15 Must-See Pics of Dove Cameron All Grown Up

Happy belated birthday to the beautiful and talented Dove Cameron, who turned 21 on January 15th. The young actress rose to fame on the Disney sitcom, Liv and Maddie, in which she plays twin sisters. Her performance and the special effects are done so well, that the first time you watch the show, you might actually think they’re real twins. And that's when the fantasy began.

This doubling-up of characters is a trick that has been around Hollywood for quite some time. The twin effect was first popularized on film, with the movie The Parent Trap, in 1961. Hayley Mills played the role of two separate sisters who meet at a summer camp by chance, and discover that their parents were divorced and living on opposite coasts. The sisters then devise a scheme to switch places, foil their father’s engagement, and eventually reunite their parents. Next, in 1963, The Patty Duke Show made the trick popular on television. The two characters played cousins, who looked remarkably alike, aside from their different hairdos. The show further revolutionized the use of the split screen as well as expert posing of body doubles. Then in 1998, the phenom, Lindsay Lohan, in her first movie, at age 12, starred in the remake of The Parent Trap. And now, Liv and Maddie, which began in 2013, will soon air its series finale on March 24th, 2017, with an impressive total of 80 episodes. It must be so difficult to play two characters at once, and Dove has proven she can hang with the best of them.

So what will come next for Dove? She is certainly working hard, appearing in many projects as well as some gorgeous photoshoots. There is little doubt that Dove may be the next big thing. She was raised with Disney, has the acting chops, work ethic, and smoking hot bod. And speaking of which, without further ado, enjoy the 15 hottest images of all-grown-up Dove we could find.

15 Shameless Role

Many of Dove’s biggest fans didn’t realize that she appeared on the properly titled Shameless show on Showtime. If you haven’t seen the show, then you must be living under a rock. There have been plenty of stories done on it here at The Richest, because the fact is the show is so hot and there is tons of sex. So when Dove Cameron appeared on Shameless, it was quite evident that the girl is ready to branch out from the sweetheart days of Disney. In this pic Dove plays the character Holly Herkimer, who like all the characters on this show, is a little rough around the edges. Everyone on Shameless has no values, are addicted to drugs and/or sex, and the best part is the show is hilarious. In a way the show was a great fit for Dove. She already has the proven comedy skills and she can definitely look good barely clothed. She easily pulled off the Chicago accent, and the rest, well, you’ll just have to look it up on Netflix later.

14 Backstage Selfie

Like most starlets in her generation, you can’t just act, and expect to get by. Nowadays it’s a full time job, 24/7. You do have to show up to the studio, have your lines memorized, get into character and costume, do your research, know your blocking and camera angles, but on top of that when you finally have a moment to relax, you have to get out your smartphone and post. Here is a selfie of Dove during a free moment in what appears to be a dressing room, judging by the lit mirrors behind her. Dove looks casual and confident with a loosely braided ponytail on her shoulder and a subdued expression, as if to say-- just another day at the office. This is Dove showcasing her true beauty, behind all the lights and cameras, and we think that’s pretty hot. She takes a lot more selfies than this, trust me. I’m not joking when I said full time job. Dove has taken so many great images of herself, there are too many to count. What did we ever do without social media?

13 Teddy Time

Dove’s face is a little distorted in this shot, like she may have taken it on accident. Most of her shots are damn near perfect. But we aren’t really focusing on her face in this one, are we? Eyes are first drawn to the teddy bear, which has a magnetic pull at us since childhood, right? And it’s rather odd to see a woman holding a bear. Maybe it’s Valentine’s Day or Christmas, and this is a gift a loved one has sent her. More like a lover. As the eyes move over we can see an ample bust from the starlet, and then we realize that this is a very seductive photo indeed. Be careful if you search for Dove Cameron online. Many of images like this have deceptive website warnings, and if your computer is not up to date, you could get hacked. But don’t worry, we’ve done all the searching for you. You are completely safe here at The Richest, so go ahead and scroll on down the list.

12 At the Beach

If you are doing a list about a hot celebrity, there has got to be a beach pic or two. Here we have Dove and her buddy hanging out in the sand. Both look like they are having a great time and Dove’s bikini is in proper shape. We are not sure where this picture was taken but it seems to be a tropical destination of some sort. On second look it doesn’t appear too exotic, with a vehicle in the background, the setting may simply be in Malibu or in Florida. One question though is, what’s with the green mesh? It you want to cover up your strapless bikini, you might want to get something a little bigger there, Dove. Not that we are complaining. It just seems like it would be a pain to put on, for a concealment factor that is quite minimal.

