15 Must-See Pictures Of Christina Aguilera In Her Prime

Christina Aguilera. You might be asking "who?" Even though her star is fading, she is undoubtedly one talented music diva who rose to fame from an abusive background and managed to make something of herself!

More than her music, in the past few years, Christina has been in the news for her weight fluctuations. She started out as literally too skinny in 2000, and then gained some curves by 2003. By 2006, she was back to her old skinny self, except that now she seemed to have boobs. In 2007, some gentle curves were back and by 2010, her weight ballooned, filling out her face. And in 2012, all adjectives flew out of the window and people just called her fat! As of 2013, we can now see hints of that old sexiness coming back.

That said, Forbes has listed her next album as one of the most anticipated pop albums of 2017, and goes on to say that while she’s not in danger of losing her celebrity appeal or status anytime soon, it would be great to have a smash hit from this powerhouse vocalist. And why not? Christina is one of the most successful singers/songwriters of the 2000s – she has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide, has been #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart four times, and also won four Grammy Awards. Other than that, she has also won a Latin Grammy award and has had two top five albums in the US.

Her Barbie-like beauty, her various transformations, and even her yo-yoing weight made her a media darling over and over again, and she remained charismatic as ever for the camera, be it with a slim silhouette, or with an overflowing one. On that note, we bring to you 15 images of Christina Aguilera back in her prime, sure to be burned in your brain for years to come.

15 Early 2000s Christina

Via xwallpaper.com

Christina was probably her hottest in the early 2000s. Here she sports her trademark braids, platinum locks with black underneath, and a devilish attitude. She stands framed in the doorway with a mirrored shrug covering that magnificent chest, a bikini bottom that she has hooked her hand into in a rather daring display of blatant sexuality – with a nose stud and a labret piercing to match.

She has graced the covers of many a magazine, and has strutted about in costumes, couture clothes, and literally just her skin. However in September 2007, acclaimed celebrity photographer David LaChapelle apparently blacklisted and refused to work with her ever again, claiming that she was just too difficult to work with. Truly, a diva!

14 Christina Au Naturel

So there you have it folks. A very sexy, nearly nude Christina in a photoshoot for Rolling Stone magazine that had women wrestling it away from their significant others. On the bed in a rather raunchy pose, a pillow covering her breasts and a bow-tied pair of panties peeking through – all Christina is wearing in this shot is her attitude, her sexuality, and her makeup.

And frankly, Christina is no prude – her nude covers for Rolling Stone with a guitar covering her naked body proved that. And in case her fans didn’t get the message, Christina furthered it for a “Stripped” special cover for Maxim where she hid very little, and showed nearly all, much to the delight of her fans.

13 Clothed, But Still Hot!

Via santabanta.com

So finally, we do see some clothes on Christina. That said, her innate sexiness still managed to ooze through that lovely layer of red. The cleavage is unmistakable and so is that sexuality literally dripping from those heavily lined baby blue peepers. Here she deviates from her favorite bright red lipstick and wears a deep, dark crimson instead.

Another fun fact about her is that if the cosmetic industry simply decided to stop production of all red lipsticks for some crazy reason, we would have no more future songs from Christina. Every song that she sings passes through those lips only if they are coated in a shade of red. She feels that it helps her tap that powerhouse within and puts her in the mood for crooning. Or else, it’s a no go!

12 Christina's "Maxim"-um Exposure

Via hecklerspray.com

Remember the Maxim shoot we were talking about? Well, there you have it. Christina in her prime, nearly nude and in the water – what more could a guy ask for? The aqua blue, see-through tube hides her assets and though she is wearing a bikini bottom, it does nothing to hide her bottom at all, does it?

You know that kiss Aguilera is infamous for? The one involving her, Madonna, and Britney Spears? A kiss that the world (or at least the male part of the world) watched and rewatched and rewatched until the Internet broke (well... sort of). Well Xtina here was never really supposed to be part of it - it was supposed to be JLo – but Christina sort of stepped into it last minute, and the rest is history.

