15 Must-See Steamy Cosplays Of Comic Book Characters

It's really amazing how segregated camps of nerds can be. There are the nerds that are obsessed with the Avengers movies that have never read a comic book (and adamantly refuse to); there are those who swear by Doctor Who as if he were the idol of a church; there are those that spend so much time tabletop gaming that it might be able to be written off as a tax deduction; and there are those who could not give a damn about pop culture and really just want to discuss the character structures in the recent Neil Gaiman novels. There are so many different types of nerd these days that it must not be nerdy to be a nerd anymore!

But one facet of nerd-dom that will forever be popular, admired, respected, and laughed at is the cosplayers; those specific, hard-working, diligent, adorable nerds that spend hours upon hours constructing costumes for conventions of their favorite characters to compete for the most realistic nerd- sometimes they don't even compete and just spend all those hours on their appearance for fun! It's insane! And somehow also the coolest and most ridiculous thing out there!

To those that have never cosplayed before, it seems like an impossible and inconceivable goal to make your own costume and go to the convention in confidence and excitement (let alone the challenge of going in a group as your favorite comic book team). But to these comic book cosplayers, it's just another day and another walk in the park. Check out these fifteen sexiest cosplays of comic book characters.

15 Elektra

Maybe it's the risque nature of Daredevil... maybe it's the silk... maybe it's the deep red... or maybe it's the fact that this sexy anti-hero is barely draped in fabric at all... whatever it is, this Elektra cosplayer is totally turning all of us on.

Elektra is, in essence, a very sexy character. The highly trained killer is spectacular at luring evil men to their deaths with a simple wink or bite of her lip. It only makes sense that this cosplayer would be able to do the same! You've gotta give props to her, at the very least, for her abilities to drape herself perfectly in just enough (but definitely not too much) silky red fabric that reminds us of delicate bed sheets, porcelain white skin, and perfectly smooth touches. Not to mention this hotties face! Those voluptuous red lips and raven black hair could make even a blind man go nuts.

14 Captain America

Okay, first of all: who couldn't love Captain America? He is actually the perfect version of a man and any woman that says she doesn't love him is flat out lying. Fact. FURTHERMORE, any man that says he doesn't love him is lying... or is too immature to realize that he's going to want a grounded head like the Cap's eventually. Everyone wants or wants to be Steve Rogers.

So is it any surprise that this hot chick wanted to design a Captain America costume for herself? And hell, she rocks it better than any dweeby boy from Brooklyn could! The parts that she nails, such as the period appropriate helmet, ammo belt, and cotton high socks, perfectly compliment the stretches of the imagination, like the booty shorts, scaled and sequined bustier, and long, orange, curly hair. This bombshell looks like she could be the best damn USO performer out there.

13 Harley Quinn

Let's be real... you knew you'd see a Harley Quinn somewhere on this list. In these days and ages? When the sexy Margot Robbie is portraying the role as her profession? Of course there are a ton of sexy Harley cosplayers out there! The problem is only weeding through the cosplayers obsessed with the movie and obsessed with the video games to find the ones that are purely obsessed with the character and the comics themselves.

Harley's certainly not perfect and she's definitely no role model, but that doesn't automatically mean that she's not awesome. Harley Quinn can be a disgrace of a submissive, wimpy, victimized, over-sexualized character if done wrong. If done right, she is sexy, independent, amazing, bad-ass, and crazy intimidating. We think this hottie nailed Harley in all of her messed-up glory. Totally sexy and gorgeous, but also messed up and kinda freaky- just like we like her!

12 Starfire

This teen titan has never looked better. Starfire, which is technically a pseudonym that many DC heroes have gone under, is a hot young superhero that has appeared on many sexy superhero lists, but never quite like this. This young cosplayer utilized aspects of the costume made popular on the Cartoon Network classic Teen Titans, which portrayed several of the DC secondary characters like Robin, Cyborg, and Raven as struggling adolescents navigating their powers in uncertain times while trying to defend their world. Starfire is an edgy mix of sexy and innocent; though the teen superhero is obviously fairly pure and innocent due to her age, she's also a bad ass and hard core gal that you don't want to mess with. This cosplayer nailed the character with this tight, slender Starfire ensemble. There's nothing outright super-sexualized with the outfit, so those in love with the Teen Titans icon need not be offended, but the cosplayer does a damn good job of strutting her stuff.

