15 Must-See Photos Of Kaley Cuoco Pre-Big Bang

With an estimated net worth of $45 million we can safely assume that Kaley has made it in the world of entertainment. She continues to bank off of her Big Bang fame as the actress is currently making a cool million per episode. The show continues to roll on in its tenth season with 223 episodes to date.

However, like everyone else, Cuoco didn’t start off with such fame or dollar bills for that matter. She needed to rise up the ranks and that began way back in 1995 when she appeared in her first film, Virtuosity, at the age of ten. Her first major breakout role came in 2002 when she appeared as Bridget Hennessy in the former hit show 8 Simple Rules. Despite the fact that the show only ran for three seasons, she managed to make a huge mark in the 76 episodes she appeared in. Cuoco's fame would continue to rise with the WB show Charmed, and later grow to new heights with Big Bang.

In this article however, we focus on everything but Big Bang, looking at Kaley’s days prior to the show. We highlight her hottest pictures pre-Big Bang coming from her past work in TV shows, on the runway and even in candid settings. Enjoy these 15 hot pre-Big Bang Kaley Cuoco pictures and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend!


15 Undergarments Showing

Despite her insane amount of fame nowadays, it’s truly surreal to think that Kaley is still only 31 years old. It seems like she’s been around forever and that all started with her fame on the popular hit comedy series 8 Simple Rules.

She played the role of Bridget Hennessy, stealing the hearts of little boys around the world with her role in the show. Cuoco was known as the “poplar girl” of the family, while her brother and sister played a more tame role on the show. Although the ABC comedy series only lasted three seasons, it did manage to produce 76 episodes which led to huge fame for Cuoco in particular. She was nominated for several awards during her stint on the show including a Teen Choice Award for Breakout Star of the Year. That was truly only the beginning for Cuoco who would strike gold two years later landing a lead role in the hit series, The Big Bang Theory.

14 More 8 Simple Rules


Despite the fact that she was still in her teens during the launch of the show, that didn’t stop Cuoco from being a massive sex symbol throughout the 76 episodes of 8 Simple Rules. She had various scenes that made the blood of men boil and this was yet another one as she grazed at her chest area. Today, at the age of 31, let's just say that Kaley’s been hitting the bench press as her chest has grown a heck of a lot in comparison to her earlier days on the show. However, her look as a teen was still enough to captivate an audience and move on to bigger things in the future, becoming arguably the most popular TV star in North America today.

Following the end of 8 Simple Rules, Cuoco would work in both film and television. Her most notable role after 8 Simple Rules consisted of a role on the former hit show Charmed. Speaking of Charmed...

13 The Charmed Days

Following her stint with 8 Simple Rules, Kaley attempted to maintain her fame by joining the TV show Charmed, which played on the WB (remember that channel?). The Supernatural fiction TV show actually lasted longer than most of us remember. The WB series went on for eight seasons airing 178 episodes, believe it or not. Cuoco would ultimately appear in 22 of them.

Playing the role of Billie Jenkins, we got to see a different side of Kaley with her new role on the show. It was quite evident that she was growing up, entering her 20s and all of a sudden, her sex appeal grew leaps and bounds in comparison to her younger days as the cute hottie teenage boys loved. Her role certainly turned a couple of heads and that was fueled by some hot wardrobes as you see in the picture above. Looking at Cuoco today, many fans wouldn’t be opposed to seeing her rock a similar outfit on Big Bang.

12 A Natural Beauty


Since her rise to fame, Cuoco’s popularity has been fueled by her natural beauty. She just seems like the average girl next door, and that has made her a huge fan favorite today. This picture demonstrates that exact fact as she looks stunning while rocking a short fitted pink top.

Surprisingly, judging by such a picture, you’d figure Cuoco started off with some modeling like many of her peers, but that simply wasn’t the case. Growing up in Camarillo, California, Kaley was actually the sporty type as she took to tennis at a very young age. She played the sport from the age of three, believe it or not, but chose to put her former passion on the backburner for a career as an actress which we can all safely say, was the right call. She made her on-screen debut early when she was only ten, appearing in the 1995 action thriller, Virtuosity. Four years later in 1999, she would start in a comedic series appearing in the CBS sitcom Ladies Man.

