15 Must-See Photos Of The Walking Dead's Alanna Masterson

If you're a fan of Alanna Masterson, it is most likely for her portrayal of Tara Chambler on AMC’s The Walking Dead. There is a lot to like about Tara. Whether it was Tara's determination to help Glen

If you're a fan of Alanna Masterson, it is most likely for her portrayal of Tara Chambler on AMC’s The Walking Dead. There is a lot to like about Tara. Whether it was Tara's determination to help Glenn find Maggie, Tara's sweet relationship with Denise, or Tara's love of yo-yos and sunglasses, there was a moment when every fan said, "Hey, Tara is really cool. I like her!" Well, yeah. We like Tara, and we really like the stunning 28-year-old who portrays her.

The character Masterson plays on the show is much different from the Tara in the comic books. Tara first appears as one of Negan’s Saviors. She is close with Dwight and Sherry, but beyond that not much else is known. Obviously our television Tara is not a Savior, though she was introduced as a member of an enemy group, the Governor’s crew. After seeing the error in her ways, Tara jumped ship and teamed up with the good guys. Since then, she’s been a valuable part of the group. While the comic book Tara is still alive, that doesn’t necessarily confirm Tara’s lifespan on the show will last the same amount of time, as her character is much different. Though, we do hope Tara sticks around for quite some time. She’s one of the only characters left with a sense of humor, especially now that fans are living in a Post-Glenn world.

Below are 15 must-see photos of Alanna Masterson. Some photos are smokin’ hot, while others showcase her awesome personality. For various reasons, every Alanna Masterson fan needs to check out these 15 photos.

5 Lady In Red

While Masterson isn’t showing as much skin in this photo, she’s looking just as hot. The bright red dress compliments her skin tone and hair color beautifully. Cinching the bulky dress together with a large belt helps highlight her teeny waist. She is, once again, made-up much more so than she ever is on the show. To be honest, Alanna Masterson has one of those beautiful faces that really doesn’t need much makeup to look good, but seeing her made up is a welcomed change. Masterson is also rocking her nose ring in this photo, which we love. There is something a little bit punk about her look when she isn’t filming The Walking Dead. To top off the photo, her come hither look is working for her.

Before her big break on The Walking Dead, Masterson appeared on The Young and the Restless, Malcolm in the Middle, and Grey’s Anatomy. She hopped around from show to show for a bit, never finding something that stuck.

14. That Cutout, Though...

This is a far cry from how we usually see Alanna Masterson dressed on The Walking Dead. Her character is almost always rocking jeans and a tee shirt. Tara doesn’t necessarily show off her body at all, but this photo may make you wish she did.

In this photo, Masterson is rocking an outfit with a rather risqué cutout. The cutout doesn’t just show off her flat stomach, but it also highlights a subtle hint of underboob. There is something so utterly sexy about this surprising twist on showing skin. The fact that Masterson is showing off her ample shape in this unexpected way is mega hot. In fact, it really makes us all wish that Tara didn’t rock tee shirts all day. The hot outfit aside, Masterson’s face looks beautiful as well. She has to rock a natural look on the show, but in this photo she’s much sultrier, with eyeliner and bold brows.

13. Hottie On Vacation

Alanna Masterson posted this photo to her Instagram, and we can all be thankful for that. She looks good, like really, really good. Like we said earlier, Masterson has one of those faces that doesn’t necessarily need makeup. This photo of her sans makeup and dripping wet is proof. She’s just blessed with a beautiful complexion and bold eyebrows. She’s obviously blessed in a few other departments as well since she looks sexy AF in that bikini top. Thank you, Instagram gods.

On Instagram, Masterson posts mega hot vacation photos, as well as pictures of her dog and her baby. She also posts photos with the cast and crew of The Walking Dead quite often. They honestly seem like they are all best friends, which makes us a little bit jealous. We want to be besties with Norman Reedus too!

12. A Girl Who Loves Her Dog Is Always Hot

Anyone who loves their adorable dog is automatically 100% more attractive. It’s like a law of physics or something. Alanna Masterson is no exception to this rule. Here she is with her adorable pup named Oswald, and she's totally hotter just because she's holding a dog. See? We told you!

Masterson isn't the only Walking Dead cast member with a pup. Melissa McBride (Carol) has a dog named Lincoln. We’re obviously wondering if she named him after Andrew Lincoln. Probably not, but that would be totally adorable. We’re also wondering if Masterson and McBride bring their pups to the set for puppy play dates. Please, say yes.

While McBride has been on the show since season one, Masterson’s first appearance as Tara Chambler was in the 4th season. In the 5th season, Masterson was bumped up to a series regular. With the 7th season, Masterson’s name was officially added to the opening credits. We’re guessing that Steven Yeun’s exit may have freed up some space during the opening credits...