11 The Exes

Here’s a stunning pic of Dove in all white, with sexy heels, high stockings, flash of midriff, and a short skirt. It looks almost like a throw-back to the go-go dancing days made popular by the Austin Powers comedies. This is a still image from the video for “Written in the Stars,” a song that Dove performed with Ryan McCartan. The duo called themselves the Girl and the Dreamcatcher for this project, which was played on Radio Disney. You may recognize McCartan from Liv and Maddie. He played Maddie’s boyfriend Diggie, and appeared in 26 episodes. Soon life imitated art and the two fell in love. They were engaged for six months before Dove allegedly broke it off. On Instagram McCartan stated, “Dedicating my 1,000th post to my fiancée. I can't believe I get to call you that. Thanks for saying yes." Seems like he was into her a little more than she could reciprocate. Way too young anyway. A good decision for sure.

10 Bikini in Bed

Here’s another Dove selfie, and it’s always hotter when there’s a bed involved. Here we have a complete fantasy setting. There’s the beautiful blond smiling patiently at us with those pretty eyes. There’s the tropical foliage in the background, so you know it’s hot out, maybe even too hot for that skimpy green bikini to stay on very much longer. And then you have a large bed, ready and waiting for whatever may happen next. Why would you post something like this on social media? It’s just torture for most guys. Our minds will be wondering the rest of the day about all the possible scenarios that could occur in such a heavenly setting. Wait a minute, are those sheets wrinkled? Aw man, she was already in that bed? With who? What was she doing in there? Will the sexual imagery ever stop?

9 Red Carpet Curves

Here we have a profile of the young actress. Make that a quite impressive profile. Who knew that young blonde from Liv and Maddie would fill-out with curves like this? And this are the perfect amount of curves, by the way, not too curvy like Ariel Winter, or not enough like Taylor Swift. Not that we’re being critical here. Any of those women are beautiful and talented. They have all been in the public eye for years as well. Can you imagine growing up in the spotlight? Going through the acne and the awkwardness in front of the camera would be quite a challenge. Dove comes out winning though, looking fantastic on this red carpet. The weird thing is this is the Kids Choice Awards red carpet. Isn’t she a little too hot for kids? I guess she just can’t help it. The dress is after all pretty conservative. She can’t help that her curves came shining through.

8 Big Eyes

If actresses build a career around emoting feelings than this pic should be at the top of her resume. Just look into those beautiful eyes and try not to be pulled in. Dove’s eyes are among her many attractive features. And another lies hidden behind that laced up shirt. Dove definitely has a unique eye color. She has said that her eyes even turn yellow in the sun. Another prominent feature of this beautiful actress are her plump, juicy lips. As for this gorgeous look, the actress admitted to Us Magazine that she has an old fashioned secret. “There's Chapstick in every part of my house,” she stated, “I don't like to get up, and I love Chapstick so I always keep it within reach so I don't have to.” This statement was number seven on her article, 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me. Dove also admitted that she had a scar on those pretty lips from a dog bite when she was a kid. And one super random fact, she puts jam on her hamburgers. Hm. Worth a try.

7 Yoga Pants

And here we have one of the greatest fashion trends in the last several years, the comfortable and shape-hugging yoga pants. In this shot, Dove is looking great in a black pair of leggings that accentuate her bottom. Seems like Dove is heading somewhere, perhaps catching a flight back to the Disney studios in California. Well, if you’re flying, Dove, then good call on the yoga pants. You want something nice and cozy to wear on a long flight. Also these yoga pants are certainly not bulky. Sometimes if you wear a big hoodie at the airport they will submit you to additional searches. Be sure to take the hoodie off and throw it into the metal detector. It must be hell going to the airport when you’re a celebrity. Everybody has to fly though, and who wants to pay for a private jet? The paparazzi have snapped pics of everybody from Angelina Jolie to Ivanka Trump at the airport. Nobody is safe. With increasing security measures, several instruments can even complete full-body scans. Imagine worrying about that going viral. It’s not enough that you have to worry about your smartphone being hacked (which Dove’s allegedly has) but then you have to worry about the TSA staring at your intimates.

6 Nice Hat

Here is a more recent shot of Dove, looking stunning in a shirt and hat. Notice the posture and the little peek into the bosom of her shirt, where there seems to be a tiny black bra. Then there’s the-- what are you gonna do about it-- look that is quite appealing. Next, any guy will check out her hat. What team is that? It seems to be an "H" for Harvard, but Dove hasn’t gotten anywhere near the Ivy League. In fact, in doing research for this article, it appears that Dove has zero higher education on her resume. Compare that to hottie geniuses like Hilary Duff, Tyra Banks and Natalie Portman, who did actually go to Harvard. Dove’s no dummy though, and speaks fluent French. Another shocker is that Dove is not actually the actress’ real name. The starlet was born Chloe Celeste Hosterman in 1996.

