15 Must-See Photos Of A Young Heather Locklear

Blondes making their way to the top of the Hollywood ladder is nothing new, and each passing decade sees the rise of the younger, hotter blondes taking their place alongside the others. Back in the 1980s, bombshell beauty Heather Locklear quickly became one of the most recognizable faces of the decade, and she continued her wildly successful career for the next 30 years. Through her ups and downs, Locklear has held her place among the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and her performing talents in film and television have helped her maintain her success. She has engaged in several high-profile relationships, and had been one of the world's most sought-after women since her big break in the 1980s. Even throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Heather Locklear was able to land huge roles on successful television series.

The gorgeous mother of one and UCLA alum has focused primarily on television roles throughout her career, but she has acted in several movies, most notable Money Talks and Wayne's World 2. Though her modeling work alone was great enough to make her a household name, her work on television solidified her as a star. Her most recent work on television includes an appearance on the series Fresh Off the Boat, which aired earlier this year. Even now, Heather Locklear is an absolute babe, but a quick stroll down memory lane will have you remembering just how gorgeous she was in her prime. These 15 photos are the best of the bunch, so you may want to take a seat, because it is about to get steamy.


15 A Stone Cold Fox

Some people just seemed destined for bigger and better things in life, and a quick look at this old modeling photo of Heather Locklear is a perfect example of what we mean. Her incredible looks and ability to capture people's attention with her modeling work is one of the most celebrated aspects of her career. She was blessed with an immense amount of natural beauty, and the world was ripe for the taking when she decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Her first acting appearance on television took place in 1980 when she was featured on an episode of the series CHiPs. Locklear was barely legal at the time, and that role would help open the door to fruitful opportunities.

The black and white nature of the photo truly adds to the classic feel of it all. Locklear's top in the photo shows off her toned midsection, leaving fans wanting to see more photos of the beauty.

14 All Dressed Up


After making her television acting debut on the wildly successful CHiPs, Locklear was ready to take on other roles, and soon found herself cast in guest spots in other shows. Her next appearance would be on the show 240-Robert, which was another police-centric show. From there, Locklear would earn a one-time role on the show Eight Is Enough, following that with a role on the television film Twirl which was released in 1981. At this time, Locklear had yet to snag a role in a film that was set for a theatrical release. Nevertheless, she kept plowing ahead. As she navigated her way through Hollywood, Locklear kept up her modeling career, and she produced some fantastic photos.

Seen here in a shiny silver dress, Locklear looks absolutely stunning, and it is easy to see why people wanted her to appear on their show. Her natural beauty is enough to rope any person in, and seeing her on a popular series no doubt led to fans tuning in the next week to catch a glimpse of her.

13 Looking Amazing In A White Bikini

Locklear's appearance in the television movie Twirl preceded what was to be her biggest break yet. In 1981, Locklear found herself cast as the character Sammy in the popular show Dynasty. Her initial appearance came in the 2nd season of the series, and her character would remain on the show through the 9th and final season of the series. In total, Dynasty aired a whopping 220 episodes, with Locklear appearing in 127 of them. Her stay on the series would last the duration of the 1980s, and Dynasty would see its end in May of 1989. Her first three seasons as Sammy were in more of a recurring role, but she eventually became a lead character.

The gorgeous Locklear was suddenly a red-hot commodity in the entertainment industry, and Dynasty was instrumental in launching what would end up being a wildly successful career. The shot of Locklear rocking a white bikini is exactly what fans in the 1980s couldn't get enough of.

12 Gorgeous In Leather


With her run of the series Dynasty in full swing, Heather Locklear wasn't content with just one project, and she continued making waves on television and eventually film. Her role as Sammy on Dynasty wasn't a main character quite yet, which gave Locklear the ability to work on other shows as well. Her next several appearances throughout 1982 would consist of one-off roles on the shows The Fall GuyFantasy Island, and Matt Houston. Suddenly, Locklear seemed to be appearing on many hit shows on television, and that same year, she would encounter another massive role. In its second season, Locklear was cast as Officer Sheridan on the show TJ Hooker. Her stay on the show lasted for 84 episodes, and she would be on the series until its end in May of 1986.

With her roles on Dynasty and TJ Hooker intact, Locklear was now the focal point of 2 hit television series. Pictured here in a leather jacket, the red-hot Locklear was now an unstoppable force on television, and her star had never shined brighter.

