15 Must-See Pics Of Ronda Rousey's Sisters

Ronda Rousey is considered one of the most powerful female athletes of our time, from Olympic medalist to becoming the first female to the sign a contract with the MMA. Due to her ability to take down

Ronda Rousey is considered one of the most powerful female athletes of our time, from Olympic medalist to becoming the first female to the sign a contract with the MMA. Due to her ability to take down her opponents in mere seconds, she paved the path for female fighters. She was recently one of the most Googled women in the world. Naturally, this interest has also extended toward her own family, which includes her mother and three sisters.

What you may not have known is that all of them are are equally impressive and they are starting to get a lot more attention. Rousey’s younger sister, Julia, in particular, is currently training in judo and could quite possibly become the second Ronda Rousey. She also has an impressive social media following of her own - one might say she is on her way to becoming a full-fledged Insta-babe. So can the world handle another Ronda Rousey? Will this be a story of jealousy and competition? Another hot sister battle like Venus and Serena Williams? You will have to wait and find out. With that, here are 15 must-see pictures of the Rousey sisters.

15 Ronda's Little Twin

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You might think that the picture above is a young Ronda Rousey; in fact, it is actually her younger sister, Julia De Mars, who was 17 years old at the time this picture was taken (she is currently 19 and 11 years younger than Ronda). This particular picture was taken from a promotional video for UFC 193 where Rousey famously fought Holly Holm and lost. The promotional video showed a brief history of Rousey, with her sister playing a young Ronda in high school where she apparently used to beat up boys on the playground.

14 Snubbed By Bieber

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13 More Than One Winner In The Family

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12 The Hidden Sister


Of all of Ronda Rousey’s sisters, her full-sister, Jennifer Rousey is the forgotten sister, seemingly hidden away in the attic by her evil step-sisters and kept secret. Okay, that is probably not the case, but we rarely see Rousey's sister. There she is, however, in a rare picture on her wedding day. Interestingly, she looks much less like Ronda even though they have the same mother and father. Ronda's younger sister, however, who you can see in the background looks much more like Ronda even though they are technically only half-sisters.

11 A Family Marked By Tragedy


Ronda Rousey and her family have a history of suicide in the family. Both her grandfather and her father, Ron Rousey, committed suicide. Her father took his own life when Ronda was only 8 years old. After a freak sledding accident, he was unable to recover due to a rare blood disorder that he was unaware he even had. He was told he would only have two years to live and in that time he would become a quadriplegic. Since he didn’t want to burden his family with medical bills, he took his own life. Rousey wrote about it in her autobiography, My Fight/Your Fight. In the startling details that emerged, the children were watching Nickelodeon on television while he killed himself via asphyxiation in the garage. In her book, Ronda wrote that “None of us were the same after that.”

10 Surrounded By Strong Women


9 Intimate & Uncensored


8 Ronda's Hero

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We had to include a picture of Ronda Rousey’s mother because of her sharp role in Ronda Rousey’s life. First of all, her mother was the one who recognized that her daughter was gifted in the first place, believing in her to such a degree that she did what it took to get her noticed. This was after she directed Ronda into martial arts as a way to cope with the trouble she was experiencing in school. Ronda even has her mother to thank for her signature armbar submission technique!

7 The Next Scandalous Insta Babe?

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6 Battle Of The Beauty

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5 Sibling Rivalry?

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4 The Untold Story


At this point, you can really get a sense of the close-knit family that Ronda Rousey has. Despite trials and tribulations, through deaths and births, across months, years, decades, they have stuck together through it all. You may have even caught snippets of her family being in the ring with her; they have been there to celebrate Rousey just as much as they have been there to lift her up.

3 What Happened The Night Rousey Became Invincible

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2 The Foundation Of The Triumphs


1 Another Ronda Rousey In The Making

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It would seem that athletic ability runs strong in the Rousey family. Not only was Ronda Rousey’s mother the first American to take home the gold medal in the World Judo Championships, but Rousey herself is one of the most powerful athletes of our time. Now Rousey’s younger sister, Julia, is also training in judo herself - there are many pictures of her training alongside Rousey on the Internet. Julia has already even participated in the nationals in 2009, as well. Could Julia follow in the footsteps of Ronda? Julia would definitely have a competitive advantage by having her mother and sister to share their winning secrets. She also has a similar build to that of Ronda. On top of training in judo, Julia also plays soccer - the girl is obviously quite in shape.  She is definitely someone to keep your eye on.

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15 Must-See Pics Of Ronda Rousey's Sisters