15 Musicians With Wives Way Hotter Than They Are

Being a famous musician is the kind of lifestyle that most people dream of. With good reason, too – you get extremely rich just from doing what you love, everyone knows you and plenty of people appreciate your style, and you can do just about whatever you like and get away with it. Oh, and you also get all of the supermodels of the world flocking to be at your side, it seems like.

Musicians tend to become well-known because they are talented first, and because they are good-looking second. Well, at least that’s the case for men – we won’t go into whether female musicians have a harder time based on looks. But for every clean-cut boyband that can’t really sing without autotune, there are plenty of bands and solo artists who make it because they know how to make great music.

It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of musician you are. Lead singers get a lot of hype, but drummers, guitarists, bassists, and even DJs seem to be perfectly capable of grabbing a trophy wife. What you end up with is a marriage split down the middle: one side with all the talent, and the other with all the looks.

These 15 musicians seriously lucked out when they decided to choose music as a career. Not only did they make it big, but it also enabled them to find a wife who was far, far hotter than they are. Nice going, guys – now, mind if we get a few tips?

15 Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)

Pete Wentz is well-known as the bassist, lyricist, and sometimes backing vocalist for the band Fall Out Boy. He’s been married once already, to Ashlee Simpson – a singer and sister to the perhaps more famous Jessica. They were married in 2008, and although they ended up getting divorced in 2011, she certainly upstaged him on the looks front. She claims that they married too young and simply grew apart, while he reportedly wasn’t happy with the split. Still, he moved on and moved up, to his current long-term girlfriend Maegan Camper. They now have a child together and, while they aren’t married yet, this relationship looks like a keeper. She certainly wins as his most attractive significant other to date. She is ten years his junior and doesn’t seem phased by the fact that he already had an existing son, Bronx, with Ashlee. Or that she’s actually taller than him.

14 James Munky Shaffer (Korn)

As co-founder and guitarist of nu-metal band Korn, James “Munky” Shaffer certainly looks the part. Unfortunately, looking the part in his case means a greasy, bedraggled appearance, lots of black tees and ripped jeans, a questionable goatee, and straggly dreadlocks. He even has a rather silly-sounding nickname to go with it all. It must have worked for him somehow, because his current wife – actually his second overall – is gorgeous actress and model, Evis Xheneti. They were married in 2012 and now have two sons together, the imaginatively named D’Angelo DraXon and Rocky Rebel. No comment about those; you are probably already thinking it in your head. The idea that talent or intelligence works best paired with beauty appears to be true in this case, as Shaffer has been ranked as the 26th best heavy metal guitarist of all time by Guitar World. His band Korn have sold over 35 million albums, which must have netted him more than a pretty penny.

13 Serj Tankian (System Of A Down)

If you’ve heard of Serj Tankian, it’s probably because of his work with System of a Down. He’s the lead singer, songwriter, and keyboardist for the band, which has released 5 albums to date and remains active. He is thought of as one of the best vocalists in the history of metal music because he has such an unusual voice with a wide range. Despite looking kind of like he might be a new Sacha Baron Cohen character, Tankian has also managed to bag himself a very attractive wife. How? By meeting her young and keeping her since then. Though they had a long-term relationship, they didn’t get married until 2012. They then ended up having their first child a couple of years later. One of Tankian’s greatest accolades was receiving the Armenian Prime Minister’s Medal for his contributions to the recognition of the Armenian genocide, as well as his work in the band.

12 Duff McKagan (Guns N' Roses)

As the bassist for Guns N’ Roses for 12 years, Duff McKagan is pretty well-known in musical circles. He ended up joining the band once more last year, after performing with a large number of other bands in the intervening time. He has also ended up carving a career as a writer, so you never know – maybe he’ll show up here one day! He’s another rock star on his third wife, which seems to be at least par for the course. His current spouse is Susan Holmes, who was a model and swimsuit designer when they married in 1999. She appeared in campaigns for brands like Dior and Prada, as well as Victoria’s Secret. The pair have two daughters together, both of whom are now over 16 – how time flies. The years have certainly been kinder to one of them than the other, but in fairness, Duff’s history of heavy drinking probably has something to do with that.

11 Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction)

Perry Farrell is best known as the frontman for Jane’s Addiction, the on-again off-again group that just can’t seem to decide whether to stick together or not. He actually also created Lollapalooza and has been credited with saving Coachella from cancellation, so if you love music festivals, you’ve got a thing or two to thank him for. He’s managed to keep it to one wife thus far, and they look set to stay the course. Etty Lau Farrell tied the knot with him in 2002, and they since have two sons together: Hezron Wolfgang and Izzadore Bravo. Etty was a singer herself as well as a professional dancer, and boy, does it show. Farrell prides himself on keeping in shape, but there’s just no way he can keep up with his stunner of a wife in the looks stakes. She has actually performed on stage with Jane’s Addiction in all of their shows since 1997.

10 Steve Angello

Steve Angello was one third of Swedish House Mafia, and has been an active DJ since 2001. He was actually born in Greece, although he has Swedish heritage too. Even though he might be a superstar DJ, he looks fairly plain in himself. You probably wouldn’t guess his status from looking at him. He did have the great fortune, however, to meet Swedish model and television personality Isabel Adrian, who definitely meets the definition of a stunner in our book. They ended up getting married and they also now have two daughters together. Their names are Monday-Lily and Winter-Rose. In fairness, maybe that sounds better if you’re Swedish. Isabel has been known to party with the Hiltons, runs her own blog which is well-followed, and has also written a book about her life in a fictionalized setting. She even created a song and music video based on the book – it must be nice when your husband can make these things happen for you.

