15 Must-See Pics Of Paris Jackson All Grown Up

Michael's daughter Paris Jackson, is on fire right now. She just made the cover of Rolling Stone at 18 years of age, and is riveting everyone with her unique beauty, inquisitive mind and fascinating upbringing. Now that she’s officially an adult, she is jumpstarting her modeling career and giving no holds barred interviews about her life after Neverland. She’s passionate, outspoken and (some say) a lot like her famous father, Michael.

From her piece in Rolling Stone, we know that she is a fan of music and all things gory, and is ruled by her emotions. She has overcome depression and drug addiction, and has found love in her family, friends and with men and women. Paris is certain that Michael is her dad, and has fond memories of him reading to her, watching the Disney channel with her, and enjoying the Neverland zoo together.

Now when we hear the word “Paris,” we no longer think of has-been celebutante Paris Hilton or even Paris, France – we think of Paris Jackson, who has brought new light into the world. Fans want more-more-more. In that spirit, we bring you 15 must-see pics of the most in-demand woman in the world right now: Paris Jackson.

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15 Electric Youth

via elancasti.com

This pic is a shot from the Rolling Stone piece on the young celebrity, “Paris Jackson: Life After Neverland.” She’s literally putting her best foot forward here. Jackson has been trying to launch her modeling career, and prove that she had street-cred. While this photo is clearly inspired by a Katy Perry-type look, Jackson does prove that she can keep up with the best of them. Sure, she’s sporting a spray tan, her legs look airbrushed, and she’s styled within an inch of her life, but she totally rocks it – and with a golden halo, no less. And who knows, maybe after she makes her mark in the modeling world she can move onto singing. Many a recording label would love to sign Michael Jackson’s daughter, even if it would only be to cover some of his hits.

14 For the Boys

via wolipop

Paris Jackson strikes a pose with make-believe GIs in this shot of her dolled up like a USO girl. She’s waving an American flag as well as a French one, which is a nod to the country that is home to her namesake city. Clearly, this shot is made to signal the liberation of Paris (Jackson). At 18, she has a lot of things to be liberated from: her crazy family, her mental health issues, cyber bullies, etc. etc. etc. Fans are super-excited to see Paris coming into her own, but they definitely have reservations. Although she may be an adult, many still think she has a lot of growing up to do. Fans worry that by re-entering the spotlight she may be doing herself more harm than good. She’ll open herself up to criticism by the media, and could easily turn down a dark path of excess while being seduced by fame.

13 Desperately Seeking Paris

via .promiflash

It is uncanny to see the resemblance between Paris and Madonna from her Desperately Seeking Susan days. They both have the same jawline, wide eyebrows and flared nostrils. Of course, the hair and styling help, but they even seem to have some of the same mannerisms. Both women slightly turn away from camera, have Mona Lisa smiles, and relaxed shoulders. Thus, it’s difficult to say if Paris is deliberately emulating the Material Girl or not. Our best guess is that she is. Paris didn’t grow up with a strong female role model, and who better to turn to than the ultimate empowered woman – Madonna? It’s likely that Paris has looked up to Madonna for years, and wants to copy her outwardly so that she can copy her inwardly and be a fearless woman. Although many may think that Madonna isn’t the best person for a young girl to latch on to, she’s heads and shoulders above Paris’ aunts LaToya and Janet.

12 After The Party It’s The After Party

via newsweek

Paris Jackson is copying another famous Paris – Paris Hilton. Hilton made a name for herself by attending every opening, gala and red carpet event that she could, and here Jackson is doing the same. She’s attending a Golden Globes after party, and walking the red carpet for all the paparazzi to see. It’s clear that she’s been working with a glam squad. Her complexion is flawless and her hair is just the right mix of bedhead and coiffed. Also, her posing is spot on. She’s turned at an angle to show off her profile and svelte frame, and her hands are on her hips while her chest is thrust outward. She put in her practice beforehand, and it paid off. Jackson fits right in with the hot young Hollywood crowd. Her dress is glamorous, but she has a hard edge to her with her tattoos showing and black nail polish. It’s an improvement from Michael Jackson’s wacky red carpet looks.

