15 Must-See Photos Of Celebrity Daughters All Grown Up

Remember those days when you watched movies featuring great actors like Clint Eastwood, Laurence Fishburne, or Eddie Murphy? What about when you used to listen to awesome alternative, pop, or rock gods, such as Nirvana, Michael Jackson, and The Rolling Stones? Who knew that those same talented individuals would go on to produce some of the most beautiful, talented, and quirky celebrity daughters that any generation has yet to ever lay eyes on?

Some of these ladies have been in the public eye since their birth, while others are just now taking their first steps. Celebrity parents have a tougher job than most. Celebrity daughters already have what most girls want–fame, power, and money. It's their choice on how to utilize those privileges. Some turn out just like their famous parents while others are complete opposites. Celebrity daughters can end up twisted, strange, or dark. Fame isn't always about glamour and glitz. Just as growing up isn't always as much fun as it's made out to be.

What you're about to see will make some celebrity parents proud, whereas others might be disappointed. Here are 15 Must-See Photos of Celebrity Daughters All Grown Up...

15 Clint Eastwood's Daughters, Francesca & Morgan Eastwood

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Clint Eastwood made his iconic mark, acting in Westerns from the early 1960's, and later as the lead in the Dirty Harry franchise. He's even taken on the role as director in more present years. His acting and directing skills are no less than magnificent. Although, Eastwood has always been more secretive when it came to his personal affairs. He has been married twice but has had children with various women throughout the years. His eldest daughter is 52 and his youngest is only 20.

Francesca Eastwood is the 23-year-old blonde bombshell seen above. Morgan Eastwood is the 20-year-old brunette stunner on the right. Both girls were put into the spotlight at an early age. You might recall seeing Francesca as a child in True Crime. She has already broken her own ground as both an actress and model. She has even followed her father's footsteps with a Western film, Outlaws and Angels. Morgan, on the other hand, has opted for a more normal lifestyle. She has only been featured in a couple of movie roles and the reality show launched by her mother, Mrs. Eastwood & Company, which eventually led to her parents' divorce.

14 Bruce Jenner's Daughter, Kendall Jenner

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Sometimes celebrity daughters become more famous than their parents. As is the case with both of Bruce Jenner (wait, I almost forgot)...Caitlyn's daughters. Maybe it was the fame of the Kardashian-Jenner women which really made him decide to become her? We'll never really know for sure, but Bruce Jenner was famous first. In fact, he was an Olympic Gold Medalist in 1976.

Now, here we are over four decades later, and one of his youngest daughters, Kendall Jenner, is already a supermodel. She was gorgeous on the Victoria's Secret runway! Aside from that, she is also a huge humanitarian. Haven't you heard? She can stop all protests and brutality with a single Pepsi. Sorry, Kendall. Then, she bared her butt for the Met Gala, which wasn't the last of her recent drama. She also caught backlash for her Vogue India cover snafu. And what about her $250,000 Instagram post for promoting Fyre Fest?

13 Eminem's Daughter, Hailie Scott (Mathers)

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If you're a fan of Eminem, then it's not likely that you would've forgotten about his daughter, Hailie. How could you, after "Mockingbird?" That was the heartbreaking rap he penned for her almost seventeen years ago. She was also a constant name drop and inspiration throughout much of his early music as a young rapper. Although, Eminem is no longer young and Hailie is all grown up.

In fact, that's her that you see above. Isn't she stunning!? She was Homecoming Queen in high school, but Hailie is already 21. She can drink, drive, and most likely do anything that she puts her mind to. Luckily, she mostly chooses to keep it on her homework. It's true that she's beautiful, but Hailie's also a college student at Michigan State University. At least you can rest assured that Marshall Mathers has a celebrity daughter that he can be proud of, even if there are a few photos floating around that he would rather you not see.

12 Bruce Willis & Demi Moore's Daughter, Tallulah Belle Willis

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It would seem as if having Demi Moore and Bruce Willis as parents would open all of the right doors for your future to be nothing less than sunshine and roses. Demi is one of the hottest actresses ever and Bruce was the face of the Die Hard movies. Although, imagine being Demi Moore's celebrity daughter, yet having the rugged looks of your father? Yep! All three daughters went through spells where they were judged by their looks. They picked up features from both parents, but it's obvious that Bruce Willis had the stronger genes of the two.

Fortunately, it appears that their eldest daughters, Rumer Willis and Scout, have already moved past most of their issues. Then, along came Tallulah Willis and her own brand of girl drama. She is just 23 and has been diagnosed with body dysmorphia, spent time in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, and constantly stays in the news to this day. Her latest misstep happens to be a racy photo shoot from just last year.

11 Johnny Depp's Daughter, Lily-Rose Depp

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Lily-Rose Depp is proof that it isn't always such a bad thing to look like your famous father. Then again, it also helps when your dad is Johnny Depp. If Hollywood wanted to get women involved in any movie from the '90s to early 2000's, then he was the baby-face they needed. Take Don Juan DeMarco for instance, and later, there was the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, among other character-type roles. Her mother is Vanessa Paradis, a French actress, singer, and model.

