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15 Must-See Photos Of Smokin’ Hot Fitness Instructors

15 Must-See Photos Of Smokin’ Hot Fitness Instructors

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I like to think of myself as a fit guy. I exercise regularly, try to eat healthy, all of that jazz. But when I exercise, I’ve always done it in the old school way. That is to say, I throw free weights around with no regard for my own safety or limitations and little knowledge of how exactly I’m supposed to be using them. I play pickup basketball at the rec center where I can throw a few elbows and get in ridiculous shouting matches with other guys who also think they should have been college players. I set treadmills way too fast and practically throw up after five minutes of overexertion.

One thing I haven’t done is watch TV, video and streaming fitness instructors. Until now. I had no idea there were so many hotties out there teaching idiots like me how to work out properly. I didn’t know you could break a sweat and still have the time to check out how hot your teacher is. Sure, I knew the classics like Jane Fonda (who may or may not be on this list) from back in the day. But that’s old school. I’m talking about the ladies who are out there now, selling you some sweat equity and looking good while doing it. Because seriously, now that I know what I’ve been missing, I’m about to get in the best shape of my life. Here, then, are the 15 hottest TV fitness instructors who have “inspired” so many of us.

15. Ella Magers



Now we’re talking! Here’s a super-hot lady who’s currently showing off her toned bod in a series of fitness videos for vegans. At least, I think that’s what she’s doing since her workouts are called Sexy Fit Vegan and she seems to be really into the vegan lifestyle. She even says that she quit eating meat in 3rd grade. Me, I’m into the “T-bone, baked potato and scotch” lifestyle, but if anyone could change my mind it would be Ella. And just in case you were thinking that all these women have are fit bodies and empty heads, think again. Ella has her Master’s in social work so she’s probably smarter than both you and I put together. Which is kinda even hotter.

14. Denise Austin



Here’s another blast from the more recent past. Who remembers Denise Austin? Anyone? She’s still around releasing fitness DVDs (at age 59!) but definitely isn’t as big as she once was. But she was huge in the ‘90s – you might even remember her from her shows on ESPN2, which seemed to be on every morning, all morning. To which I ask, “What was wrong with that?” At one point Denise was so hot, literally and figuratively, that she was asked to join the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Wow! Another thing that’ll make you go wow is Denise’s smokin’ hot body.

13. Jane Fonda



We’ll start off with the chick who practically created the whole TV fitness craze. I’m talking about Jane Fonda, of course. Once known as the daughter of Hollywood legend Henry Fonda (of The Grapes of Wrath, 12 Angry Men, The Longest Day, and On Golden Pond fame), Jane herself had quite a career as an actress before becoming a fitness guru. Check out how great she looks here, even in those ‘80s workout clothes. I, for one, have no problems with the classics. And if you don’t think Jane is all that hot then you ought to check her out in Barbarella. One thing that made Jane not hot, you ask? Marrying Ted Turner.

12. Christina Jensen



Let’s return to the present for a moment, shall we? Christina is definitely hot as can be, isn’t she? She’s another fitness lady who can outthink you too, as she has her BFA from Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. She’s been in tons of fitness DVDs, including the famous Sean T.’s Hip Hop Abs. That makes sense, since Christina is also a dancer. If you’ve been to Radio City Music Hall for the holidays in the last few years, you might have even seen her on stage. She appears in publications like Fitness Magazine all the time. It sounds like Christina certainly gets around but we like her just fine wherever she goes.

11. Jessica Matthews



Jessica is really, really into yoga and, according to her website, “wellness solutions.” She’s also into holistic fitness routines that “encompass all aspects of well-being.” I’m into slow pitch softball and Coronas at B-Dubs afterward. Fortunately, I’m also into Jessica. And who wouldn’t be, I ask you? She’s hot, fit and passionate about her work (and workouts). From the looks of it, her Yoga retreats happen amidst some truly gorgeous scenery, including Jessica. She can be seen on OWN all the time. Or you could sign up for a Yoga retreat and workout with Jessica herself. I could definitely get into that!

10. Astrid Swan McGuire



First of all, I wonder what that middle name of Astrid’s is? Was she given it or did she just take it because, you know, she’s as graceful as a swan and all that. Whatever the reason, Astrid is definitely one hot workout performer. You don’t get a body like that sitting on the couch watching Real Housewives and eating bonbons. I mean, just check her out- Astrid is so hot firemen try to put her out. It’s no wonder magazines like Maxim feature her in pics like this one. Her workout routines are all over YouTube and she’s been seen in not only Maxim but also magazines like Glamour, Cosmo, People and Seventeen.

