15 Must-See Photos Of The Sizzling Carmen Electra

If you hear the name Tara Leigh Patrick, you’ll probably think that’s the eldest girl of your Irish neighbors. But then, just in case, you Google it, and here she is in all her splendor. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for one of Hugh Hefner's most successful models of all time – miss Carmen Electra! Even now, at the age of 44, she is still as sexy and desirable as she was in her most turbulent years. Those of you who are fans, of course, know that she gained fame for her multiple photoshoots for Playboy magazine. In fact, she’s been strong competition for Pamela Anderson who still holds the record for number of appearances in the legendary magazine – 14 times!

Despite Electra’s age, it’s obvious Hugh Hefner still considers her body awesome! She also hosted the MTV game show Singled Out and had roles in movies. And despite that all of them are pretty low-rated, Electra managed to secure herself a movie award! And yes, it’s been twenty years since she set guys’ pulses rapidly racing in that iconic red swimsuit of hers in on the TV series Baywatch, but the 44-year-old is still able to prove she has a body to envy!

Now that you are here, there is no chance that you are missing these 15 breathtaking photos of this pin-up girl of many men’s dreams from before and now.


15 White Bikini Boooooom

Born Tara Leigh Patrick in Sharonville, Ohio, Carmen Electra was the youngest of six children. She is of English, German, Dutch, and Irish ancestry. This goddess first appeared in Playboy in May 1996. That was the year when she arrived in Hollywood with the intention and the attitude of a 23-year-old wanna-be dancer. But it was her nude pictorial that won her the attention she was desperately craving. She then got additional contracts, among which was a role on the iconic TV show Baywatch, which paved the path of her success in show business. If we were in Girls Appreciation class right now, you would be asked to learn Miss Electra’s measures, for which she’s become one of Hugh Hefner’s favorites:

Bust: 36C; Waist: 23; Hips: 35; Height: 5’3’’; Weight: 125; Hair color: Brown

Thank you very much!

14 The 5th Wave

Although Electra studied dance from a very young age and actually dreamed of dancing on Broadway someday, her career in show business took quite a different direction. It’s true though that her acting roles so far consisted mainly of her playing the hot as hell bimbo whom every heterosexual guy wants to bang. However, in Baywatch, the most naked she gets is running around in her lifeguard super-cut red swimsuit. In 1997, she was given a regular role on the popular TV show when she replaced Pamela Anderson. For a year she played Lelani “Lani” McKenzie. The same year, she signed a contract with MTV to host the game show Singled Out, because the former star host Jenny McCarthy had resigned to start her own comedy series.

13 The Princess Of Prince

The future bombshell started her professional career as a dancer at an amusement park located in Manson, Ohio, in a popular show called It’s Magic. But after graduating from the Cincinnati’s School for the Creative and Performing arts, the young Tara Leigh moved to… of course, Los Angeles to pursue a music career. We haven’t listened to her sing much, but she must be good because soon after she came to L.A. she caught the eye of not just anybody, but Prince himself! She even signed a contract with his Paisley Park record label and began a short-lived singing career. It was even Prince who advised her to start using a stage name. So, it was during her time at Paisley Parc Records that she became Carmen Electra.

12 The Talented Miss Electra

Let’s be honest here – if you have the body and the sex appeal of such proportions, the only talent you need to have in movies is to get naked with ease and grace. It is a paradox that, although Electra made appearances in quite a lot of movies, she was nude only in two of them. The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven is a 1998 B-movie, in which Electra plays the sister of a serial killer’s victim, whom she must replace as a keeper of a powerful amulet. The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human is a 1999 mocumentary, in which Electra’s character, Jenny engages in multiple sexual encounters with Billy, played by Mackenzie Astin.

The rumor has it that in both movies Carmen Electra might have used a body double.

11 Ice Cream, Anyone?

Electra may have been in numerous movies and even won one movie award, but she is best known for the off-screen headlines she was making in the late 1990s and early 2000s . She was romantically involved with Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit, and allegedly dated Tommy Lee for some time. In 1998, she started dating the flamboyant Chicago Bulls basket player Dennis Rodman. They married in November the same year in Las Vegas. “People wouldn’t understand why I loved him because he had a reputation of being a bad boy,“ she said in 2014 on Oprah Winfrey’s Where Are They Now? series. “Our relationship was very passionate. When it was good, it was amazing. And when it was bad, it was the worst.” With Dennis Rodman in the picture, we sure believe that!

10 Can't Get Enough Ice Cream


In 2004, Electra appeared in the remake of the 1970s TV show Starsky and Hutch. She played alongside Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. But although the comedy is about the iconic police duo, Carmen Electra and Amy Smart manage to spice it up a lot. Both play cheerleaders who get engaged in a couple of really hot scenes. Electra even won the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss for the very sensual, teasing kiss she shares with Smart. During the auditions, Electra liked her future screen partner so much that, after reading the script, she exclaimed, “I wouldn’t mind kissing her.” When asked in an interview whether she enjoyed the kiss, she replied, “It was fun. We kinda get away with a thing something that you wouldn’t normally do.” Another curious fact is that Electra herself was a cheerleader once, but only for a semester.

9 Trouble In Paradise

Only nine days after Electra and Rodman elope to Vegas to get wedded, Rodman files for annulment of the marriage, claiming that on that particular day he was of “unsound mind.” This is how the bride explains this sudden U-turn in the couple’s stormy relationship, “It’s easy to get caught up in a moment. You think it’s romantic, but then you are like, God, we did it in Vegas! It’s like getting a cheeseburger at a fast-food restaurant.” The couple made up and even celebrated the new year together in 1999. However, the bad must have outweighed the good at some point, because four months later they decide to end it for good.


