15 Must-See Pics Of Megan Fox Before All The Plastic

Megan Fox in all her beautiful, natural glory.

Everyone who has gone out to watch the Hollywood blockbuster Transformers, knows exactly who Megan Fox is. And anyone who bothered to be on the internet after the first Transformers film came out, also happens to know who she is. Even without knowing it for sure.

But that's not all; Megan Fox has been a part of a great deal of films now, including the live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle films of recent years (as if she can't help but appear in awful live action dribble, based on epic comics/cartoons).

Speaking of remakes that flop...well in Fox's case, hers do not flop...they stay perfectly in place. Of course, 'cosmetic surgery' is the buzz line one is looking for, and Fox has certainly remade herself in recent years. She interestingly denies ever having received any sort of surgery, injections, or laser work done, but she apparently hasn't paid attention to her Hollywood history the way everyone else has. But this article isn't necessarily about criticizing her transformation (however unfortunate). No, it's about celebrating fifteen photos of her beautiful face from before she got serious work done.

Yes, the title of this entry is a pitiful attempt at humour, based on the theme song of the old Transformers cartoon. The robots may have developed disguises, but it is certainly difficult to hide someone as attractive as Megan Fox. Of course it doesn't help that, at least certainly with regards to her time in the Transformers realm, her good looks were all she had going for her. But to be fair, she even admits to the awful performance that was her role in the two films she did manage to star in: "I'm terrible in [Transformers]. It's my first real movie and it's not honest and not realistic. The movie wasn't bad, I just wasn't proud about what I did." At least she has the wherewithal to know just how she did in her debut performance. But again, no one was really paying much attention to her performance to begin with anyway. They were far more focused on that wonderfully rounded face, beautiful blue eyes, and rockin' body...and the fact that Shia LaBeouf was doing a terrible job in yet another film.

14 Belly Laughs And No Tummy Tucks

At the outset of this entry, it is pretty damn clear that Megan Fox has yet to have any work done on her face. How is this known? Well, look how big she can guffaw here. If she had done any work to her lips, or cheeks by that point, she would be straining intensely to open her mouth even half that wide. What's so strange is that her face is already so fantastically structured, that it seemingly makes no sense (at least to this writer) to have changed anything about it. Sure, she's got a bit of a cleft at the tip of her nose, but it adds character, and gives a cuteness factor that she no longer has, having clearly thinned, and restructured her nose since this photo. Aside from the face, and just moving on to appreciate the Megan Fox that existed before her about that plunging neckline!? Her dress has a fantastic Grecian quality to it that, while somewhat revealing, does not overdue it on the sex appeal. It simply allows Fox to be free-flowing, comfortable, and fun in a way that most Hollywood starlets' dresses would simply not permit.

13 We Will All Laugh At Gilded Butterflies...

If only that were the case. The above tattoo on Fox's back is a quotation from one of Shakespeare's tragedies. When King Lear is taken to prison with his favourite daughter Cordelia, he has a speech about...basically about the celebrities of the time. Talking about court news, who's in, and who's out, and that sort of thing. He then mentions laughing at gilded butterflies. Now in case anyone is so staunch an animal rights activist as to get uppity at the notion of gilding a butterfly, this is a figurative statement. It essentially means superficial, vapid people, who live a masquerade, and work to impress others. If only Megan had stayed true to her Shakespearean inspiration! She is now such a gilded butterfly, like almost the whole of Hollywood; constantly trying to one up, or impress each other; always working to "improve" one's self...even if it means mutilating one's face (though at least she isn't so bad as Courteney Cox). Sure, it's clear in the above photo that she's fairly plastered in foundation, but those luscious lips, and beautiful blues really draw one in. If only she had realized just how good she had it...even only she knew that she would become the very type of person King Lear was speaking of.

12 Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen

Now who remembers back in 2004, before Megan Fox had actually made it anywhere big? She was just as gorgeous, but was playing the role of Carla in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen for Disney. Now think about that. Back in 2004, she was only just eighteen, and she looked the way she does in the photo above! How, in anyone's mind, is it right to affect so horribly something that was clearly so well done from birth? Megan's parents' genetics did some amazing work during the organization process. Perfect complexion, cute little nose cleft, and those eyes one just wants to cross gazes is indeed a wonder that Fox managed to convince herself, or be convinced by others, to undergo some sort of complete f*ckery, to ruin her face. Just even the way in which her body moves, exudes sexuality. And to have that at eighteen, along with those pearly whites, and that look in her eye...she must have been the envy of every woman. Especially the envy of Lindsay Lohan at this point in time. LiLo was basically on her way out with coke, as Fox showed up to take the mantle, and make it big.