4 She's A Punk Rock Baby

Alanna Masterson totally has that punk rock look working for her. With her nose ring and purple lipstick, she is really embracing that rebel look and we love it. It takes a really beautiful face to pull off purple lipstick, but Masterson makes wearing purple lipstick look easy.

Being that she looks so rebellious, it may surprise some to find out that she’s a devout scientologist. Yes, like Tom Cruise scientology. In fact, Alanna Masterson was previously romantically linked to Connor Cruise, son of Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Like his father, Connor Cruise is also a practicing scientologist.

Joe Reaiche, Masterson’s father, condemned a relationship between Masterson and Connor Cruise, saying, "If there is any chance that Alanna is connected to Connor, he is the worst person for her to be around. The more she’s around him, the deeper into the church she goes." Joe Reaiche was previously a practicing scientologist, but has since been ex-communicated from the church. After being shut out of the church in 2005, Reaiche has not seen any of his children, Alanna included. He stated that he has Google alerts set for any news about his daughter since that's the only way he can find out what she's up to.

3 No One Is Ever Not Hot In Thigh Highs

There are few pieces of clothing a woman can put on to automatically look hot. Thigh high socks are one of those few pieces of clothing.

What is so hot about Alanna Masterson is the subtle sexuality of her in this photo. She’s not rocking glam hair or makeup, like a Kardashian. In fact, her hair is messy, but she still looks hot. She looks like a real person, like a hottie you’d bump into at CVS. Masterson’s low-cut dress, thigh high socks, and leather jacket definitely up the sex appeal too. We also love that she’s BFF with Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene Porter. By the way, McDermitt looks about 1,000% more attractive when he's out of character.

Masterson is obviously easy to get along with in real life. She’s tight with the cast of The Walking Dead and has a few other Hollywood besties. Most notably, she’s close with Hilary Duff. They often tweet each other and post photos together on social media. If Lizzie McGuire likes Alanna Masterson, she has our approval too.

9. That's One Lucky Bed

Alanna Masterson apparently loves rocking thigh high socks, but we're totally not complaining or anything. Like we said, they are a way to look automatically sexy. Another way to look automatically sexy is to sit in a provocative way on a bed, so Masterson is clearly hitting it out of the ballpark in this photo. She’s rocking high-waisted jean shorts, jacket that is wide open, and a partially see-through bra. Her makeup is also mega sultry. Basically, this is her hottest photo ever. I mean, wowza. It just makes us wish that ol' Tara Chambler would mix up her style sometimes, y'know rocking thigh high socks and bras too.

While Masterson’s Tara is a lesbian on The Walking Dead, Masterson is straight in real life. She’s been dating Brick Stowell, a photographer, for some time now. In 2015, the two welcomed a daughter to the world.

8. Pool Fun With The Walking Dead Ladies

Like we said, Alanna Masterson is tight with most of The Walking Dead cast. This includes co-stars Christian Serratos and Lauren Cohan. We’re not surprised that a friendship has formed between these three. These actresses have been on the show for a long time now, especially when considering the fact that other characters die off routinely.

Lauren Cohan plays Maggie Greene, who is currently pregnant with Glenn’s baby. In the course of the show, she’s lost her father, her little sister, and now her husband. There is perhaps no other character who has suffered more loss than Maggie Greene. Cohan first appeared as the farmer's daughter in the 2nd season and was upped to a regular with the 3rd season. Meanwhile, Christian Serratos, like Masterson, first appeared in the 4th season, was upped to a regular with the 5th season, and was finally added to the main credits in the 7th season.

All three of these women are mega hot actresses, with bright careers ahead of them. I mean, they are currently starring on one of the most popular shows on television. We can only assume that that will serve as a great launch pad.

7. She's A Goofball Behind The Scenes

This may not be Alanna Masterson’s sexiest picture of all time, but we still love it. What is not to love about a girl who is willing to be a little goofy once in a while?

In this behind the scenes photo, Masterson playfully poses with an extra in complete zombie makeup. Next to her is Greg Nicotero, the man who brings these zombies to life, so to speak. Not only does he head up the special effects department on The Walking Dead, but Nicotero also serves as an executive producer and steps into the director’s chair once in a while. Most recently Nicotero directed the season six finale and first two episodes of season seven. Yes, Greg Nicotero essentially killed off Glenn, y'know since he directed that episode. Okay, he didn’t technically kill off Glenn, but we’re still looking for someone to direct our anger towards.

That fact that Alanna Masterson is willing to let loose and have fun makes her not only hot, but also someone we totally want to hang out with.

6. That Pregnancy Glow

Alanna Masterson proves that she can still be totally hot even while making another human being inside of her. In this photo, Masterson rocks an adorable, white maternity dress that still shows off her great legs.