11 Family Portrait

via daqache.com

This throwback photo is haunting for so many reasons. Where can we begin? It is a family portrait of father Michael Jackson, birth mother Debbie Rowe, baby Paris and toddler brother Prince Michael. However, this is far from a regular family shot at Sears. Debbie Rowe was an absentee mother for much of Paris’ life. Michael Jackson is not the biological father of the children; reports indicate that the “true” father is either MJ’s dermatologist or family friend Mark Lester who acted in Oliver Twist as a boy. And as we all know, Paris’ life as a young girl was filled with misery, from enduring her father’s erratic behavior to suffering from the untimely death of the man she called “dad.”

10 Think Ink

Paris has over 50 tattoos, and many were done before she was 18. Ouch! She has “Motley” tattooed on the inside of her lower lip, which is an homage to the band Motley Crue. She also has a lotus flower with her grandmother’s name in Mandarin on her wrist. The words “faith, trust and pixie dust” are on her shoulder. Other tattoos honor musicians that have passed away, like David Bowie, Prince and John Lennon. Of course, she also has a tattoo that honors her late father. It is of his eyes, alongside a monkey, elephant and peacock.

Paris considers body art to be her metaphorical armor. She wrote in a post, “today i can look at my inner forearms and see art that has meaning for me, i don’t see a dark past anymore. my scars and past of self-hatred have been covered by loving marks, creativity, ingenuity.. and depth. sure i will always carry my past with me, but i see ink as a way of changing for the better, always improving. they represent strength for me. i look back at my old self and then i look in the mirror, and i see a fighter looking back at me. i’ll always keep fighting, and encouraging others to stay strong. we all go through hell every now and then but it makes us the warriors of love we were meant to be. so to anyone struggling, it gets better. you’re not alone.”

9 Paris At Prom

via extratv

Paris attended prom with her BFF, who she refused to name when she posted this pic. She did, however, write a caption which said, "only true friends dye their hair to match their gal's prom gown." This photo confused a lot of people, because the girls looked like more than just friends. The way Paris has her arms draped around her BFF made it look like the girls were intimately involved. After all, Paris has come out as bisexual. Photos even surfaced of her kissing a girl. Most people are just fine with Paris’ gender fluidity, especially considering that it has become popularized by stars like Ruby Rose and Cara Delevingne. However, some people view Paris partnering with women as her being sexually confused, and think her issues stem from her famous father’s unconventional tastes (to put it mildly).

8 The Mask

via all4michael

Paris is such a mature young women that we almost forgot her crazy childhood – almost. Just look at this pic of her and brother Prince, wearing masks while walking alongside their father, The Gloved One. Michael always made his young children wear masks when they appeared in public in order to protect their identities. The masks he made them wear ranged from the Spiderman masks seen above, to Mardi Gras masks, to scarves. We understand MJ wanting to protect his children from prying eyes, but most people would agree that the masks did more harm than good. The children looked bizarre, and it made people wonder what was going on behind closed doors. Speculation ran rampant, and included everything from MJ micromanaging his kids to abusing them. What was perhaps the most damning, though, was that while people couldn’t see the faces of his children, they could see their bodies, which were decidedly Caucasian.

The issue of Paris’ race and genetic makeup hasn’t let up. In her Rolling Stone interview, Paris reported that she considers herself black. This didn’t sit right with talk host Wendy Williams. She quipped that she thought it was “cute” that Paris considers herself black.

7 I’m Sorry Miss Jackson

It looks like Paris is saying, “I’m sorry, Miss Jackson,” to her grandmother (Katherine) in this pic. You see, her grandmother is a devout Jehovah’s Witness, and Paris identifies more with the ideology of Buddhism. She says that she is inspired by Buddhist philosophies, and that it has made her at peace with herself and taught her to be content. Her father also eschewed his mother’s religion. For example, he liked to shower her with parties and presents which is at odds with the religion’s tenets. The two ended up having to come to a compromise. Katherine would attend his parties, but made a rule that she could only accept his presents if they were wrapped in plain brown paper. Jehovah’s Witnesses often disapproved of Michael’s actions, and publicly reproached him for his videos which included lascivious scenes with women as in Billie Jean, and the occult, as in Thriller.