8 Carmen’s Addiction

As a matter of fact, Carmen Electra is among those few celebrities whose names have never been linked to substance abuse of any kind. But there is one addiction she is associated with. The addiction we are talking about is actually in reference to a rock band, Jane’s Addiction. In 2003, Electra married the lead guitarist of the band, Dave Navarro. The couple documented the planning of their wedding on the MTV series Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave. Although this marriage didn’t last either, the couple had their five minutes of fame and happiness. What is more, they really looked very sweet together – he would call her “Mouse”, and she would call him “Bird.” Electra helped him quit smoking, and he, as a token of his affection, got her name tattooed on his chest.

7 The Fairy Tale Ends (Again)

After two and a half years of marriage, Navarro (then 39) and Electra (34) called it quits. Close friends of the couple claimed that both put serious efforts into staying together. They met through a common friend in 2000, and became not only lovers, but also kind of soul mates as they realized they both had suffered similar losses in their lives – Navarro’s mom was murdered and Electra’s died of brain cancer.

Despite the happy beginning, the relationship became very rocky at some point, and eventually they came to realize it just wasn’t working for them. They blamed it on the hectic schedules they both had. Navarro was having tons of gigs with his new band, Camp Freddy, and Electra had been taking more roles. When they finalized their marriage, they were claiming they were heartbroken and still loved each other. It’s a shame they didn’t document also the separation process on some reality show – it would’ve been a hit!

6 The Hottest Sprinklers Scene Of All Time


In 2000, Carmen Electra appeared in the horror film Scary Movie. And her appearance was definitely to be remembered. Mostly, because it produced one of the funniest jokes in the history of the Scary Movie franchise. Although at that time – circa year 2000 – Electra was the hottest she could get, the screen writer ruined that for her by making her character, Drew, fart. Yes, you read right. Electra farts while on the phone with the Scream-masked killer, after which she playfully tries to apologize, “Sorry, I didn’t think you’d hear.” In the following scene, she is chased outside the house and has to run through sprinklers. Because she gets all wet, she does the most logical thing, that is to strip down to her underwear. Anybody to object? Eventually, the killer catches up with her, and stabs her in the chest, but hits her breast implant instead, which, of course, still must hurt a lot. Epic scene. Moronic, but incredibly invigorating and literally refreshing as well!

5 From Rock To Metal

In April 2008, the Baywatch babe got engaged to Rob Patterson, a member of the nu metal band Otep and the hard rock band Filter. Electra seemed to have learned her lesson because this time she didn’t rush into tying the knot after the first kiss. The couple dated for several years, but was never wed, the reason being that the then 41-year-old Patterson still wasn’t “ready” to become a family man. Four years after their engagement, Electra split with the guitarist. In interviews, she said she was fed up with his lifestyle and never-ending partying. Besides, she was disappointed with him having failed to stick to sobriety, and found it difficult to live with the emotionally messed-up person she claimed Patterson was.

A free woman, in 2012, Electra appeared as one of the bachelorettes on the TV dating show The Choice.

4 The X Factor Infatuation

After the split from Rob Patterson, Electra didn’t wait too long before she threw herself in another romance. After all, she is not the kind of girl who’d walk around unescorted! Her brief relationship with the infamous The X Factor judge Simon Cowell began on the London set of the popular talent show. What she recalled from their first encounters was that he was funny and made her laugh. Then, after days of innocent flirtation, they finally exchanged numbers. Cowell was the first to reach out when the show was brought to L.A. And so it all started. Although they dated only briefly, Electra didn’t regret it. Instead, she kept on repeating, “He was SO MUCH FUN!” Yes, sweetheart, we GOT THAT already!

3 The Firecracker

When Simon Cowell confirmed in December 2012 that he had been dating the former model Carmen Electra, one of her ex-husbands just couldn’t resist the urge to speak up. Although he spent only five (turbulent, yet torrid!) months married to her, the legendary NBA player Dennis Rodman made the announcement that Electra was indeed every man’s dream, and if Cowell was into kinky stuff, then she was definitely his girl. Rodman reveals that during their brief marriage, they’d often have sex in a private jet or in the back of a Bentley, in the presence of either his agent or his driver. Although Cowell has the reputation of being grouchy most of the time, Rodman promised him his ex would make sure he had a big smile on his face.

2 Out Of The Goodness Of Her Heart

She may be a sex goddess, but Carmen Electra has also proved herself to be a genuinely good and caring person. Her mother died in 1998 of brain cancer, and it’s not a surprise then that Electra organized a fundraiser for Head to Hollywood; a non-profit organization which offers support to people who have survived brain tumors. Other charities that Electra got involved with include Elevate Hope, a charity for abused and abandoned children, the HollyRod Foundation which supports those suffering from Parkinson’s, and many more. Other causes she endorses are AIDS&HIV, Rape&Sexual Abuse, Depression and Suicide, LGBT Support, and Disaster Relief. In 2013, it became known that she even cleared her closet to donate evening gowns, lingerie, coats, and shoes to an organization in a bit to raise money for a dog rescue scheme in L.A.

1 Overcoming The Fears

When she was just a high school girl in Ohio, Electra didn’t have big expectations about her future career. She thought that the most she could achieve was to be a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. But then she met Prince and, thanks to him, she was plucked from obscurity and put into the spotlight. She remembers that it was very intimidating at first to work side by side with a musical genius such as Prince, but by believing in her talent, he was the one who gave her the courage not to be that shy. For her, the greatest lesson, and the hardest one too, was to learn to get over her fears. And touring with Prince and his crew gave her that opportunity. “It was like, BAM! Here you are in these huge arenas with thousands of fans. It was super scary, but to get over these fears is the best thing in the world.”

God bless Prince’s soul, for if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have enjoyed Electra’s beauty for so long!


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