15 Pics Of The Hot Michelle Pfeiffer When She Was Young

Michelle Pfeiffer has been a much-loved celebrity for nearly four decades. When she first rose to fame, her audiences were astonished by her startling beauty and undeniable acting talents. Decades later, her audiences are still baffled by the same components, proving that some things truly never change.

Pfeiffer became an overnight sensation when she was handed her breakout role in the movie Scarface. Since then, she has been cast in countless movies and has managed to maintain her stellar reputation. Although she may not like it, Pfeiffer has always been seen as a sex symbol, which is why her name has often been dropped in popular artists' songs.

There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to Pfeiffer, which is why she has time and time again been chosen to act in a variety of roles. Pfeiffer has won countless awards and been deemed one of the greatest actresses of her time, and it really isn't hard to see why.

Although decades have passed and taken her further from her youth, there's no denying that Pfeiffer is aging like fine wine. In fact, Pfeiffer is one of the few actresses who has held onto her good looks without tarnishing them by injecting heaps of collagen into her face. In the end, this timeless beauty has been a core member of Hollywood's elite since she was only twenty years old, and we absolutely love her!


15 Poker Face

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Michelle Pfeiffer is a natural beauty. Throughout her career, she hasn't had to splash on tons of makeup to grasp the attention of her viewers. Instead, all she's had to do is act to her best ability and look as natural as possible. Pfeiffer might be one of the most beautiful actresses of all time, but her looks aren't something she's actually had to pay for or even alter — she is simply beautiful without trying.

Pfeiffer had her big debut in 1983, when she was cast as Elvira Hancock in the iconic movie Scarface. This movie jumpstarted her career, and surely helped her become the big-time star she is today. In this film, Pfeiffer absolutely nailed Elvira's stone cold look and looked adorable in a short blonde bob.

14 Michelle Au-Natural

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We've gotten so used to seeing Michelle Pfeiffer with pin-straight hair in many of her movies that we often forget that she actually has naturally curly hair. The beautiful actress has often wowed the public with her down-to-earth personality and natural beauty, especially since she has often been cast in roles that cause her to appear stern.

Although Pfeiffer has been deemed a sex symbol and has done countless photoshoots, she has made it clear that she does not enjoy that sort of fame. "Just standing around looking beautiful is so boring," says the actress, who would much rather be praised as an actress than a model. In this picture, we see a young and gorgeous Pfeiffer showing off her midriff as well as her natural golden ringlets.

13 Wide-Eyed Beauty


Throughout her career, Michelle Pfeiffer has adapted to many different looks. She has rocked the short platinum bob, the long wild curls, the straight-cut bangs, and many others. Although her looks may vary, I think that we can all agree that the actress looks absolutely stunning in whatever look she takes on.

In this particular picture, Pfeiffer looks especially classy with her hair pulled back into an up-do, with stray hairs framing her face. She has a pensive look on her face that causes viewers to believe that her mind is very faraway. Despite being considered as one of the most gorgeous actresses in history, Pfeiffer still finds ways to criticize herself. "I look like a duck. It's the way my mouth curls up, or my nose tilts up. I should have played Howard the Duck," says the actress, who is obviously out of her mind.

12 Heels And Pearls

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In this picture we are introduced to a young Michelle Pfeiffer who is clearly lost in the late 80s. Dressed in a yellow satin dress, Pfeiffer looks like she walked right out of the Scarface movie and into a green-screen. If there is one thing that is certain, it's that age has not taken away Pfeiffer's good-looks. Nearly 4 decades after this picture was taken, Pfeiffer still manages to leave her fans speechless every time she walks down the red carpet.

"The loss of youth, the loss of beauty — it definitely plays havoc with your psyche. There's this transition from, 'Wow, she looks really young for her age,' to, 'She looks great for her age.' There is certainly a mourning process to that. I used to think I would never have surgery but it's really hard to say never." Is what Pfeiffer has to say about the aging process. Nevertheless, the actress looks mighty fine, and has looked so for her entire life.

11 Scarlett Johansson Look-Alike

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Seeing a cigarette in Michelle Pfeiffer's mouth might seem strange to you, but there was a time when the actress smoked a lot more than she likes to admit. However, as time progressed, Pfeiffer knew that she needed to stop this dirty little habit, especially since it could one day end up harming her beauty and compromising her health.

"I used to smoke two packs a day and I just hate being a nonsmoker...but I will never consider myself a nonsmoker because I always find smokers the most interesting people at the table," says the actress.

In this picture, we see a tomboyish looking Pfeiffer with an unlit cigarette in her mouth. She looks like an artist and bears a striking resemblance to a young Scarlett Johansson.

10 Michelle Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic sex symbols in the world. Throughout her career, she managed to enthral her viewers with her sweet face, curvaceous body, and husky voice. Michelle Pfeiffer, much like Monroe, was able to captivate her fans and set extremely high standards in the beauty department. While it is extremely obvious that Pfeiffer exhibits greater acting skills than the late Monroe, one could easily agree that both blondes are of a kindred spirit.

In this picture, we see Pfeiffer portraying Monroe's looks and demeanour. The actress has placed her hair in a similar fashion and adapted Monroe's signature red lipstick. In this picture, Pfeiffer pays tribute to Monroe by giving her style a throwback and absolutely nailing it.

9 Pretty Pfeiffer

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While many of us were stuck in an awkward stage during our teenage years, Michelle Pfeiffer quickly blossomed into a mesmerizing young lady. It seems that the standard rules of puberty did not apply to Pfeiffer — not that anyone's complaining. Pfeiffer has always had a distinctive look to her, which no doubt played a huge role in her appeal.

