15 Photos Of Hef's Newest B-Day Suit Cover Girl Elizabeth Elam

Hef's magazine has made several announcements over the years that have garnered a pretty positive reaction. Yet one of the more unpopular decisions was to decide that they didn't want to have women in the buff in their magazine anymore. Thankfully, that decision was made by Scott Flanders who is now out of the company and instead it's Cooper Hefner (yes, the son of Hugh) calling the shots and Hefner wants nudity! One thing you're also going to be happy that Cooper wanted? Elizabeth Elam to be the first cover girl to bare it all again for the company!

You may not know her name yet, but Elam is poised to become one of the biggest models in the industry and as you'll learn from the photos below, is plenty comfortable showing off her skin.

We've tracked down the 15 steamiest photos of Elizabeth Elam to help you get to know the newest Playboy bunny, while also including fun facts and quotes from Elam herself throughout the list to give you some more insight of the brain behind the body.

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15 Do Not Touch The Artwork (Or Elam!)

Via Instagram.com

When it comes to poses that are seductive, you may agree that there is something extra fun about seeing Elam lean back casually in the above photo. While she may be wearing more clothes on the top half in contrast to what you can expect for Playboy, something tells us you probably still think that is a pretty alluring outfit that she elected to wear.

The real question is if you'd be able to resist the message in the background that reminds you "Do Not Touch the Artwork"! While we are not too sure what price tag Elam would receive as a piece of art, something tells us Hefner probably paid her a pretty penny to get her to drop her clothes to the floor for him.

14 All About Equality

Via Instagram.com

When you take a look at the gorgeous Elizabeth Elam as she hangs out in front of a giant LGBTQ flag, it may make you start to ponder if she has any opinion on equal rights and LGBTQ issues? Well you're in luck because in an interview with Playboy Elam opened up about why equal rights are so important to her,

"Equality has always been important to me. I’m the only person in my family who’s not very conservative. In politics, a lot of the time people are afraid to admit they were wrong, so they latch on even more tightly to their beliefs. The more wrong they feel, the tighter they grip. But how privileged do you have to be to feel that human rights and equality aren’t at the forefront when deciding who you’ll vote for?"

We're sure Elam will not be afraid to speak her mind about the issue in future interviews.

13 Celebrating Her Vote

If you aren't spending too much time staring at Elam's outfit and body, you may notice that she has a sticker on her nose that says "I voted" which she shared to her Instagram to help raise awareness and support. It included the caption "Nasty women vote!" and while some fans campaigned for her to run for President, something tells us that isn't going to happen anytime soon!

If you have any more doubt as to who she supported, Elam also recently shared a throwback photo on her Instagram that features Obama on a T-Shirt along with the message "Throwback, grateful for your eight years of service as our president, excited for the @obamafoundation and all the great work you'll continue to do."

12 Chowing Down On Bacon

Via instagram.com

When you take a look at the amount of skin that Elizabeth Elam shows off, you can imagine that it must be a tremendous amount of pressure to stay in shape and make sure you are always eating the right things. But then again, perhaps Elam just goes extra hard at the gym as indicated by the above photo with the caption "Giving bacon the respect it deserves and eating it with both hands."

Though to be fair, two-handing bacon is probably the right way to go!

When talking about her love of food, Elam said,

"I like the worst, most basic all-American foods, like pizza, french fries, chicken wings, nachos, pasta and potatoes in any form you can cook them. I love cooking. I have my grandmother’s mashed potato recipe, which is the bomb. I also do a hamburger steak with eggs and bread crumbs. It’s basically a huge meatball patty, and it’s delicious."

11 Relaxing In Bed With Pizza

Via instagram.com

While you may look at the above photo and think "Hey that's a pretty casual looking outfit", you shouldn't also think for a second that Elam isn't incredibly comfortable (and sexy) as she slams back some wine with an open box of what appears to be Dominos sitting close by. In fact, when you consider she took a 13-hour drive, she probably also just had a shower. All facts that lead into when she said she is feeling particularly sexy, as she admitted in a past interview,

"Feeling secure makes me feel sexy. I feel sexy post-shower or in a T-shirt and underwear on the couch, watching Netflix. It’s an inner feeling. It’s all about being confident and comfortable—that’s when you’re sexiest."

We are sure you love seeing her relax in this simplest of outfits!

10 Over The Shoulder With Booty Popping

Via Instagram.com

Is there a more "classic" photo look out there more iconic than the over-the-shoulder pose? It is like combining the art of taking a selfie, with also allowing your hair to look magnificent and in some instances, make your booty also look poppin'! Elam clearly has all these skills down, and don't think she also doesn't realize it! She captioned the photo,

"Spent the day selfie-ing and booty popping for @electricboutique (and working with my best frands/stylist extraordinaires @carroool @nicoledones13) it's good to be back" and the inserted a bunch of American flag emoticons.

While we aren't too sure where she went for vacation, we're also glad she came back and was getting her selfie game on!

9 Looking Amazing On Her Date

Via Instagram.com

When you take a look at the above photo, you may quickly make the assumption that Elam is out with a gentleman caller on a special date. Though when you consider the hints of cleavage that are apparent in her outfit but are just strategically covered by the rose, maybe you would agree that the guy is the lucky one!

One thing for sure is that the drinks probably flowing throughout the evening, especially when you find out Elam's thoughts on buying her a drink.