11 Michonne

The Walking Dead's Michonne, played by the always stunning and perfect Danai Gurira, is absolutely amazing and has no peer for her abilities, talents, and gorgeous nature. That said...

This cosplayer got damn close. Those of you that were fans of the comics before you became fans of the show know how exactly spot on this depiction of Michonne is: tough, but willing to give you a chance; vigilant and prepared; exhausted, but not too tired to make you work. Plus, she nailed every aspect of the costume! Not just the sword and shirt, but check out that jewelry! That headband! THAT PERFECTLY CURLED HAIR! This chick nailed Michonne and we give her all the snaps in the world for her hard work and dedication. The only thing that would have made her costume better would be two walker buddies on chains! But, let's be real... armless costumes are hard.

10 Dee

This one may be a bit over the heads of you non-comic book readers, so we'll be nice and not do a ton of obscure comic book characters. But we couldn't resist touching on one of our favorite comic book series, Rat Queens! If you haven't gotten your copy of the premiere Images comic book, this fantasy series is amazing and you have to check it out; it's essentially a jovial version of Skyrim in comic book format, led by a group of five bandits (similar to the Thieves Guild) that are just too bad ass and goofy for their own good. This particular bad-ass is Dee; or rather, a reproduction of the comic book version. But this cosplayer nails her down perfectly! This angsty, frustrated, rebellious, necromancing character was flaunted in perfection by this young woman and we can't imagine anyone else portraying her in a movie or video game.

9 Phoenix

Those of you that never read the X-Men comics... get out. Read the comics. Then come back and read about Phoenix. Because this Phoenix is nothing like the terrible version of Phoenix you encountered in X3: The Last Stand. And we don't want to embarrass Marvel, now, do we?

Phoenix is AMAZING. She's a really cool and amazing example of feminist empowerment and independence that is also able to collapse on itself to show that no woman (or man) is perfect. She is a spectacular literary and comic character that deserves honor and accolades. So, when we see her perfectly portrayed by cosplay artists such as this one, we've gotta give snaps. Phoenix is totally sexy and seductive, but ridiculously dangerous and terrifying. This models piercing eyes and flaming red hair do the character such justice; it's as if we're seeing the drawing brought to life before our very eyes!

8 Catwoman

Everybody loves Catwoman so much that it's easy to forget that she's actually villain! Remember that?! Well, these days, Catwoman is more like an anti-hero; her back and forth romantic nature with Batman has her succumbing to more good-natured acts occasionally as more of an anti-hero than a villain. That said... there's something crazy sexy about a woman as a bad-guy. She's out for herself! She's going to get what she wants, and she doesn't care what she has to do to make that happen- that's insanely, intensely hot. This cosplay of Catwoman captures all the delightfully delicious aspects of Catwoman: her voluptuous sensuality, her confident innocence disguising her true intentions, and, perhaps most importantly, a taste of her flexibility. Catwoman is always a safe cosplay if you're looking for popular and winning options, especially if you've got the body and can work it like this young woman does.

7 Super(wo)man

First of all: any time a woman grabs her shirt by the collar and pulls down around her chest, you should be excited. We don't care if you're into women or not- you should totally be excited.

There are so many Superman-for-women costumes out there, it's crazy and, honestly, obnoxious and annoying. And most of them are super small and tacky and cheap and overdone- you'd barely notice if a hot lady came in dressed as a sexy Superman just because it's done so often! However, if someone comes in as a sexy female Clark Kent, you might notice a bit more. A casual, perhaps nerdy looking young lady. Spectacles on nose. Tie around neck. Perhaps a skirt, but not looking like a sexy schoolgirl. Then, all of a sudden, duty calls and Clark Kent unleashes her super abilities! How could you not fall in love with this cosplay?

6 Aqua(Wo)Man

Alright, let's all take a collective deep breath together as we savor this picture. Everything about this cosplayer is... wow. Magnifico. Perfecto. Damn.