11 Too Hot To Handle

Following her immensely successful 1982, Locklear showed no signs of slowing down, and while she continued her roles on Dynasty and TJ Hooker, she ventured into guest spots on other shows. She had already appeared on some of the biggest shows of the era, and 1983 allowed Locklear to appear on the classic series The Love Boat. She also had roles in Tales of the UnexpectedHotel, and The Fall Guy. There was simply nothing that could stop the beautiful Locklear from being all over everyone's television screens in the 1980s, and she was a bonafide celebrity. Few stars are fortunate enough to get one big break in their career, but Locklear's ability to double up on Dynasty and TJ Hooker was lucky to say the least.

She was becoming one of the most beautiful women of the decade, and her career's success was only just beginning. Now, her appearances were in larger magazines, and her photos could be found in the rooms of teenagers everywhere.

10 Lovely In Leopard Print


Several successful years of television work had opened up the opportunity for Heather Locklear to appear on the big screen, and in 1984, she finally took the plunge. Locklear made her film debut in the movie Firestarter, which was based on a Stephen King novel. The film failed to ignite the box office on fire, and reviews were less than spectacular. Despite its lack of success, it was refreshing to see Locklear add her first film role to her resume. Back in the world of television, it was full steam ahead on her two successful shows. She also made an appearance in the television movie City Killer. She had a very busy year, and fans were appreciative.

Leopard print may be out of style these days, but back in the 1980s, people couldn't get enough of it. So, draping the gorgeous Locklear in leopard print was a no-brainer for her photographer, and this photo quickly made its rounds.

9 Letting It Loose

After a 1984 that saw Locklear balance her two roles on television and make her big screen debut, she had a relatively quiet year in 1985. Unlike previous years, Locklear didn't appear in any additional films or television shows, choosing instead to focus on her established roles. Despite the lack of additional roles, Locklear continued to be an actress that people couldn't get enough of. The following year, Locklear married rock star Tommy Lee of the band Motley Crue. They were one of the biggest bands on the planet, and rock stars never go without dating beautiful women. Lee had bagged one of the hottest women in Hollywood, and Locklear found herself married to one the most recognizable drummers of all-time.

Even after getting married to drummer Tommy Lee, fans still wanted to see more of the gorgeous blonde. Her television career was still in full swing, and the next few years would be relatively quiet for Locklear.


8 Let's Get Physical


During her high-profile marriage to rock legend Tommy Lee, Heather Locklear continued her roles on Dynasty and TJ Hooker, though the latter wasn't going to last much longer. Her time on TJ Hooker came to an end the year the year she married Lee, and her role as Sammy on Dynasty became her primary focus. Throughout 1986 and 1987, Locklear didn't appear in anything other than Dynasty, and fans patiently waited for her to branch out into other roles as she had done earlier in her career. In 1988, she would star in the television film Rock 'n' Roll Mom, which was fitting given her marriage to Tommy Lee. It was a relatively slow crawl towards the end of the decade for Locklear, but things were getting ready to heat up for her once again.

The popular Locklear may have been sticking to her show Dynasty but her modeling sessions were still in full swing. She had too much talent to forgo modeling, and the demand for her pictures needed to be met.

7 Giving Fans What They Want

The 1980s came to an abrupt end with Locklear's tenure on Dynasty coming to an end as well. Her appearance in 127 episodes launched her to the superstar status that she had become accustomed to. 1989 also saw the actress appear in her 2nd film, The Return of Swamp Thing, which was shredded by critics. She was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress for her appearance in the film, and the 1990s couldn't come soon enough. 1990 saw Locklear cast in the series Going Places. Unlike Dynasty and TJ Hooker, Locklear was cast in the first (and only) season of the series, and appeared in all 19 episodes. The following year, she reprised her role in Dynasty: The Reunion, and appeared in the film The Big Slice.

Locklear kept busy, but her start to the 1990s wasn't nearly as fruitful as her time in the 1980s. She was still married to Tommy Lee, and she was still one of the most popular faces in Hollywood.

6 All Right In Black And White


The first few years of the 1990s were slow for Locklear, and 1992 wouldn't bring much fortune either. Locklear starred in 3 television films during that year, and made no appearances on the big screen. She did, however, lend her voice to the show Batman: The Animated Series for one episode as the character Lisa Clark. Her roles in Body LanguageHighway Heartbreak, and Illusions were not nearly as illustrious as her roles in the 1980s, and she was ready to land a major role once again. The following year, Locklear would once again conquer television, and her casting in the show Melrose Place would prove to be the most successful role of her career.