6 Bikini Body

via instagram

As a teen, Paris frequently posted on social media. And like many young girls, she was eager to show off her bikini body. Paris is looking like the typical California girl in this shot. She’s wearing a gorgeous two piece, with a push-up top and cute boy shorts. Her body is trim, her bum is pert, and her breasts are full. Just don’t ogle too much, because we’re pretty sure she’s underage in this shot! Of course, Paris is also putting her own spin on a bikini shot. Instead of trying to sex it up for the camera, she sticks out her tongue which tells us that she isn’t taking herself too seriously. And in the background is a drum set, rather than a beach. This girl loves music, and tries to incorporate it in just about every aspect of her life.

5 Poor Paris

via someecards.com

Paris has been forthcoming that she attempted suicide multiple times. Her tragic attempts were due to multiple factors, including the loss of her father, issues with her birth mother Debbie Rowe, confusion over her sexual identity, and cyberbullying, to name just a few. What was the most frightening to fans was that they saw her personal struggles firsthand through her social media posts. Paris would post pics of herself crying, as well as ponderings on why tears tasted salty. Many celebrities suffer in secret, but Paris shared her sorrows with the world. That is one reason why fans feel so connected to her, and are so protective of her.

4 What?

via 9gid

Paris and her boyfriend Michael Snoddy, an LA drummer, recently did a saucy photo session with photographer Troy Jensen, and Entertainment Tonight covered the story. Apparently the couple was all over each other - kissing, hugging, biting and pulling. At one point Snoddy had to be cleaned up because Paris’ black lipstick was all over him. Snoddy got really into the whole thing, since he even took his clothes off for this shot. Jensen said, "I think if I said, 'Take your clothes off,' they would've done it." However, Jensen wanted to keep the photographs true to Paris and let her just do what she wanted, which was a mix of being edgy and angelic.

3 Bathing Beauty

via ridus

Paris looks all grown up in this provocative pic. She’s fully clothed, but she’s lying in a bath tub with a come-hither look in her eyes. It’s innocence and mayhem at once – which pretty much sums up her personality. The girl knows how to push the envelope, that’s for sure. We can’t wait to see how she poses next. A spread in Playboy would be a good guess, as would pictorials by famed Vanity Fair photographer Annie Leibovitz.

What we find most interesting about this pic, though, are all the bracelets Paris is wearing. According to People magazine, she wears one of Michael Jackson’s rope bracelets every day because it smells like him. If we look carefully, we think we can make it out on her right wrist. We do wonder what it smells like, though.

2 Tribute to the King of Pop

via ibtimes

After Michael Jackson’s death, his children were frequently seen paying tribute to him. Here, Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket are all honoring their father on stage. Fans and critics alike have been impressed by the children’s poise. They have spoken eloquently about the loss of MJ, and are his true legacy. This pic shows how Paris seeks to emulate her father, by copying his iconic style. Prince seems wise beyond his years, and has aspirations to make his mark on the film industry. However, Blanket seems to be the weakest link. He was the youngest to lose his father, as he was only seven years old. When he is photographed, he frequently looks bewildered if not sullen. And let’s not forget that he’s probably still getting over being dangled over a balcony by his dad in Germany when he was just a baby. Blanket is cared for by his grandmother as his birth mother still remains a mystery. While Katherine has been regarded as a stabilizing force (a contrast to Joe Jackson), she’s in her 80s and many wonder if she’s up to the task of raising a young boy.

1 A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

via kanal3

Paris is not one to shy away from PDAs. Here, were see her kissing two different people – who are two different genders. The man she is kissing is her boyfriend, Michael Snoddy. This twenty-something plays drums in a band called Street Drums Corp., which is an L.A. percussion ensemble. Word on the street has it that he’s not a gold digger, but that’s a little hard to believe since Paris’ allowance is reportedly $8 million a year. Snoddy has also been accused of being a racist, since he has a tattoo of a Confederate flag.

Less is known about the girl Paris is kissing. According to sources in the know, the two are “just friends” and Paris was simply comforting her friend. Don’t all girls comfort their friends with a kiss on the lips?!

Sources: DailyMail, ETOnline, Mirror

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