Lily-Rose has decided to follow the career path of both her parents. She's already acted in a couple of movies, including Yoga Hosers, Tusk, and Planetarium. She has also dabbled in modeling. Lily-Rose dropped out of high school last year, at only 16. Her reasoning was to focus on acting and modeling, which she's obviously got the looks for. Although, as young as she is, there's no guarantee that either career choice will carry her on throughout her life. She'll be turning 18 later this month.

10 Bruce Jenner's Daughter, Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner is the second daughter of Bruce and the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner brood. She is also the 2nd highest earning contributor and she's super-hot! Although, her most famous assets are arguably less than natural, much like her eldest sister, Kim Kardashian. The rest of her fame came from her lip liner, from which she has launched her own cosmetic line, Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie's choice has been to embrace her reality TV fame rather than to avoid it. Meanwhile, we must face the facts. The little Jenner girls that you watched grow up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians aren't so little anymore. They have both grown into their respective Kardashian-Jenner roles. Even if they are not really linked to the Kardashian name in the show's title. However, Kylie is coming out with her own show, Life of Kylie, which is set to premiere this summer.

9 Jamie Foxx's Daughter, Corinne Foxx

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Jamie Foxx is as talented as any one person could possibly get. He's known as being one of the most versatile actor/singer/comedian in history. He started off his career in the sitcom In Living Color, then went on to star in his own sitcom called The Jamie Foxx Show. His first major movie role was in Any Given Sunday. He then went on to star as Ray Charles in the movie Ray and worked with Kanye on the music for the movie while producing, writing, and creating his own albums.

That's his eldest daughter, Corinne, that you see flashing that gorgeous smile above. She just turned 23 and has already begun her career as a model/actress. That's aside from graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations. You might have caught a quick glimpse of her as Miss Globe 2016. Wow! Is she the total package, or what? There is no doubt that Jamie Foxx is one proud papa.

8 Laurence Fishburne's Daughter, Montana Fishburne

If you wanted to hear about a celebrity daughter who hasn't measured up, here's your chance. That's Montana Fishburne. She's the oldest of Laurence Fishburne's daughters. If you're older, you'd remember him from The Matrix Trilogy, among several other titles, of course. If you're younger, just stick with Akeelah and the Bee or Blackish. He's one of the most respected men in Hollywood, with an astounding 106 acting credits to his name or that of Larry Fishburne, who is also him. Different name, same guy.

Montana has already had a "video" scandal. Yeah, she tried to make it Kim K style. Only hers wasn't near as epic or career-propelling as Kim Kardashian's. Actually, make that two. Yep, she went all "other industry" on us. Her name back then was "Chippy D." Anyway, now she's an ex-p*rn star, but that hasn't kept her from making bad headlines. Her most recent stunt was urinating in front of the police during a sobriety test. Yeah, I guess you could say we're looking forward to seeing daughter number 2 in the next decade.

7 Mick Jagger's Daughter, Georgia May Jagger

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Is it just me or does it seem like the ugliest, most iconic rock rock gods are somehow blessed with the best "swimmers" ever? First, we get Liv Tyler, who was hatched from the loins of Steven Tyler, lead singer for Aerosmith. Then, we get Georgia May Jagger who just turned 25 from the co-creator/lead singer of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger. Both men are far from flattering. I mean, they are rock stars and not models. But who would've thought that they could produce such beauty? Aside from that, Georgia May favors Mick just as Liv favors Steven Tyler. But they're still smokin' hot somehow.

Now that I got that off my chest. This is Georgia May Jagger, a fashion model. She's the fourth Jagger daughter, and the third to be a model. She also has her daddy's smile, which comes with a buck-toothed gap. The model has become known for this signature smile and has even gone on record explaining that she has been taunted about it, but that it is a part of what makes her "human."

6 Biggie Smalls' Daughter, T'yanna Wallace

Biggie Smalls owned near one-half airwaves in the mid-90's. It's not likely that this was something you would've forgotten. At least, not if you were around back then. It's been over twenty years since the death of Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G., but his memory has been kept alive through his music. Biggie's memory has also moved on through his children. His son, Christopher Wallace Jr. is somewhat known through his mother, Faith Evans. Plus, he has broken into acting and rap. Then, there's his daughter, T'yanna Wallace, who you rarely hear about.

That's T'yanna that you see above. She is 23 years old and manages to get her name out there on occasion. At only 20 years old, she launched her own clothing line called Notoriouss, which she says is inspired by her late father. She also made waves last year for calling out Diddy. Apparently, he forgot to send her tickets to the Bad Boy Reunion Show. Plus, he hadn't checked in on her for some time. Let's just say that she knows how to be heard and Diddy was quick to apologize. Meanwhile, I think it's safe to say that Biggie would be proud who his celebrity daughter has grown up to be.

