get dolled up when they go out and about, and pretty much always look fabulous. They know when they venture out of the confines of their own homes, photographers will be snapping many pics of them, so looking like a million bucks is a must. But at red carpet events, and movie premiers, they still manage to take it up a notch. They can’t be seen wearing a bog-standard dress– it has to be something super sexy.

In 1994, Liz Hurley was still just starting her career, although it was on a gradual upwards curve. But she was propelled to superstardom overnight, the night after she stole the show at the 1994 premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral. She showed up to the event with her then-boyfriend Hugh Grant in a gorgeous black Versace evening gown. It’s a gown that still gets spoken about today. That infamous safety pin dress also made people see Liz in a different light, including casting directors. Because she wore that gown, she thinks that she never had the opportunity to become a serious actress. It may have been regretful on her part, but she probably wouldn’t have the fan base she has today if it wasn’t for her choice of attire those many years ago.

11 Liz Hurley Is The Devil


Here's another pic from that iconic movie in Liz’s career, Bedazzled. It wasn’t iconic because it blew people away at the box office or anything like that. It’s deemed to be iconic because of the way Liz looked in the movie. Like I’ve previously mentioned, Liz got herself into a number of sexy predicaments in that film, and this is one of them. It’s a picture of Liz in a sexy little red dress resting her legs provocatively on the table. It’s one hot movie still, and was actually a pretty interesting scene. Liz is trying to convince Brendan Fraser’s character that she’s the devil. You couldn’t really blame Brendan for not believing her. Liz is the last person you’d say looks like or appears to be a devil. But he was soon convinced. Liz can be very convincing when she wants to be.

10 Naughty Student


Here's another memorable movie still from that iconic movie, Bedazzled. Boy, those casting directors put Liz through her paces, and got her into plenty of sexy predicaments. This is one that a lot of people, especially Liz Hurley fans, have probably dreamed about at some point or other. She’s dressed in sultry attire, and looking provocatively at Brendan Fraser, teasing him. Liz Hurley the devil? If the devil can take this guise, I reckon quite a few people wouldn’t mind going straight to hell if it means being close to a devil as stunningly gorgeous as Liz Hurley in this film.

9 At The Dorchester Hotel


Over the years, Liz Hurley has taken part in a number of sultry shoots that have gotten our hearts racing. When she burst onto the scene and started making headway in the 90s, it didn’t take long for people to begin to label her as a s*x symbol. She didn’t mind, as it’s what she was going for. Her movies began to take off, and soon, glossy magazines, and photographers were all banging on her door wanting to get her on board. This is a pic from one of those shoots. It’s undoubtedly one of her hottest shoots, and it’s one of her earliest professional sultry shoots too. It’s a pic from a photoshoot she did at the world-famous Dorchester Hotel in Central London. It was a black and white shoot, taken in 1992, and you can see, even in those earlier days, why everyone was going gaga over Liz Hurley.

8 Beach Snap


Pictures of sultry women on the beach are always very welcome. There’s a reason why photographers choose beach locations for their shoots. There’s something about the gentle waves, that breeze, the sun gently kissing the sand, and the ambiance too, which makes for a top photoshoot. Of course, there has to be a gorgeous woman in shot too, as is the case in this pic with Liz Hurley. She looks utterly radiant. The sea’s gently caressing her tanned skin, the breeze blowing her hair, the sun’s setting and is making Liz glow. It’s just a spectacular pic. Another reason why this picture is so spectacular, is the fact that it gives us quite a view of Liz’s ample assets. Liz has gone on to have a number of beach photoshoots over the years, but this was one of her earliest, and looking at this pic, it’s clear to see why other photographers jumped on the bandwagon.