Fans may have missed ol’ Tara Chamblers, as she had to be written off the show while she was pregnant, but she came back with a bang in season seven. Tara got her very own episode, during which she stumbles upon a women-only group living by the water, aptly named Oceanside. While solo episodes are difficult to pull off, Masterson held her own. Not only does she thrive in serious scenes and with stunts, but Masterson also brings a certain humor to the table that is a rarity on The Walking Dead. The solo Tara episode really highlighted just how well-rounded Masterson is as an actress.

2 Doing The Tux Thing

While many female celebrities opt for a gown when they attend a red carpet event, Alanna Masterson rocked a tux at a red carpet event and looked mega hot while doing it. There is something especially sexy about a woman who is confident enough to rock a tux at a red carpet event. It’s a surprising fashion choice and can look even hotter than a slinky dress. Masterson pulled off the look, pairing the tux look with red heels, red nails, and a red lip. Matching the masculine clothing choice with feminine details kept her from feeling too much like she was playing dress up.

Masterson grew up with a family of brothers, so she’s likely had to embrace her tomboy side since childhood. All three of Masterson’s brothers are actors, with the most famous being Danny Masterson, who played Steven Hyde on That ‘70s Show. They're all scientologists too, just thought we'd throw that in there.

4. Just Buying Some Juice And Being Normal

We’ve said many times that Masterson looks hot with little to no makeup on. This picture is, again, proof of that. Masterson looks fresh faced and natural as she picks up a four pack of juice. Her easy fashion (a comfortable sweatshirt and floral shorts) makes her look both totally approachable and totally adorable.

There is something to be said for someone who can look this adorable while looking like a regular person. That is one of the reasons the cast of The Walking Dead is so appealing. They are all naturally beautiful. Unlike any other shows, the actresses are not glammed up for the screen. In fact, they wear very little makeup on the screen. How you see them looking on TV is basically how they look in real life too. It is refreshing to see people looking like… well, people. While the Kardashians and Jenners are undeniably beautiful, there is also a lot of work that goes into them looking a certain way. Props to Masterson for keepin' it real.

3. Red Carpet Ready

Okay, we know we just praised her for how little makeup she needs to look good and now we’re praising her for how she looks while all dolled up, but whatever. The point is that Masterson is an every day beauty and beautiful on the red carpet as well. She slays day and night.

This look is a far cry from the tux she rocked on the red carpet. In fact, this dress is feminine, especially with the white lace collar. We also have to point out Masterson’s legs! Who knew she had such long, toned, tanned legs? Tara really needs to get out of those jeans and t-shirts more often. We vote for plot points where Tara rocks a some shorts and a bikini top, y'know because that totally makes sense in the world of The Walking Dead.

Masterson looks so good that we can almost completely forget about the fact that she’s a scientologist... almost forget.

1 There's Nothing Better Than A Goof

Alanna Masterson doesn’t just get goofy with zombies. Girlfriend is always goofy. Here she is with her hair and makeup done, still making a silly face. She’s also rocking a seriously low-cut dress, but try not to let that distract you or anything.

Alanna Masterson’s The Walking Dead character may be more important than some have realized. Being that she was the first lesbian to appear on the show, Tara is credited with making TWD universe a LGBT inclusive world. Tara was finally given a love interest in the form of Denise, the resident Alexandria doctor. Their romance gave fans all the feels... until Denise caught an arrow right through her head in season six. Being that she was out on a supplies run, Tara only learned about Denise’s passing when she returned to Alexandria in season seven. The show faced some criticism for not glossing over this death and not showcasing Tara’s mourning for her late girlfriend.

1. She's One Hot Momma

Alanna Masterson loves being a mother and we love that about her. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who glows with love from the inside out. In this photo Masterson posted to Instagram she is making the duck face, but we’re even willing to look past that.

To hide her pregnancy, the writers sent Tara on that long supplies run that was the longest supplies run ever. Tara finally returned during season seven in her solo episode. Masterson commented on the fact that she worked 17 hour days and did her own stunts for this Tara-only episode of The Walking Dead. Talk about getting back to work. When the episode premiered, many people were quick to critique Masterson’s figure, because heaven forbid you don’t bounce back to your pre-baby body right away. Masterson took to Instagram and wrote:

“Dear Instagram trolls, body shamers, and the men and woman who think it's ok to comment on my weight: I hope that you don't have children. And if you do, I hope you teach them about kindness and acceptance. I hope they learn that it isn't ok to make fun of people or call people names… Maybe you can't get it through your thick f**king skull, but nursing a baby for a year (and pumping in a van between takes, in the dead of summer in Georgia) is a lot of work, determination, and scheduling. So before you decide to make a comment about my chest being "too large" or how "fat" I've become, just know that this little girl got the best start to life. I wouldn't have changed it for a second. I would've gladly continued to eat enough calories to produce milk for her little bones to grow.”

To be honest, Alanna Masterson has never, ever been hotter than that. Masterson takes down both zombies and body shamers. Yes, yes, and more yes. We love you, Alanna Masterson/Tara Chambler.


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