15 Must-See Photos Of J-Lo That Prove She’ll Aways Be The Finest

Who is the original Miss Booty? The one and only J-Lo. New singers and actors come into the picture every day, but very few perform for years and just keep getting better, more entertaining, and just hotter!

Lopez performed with New Kids On The Block as a backup dancer in 1991 at the 18th Annual Music Awards. From that moment on, a star was pretty much born! J-Lo officially released her first album, On The 6, in 1999. 10 albums later, and a whole bunch of awards, prize winning movies, three marriages, and 2 kids later, the 48-year-old is absolutely jaw-dropping.

The singer is very candid about working hard at the gym, and maintaining her body. Lopez is currently dating Alex Rodriguez, a Dominican-American former baseball player. One thing is for sure, the beautiful singer loves love! The singer has 69 million followers on Instagram and she continues to entertain each and every one of them with her racy outfits, crazy hard abs, amazing performances, and so much more. If you’re on Instagram and you aren't following the singer, you must do that immediately. You can thank us later!

J-Lo has dated and has been in the news for her very public relationships with A-list celebrities like Sean Combs, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony, and recently, Drake! Pictures of the two cuddling posted on her Instagram has sparked many rumours. The mom of twins is hot, graceful, and definitely a triple threat with her crazy dance moves, unique voice, and acting skills.

15 A Goddess

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Maybe you missed J-Lo on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, but if you’ve seen it, you can definitely tell that the Latina is so humble; the star definitely doesn’t forget her roots and her hometown, the Bronx. On the show, she revealed that she was proposed to a couple of times and she refused because it just didn’t feel right! The star was also a judge on American Idol and was definitely the sweetest one. She definitely earned her spot on the show. With her experience as a singer, actress on hit movies like Enough, The Wedding Planner, Maid In Manhattan, and Shall We Dance, with the very famous Richard Gere, the star is definitely fit to judge talent and give advice on careers paths. Like any other star, Jen has had her less successful works, such as Gigli or Jersey Girl, but next to all her other amazing accomplishments, no one really remembers the flops.

14 An Icon

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J-Lo was born and raised in the Bronx (duh), has two sisters, and one is a DJ in New York; imagine constantly being compared to J-Lo? Not fun! The icon’s parents were born in Puerto Rico in Ponce, and later met in New York City. Obviously, with this fame comes criticism, especially in the age of social media, where people can easily be critical behind a computer screen. In 2014, J-Lo released the hit "Booty" with Iggy Azalea and Pitbull, and it was heavily criticized for its very seductive music video. The controversy began over her dance moves and how much she revealed. Many people claimed that as a mom, she should be more conservative, while others said that just because she’s a mom, doesn’t mean she has to be less sexy. In any case, the singer brushed it off and did her thing!

13 A Performer

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It isn’t too hard to find sexy pictures of the singer. Lopez currently performs in Vegas, and if fans can expect anything from the hot Latina, it is a show to knock your socks off every single time. With the crazy sexy outfits, energetic dance moves, awesome songs (old and new), the triple threat will give you a show you definitely won’t forget. If you’ve missed the recent hilarious video of Ellen joining Jennifer Lopez in Vegas, be sure to check it out on Youtube! Many love J-Lo because as much as she loves to be in love, the singer also empowers women through her songs. Her most recent jam was the hit, "Ain’t Your Mama." When recently asked about how she looks so amazing at almost 50, the singer explained that she has always stayed away from alcohol and makes it a point to drink lots of water.

12 A Model

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With a hot body like that and talent that's out of this world, J-Lo can pretty much get anyone she wants and she’s pretty famous for dating much younger guys. On Carpool Karaoke, the singer revealed that she’s been married three times, but has been proposed to five times. The singer has a full Spanish album and has expressed that she thinks that Spanish lyrics are just more poetic and more dramatic.

The gorgeous actress can pretty much wear a rag and model it like it's the most expensive piece of clothing. The superstar has branched out into designing a clothing line, which includes articles ranging from jeans to sweaters, all the while making sure to include all body types. You can find her line at Kohl’s and Macy’s. As if that wasn’t enough, a couple of years ago, along with ex-hubby Marc Anthony, she released a home collection line.

11 A Style Icon

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"On point" is how you can describe the beautiful singer’s sense of style. J-Lo has definitely described herself as a gym rat and it definitely shows! You want to drool? Check out her iconic plunging Versace dress from the Grammy Awards in 2000 (when she was still with Diddy). To Jen’s surprise, that became one of her most iconic fashion moments. J-Lo’s mansion was on the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Singer’s Mansions in 2016. Her home is in Hidden Hills in none other than beautiful, sunny California. The gorgeous mansion is 17,000 sq. ft, 9 bedrooms, and she bought it for $8.2 million dollars in 2010. In 2001, she was voted number 1 FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women list, and in 2002, she was ranked number 76 in Premiere magazine’s 2002 yearly Power 100 List! In 1997, Lopez  became  the highest paid Latina actress, and earned $1 million dollars for her role in Selena.

10 A Dancing Queen

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Move over Kim Kardashian because Ms. Lopez was definitely the first woman to encourage women with curves to wear it proud! Jennifer Lopez has had several hits with rapper Pitbull including "Dance Again," "Live it Up," "On The Floor," and of course, the very famous "Back it Up" featuring Prince Royce. The super sexy picture above comes from the crazy energetic performance at the American Music Awards, where she sang "Papi" and "On the Floor." If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out! Unlike many other singers, the very talented actress does not lip sync! Sure, it’s not hard to sing your own songs, but it is very hard to do so when you’re constantly running from one side of the stage to the other. One thing's for sure; the 48-year-old singer puts many much younger artist to shame.