11 Christina’s Body or Yours?

Via vevo.com

Pinkish blonde curls, pretty makeup, and a body to die for, dressed in 90s style skanky clothe, this one is actually a still from a more recent Christina video for "Your Body." And the lyrics weren't any less skanky: "It’s true what you heard, I am a freak, I’m disturbed; So come on and give me your worst..."

She’s been known to reinvent herself in her music as well as her personal style and has always been a pop visionary of sorts. The most awesome thing about her is that after being in the music industry for more than 20 years, she does not regret a single decision she has made. Her motto? "Life is too short not to take chances." Well,  she’s definitely still working it!

10 Christina In The Buff Alert

Via cloudpix.com

Oops, she did it again. Yup, we know that’s Britney’s song, but hey, if the shoe fits…

Here's yet another nude picture of Christina Aguilera, with perfect curls and makeup, and nothing more. Forget the song "Your Body," this is one girl completely in love with her own body, to the point of showing it off again and again. Much to the delight of boys and girls everywhere.

Basically, after the 2002 release of "Dirrty," Christina’s once wholesome image was tarnished. Christina being Christina, she doesn’t care. In 2008, Redbook magazine asked how she would balance her sexy image now that she was a mother. In true Christina style, she replied that she was not just a mother, or just a wife, or just a singer. As a woman, she believed that all her different facets needed to be expressed and fulfilled. And she also added that she was sure that her son would appreciate her freedom of expression and come to respect strong women for it.

9 True “Fan” Moment

Via tumblr.com

So, that’s no dominatrix in a burlesque show, that’s Christina Aguilera dressed in nothing more than nipple pasties, stockings, underwear, and a riding crop to boot. That’s definitely a classic Christina look, where she is bold, beautiful, and completely in her element – unafraid to show off her body, her sexuality, and her dark makeup to match.

Frankly, many of Christina’s racy pics and scandals have been tabloid fodder for a long time, from her nearly nude shoots to some private pics that were stolen and released online by a hacker, to gossip of her public drunkenness. However, Christina brushes this off as static noise and says she neither pays attention to the good, nor to the bad. She once said that she never wanted to believe her own hype and instead always wanted to stay eager, hungry, and be the best that she could be.

8 Christina? Nope, Meet Xtina

Via wallpapers4u.com

Not long into her career, Christina remodeled her nice, good girl image into a bad girl one and rechristened herself as Xtina with the release of her fourth album Stripped. This was her way of telling everyone that she was reinventing and reintroducing herself to the world in a new way! She also adopted a really provocative image with tiny clothes, hair dyed black, and several piercings. The shot here is a softer, sexier version of Xtina – the black hair and beauty spot notwithstanding – she softly sizzles in it and her eyes say it all.

Stripped was released in October 2002 and it debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 with massive first-week sales of 330,000 copies. RIAA certified the album as quadruple-platinum since it sold 4.3 million copies in the US as of September 2014. By September 2015, it had sold 13 million copies worldwide. Looks like Xtina was a big hit.

7 Goldilocks, in a Barrel

via hecklerspray.com

In yet another Christina-style photoshoot, here we have this curly-locked blonde frolicking in a foamy tub. Frankly, we don’t know what she’s wearing, if she’s wearing anything in it at all... But her sassiness is pretty evident from this bold, unafraid shot. She’s covered her breasts with her hands but there’s nothing modest about this whatsoever. She’s bold, sexy, and unapologetically sexual in this photo.

By the way, remember the itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny satin thong that covered her nether regions in the hot Maxim shoot? No? Well okay, but it was there (you just have to look carefully). It was later sold on eBay for more than $1500. Someone sure got a good deal.

6 Finally, Some Clothes

Via wallup.com

Frankly, we got a little tired of all the naked pics of Christina so we decided to surprise you with a fully clothed one. Not that this isn’t sexy. Dressed in a silky dress with killer heels, and a nose ring, this is Christina in a sultry vixen pose. And despite being dressed in not-so-revealing clothes, her personality sizzles through magnificently.