In this picture, Pfeiffer's face is sporting the fullness of youth as well as a cheeky smile. Although Pfeiffer has made is clear to her fans that she does not consider herself as a beauty queen, she has also made it known that self-love and acceptance is the only way to go. " I find the less you focus on your flaws, the better off you are. Be yourself and be glad of who you are," said the actress.


8 Legs For Days


In her youth, Michelle Pfeiffer was always considered as skinny. However, as the years passed, her figure gained some curves. Despite the actress' small frame, she was never considered to be too thin as she always had a healthy glow about her. On top of that, Pfeiffer's physique was accompanied with long legs that went on for miles.

Although decades have passed since she saucily posed for this picture, nothing has really changed about her except for her confidence. "If you think hitting 40 is liberating, wait till you hit 50 — and I was surprised at how liberating it was. The anticipation of something is always much worse than the reality." Said the actress, who is clearly proud of where she came from and where she's heading.

7 The Sweetheart Look

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When Michelle Pfeiffer first hit the big-screen, she quickly became known as one of the most beautiful women in showbiz. So much so, that she was the first woman chosen to be on the cover of People Magazine in 1990. In fact, Pfeiffer was seen as such a rare beauty that People Magazine chose to put her on the cover of their magazine six times in a decade. Until today, she is the only actress to have received this honour.

When asked about her acting career, Pfeiffer says, "I act for free, but demand a huge salary as compensation for all the annoyance of being a public personality. In that sense, I earn every dime I make." Clearly, Pfeiffer's instant success took a toll on her personal life, but that's nothing a large amount of cash can't fix!

6 Flawless Pfeiffer

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There are only a few people in the acting world who have a similar bone structure as Michelle Pfeiffer. However, these people usually pale in comparison to the timeless beauty. Through thick and thin, Pfeiffer's defined cheek bones, full lips, and wide blue eyes have earned her the title of the most gorgeous actress of her time — a title which won't be taken from her too easily.

Nowadays, women pay large amounts of money to look like Pfeiffer. However, no amount of money could ever give them the natural and flawless looks that Pfeiffer's beauty entails. You would think that someone with Pfeiffer's looks would have been born for fame, however, Pfeiffer never really enjoyed being in the spotlight. "For me, getting comfortable with being famous was hard — that whole side of it, the loss of anonymity, the loss of privacy," said the actress.

5 By The Beach


There are some people who are born craving the attention of the public. So much so that they'll do anything to get themselves into the spotlight. When it comes to Michelle Pfeiffer, however, this was not the case. Pfeiffer started modelling and acting in her teenage years, and quickly rose to fame due to her startling good looks and exceptional acting talents. This combination was very hard to ignore, which is why she started landing roles left and right.

"First of all, plain and simple, you have no real idea of what it means to be famous until you become famous. It's a double-edged sword. Obviously there are a lot of amazing things about fame, but there are also a lot of challenging things about it," said the actress.

4 In Grease 2

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Although Michelle Pfeiffer's first major role was in Grease 2, she is most commonly known for starting out in Scarface. This is because Grease 2 had a very poor success rate compared to the classic movie Scarface. When it comes to Grease 2, however, this is what Pfeiffer has to say: "That film was a good experience for me. It taught me a valuable lesson. Before it even came out the hype had started. Maxwell and I were being thrust down the public's throat in huge full page advertisements. There was no way we could live up to any of that and we didn't. So the crash was very loud. But it did teach me not to have expectations."

Despite the movie's lack of success, Pfeiffer did not let it demotivate her and kept on striving for the gold, which she was quickly handed not even a year later.

3 Young And Innocent

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You would think that someone with such a sweet face would primarily get cast into good-girl roles, but this is not the case for Michelle Pfeiffer. Despite having a goody-two-shoes look about her, the actress made it clear that she was looking to expand her acting talents and not get pigeonholed into one specific category. While Pfeiffer might have been showcased as the classic blonde bombshell in her earlier career, she quickly rid herself of the status and tackled more challenging roles.

Following her debut in Scarface, Pfeiffer landed the role of Susie Ridgemont in The Witches of Eastwick. In this film, Pfeiffer showed off her erratic side as she portrayed a youth-crazed witch. Afterwards, Pfeiffer was cast in Batman Returns where she played the iconic role of the mischievous Selina Kyle.

2 Catty Vixen

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When Michelle Pfeiffer landed the role of Catwoman, she set the bar extremely high for any of the following actresses who would portray the role. Despite the film's bad ratings and cheesy special-effects, Pfeiffer still managed to perfectly inhabit her role, causing the film to become a classic. While Halle Berry did a great job as Catwoman later on, her performance was absolutely incomparable to Pfeiffer's.

In present day, the new Selina Kyle is played by Camren Bicondova, who actually bears a striking resemblance to young Pfeiffer. In the TV show Gotham, Bicondova seems to be paying Pfeiffer adequate tribute by managing to properly convey the role. Although Batman Returns came out over twenty years ago, people still seem to prefer Pfeiffer's rendition of Catwoman, and can you really blame them?

1 Blue-Eyed Blondie

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Although Michelle Pfeiffer has been in the limelight since she was just a teenager, she has never stopped trying to further her education. In fact, Pfeiffer thoroughly enjoys learning and has been known to take up new and interesting hobbies whenever she has the time. For instance, the beautiful actress has always had a profound love for painting and sometimes paints live models in a class environment, but usually has to settle for painting at home due to her hectic lifestyle.

However, painting can sometimes be a challenge for the actress, especially since she considers herself to be a perfectionist. If there's one thing that's sure, it's that whoever made Pfeiffer was a perfectionist as well, because she is absolutely perfect!


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