11 Basking In Beauty

Now any reader can of course speculate about just what is going on in this photo. Given that one only gets from the shoulders up, it is not clear if there is something going on down below. However, that is just an imaginary dreamboat away for readers, and this writer will simply go on, without pondering the possibilities that are apparent. So far as anyone can tell, simply by looking at the photo, it seems Fox is just having a wonderful moment, basking in the sunshine. One is inclined to think that strand of hair across her face was intentional, but looking at the rest of the mess on her head, it seems like that one bit might have been a happy fluke in comparison to the ratty mane that sits upon her shoulders. Regardless, it is to be a celebration of a kind. After all, this goes to show Fox without any real regard to her appearance. Sure, she still wants to look sexy, but this photo shows that she needn't do anything in order to make that happen. One doesn't even need to see her beautiful blues, and even that vacant pursing of the lips does not throw off one's attraction to her...ok, maybe just a little bit.

10 13?

No, no. Not her age. This photo reminds this writer of the character 13 from House MD, played by Olivia Wilde. If Fox had just forgone the cosmetic work, she could have played in a sister film with Wilde, and everyone would have been floored. The cinemas would sellout simply knowing that these two would star side by side. It is actually uncanny just how, in some instances, both Megan Fox, and Olivia Wilde look very much alike. Hell, they even have quite a lot in common, come to think of it. Both have spoken out countless times against cosmetic surgery, and alterations. And they have both been suspected of at least some degree of that very work they so vehemently railed against. But hey, let's focus on the photo at hand, from before that was at all an issue. There are spots on Fox's face in this photo that seems to be pock marks, or little blemishes, but one has to say, that sort of reality is far more attractive to this writer, than the airbrushed garbage that hits magazine covers, and the like. There's an element of truth to this photo that, posed as it is, makes one smile.

9 O Is For Hug, And X Is For Kiss

And of course depending on how many Xs one puts together in succession, the meaning is totally changed. Now who'd have thought that this was once Megan Fox!? She looks so full-bodied, healthy, and comparatively innocent. Almost seemingly naive. This is always the preferred look of a new, young, Hollywood hit. No one wants to see them fall under the knife, or the needle, nor the laser. No one other than the surgeon, and the rest of the plastic people who don't want some sort of "real" person kicking around. Truly though, this is perhaps one of the most gorgeous photos of Megan Fox out there. And this is a look people will never again see. Her eyes are now far more squinted, her nose is thinner, and without the little cleft at the end. And on top of all of that, the wonderful structure of her face above has been hacked up to overemphasize her cheekbones that are actually already fairly prominent. Especially when she smiles. But alas, the pressure and dwindling confidence that takes hold of a star in Hollywood is indeed overbearing. If only more celebrities had the ability to stand against that mentality, and give Hollywood a big "f*ck you", then the world could still have a far more beautiful Megan Fox.

8 Delicious

Surely she's finding something delicious here. Or at least the prospect of something. Realistically, she's just making the viewer of the photo have a yearning for something they would like to assume is delicious. But that's something that will not be gone in to detail here. This isn't Penthouse Forum. The incredibly sexual being who is Megan Fox cannot go unnoticed though. That's for sure. And while the lighting in this photo, as well as the general composition, is kind of garbage, it does one very, very exciting thing. It makes those eyes pop, like to magical orbs. And this at a time where she was working with black hair: the dark framing around her face makes those eyes flash even more intensely. And one simply cannot get over coming back again, and again, to her tongue running past her pearly whites, and across her lips. One already knows the full motion implicit in this photo. And surely no one has anything to say against it. Again one cannot understand, by any means, just what possessed this incredibly hot woman to a trip under the knife. It is indeed mind boggling.

7 Sexy Student

Well now, who'd have thought they'd ever see Megan Fox in glasses!? Yes she still seems to have found occasion to show off her pearly white teeth, while in that vacant, mouth-breathing sort of way, but that doesn't stop the fact that she's kind of got a sexy student vibe going on there. One might almost expect a bit of plaid, and a uniform shirt of some sort. Instead though, shoulders are on display, and she seems not to be in any way engaged with the camera. Surely she's used to cameras snapping at her at all hours of the day, so this shot likely did not phase her one bit. The lighting in this shot, however candid it may be, is just perfect in the sense that it gives on lookers a different perspective of her eyes. Slightly deeper, and darker in the previous photo, this one gives a more grey, icy sort of gaze. And one must say that there is nothing wrong with that at all. No one gets the feeling of icy cold from looking at the way in which Fox has composed herself in this shot. So it seems that even when she's cold, she's hot.

6 Speaking Engagement 

One certainly can't say that Megan Fox is the most outspoken, and well spoken starlet in Hollywood history, but that does not stop her from taking on speaking engagements, doing interviews, and promoting herself, and her way of life. And her topics of conversation go all over the place. Ranging from "literally" wanting to be an actor since she was a baby, to astrology, palmistry, and even an interesting dream where Luke Perry arrived in a flannel shirt, with a shotgun, to save Fox's household from being robbed. She is indeed an interesting person, make no mistake. Which is actually quite surprising, given her performance in Transformers. She seems so comparatively vapid in that film. One has to wonder then if growing up in Tennessee might have given her a great sort of podunk edge that really did make her special for a time...until she got used to the strange happenings of Hollywood, and gave it to them as well. Either way, she still manages to be engaging, and even charming in her own, cute, southern sort of way.