9. Katherine Mason



Atlanta’s got its own hot fitness lady in Katherine Mason, who trains out of the Sculpthouse Gym. Like a lot of the other fitness trainers on this list she is part of the Wilhelmina Modeling agency and has appeared in Shape Magazine, Fitness Magazine and even done an ad for Nike. Personally, I think the videos on her YouTube channel, like the one that I just watched, are Katherine’s real forte, though. She’s got everything you would ever want in a fitness instructor; she’s cheerful, friendly, easy to listen to and even easier on the eyes.

8. Suzanne Somers



I’m sure you remember Three’s Company, right? It’s still on reruns all the time and who could possibly forget Chrissy, the character played by Suzanne Somers? I know I can’t. I also can’t forget when Suzanne was the spokesmodel for the Thighmaster. Unfortunately the Thighmaster is still around but watching Suzanne work out with it in infomercials was quite a thing back in the day- check it out and listen to Suzanne tell you to “Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.” Actually, I think Suzanne may have helped to usher in the whole infomercial craze, simply by looking so good while using what looks like a medieval torture device. Suzanne probably wasn’t the best fitness instructor on our list but she might have been the most fun.

7. Jillian Michaels



Here’s another incredibly hot gal who seems like she’s been around forever. Jillian basically has thousands of fitness DVDs out there (abs are a big thing with her, apparently) and she’s been in the public eye since the ‘90s because of those. She also was a trainer on The Biggest Loser for years and years, a gig that helped her expand her presence to the point where there is now a line of Jillian Michaels energy bars, vitamins and protein shakes, just in case you want your body to look like hers. Personally, I’d rather just look at her- is that enough of a workout?

6. Jessica Smith



Alright, back to the present day we go. Here’s Jessica Smith, whose website is actually called So I guess she’s on TV, right? Well…actually she has her own YouTube channel, called, you guessed it, Jessica Smith TV, and she also sells a ton of DVDs. Does it seem like Jessica really wants to be on TV? She does have a BA in Communications, after all, so she probably knows TV is where it’s at. I’m sure you’ll get there, Jessica, but in the meantime we’ll just have to settle for YouTube and hot pics like this one. Bummer.

5. Natalie Uhling



Here’s Natalie Uhling, another fitness instructor who makes you sweat on her YouTube channel. I guess she’s also huge in the NYC “boutique gym” scene, whatever that is- personally, I try to avoid boutique anything, but that’s just me. Natalie has also done a ton of ads for Under Armour and wants to get into TV. I’m cool with that as I’m into Natalie. And who wouldn’t be? Not only is she hot as hell but her fitness style is based upon her own background in both dancing and martial arts. Ballet and boxing combined? That works for me, as long as Natalie is running the class.

4. Kiana Tom



I’ll admit it; I had a little bit of a crush on Kiana back in the day. Who wouldn’t? She was another one who hosted a bunch of workout shows on ESPN2 way back when. Her biggest hit was Kiana’s Flex Appeal (haha) wherein she did a lot of, you guessed it, flexing. That was the show that made her famous and revealed her attributes to the world but her later shows had much better titles. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch something called Summer Sizzle with Kiana or Hot Summer Nights with Kiana. I know I would, and did. Unfortunately, these shows were also on ESPN2 and not, say, the Playboy Channel…

3. Jamie McFaden



Jamie is an up and comer in the fitness scene. She’s been featured in a bunch of fitness guru Jillian Michaels’ (remember her?) videos and also online at something called Grokker. Jamie’s another one who seems to be into healthy food likes whey protein and fresh vegetables. Is there some kind of connection between healthy food and fitness I don’t know about? Maybe that’s why I never seem to lose weight when I’m about to “fit-this” piece of pizza I have into my mouth. Anyway, there’s no question that Jamie is hot and that’s what we’re here for today after all.

2. Jennifer Nicole Lee



The coolest thing about our gal Jennifer, who is most decidedly hot as hell, is that she was once not a fitness instructor at all, but just a regular mom with a weight problem. After losing 70 lbs. she decided to get into the fitness game and I, for one, think she made the right choice. She now has her own YouTube channel, a line of clothing, and books and videos to her name. Jennifer also has a bunch of pics out there that are a little too rich even for us here at TheRichest, if you know what I mean.

1. Heidi Kristoffer



Heidi’s another NYC gym rat, only instead of boxing and ballet, she’s into yoga. The style of yoga Heidi practices seems pretty intense, maybe because she’s a New York gal. Or maybe it’s because, according to her website, Heidi suffered a really bad accident years ago that gave her multiple herniated discs and yoga saved her. Whatever the case, I’m glad Heidi came through on top and is out there showing off her smokin’ hot body for all of us (well, especially me) to see. Like many others on our list, Heidi has her own YouTube channel, which you can see here.

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