7 Another Beach Snap


Liz Hurley on the beach– we just can’t get enough of those sultry snaps. Liz just looks gorgeous, as always. In this pic, Liz isn’t really showing too much skin, apart from those long, smooth, gorgeous pins, of course. But she doesn’t really need to, because Liz is one person who just radiates beauty. She looks super sexy in this pic, and a tad coy at the same time. It’s that cute little smile that makes her so enticing, and the fact that she’s in a stunning location certainly helps. There really aren’t many other pics out there that illustrate just how gorgeous Liz Hurley actually is. Funnily enough, she hasn’t really changed a whole lot since then. It’s a testimony to the way she looks after herself and lives her life. She really is an ageless beauty.

6 Seductive Snap


Pictures of Liz Hurley don’t get any more seductive than this. This is one seriously professional snap, one that probably found its way onto the glossy pages of a magazine. It just goes to show that Liz was utterly fabulous, not only as an actress, but as a model too. That’s a reason why her profile grew in the 90s. It's because she regularly posed for sultry shoots like this one. Again, she demonstrates that she doesn’t need to pose for the cameras with all of her assets on show. She’s absolutely stunning, whether she’s dressed top to toe in fashionable clothing or she’s wearing skimpy attire. She’s so beautiful that we are all drawn to her face when looking at in this pic. Although she’s not really a professional model, she could give any pro a run for their money.

5 Looking Foxy In Leather


The only thing that could come close to Liz Hurley not wearing anything at all is Liz Hurley dressed top to toe in tight-fitting leather. It was another great idea dreamt up by the costume directors of Bedazzled. They must have really had some fun on the sets, seeing how many sexy outfits they could get Liz Hurley into.  This is one of the hottest Bedazzled moments, and one of the hottest images from her career, for that matter. It’s fair to assume that there was an increase in sales of red leather catsuits after that movie released!

4 1999 Vogue Photoshoot


Mario Testino is a world-renowned photographer. He’s photographed some very famous people, including the likes of Kate Middleton and Elton John. Well, you can also add Liz Hurley to that list. She was photographed in the 90s by the esteemed photographer for Vogue Magazine. They just had to get her on board for a glossy spread, after she became a sensation overnight due to her wearing that Versace gown. And who better to take the pic than Mario Testino? He managed to capture Liz in all her glory. The car was a nice touch; chicks and cars are the perfect combination!

3 Super-Seductive Pose


What a gorgeous photo! Liz Hurley looks like she’s been carved out of porcelain in this pic. She looks utterly perfect. Those silky-smooth pins, that provocative dress– it’s obviously meant to be a very sensual shoot, and it’s clearly worked. This is the type of pic that probably adorned the walls of a lot of teenagers back in the 90s. if you wake up to a photo of Liz looking like this on your wall, you’re going to have a good day! But seriously, Liz looks so beautiful in this pic, she almost doesn’t look real. Sure, there’s evidently been plenty of touch ups to that picture, but no one can create that kind of beauty. This photo alone shows you why Liz Hurley’s regarded to be one of the sexiest women on the planet.

2 Just Lounging About


You can tell that this is a photo of Liz from her younger days. She’s ageless, has arguably gotten hotter with age, but back when this was taken, she actually looks rather different. This is why people fell in love with her as a 90s babe. Photos like this– kind of cute but sexy at the same time– really captured people’s imaginations. Of course, this was a professional shoot, but it’s made to look as if Liz is just lounging about at home. Just imagine if that’s how she looked when she was actually lounging about the house. The thought of that is something that a lot of people are bound to find awfully titillating!

1 Bring On The Leather


There’s nothing better than seeing a beautiful woman in a foxy leather outfit. Luckily for her adoring fans, it seems as if Liz has a thing for leather. And why wouldn’t she? She looks fabulous anyway, and so wearing leather would only serve to accentuate her beauty and s*x appeal.

When she was in her 40s, it seemed as if Liz started to get a thing for wearing leather. She was spotted out and about a number of times dressed top to toe in black leather, and she’s done a commercial too in which she was clad in a leather all-in-one outfit. This is one of her earliest shoots of her in leather. It’s a pic from the 90s in which she’s posing provocatively for the camera. That leather jacket’s slipped down her arms, but it’s those leather boots that drive people crazy.


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