"As far as wine goes, I’m a red wine girl, for sure. Cabernet all the way. For some reason, rum straight is the easiest liquor for me to drink. And whiskey and apple juice is my favorite mixed drink. If you haven’t had it, add a splash of apple juice to your glass of whiskey. It just tastes like whiskey but without the burn, and it’s so good," said Elam in a past interview.

8 Celebrating Earth Day

Via Instagram.com

When it comes to things that we absolutely should not be taking for granted, planet earth needs to be at the top of a lot of people's priority lists. You know, it is unfortunate that the President of the United States may be a little less open to the conversation of Climate Change, but you better believe Elizabeth Elam would love to talk to you about it!

She captioned the above photo with the phrase "Celebrating the thing I take most for granted and couldn't live without. HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! We should all treat you better."

Whether or not you agree with her stance, you probably agree with the point that she looks incredible on that blanket. Bonus points for the Star Wars bag!

7 Enjoying Cake As The Cover Girl

Via Instagram.com

You know there must be some pretty awesome perks that come with being able to get up close and personal with Playboy and Hefner, but nobody ever told me that you are also given a cake with your cover photo on it!

Plastered throughout the issue is the theme that naked is normal, something that Cooper Hefner (Hugh's son) spoke more about in a past interview, "I’ll be the first to admit the way in which the magazine portrayed nudity was dated, but removing it entirely was a mistake. Nudity was never the problem because nudity isn’t a problem. Today, we’re taking our identity back and rediscovering who we are.”

Something tells us that we're sure you agree there is no problem with Elam posing nude!

6 Just Lounging Around 

Via Instagram.com

If you take a look at the above photo and imagine that Elizabeth Elam is actually sitting in front of you wearing her birthday suit and expecting you to make a move, you may find your palms start to sweat and you start to get incredibly nervous. But you're in luck buddy because nerves aren't anything to be afraid of when it comes to Elam, in fact, she would rather you own up to it.

"Owning your nervousness can be flattering. Don’t try to be cool. Don’t try to hide that nervousness. If a girl wants to look down on you for it, why are you talking to her? Don’t fake it," said Elam in a past interview.

We can only hope that answers like that don't lead to a bunch of men awkwardly trying to hit on her!

5 Little Big Dress For Big Impact

Via Instagram.com

Holy smokes, while you may have seen Elizabeth Elam sitting down for a date in a photo earlier in the list, you may agree with our decision to drop this one of her stepping out in a little black dress even lower in our list. After all, it is one thing to look amazing when you decide to let the clothes hit the floor, but it is a whole new level of attractiveness (especially to her date!) when you are able to go to the closet and whip out this little number.

Elam accompanied the photo (which got nearly 1,000 likes) with the caption "Went to Vegas for the first time and seriously this was the only picture I took all weekend!!"

We are sure you also wish she took more than one photo!

4 Her Biggest Turn-Ons

Via Instagram.com

Okay, by this point in our list you are well aware that Playboy made the right decision to pick Elizabeth Elam for their cover girl. Now the question you may still be asking yourself is what some of her biggest turn-ons are. It may be the standard question in every adult magazine, but it is a popular question for a reason!

When Elam was asked, she listed off several different things that, included "strip clubs are a big turn-on, fun going with your significant other, smoking weed is a turn-on" and that she loves wearing tube socks! One celebrity she admitted she has a crush on? Jonah Hill!

While we could not find a photo of her rocking out in tube socks, we sure you aren't complaining about the steamy one we included! Keep reading next to find out her biggest turn-offs!

3 And The Turn-Offs!

Via Instagram.com

With every question regarding the things that get you excited in the bedroom, comes the one about what turns you off. For Elizabeth Elam, she was not shy about putting several gorgeous celebrities on blast including Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift, saying that they were not exactly up her alley.

Elam also admitted that anyone who ever uses the word 'Daddy' around her is a quick way to make sure the action is not going any further. In fact, she said there is no way she could hear it without laughing and that definitely isn't what you want!

Elam did also mention that while Trekkies can be considered a turn-on, she was more of a Star Wars girl, so perhaps don't open the conversation with "Doesn't Star Wars suck?"

2 Beach Is Her Favorite

Via instagram.com

If you want to create the perfect day for Elizabeth Elam, which we're pretty sure would be pretty high on your priority list if you're trying to woo her, one of the best things you could do is take her to the beach.

Not only would she clearly look gorgeous, as evident by the photo that we included from her Instagram, but she also admitted in a past interview that going to the beach is a huge part of creating her perfect day.

"I love beach days. I’ll go to the beach around 11 a.m.—no need to wake up too early—come home, chill, do the whole getting-ready ritual. Then I’ll meet up with friends at a bar. You know those nights that start out as nothing and then you end up staying out till four in the morning? Those are the best."

1 Loves Being In Her Birthday Suit

Via instagram.com

The photo may be black and white, but I don't think that makes it any less captivating than any other entry on our list and is well deserving of our top spot.

In case you cannot tell by how we decided to crop the photo, she most definitely is not wearing any clothes for the photoshoot that was done by the esteemed photographer Randall Slavin.

When talking about the idea of being naked, Elam was quite frank about her level of comfort,

"It’s never been a big deal to me. Everyone, unless you’re a never-nude, is naked every single day. It’s normal. It’s natural. What’s scarier is sharing who you are with somebody. That’s rarer than being naked in everyday life."

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