Christina is also very vocal about her abusive childhood. Her father, Fausto Xavier Aguilera, an army veteran, was abusive towards her and her mother, Shelly Loraine. She finally found relief when her parents divorced when she was six, and since then has used her music as her escape, a place where she finds refuge from all those unpleasant memories.

5 Christina In Tights

Via celebsplace.com

Yet another clothed shot (hey, variety is the spice of life!) from her video for "Your Body," Christina looks gorgeous with her rainbow tresses, a corset with a peekaboo bra, and leopard print tights. Here she is with her trademark makeup look in place: heavy mascara on her eyes and that sinful shade of red on her lips.

From being trashed for being too skinny, to being trolled for being too fat, Christina has gone through a whole gamut of weight issues. In true diva style, Christina brushes it all off. In a Marie Claire interview in 2012, Christina criticized all such issues and said that she was very confident in her skin. She says that it took her time to get there, but once she embraced her body, curves or not, it has been a smooth ride for her.

4 The Singing Babe

via celebrities-funny-style-pictures.blogspot.ca

And we’re back. Or she’s back. Whatever! Yet another risqué shot of Christina – and all she seems to be dressed in is black underwear and plenty of sass! The blond hair and girly makeup is in place, as is the unabashed sexiness. So much sex in such tiny a body - she’s a pocket bombshell at 5”2'!

Like many other celebs, Christina is into tattoos, and hers tell a story of humble beginnings, interspersed with love and finally success! She has one Spanish tattoo on her arm and a Hebrew one on her lower back that pays homage to her ex-husband Jordan Bratman. She has a flower tattoo on her wrist and supposedly a tattoo of Mickey Mouse on her hip to remind her of her beginnings in The Mickey Mouse Club. Finally, she also has "Xtina" tattooed on the back of her neck.

3 The Reclining Diva

Via starchanges.com

This is a smoldering shot made sexy not by skin shown, but by the expression on this diva’s face. Love and lust seem to combine in her eyes as she and the camera get to know each other intimately. Everything about this shot seems to bring out those blue eyes of hers.

Rolling Stone placed her as #58 on their list of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. She is the youngest performer on that list and made it on the power of her four-octave range. The magazine said that she “has had the finesse and power of a blues queen ever since she was a child star.” Christina, along with Britney Spears and Justine Timberlake, were part of The Mickey Mouse Club and while she has done the movie Burlesque along with Cher, music always comes first. In fact she turned down a role in the musical Nine that later went to Kate Hudson.

2 The Pin-Up Girl

Via reddit.com

This photo must have adorned the inside of many young boys' locker doors. A red and white bikini bra that does nothing to hide her gorgeous figure, with her trademark red lips, blonde curls and lined eyes in place, Xtina shows off her saucy side yet again.

She was known as the little girl with the big voice since her childhood, for her petite size often belied her massive vocal range. Christina was just eight years old when she sang Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” at a talent show and won. The start of her actual career came when she recorded the song “Reflection” for the Disney movie Mulan. The song became a hit and she got her first record deal with RCA.

1 The Bold Temptress

Via wallpaper10.com

With a body made for sin and a voice that’s pure of heart, Christina certainly was a heartbreaker in her prime. Here she’s wearing a black bikini bottom with a white scarf protecting her modesty. The monochromatic look is reminiscent of a fallen angel while the pearls she holds casually in her hand adds to the allure of this smoldering shot. Smokey eyes and candy pink lips break the monochromatic monotony of the picture as Christina sets the set on fire!

Christina’s 2005 marriage to Jordan Bratman ended in divorce but most would remember how she donated all her wedding gifts to American charities that were supporting Hurricane Katrina. A diva with a wild streak, and yet a heart made of gold!

We're looking forward to her next smash hit in 2017, but until then, we leave you with these racy images of a truly magnificent diva.

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