5 Stunning...

That's it. Simply stunning. Even with the many layers of colouring in her hair, that vacant, open-mouthed look...and perhaps a touch too much rouge on her cheeks. Even in spite of these glaring things, this is just a stunning photo. One can see the makeup, and can therefore see the reality behind, and around it. She has such a well rounded face (not to say that she has a round face), that her jaw cuts just right, and her cheeks sit just so. Everything about her is framed so well that strains credulity to think that she, at one point, was so lacking in confidence that she had to take the easy, expensive, and ultimately uglier way out of a situation. One can easily see why someone like Lindsay Lohan might be incredibly jealous about a rising star like Megan Fox. Fox has all the things that Lindsay has, but arguably without a coke habit (or as much of one), and somehow a better head on her matter how vacant that head might sometimes appear to be.

4 Darling In The Dark

Photos that utilize black and white for this sort of dramatic effect are rarely awful photographs. So it should be no surprise to anyone that Megan Fox looks wonderful here. There is something more engaging about this photo though, than one might think. There is still, having been edited, a hint of blue in her eyes that is left almost simply suggestive. It's so low key that it does not pull outrageous focus from the rest of the photo, but does still draw in the viewer to something that seems greater, or beyond the photo. And that added touch of colour is exactly what brings out those feature, just that little further beyond the rest of the photo. And an interesting thing also about this shot is that one can hardly make out any hair of hers (save for her eyebrows, and a tiny bit of her lovely locks off to the left of her ace). But one probably did not notice enough to think on it, that this should be taken as fairly odd. For all anyone could tell, she could be going the way of Britney Spears, but the thought does't cross the viewers mind (until now) because she is just so attractive regardless.

3 Happy And Wholesome

She definitely is still carrying that Olivia Wilde look in this shot, but in spite of thinking about 13 the whole time, Megan Fox is actually...just a fox. Or at the very least, she certainly was. And look at how happy she looks about it! It's not very often one gets to see a celebrity in casual clothing, with minimal makeup, no surgical enhancements, and a sweet, though perhaps slightly fake, smile. But here it is, in the form of Megan Fox. Everything about this photo is composed to make Fox look like an innocent, life-loving, and happy individual. How so? Using the light pink of her shirt against the powder blue backdrop sets off her eyes, but also gives a special glow to her skin, when mixed with the appropriate lighting. And a perfect backdrop colour to use for her eyes. Goodness gracious. And even the way her hair is done in the photo is meant to complete the same look. The straightness of her hair sets aside any notion of wildness in her. This is the sort of photo one will hardly ever see Megan Fox a part of anymore, now that she's been stripped of much of that innocence with which she first entered the celebrity realm.

2 Made Up...But Still Real

Alright, so look...she did not do the best job on her makeup in this shot (or her personal artist, if she had one at this point). That should go without saying. So she is poorly made up, but at least she could still be able to say that what was under the makeup was entirely real. That's just not the case anymore. And look at her! How could she think that fixing up this face was a good thing to try and do? It's a damned good thing she didn't do anything to her lips. If they had been made any bigger, she'd have started looking like Mick Jagger, or Steven Tyler...and that would not have been too wonderful (because not everyone is as pretty as Liv Tyler). Regardless, her gorgeous curls are done up just perfectly to frame her face, while still giving a bit of a sensual edge, with the slight drop over the left eye. And who knows just what the hell she is wearing, but she's got her own fashion sense, her own look, and that's perhaps the most attractive thing about her. Sure, she's still got a great body, and her face isn't nearly as badly altered as many celebrities out there...but that does not change the fact that Megan Fox...isn't really the fox she used to be anymore.

1 Oh Young Hollywood

There is something about this photo that is extra special. It actually just makes Megan Fox a fairly spectacular person. Sure, the trippy dress is pretty cool. Yes, her eyes are gorgeous as always. Correct, she's not got any enhancements done by this point. Yeah, there's a little bit of Angelina Jolie in her look, especially with those lips. But the most spectacular thing about all of it, is what she did for her stint on Young Hollywood. A young man named Wilfredo Peredes was brought to the set, and he and the host discussed his favourite musicians and actors. Well Pitbull made a brief appearance, as one of the young man's favourite musicians, but Megan Fox came and sat with Wilfredo for the duration of the segment, as one of his favourite actors. Now true, he justifies his love of her by mentioning her emotional chops in her roles...and one sort of assumes this was a cover for just loving Megan Fox because she's smoking hot. But either way, it was wonderful of her to appear, stay through the segment, leave Wilfredo with hugs, kisses, and an autograph, and engage with him on a very chill level. And she did all of this fantastic stuff...without any need for cosmetic enhancements. She truly was a fox.


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15 Must-See Pics Of Megan Fox Before All The Plastic