The slow start to the decade was merely a waiting game for Locklear, and Melrose Place would once again make her one of the world's most popular actresses. Her marriage, on the other hand, was not fairing so well, and 1993 would see the actress split from rocker Tommy Lee.

5 Leopard Print Part Two

Despite her marriage to Tommy Lee coming to an end, Locklear's conquering of the 1990s was only beginning. Her television work in the 1980s cemented her as a star, and her domination of a second straight decade made her a legend on television. Melrose Place began its run in 1993, and it aired for a total of 7 seasons and 207 episodes. Locklear would appear in 199 episodes of Melrose Place and would remain on the show until its run ended in 1999. The show became one of the most popular of the decade, and Locklear was once again on top. In 1993, she also appeared in the television film Fade to Black, and in the movie Wayne's World 2.

Now that she was back on top, Locklear was once again everywhere, and the end of her marriage to Tommy Lee gave way to a relationship with guitarist Richie Sambora. She clearly had a thing for musicians, and they felt the same way about her. In another photo from the leopard print sessions, Locklear was still amidst her successful run in the 1980s, and look amazing.

4 A Hot Officer


Now that Locklear was a mainstay on the series Melrose Place, she finally started to receive some critical acclaim for her work. In 1994, she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her acting on Melrose Place. It was a long time coming for someone who had already had immense success on television a decade prior. That same year, Locklear won the Best Actress in a Television Series Award from the First Americans in the Arts. She was finally an award-winning actress, and Locklear's relationship with Sambora was in full bloom. The two were married in Paris in 1994, capping off what was an impressive year for the actress.

Pictured here during her time on TJ Hooker, Locklear was a popular performer, but had yet to win any awards for her acting. She would have to wait until her time on Melrose Place for such an honor, but she was still virtually unmatched in beauty during this time.

3 Beautiful In Blue

Throughout the rest of the 1990s, Locklear continued her amazingly successful role on Melrose Place, and she had a hand in several other projects as well. She was a guest host on Saturday Night Live in 2004, claiming one of the industry's most prestigious honors. She appeared in several television films, and even acted in several movies, including Money Talks in 1997. Nothing that she did that decade, however, would surpass her work on Melrose Place. She would find herself nominated for a total of 4 Golden Globe Awards during her time on the show. It became the role that she is best known for, which is incredible given her massive success in the 1980s.

Locklear's career continued to progress on television, and she continued to be among the most beautiful women in Hollywood. By now, she was in her 30s, and she was still at the top of her game. Pictured here back in the 1980s, no one could have predicted the type of success she would find in the next decade. Her beauty never waned, and she was quickly back at the top.

2 All Shoulders, All Day


Once her time on Melrose Place came to an end, many wondered if Locklear would be able to find that type of success in the next decade. She was a fixture in the 1980s and 1990s, but the 2000s were sure to see a change at the top. Well, it just so happens that Locklear landed the role of Caitlin Moore on the series Spin City, and she once again found herself in a hit show. Locklear appeared in 71 episodes of Spin City, and was on the show until 2002. Just like that, her decade started off with a bang, and she was still virtually unstoppable. She followed this up by appearing in the hit shows Ally McBeal and Scrubs, though her appearance was short-lived. The world still couldn't get enough of Heather Locklear 20 years after her big break.

Even though Locklear continued to show no signs of aging, looking back at her photos from the 1980s show her back in her prime. She was in her 20s, and was taking over Hollywood. Her amazing career was just getting started then, and Locklear never let anyone else take the throne.

1 Absolute Perfection

Over the next decade, Locklear would continue to work on television and in film, though she didn't anchor a major series like she had done in the 1980s and 1990s. Her career saw her make appearances in shows like Hannah Montana and even the Melrose Place reboot. That series failed to capture the intrigue of fans like its predecessor had, and only lasted for one season. Her film roles were few and far between, with her most recent one coming in the film Scary Movie 5 back in 2013.  Even though her career began to taper off after her time on Spin City, Locklear had already solidified herself as a television legend. Her work on Spin City saw her nominated for another 2 Golden Globe Awards, though she failed to win any of the 6 nominations that she had.

Locklear doesn't appear in too many projects these days, but her body of work speaks for itself. She's a true legend of the industry, and is one of the most stunning stars that people have had the pleasure of watching.

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