15 Must-See Photos Of A Young Julia Louis Dreyfus

Julia Louis Dreyfus has had one of the most successful television careers in entertainment history. She's also one of those magical females in Hollywood who only seem to look better with age. With her recent breast cancer diagnosis, her devoted fans are rooting for her now more than ever.

We all got to know Julia as Elaine Benes, the classic Seinfeld character, who made us laugh alongside Jerry, Kramer and George Costanza. After Seinfeld, Julia moved to Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and then The New Adventures of Old Christine, where she played the zany divorcee lead for five years. Then she hit gold again with the critically acclaimed VEEP, and starred as Selina Meyer, the Vice President of the United States. VEEP just ended its Emmy-dominating run, so who knows what Julia will do next. Odds are she'll choose another hit soon.

Julia has a knack for picking great roles. She began her run years ago on Saturday Night Live. She also guest starred on Family Ties and landed a reoccurring role on Day By Day. You'll be amazed to see these old photos of Julia-- looking great in everything she does.

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15 Deep V Neck

This is young Julia, a little further down the road. By now she has probably just landed her career launching role on Seinfeld. She appears to be dressed up, and strutting down the red carpet, in a black evening gown that plunges deep down the slope of her chest. Elaine is a promiscuous character, as are most characters on Seinfeld. They all seem to be constantly dating someone new, and sleeping with them as well. Elaine might be too conservative to ever wear a neckline this low, but Julia seems to be rather comfortable. This is a classic look that just about every woman in Hollywood has worn at one point or another. The cut was popularized in 1954, by Marilyn Monroe, in that classic white gown that puffed up as she stood on a subway grate. Monroe's famous dress later sold for nearly five million dollars.

14 Young Flirt

There is something very flirtatious about this image. Julia seems so young and eager. Her trademark curly hair is tossed lightly to the side. Her eyes are looking right at us, and her tongue is popping out just the slightest bit to make us want more. The hot strapless black dress looks pretty good as well. Not too sure about the earrings though. Those look more like pond fishing lures than anything else. Going back to the tongue topic, there were many tongue plots in Seinfeld. There was a character referred to as Doctor Tongue. In another episode, Elaine couldn't get a hair off of her tongue. She also stuck her tongue out to many potential suitors. Elaine actually dated fifty-six boyfriends on the eight-year run of Seinfeld. Most normal people date about half that fast, but thanks to dating apps, the numbers are going up.

13 The Girls Of SNL

Here we have a hilarious image of SNL cast members wearing lingerie. Julia looks hotter than the other two, by far, no wonder she had the most successful career. The other two actresses do seem vaguely familiar though, don't they? We have surely seen them play supporting roles on various projects, while Julia's star power rose into the lead-role realm. There is something magical about SNL. Even if you're not making movies, you end up doing all right. The amount of writers and actors that the show has spawned is just plain legendary. The show is like a mine of successful acts, rivaled only by the money machine that is the Disney Channel. We're not sure what the above image was promoting. It seems like a commercial spot. Not sure today's censors would allow for such an ad to run.

12 The Star

Well, damn. We apologize again. This shot shows another not-so-young image of Julia. It is actually seven years old though, when she received her star in 2010. We couldn't pass this shot up. This is a momentous moment in the career of any entertainer. Or is it? Wouldn't any actor or comedian rather win a Golden Globe than have their star on Hollywood Boulevard? Why would you want people to walk all over you everyday? What if somebody drops gum on you, or even worse, a dog poops onto your name? Not the most glamorous of honors, but it's a funny and accepted tradition anyway. Recently, Donald Trump's star was defaced by black spray paint. Somebody painted a swastika over his name in response to his light stance on white supremacy. Bill Cosby's star was also defaced by a black marker.