5 Alec Baldwin's Daughter, Ireland Baldwin

There was no way that Ireland Baldwin wasn't going to end up famous. Her parents were a Hollywood power couple from 1993-2002. Alec Baldwin started off his acting career as Joshua Rush in Knots Landing and moved up fast with leading roles in Beetlejuice, and later as an attorney in Ghosts of Mississippi. Kim Basinger started her career as a fashion model, but scored big with the role of Domino in Never Say Never Again, alongside Sean Connery. Ireland's parents met on the set of The Marrying Man and went through a public divorce over a decade later.

In fact, it was during their custody battle that Ireland became famous for the first time. Mainly because Alec went on that infamous rant on Ireland's voicemail. In it, he berated her mother and called Ireland a "rude, thoughtless little pig." Now, little Ireland's all grown up. She's 21 and a hot replica of her insanely gorgeous mother. However, I'd bet she wishes that her recognition came from her modeling or her acting skills. Not that nasty father/daughter incident from 2007.

4 Lil' Wayne's Daughter, Reginae Carter

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You might have last seen Reginae Carter on My Super Sweet Sixteen back in 2015. The party was massive. Nicki Minaj performed and Reginae was given not one, but two luxury cars. Nothing but the best for the daughter of Lil' Wayne and Toya Wright. That was two years ago. The stunning Reginae is all grown up now. She's had two birthdays since that one.

Reginae has been accepted to attend college at Clark University in Atlanta. Although, that was before the trending news story last month. Apparently, Reginae has a friend who already attends Clark University. She was involved in an altercation, which Lil' Wayne's baby girl broke up. That was followed by rumors that Reginae was being bullied at her school because of a video on Instagram Live, where Reginae was "mashed" in the head by a girl. Reginae was quick to put the bullying rumors on blast, though. The girl obviously wanted an Instafamous moment.

3 Eddie Murphy's Daughters, Shayne & Bria Murphy

What do we have here? Two smokin' hot celebrity daughters all grown up at that? These lovely ladies share the same Nutty Professor as their dad. You can almost see Eddie Murphy in the details of their faces. But then again, maybe not. If you don't know who Eddie Murphy is, let me tell you that he's the absolute best, most influential comedian from the '80s. He was right there beside Nick Nolte in 48hrs. He was everything as the lead in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise back in the day. Later, he went on to become the Nutty Professor, and who could forget Dr. Dolittle and Donkey in Shrek?

Enough about daddy Murphy. Let's get back to Shayne Murphy and Bria Murphy. I guess you could say that they are his eldest daughters. He has a total of nine kids. Shayne (left) is 22 years old and Bria (right) is 27. Bria has already begun to build her career as an actress, model, and artist. While Shayne is following in her mom, dad, and older sister's footsteps with a couple of credits to her name as well. Meanwhile, these ladies love to entertain. In fact, they shared posts from a joint photo shoot wearing lingerie on Instagram which set the internet ablaze back in 2014.

2 Kurt Cobain's Daughter, Frances Bean Cobain

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Kurt Cobain was to alternative as Biggie and Pac were to rap, and Michael Jackson was to pop. Kurt Cobain was the lead singer/co-creator of a band called Nirvana. He was the "it guy" for grunge/alternative rock, but he committed suicide in 1994, although this has been heavily disputed by fans as some sort of conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, Kurt had this gorgeous baby girl who grew up to be a sort of ghost for those fans.

Sorry fans. Frances Bean Cobain is not the ghost of Kurt Cobain. She will not automatically bring back everything his music stood for. Hell, she might not even want to be involved in his music or his fame. Frances Bean is his daughter. She kind of looks how you'd imagine she would, but she isn't making waves as the lead of a rock band. Nope. She isn't following in her famous father's footsteps or Courtney Love's either. Frances Bean did a photo shoot in her father's pajama pants once. She's an artist and she was also behind his latest documentary Cobain: Montage of Heck. Frances Bean Cobain is gorgeous like her mom, but artistic like her dad.

1 Michael Jackson's Daughter, Paris Jackson

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You might as well say that Michael Jackson was pop music. He was one of the biggest, most controversial icons that this world will ever have. His music will be heard by kids 20 years from now and everything that they know about him will be learned from documentaries or biographies. Michael Jackson also left behind his children, aside from his musical legacy.

His celebrity daughter, Paris Jackson, is all grown up now. Boy, is she a stunner, or what? One of her favorite bands is Nirvana. How coincidental is that? Meanwhile, her older brother, Prince Jackson, claims that she is just like their dad in everything, except gender and age. She just turned 18 years old and has over 50 tattoos, but they are all inspired by something of importance. It also appears as though Paris is about to hop on her own iconic journey as the frontrunner to portraying another pop icon, Madonna, in her upcoming biopic. Bet her celebrity father is super proud.

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