This woman has absolutely nailed the Aquaman costume, even though she's not a super buff dude with the ability to breathe underwater. Not only did she nail the trident, leggings, and belt, but think about all the aspects of the costume she tailored specifically to the female design! Those boots aren't male boots, but are heeled, lace up boots with covers made specifically for them. Her chest plate is also a corset with a hanging bra-let made of layered scaly sequins. Her bicep scales are body-painted on, and her gauntlets are elaborate bracelets! This chick absolutely nailed the Aquaman look and, honestly, we want to see her in the role before we want to see Jason Momoa (no offense, Jason, it's just... like, look at her! DAMN!).

5 Poison Ivy

We all know Poison... oh, sorry, did you need another moment to take in this picture? Okay, we can wait... You ready? Okay, here we go.

We all know Poison Ivy is mega sexy. It's kind of impossible to make her not sexy. In every depiction of the character, she is scantily clad and seductive and perfect and amazing and pure stunning. But this cosplayer really nailed the character down. Sure, the ivy really gets the character and the bustier definitely doesn't hurt; but it's the face makeup that really captures the character. The veins filled with poison, the pale complexion, the rose-red hair really capture everything you need in the character. If Poison Ivy looked liked this, no one would question for a moment why Batman almost succumbed to her wily and seductive ways on numerous occasions and why she was such a formidable villain throughout all of his comic series.

4 Black Widow

You knew we couldn't skip Black Widow! Scarlett Johansson has made Black Widow one of the most famous comic book Halloween costumes of the past few years- why would you even presume to think that she might not make the top of the cosplaying hit-list?!

Of course we've got an amazing Black Widow for you. This sexy Natasha Romanov has amazing stiletto heel boots, such a low v-cut that her bra is showing, and so much long, curly, red hair that it would certainly get in the way. So, no- perhaps she would not be an amazing real superhero with this costume. HOWEVER- cosplay is not about making fantasy real, but about being a part of the fantasy. And this hottie nails it. There's no doubt in our minds that this spandex-clad Natasha could manipulate men out of their secrets and minds. She just wouldn't be able to run very fast.

3 Wonder Woman

We have no doubt that Gal Gadot is going to be an amazing Wonder Woman. Actually, we have plenty of articles on our website alone about how great Wonder Woman could be, if the creative team behind the project does their job well. However, we're not going to pretend that Gal Gadot is peerless when it comes to looking the part because CLEARLY she's got some competition.

Wonder Woman is a weird balance to strike... she's incredibly sexy, as anyone who has read the comics is keenly aware of, but she is also immensely independent, confident, and hateful towards anyone that thinks they can put her in her place. This cosplayer totally nailed Wonder Woman's native nature; curious, wonderful, beautiful... but also deadly, full of potential, and unafraid. Kudos to you, oh cosplayer, for your love of comic and character. Without people like you, insight for Gal Gadot's movie may never have come about!

2 Loki

Didn't expect to see Loki make the list, did you? Well think again! The trickster God and brother(ish) of the mighty Thor is typically not a favorite in cosplay for neither men nor women- really, it's hard to make that helmet sexy, regardless of the body under it and the head in it. However, this spectacular cosplayer has attempted the challenge and overwhelmingly succeeded. Nailing everything from the shiny boots to the wild helmet to the green nails in between, this lovely and sophisticated woman has found a way to totally rock this costume- and look crazy relaxed while doing it! Sitting with a glass of port in her hand, this sexy minx version of Loki looks like the most interesting woman alive. Her mixture of scaled armor and bare soft skin make her a perfect pick for cosplay idols, even if the villain she's portraying isn't exactly someone to idolize.

1 Mystique

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: the cosplay queen. And of course it would be Mystique! After reading through this entire list, you had to know that a Mystique would be coming; an anti-hero that prefers to walk around naked before transforming into whatever sexy form she chooses? Obviously she'd make the list somewhere.

It takes some spunk, moxie, and a damn sexy body to pull off a Mystique cosplay. Even the actresses portraying Mystique sometimes struggle to get it right (and by that, we really only mean that Jennifer Lawrence sometimes struggles to pull it off- Rebecca Romijn nailed it pretty well). But this cosplayer had no need to shy away from the challenge; she looks better than some of the professional actresses that have played the role! The only problem with the costume is that the cosplayer thought it necessary to add a gun to the mix when, really, Mystique never needed such nonsense.

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