11 Weekend Update

Who in the world is this sweet young thing? Many agree that Julia has one of those age-defying faces, and body too. Then, when you see an image like this one, you realize how young she once was. This is the freshest-faced pic of Julia that exists out there on the interwebs. Well, there were other shots, like a high school pic, or even middle school. But this shot is more fitting, since it shows Julia in the public eye. Like many cast members, Julia appeared as a guest correspondent during the Weekend Update segment of SNL. Often times lampooning the news needs a brief rest, so actors perform a quick character sketch, or try out a new song or stand-up routine. Sometimes Julia appeared as a young innocent school girl, who ended up having a pretty dirty mind.

10 Bad Girl

There is a bad habit that seems to follow Julia throughout many roles in her career. Smoking must be something she enjoys. You may recall the Seinfeld episode where she smokes cigars in her boss's office. Recently at a Golden Globes show, as a joke, she wore dark sunglasses and puffed on an electronic cigarette while her name was called. Here we can see Julia in a very seductive pose puffing on smoke. She also looks pretty good in that bikini. And Lord knows what she's reaching down for. This is a scene from the early days of Saturday Night Live. Not only does she smoke a cigarette as she gyrates her hips, but she lights more than one and smokes them all simultaneously. Yes, that goes to show just how old this episode was. Smoking in Hollywood has been banned lately, but back in the 80's people still found humor in the dirty habit.

9 Up Against The Wall

Now this looks like a vintage Elaine Benes shot. It almost appears to be a boudoir picture that girlfriends sometimes shoot for their boyfriends. Sure it's a pretty cheesy gift, but done right, the gift can be very well received. There should have been a Seinfeld episode about this photo. Can't you just see it? It seems rather insignificant, yet simultaneously provocative, which is the Seinfeld humor trademark. Maybe Elaine would do a boudoir shoot for Puddy, but accidentally have it mailed to Kramer, or better yet, her boss Mr Peterman. Then Peterman would think that Elaine had a crush on him, and you could imagine the awkward conversation after that. Or maybe Newman purposely sabotaged her mailing address somehow. Wait, was this a real episode? It's beginning to sound rather familiar. It's hard to keep all the insignificant plots straight.

8 Talking With Her Hands

Okay, this is our final slip-up. The last kinda-old looking shot of Julia. We apologize, but the fact is, we love seeing our favorite stars caught in the most awkward moments possible. This is like one of those shots you see on Twitter, with the prompt: Caption this. It looks as though she is squeezing a male member, right? Maybe our minds are in the toilet on this one, but it's hard to imagine anything else. She certainly isn't holding the string of a balloon with an expression like that on her face. And with the way her fist is clenched, she's not hitting something, she's holding something, right? Whatever this story was about, it looks like it was a hilarious tale. Julia has a knack for storytelling, which makes her such a great comedian. As a guest here on Conan O'Brien, she must have had Conan and his entire audience cracking up.

7 SNL 1984

This seems like one of those stage presence tests-- who does your eye capture first? Many dudes go straight towards the crazy hairspray bleach blonde in the middle, but who knows who that is. Then your eyes might travel down to the shiny 80's sportcoat, where you'll see Jim Belushi's casual grin.  Stepping out of his brother John's shadow, after his untimely death, Jim has gone on to have a pretty good career of his own, and people in his native Chicago still love him. To the left of Jim is Martin Short, another comedy legend. He's been a constant in Hollywood since The Three Amigos. Zoom up, and to the left, and you may recognize Billy Crystal, another legend. He hasn't had a hit lately, but served up big comedies like City Slickers, and later voiced Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc. The young, and beautiful Julia is standing on the opposite side of the frame, next to another voicing giant, Harry Shearer. He is a mainstay on The Simpsons, giving life to characters like Ned Flanders.

6 She Saw "It"

Many of you may remember this shot from the Seinfeld episode when she saw "it." There was a lot of "humor" that was used on Seinfeld, but this episode really pushed the envelope. The plot basically went like this... Jerry set Elaine up on a date. Elaine went on the date, which went pretty well. As she was leaving the man's car, and leaning in for a casual goodnight kiss, she looked down and saw something that she totally did not expect. Then the scene cut away quickly, transitioned by a quick Seinfeld bass riff, and then the next scene opens at Jerry's apartment. Enter Elaine with a hilarious look on her face. "How'd it go?" Jerry asks, "Come on, you can tell me." But Elaine is lost for words. Eventually she says that she saw "it." Jerry is baffled, "It?! You saw it?" This banter goes on for a while. In real life they would use a casual term for the male member, but for a TV show it was the perfect bit.