11 Rocking The Bikini Top

When we think of Kaley, we think of Big Bang and her other efforts in the television side of things, on such shows as we mentioned before like 8 Simple Rules and Charmed. What we rarely think about is her acting gigs in the world of film. In terms of notable performances, her film credits are few and far between. Her most noteworthy roles came post Big Bang in such films as The Last Ride, The Wedding Ringer and a voice-over in the film Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip.

However, in terms of a breakout performance, her role in the film Growing Up Brady, was quite eye-opening as she played in a seductive scene (as you see in the picture above) where she stripped down into her bathing suit and entered the pool with a shy boy looking on in amazement. Her role as Maureen McCormick was quite impactful and she would book a spot on 8 Simple Rules just two years later.

10 Fashion Show Swag


It seems like every iconic actress has a particular style. For Kaley back before her Big Bang fame, it was rocking some flattering low-cut shirt, exposing her fine looking stomach. Although it isn’t a trend any longer, we can only assume those days will make their return and women will be looking at various pictures of Kaley as motivation for rocking such shirts.

This particular picture comes just before her Big Bang fame as she rocked the Virgin Red Carpet in style. This picture took place at the 2006 Virgin Megastore Rock n' Roll Fashion Show. Kaley was rocking some edgy clothing throughout the night consisting of a short shirt, exposing her fine tummy, along with a short skirt, showing off those long luscious legs as she walked down the Virgin ramp. Luckily for the company, they got Cuoco just before her Big Bang fame. One can only imagine the price tag on the Big Bang star nowadays to appear at such an event.

9 2003 Teen Choice Awards

By 2003, at the age of 18, the world was starting to get familiar with the name Kaley Cuoco. She was breaking out with the show 8 Simple Rules, and not only was the sitcom red hot, but her contributions to the show were also well documented. She became a massive star following the first season of the show in 2002.

By 2003, her work was starting to get noticed. This is a picture of Kaley attending the Teen Choice Awards. It was her first time at the show, as she was nominated for two awards, and would win for the Choice TV Breakout Star: Female of the Year. She would return to the show in 2010 for a nomination coming from Big Bang. Her success would later translate onto the bigger stage of the People’s Choice Awards as it was evident that her fame had surpassed the teen demographics.


8 Black Lace


Rocking a fancy black lace ensemble, this is another stunning picture of the Big Bang star prior to her fame on the show. What makes this photo that much more appealing is her natural look which just captivates her fans. To this day, Kaley has stayed true to that look.

Following 8 Simple Rules, Cuoco had a two year gap before she joined Big Bang. In that amount of time, she certainly wasn’t siting at home waiting for a job. Instead she was out and about performing with various TV shows, including the likes of cameos on Punk’d, Bratz, Charmed, Loonatics Unleashed, Secrets of a Small Town and even Prison Break, appearing as Sasha Murray in two episodes. Her life would forever change in 2007 when she agreed to play the role of Penny on Big Bang Theory. The show is still going strong today and it remains to be seen when the hit sitcom will finally come to an end.

7 A Candid Shot With Kerry

For those of you that aren’t familiar, Kerry (aka Amy Davidson) played the role of Kaley’s sister during the 8 Simple Rules TV run. The two created a bond both on and off set, making them big time fan favorites. The picture is a candid shot of the two rocking Kaley’s vintage low cut shirts. Both women rocked them quite well.

The same could not be said for the TV show however, which lost a lot of momentum following the shocking death of John Ritter who was the star of the show. David Spade was brought in to add some star power, but not even he could have saved the sinking ship at that point. The show would plummet to the ground when it was officially moved to Fridays, and that would mark the end of the program as it was cancelled shortly after due to its decline in the ratings department.

6 More Charmed


Cuoco’s contributions on the show Charmed were crucial to her career, as not only was she great in the role, but she was stunning throughout her experience and this short black top is yet another example of that. At that point in her career, Cuoco was starting to fill out in all the right places.