9 A Seductress

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Anyone who has seen J-Lo perform or seen any of her music videos know that the Latina is definitely not shy! One of her most surprising performances was in 2013, when Jennifer Lopez joined Ms. Taylor Swift on stage. Taylor Swift introduced "Jenny From The Block" as her hairbrush song, the song every little girl sings to her hair brush in front of the mirror. We can’t deny that Taylor Swift is talented and has definitely filled many arenas, but J-Lo will always be the Queen! Another fun performance was between the Diva Christina Aguilera and Ms. Ariana Grande on The Voice finale last year. J-Lo challenges the idea that once you become a mom you have to be more tame. The mother of twins has a crazy body and s*x appeal that she loves sharing with the world.

8 A Star

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What we’re about to say is definitely no surprise to anyone, but one of the famous singer’s nickname is “La Guitara” and no, not for her musical talent, but for her curvy body. J-lo has definitely had a lot of on-screen and off-screen kisses, but she shared with Andy Cohen that Josh Lucas in An Unfinished Life was her favourite onscreen kiss. Because she looks so good at almost 50, J-Lo has been comically described as Benjamin Button, the man who ages backwards. One of the curses she has to deal with is obviously being in the media all the time. In an interview, J-Lo explained, “I’m not perfect, I’m just human like everybody else, except my mistakes are in the front page of the paper.” The fact that she had married Marc Anthony, who became her third husband in 6 years, put her on the front page of so many publications.

7 A Humble Queen

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We all have to respect a woman who was born in the Bronx and now lives in a $10 million dollar home (one of many!). J-Lo is the middle child, with two sisters that are both pretty close to her in age. Her mother definitely shared her love of music with all her girls. They always had music on, dancing around the house. At only five-years-old, Jen started dancing: jazz, ballet, flamenco, and she loved every minute of it. Growing up, Jennifer was so athletic that her family thought she would take that route for her career. Later in life, the star attended an all-girls Catholic School and went back to dancing and the arts. She even joined a neighbourhood club.

6 A Booty

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A natural when it comes to dancing, singing, and simply being a star, Lopez makes it all look so effortless. Her iconic bottom might also have helped. The famous song lyrics, “Have you seen her on the dance floor, she got the boom, shake the room, that’s the lightning and the thunder” definitely describe J-Lo. No shade, but so many stars are famous simply for being famous, such as the Kardashians, who have practically built an empire from reality TV. You have to respect artists like Lopez who have true talent, discipline, humility, and strive to entertain rather than lay back on their fame.

5 A Diamond In The Rough

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It’s easy to have your moment of fame, a blockbuster movie, a hit song, or a great role, but it takes a real star to continuously entertain, awe, and surprise for years and years. J-Lo got her nickname from her fans, which she then named her second album after. She later released another remix album and named it J to the Lo. The album hit number 1 at the same time The Wedding Planner was at number 1 at the box office, so she was enjoying fame from every direction. Ms. Lopez was the first woman ever to have a number 1 film and a number 1 album on the same weekend! At the time, she was having a lot of issues with Diddy that later lead to their breakup. The icon got over her ex quickly and pretty soon started dating her backup dancer, Cris Judd. They were married for only one year.

4 A Dream

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One of J-Lo's most famous films is Enough, which is about a woman who had to deal with an abusive husband. The role was physically demanding and to prepare for it, she trained by taking Krav Maga classes, which is something she recommends for all women.

The star worked with director Michael Apted, who had his reservations about working with the star, because it was rumoured that she was difficult to work with. However, he later learned that the actress is a professional and becomes very focused on what's in front of her. He said, “Once we started, she was incredibly focused, she’s gifted, but she’s also very hard working.” The actress has explained that after filming that movie she was physically and mentally exhausted. The actress took a little break to focus on her love life instead.

3 A Latina Empress

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We always hear about horrible breakup stories in Hollywood, but it seems like it’s not the case for the Latina and the father of her two kids, Marc Anthony. At the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards, the singer and her ex-hubby shared a kiss on stage which stirred up rumours. It seems like people absolutely love them together, because the kiss had the crowd chanting “beso,” which means “kiss.” The couple performed together that night, singing in Spanish. While the singer was married twice before Marc Anthony, people seemed to be rooting for those two to get back together, because who doesn’t love a happy ending? The Empress has won a couple of Billboard Latin Music Awards. In 2013, she won Tour of The Year, and in 2017, she won both the Star Award and Social Artist Of The Year.

2 A Gift

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If her relationships, music videos, movies, and performances weren’t enough, in 2002, the actress opened up a family restaurant, Madre’s. It served Cuban and Puerto Rican food. J-Lo explained that her co-star at the time, Ben Affleck, came up with the name. The star explained that she wanted a restaurant with a family kind of feeling, like when you go to your grandmother’s house. The actress hired her father to make people feel at home, and unlike most women, she also brought in her first husband to manage the restaurant, which of course caused big issues with husband number 2. Tensions rose and Ben Affleck began giving her more attention, and during filming of the hit Maid In Manhattan, she separated with her second husband. The marriage only lasted 10 months. Although it was never confirmed, her ex-husband reportedly received $10-15 million in settlement.

1 A Babe

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The naughty music videos, the crazy outfits, the seductive looks, and the very er*tic lyrics of all her songs have made J-Lo one of the biggest s*x symbols in Hollywood. Whether you’re 13, 25, 40, or 70, you definitely want to watch this bootylicious Latina do her thing. While we see more artists come into the picture, it’s important to realize that the icon was one of the first to pave the way for Latin artists and curvy women all over the world. From singer, to dancer, to designer, to restaurant owner, there is definitely nothing this woman can’t do. She is a mom of two and she still manages to find time to work out and keep that hot bod, which makes the rest of us look oh so bad.

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