5 Troll

Back in 1986, Julia was just starting out, and landed a gig on a really dumb flick. The film was called Troll and the plot was awful. There was a king of trolls and a sprite, or nymph, or whatever you may call her, played by Julia. The worst part was that the setting wasn't entirely fantasy, but there was a San Francisco setting that hosted the troll portal. The film did not do well, but it spawned a sequel anyway, and also provided young Julia with another title on her resume. For one brief moment, you can even see Julia's bare behind as she retreats into the foggy wilderness. Another interesting note, there are two main characters in the film, a father and son. The funny thing is, their names are both Harry Potter, junior and senior. But these Potter have no forehead scars, or magic wands.

4 Yellow Coconuts

Seems as though Julia must have auditioned for the lead role in Splash with this shot. She looks like a mermaid, or maybe an island native with her crazy coconut bikini. This is by far one of her most risque professional photo shoots from her younger years. Maybe she was considering taking the smoldering-hot career route for a while, and then changed her mind and stuck with comedy. Julia has had one of the most successful comedy careers possible. She has won as many awards as any woman ever, including eight Emmys, which ties with Cloris Leachman for the most ever. Her overall appeal and her ability to switch from one hit to the next has been compared with greats like Mary Tyler Moore and Candice Bergen. Still active, Julia will shatter any and all female actress records long before her career ends.

3 The Eyes Have It

Here's a shot that finally showcases Julia's gorgeous hazel eyes. This is one of those images where it's hard to tell how old Julia is. Sure, she's no SNL baby face, but she doesn't look much older than the Elaine years either. This may have been taken to promote her show, The New Adventures of Old Christine. In that show she played an exercise instructor, and that's when Julia got into some great shape herself. There were several instances on that sitcom where she changed her clothes on camera and revealed her bra, and looked quite fit. The show proved that Julia could hold her own as a lead, and that there was no such thing as the Seinfeld curse. (Well, at least not for the girls anyway.) Can you believe that airing Seinfeld was contingent on a female lead? Elaine wasn't in the pilot, but the network insisted that a female be added.

2 Loving Comedy

In this shot, Julia takes the term "loving comedy" into a literal sense. She seems to be actually making love to a clown, which has been the symbol of comedy for decades. The clown has also been a symbol of complete horror, thanks to serial killer John Wayne Gacy, and even more so the Stephen King novel and films of It. After the new reboot, currently in theaters, another generation of kids can grow up fearing clowns for the rest of their lives. So which category does this image fall into? Most dudes would say something lusty, instead of horror or comedy. Other guys may be too distracted by her red nose to find the image too exciting. We must admit that this pic features an older Julia, but the clown in bed pic was too good to pass up. The hot shots were taken for a GQ spread, to promote the VEEP series on HBO.

1 Sorority Girl

Oh, boy. You know that an image like this one would end up on the list. It's an old shot and the verdict is out whether it was photoshopped or not, but the quality looks genuine. On the left you can see Julia's college years head shot, and on the right, well, it looks a lot like a hazing ritual for a sorority. You can see the toga sheet over her shoulder, and she's definitely the right age. Julia attended Northwestern University just north of Chicago, and pledged as a Delta Gamma. This innocent, n*ked type of stuff is what basically every Greek house on earth does to their pledges at some point, especially back in the day. Seems like there's no complaints either. Julia enjoyed her time at the university, and even sent her son there on a basketball scholarship. Not that they needed the money. Besides the endless Hollywood cash, Julia is also an heir to her family fortune. The Louis Dreyfus Energy Services LP was founded in 1851, and boasts an annual revenue of over $55B.

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