Kaley needed a big bounce back following the cancellation of 8 Simple Rules and that ultimately came in the form of the WB series. The Big Bang star joined the show during season eight, playing the role of Billie Jenkins. She was a young witch that had several strong powers which included telekinesis and projection. The producers of the show thought very highly of Kaley and considered a possible spin-off pertaining to her character. However, shortly after she would join the Big Bag cast, that opportunity would go out the window.

5 More Fashion Show

This is another fantastic pre-Big Bang picture of Cuoco coming from the previously mentioned Virgin Fashion Show which took place back in 2006. We laughed about how much Kaley would charge nowadays to appear down the runway, but truth be told, her raise over the last couple of years is no laughing matter when you consider the actual figures.

By 2010, Cuoco earned herself a healthy living on the hit sitcom, agreeing to terms on a deal worth $60,000 per episode, something the average human would drool over. However, that was only the beginning of the ridiculousness as Kaley would get another raise in 2011, earning herself a six-figure deal worth $200,000 per episode. By the summer of 2014, Cuoco, Parsons and Galecki, would once again renegotiate with the show, this time agreeing to an absurd one million dollars per episode. The show continues strong today with ten seasons and 223 episodes to date.

4 Kaley And The Cute Dog


Some that saw this picture probably didn’t even notice the dog given Cuoco’s fantastic stance as she poses for the picture. Once again, she’s rocking her low cut shirt exposing some of her lower back, which left an array of men with a bit of drool on their chins. This is another great shot from her pre-Big Bang fame, rocking some nicely fitted jeans.

As we alluded to, it’s surprising Kaley did not come from a modeling background, as one would assume that she would thrive more so in that field than her movie acting career. Film hasn’t been all that successful for Kaley, and to make matters worse, in 2016, she took home the Golden Raspberry for Worst Supporting Actress. The award was given to her for her lackluster roles as a Supporting Actress in both Alvin and the Chipmunks and The Wedding Ringer. Call it a little harsh, but Kaley continues to struggle on the big screen despite her massive success on television.

3 The School Girl Outfit

As the big sister, Kaley was the popular school girl on 8 Simple Rules, as she played the iconic role of Bridget Hennessy. Interestingly enough, she played the older sister despite the fact that her co-star Amy Davidson, was eight years older than her in real-life. Nonetheless, the situation was believable and Kaley was great in the role as the big sister. She had more than a couple steamy moments on the show and this was yet another one as she rocked a fantastic school girl inspired outfit that without a doubt, had several teen men frozen at the sight of her beauty while she rocked the outfit.

Her character would eventually become much more tame following the death of her father as she matured on the show with her character. However, those fantastic outfits were still on full display as she continued to rock the low cut shirts on the norm. Nowadays, fans are hoping for more low cut shirts, but in a different area...

2 The “Love Brad” Shirt


Still rocking those stunning low cut bottomless tops, by this point, Kaley was filling out quite nicely and that’s pretty evident judging by her fantastic stomach, which is on full display in this picture. Following Kaley and her co-star Amy Davidson’s appearance at the Glamour Magazine event, the picture went viral as fans were amazed at her stunning good looks that night. In addition, let's just say those shirts sold like hot cakes as women flocked to get the “Love Brad” shirt in an attempt to look like the sizzling 8 Simple Rules star.

From that point on, her stardom would continue to grow. As for her fellow co-star Amy Davidson, she instead fell to irrelevancy playing minor roles throughout the years. Today, the 37 year old is quietly enjoying motherhood as she just welcomed her first child into the world, on March 1st, 2016.

1 The Bikini Top

This picture was a dream come true for fans of Cuoco during her pre-Big Bang days when she grew to her initial fame on 8 Simple Rules. Seeing her thong stick out was the first dream come true, but this one, was an even better dream as Cuoco rocked a bikini top, something her male demographic was ready and eager for since they first saw her in the pilot episode. They would have to wait till episode 122, Good Moms Gone Wild to see Cuoco in the outfit, but it was certainly well worth the wait.

Shortly after, she would continue to bank off of her fame with various public appearances and cameos on Charmed. Today, her roles on such TV series are a thing of the past as she’s grown to massive fame with Big Bang. As of this writing, at the age of 31, Cuoco holds a ridiculous net worth of $45 million. You can expect that to continue to climb for years and years to come. Making a million per episode, the $50 million mark is set for the very near future.

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