5 Hairspray

Here's a shot of some A-list talent, or soon to be, and Dove is stealing the shot, looking way hotter than that girl on the left. That girl, of course, is Ariana Grande, former Nickelodeon child actress, and current reigning queen of Mariah Carey-style promiscuous and high-pitched pop anthems. The girl can sing, but her dancing skills are not happening, and let’s face it, she’s nowhere near as pretty as Dove in this shot. That dude on the right is Derek Hough, the Dancing With The Stars pro, with the hot sister, who also appeared in this production of Hairspray Live. Hairspray was a 1988 musical film that was converted into a Broadway musical, in 2003, which toured internationally, won a bunch of awards, and then became a televised musical, in 2016, on NBC. The show is set in 1962 Baltimore, and revolves around Tracy, an overweight girl who is an awesome singer and lands a spot on an American Bandstand type of live music and dancing TV show. The show teaches acceptance and civil rights as Tracy tries to get her African-American friends on the show. Dove did a great job. Unfortunately she played the rude and bigoted, rich white girl, but hey, every story needs a bad guy. By the way, if you saw it, Jennifer Hudson killed on this show, and put everybody to shame, including Grande.

4 The Kim Influence

Whether you like it or not, there is no doubt that Kim Kardashian has influenced America in many ways. We are now more than ever obsessed with social media, and she’s the queen of that racket. We love reality TV, the trashier the better. And most of all-- it’s the fashion. Fashion involves three elements: hair, makeup and dress. Kim always shows up looking hot and other stars take her cues and run with them. This is a very recent shot of Dove. First off, she looks smoking hot, and you can totally see the Kardashian influence. First a guy’s eyes go to the chest, which is boosted up and beautiful. Next, check out the makeup, smoky, dark and sexy as hell-- totally Kim K. Now check out the hair, all slicked back tight against the scalp-- a look Kim K has basically patented. Look a little closer and we see some dark roots. Wait, I thought Dove was a blonde. Maybe not. She’s a brunette in Descendants, and maybe that’s her natural color. So would Dove look even hotter with a Kardashian style dark head of hair? Maybe. But, I’d still say stick with the blond.

3 Sheer Dove

Here is the photo you have been waiting to see. You can see a LOT of Dove in this beautiful sheer top. Nothing is left to the imagination, as Dove lifts her arm to take a selfie in an outfit straight out of the Playboy Mansion. Lindsay Lohan appeared in a similar sheer ensemble a year or two before her infamous downfall, and the results are just as mind boggling. An ultra sheer top like this is a fantasy scene for most guys. Now, some people might have a problem with young starlets taking pictures like these, but think about it. If you had a body like that and millions of fans watching your every move, wouldn’t you want to show off? How could you not? Let’s get real. These women are in show business because they crave attention. And an outfit like this will gain plenty of attention, and then some.

2 Who’d You Rather?

This is fun. Here are the dual personalities of Liv and Maddie Rooney. Let’s say both sisters, for some reason, are very attracted to you, but the question is, who would you rather? First let’s take Liv. She’s the Hollywood actress who still does some filming now and then, and is obsessed with her image. She’s the hair and makeup type of gal, who prefers the $1,000 designer shoes to a deal you might find on sale. On the other hand, there’s Maddie. She’s the sporty girl who can whoop you at basketball and then insult you for not keeping up. She can do laps around you at the track, but she won’t waste any practice time on her appearance, and she prefers running shorts to mini skirts. So which one’s it going to be? This is all silly and hypothetical of course, there is no wrong answer here. That said, I think I’m going with Maddie. For one, she’s probably in better shape, with better stamina and endurance. Secondly, they’re both hot, and sweet, so you can’t go wrong. Third, she’ll be easier and less expensive to impress come Christmas and birthday time. And lastly, it’s the voice. Liv’s high-pitched tone could sound grating after a while, whereas Maddie’s deeper tone is silky and relaxing. On second thought, let’s say both.

1 Hot Kisses

Here is another very sexy shot of Dove, and we’re thinking-- oh yeah, this girl is definitely all grown up. This picture was posted on Snapchat on the night of Dove’s 21st birthday party. Since it was her 21st, Dove most likely had her first taste of legal booze, so maybe a few tequilas were involved before this happened. Or maybe the actress is bisexual. She has been linked to fellow Disney hotties, Ryan McCartan and Ross Lynch, but sexuality is more fluid than it used to be, and we are not opposed to anything that may develop. The woman Dove is kissing in this hot pic is Kiersey Clemons, another attractive star who has a rising career herself. Clemons also appeared on Disney, in eight episodes of Austin and Ally, as well as a reappearing role on the critically acclaimed show Transparent. Clemons is also set to be a DC staple, as Iris West, and will star in the upcoming films Justice League and The Flash. Dove and Clemons became close friends on the set of the TV movie Cloud 9, about snowboarding. The pair even inked corresponding tattoos of an “X” and an “O” on their pinkies. Looks like BFFs with benefits.

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