9 Caleb Followill (Kings Of Leon)

Caleb Followill certainly isn’t the ugliest musician of all time, but he is easily outmatched by his wife, Lily Aldridge. She’s a Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, who married the Kings of Leon frontman in 2011. They subsequently had a daughter called Dixie Pearl Followill in 2012. Being a rock star certainly seems to be one of the prerequisites if you want to land yourself a model of her calibre, so Caleb struck it lucky when his band got big overnight. Their years of being more underground were rewarded with a mega-hit that we won’t name because you’ll never get it out of your head if we do. Even if he was to quit music now and retire, he would probably be able to live on the royalties for the rest of his life. Early retirement with a gorgeous model and the perfect little family unit? Sounds like Caleb has hit on the magic formula.

8 Ray Luzier (Korn)

Members of Korn seem to be great at attracting beautiful women, for some reason. If we figure out their secret, we’ll let you know. Meanwhile, drummer Ray Luzier has plenty to brag about. He has also played with David Lee Roth, Steel Panther, and a number of others. Aspen Brandy Lea was his long-term girlfriend when they finally decided to get married in 2016. The couple has two sons together: Hudson Ray and Beck Jagger. Two guesses as to where they looked for naming inspiration. Aspen works as, if you hadn’t already figured it out, a model. The couple certainly seem happy together, although she’s so far out of his league that they aren’t even playing the same game anymore. You can easily find her on Twitter if you’re a fan of swimsuit models standing on sunny beaches. Let’s be honest – you know you are. We’ll wait here for you to take a look and then get back.

7 Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki happens to be one of the biggest DJs in the world, as well as a record producer and remixer of some note. He is also noted for his humanitarian work through the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund. It’s nice to think that being good-hearted might be what attracted his wife, as that’s something we can all aim for. Putting millions in the bank through our mixing skills isn’t. Tiernan Cowling agreed to be his wife on a sunny day in Hawaii in 2015. The model had been engaged to him since 2010 when they finally tied the knot. This is perhaps the only couple on the list where you could reasonably claim that his hair is nicer than hers – he does seem to keep it in very good condition. Still, when it comes to face and body, Tiernan has to win hands down! That’s what comes with a model wife.

6 David Draiman (Disturbed)

When you introduce yourself as the lead singer of a band called Disturbed, you might expect to get a few funny looks. Not so for David Draiman, who has made a lucrative career out of being the same. He has a very particular voice and singing style which definitely makes him stand out from the crowd, and has been successful with his song writing as well. Being unique in your field seems like one of the key ways to attract someone pretty special. His wife is certainly that. Not only is she stunningly pretty, but Lena Yada must also be pretty flexible, because she’s a former WWE Diva. They have a son who, charmingly, is called Samuel. His middle name is Bear, but at least they managed to contain the craziness to the middle part. The family also appears to be home to a number of dogs of different sizes, which probably makes for a pretty hectic household.

5 Lars Ulrich (Metallica)

Lars Ulrich may well have married more hot women than you are ever going to be able to date. He was first married in 1988, though the marriage lasted for just two years because he was off on tour a lot of the time. In 1997 he managed to marry again, to Skylar Satenstein. Not only was she hot, but she was also an emergency medicine physician, so you know she had to be smart too. The pair had two sons but ultimately ended up divorcing. After a long stint of dating Connie Nielsen but not marrying her, Lars met American model Jessica Miller. Now the two of them have tied the knot. We definitely need to know what this guy’s secret is – he’s not blessed with looks and insiders say that he doesn’t have a great personality either. If he was both nice and good looking, there probably wouldn’t be a hot enough woman on earth to satisfy him.

4 Tim McGraw

Taking one look into Tim McGraw’s love life will give you a lot more drama than you bargained for. Famously, both he and Faith Hill were engaged to other people when they met. They ended up having an affair which ended in the break-up of two relationships, but the new formation of theirs. Now he is married to Faith, and they have three daughters together. The drama hasn’t really died down over time and Faith can still be seen to exchange barbs with Tim’s ex. The two are both huge music stars in the country scene, and can often be heard duetting to make the most out of their public love. They have managed to keep it together long enough to celebrate their 20-year anniversary, so while they may have started in a controversial way, clearly this really was true love. Despite persistent rumours of divorce, they still seem closer than ever.

3 Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)

Dave Grohl is a man that you will instantly recognize as the lead singer of the Foo Fighters – and, of course, the one-time drummer of Nirvana. What you may not know is that he has been married twice. His first wife was a photographer called Jennifer Youngblood, though this only lasted from 1994 to 1997. In 2004 he made what seems to have been a wiser choice in marrying Jordyn Blum. They have stuck together for 13 years now and look certain to continue doing so. The family is now completed by three children, all of them daughters: Violet Maye, Harper Willow, and Ophelia Saint. Known as one of the nicest men in rock and also one of the most influential of the past two decades, most rockers could probably learn a thing or two from Grohl. He’s had no problems fronting a rock band with huge success despite never touching hard drugs in his life, and quitting all drugs entirely at the age of 20.

2 Lee Brice

Could anyone be cuter than Lee Brice and his wife Sara Reevely? They apparently met when she was just 18, and stuck it out for 14 years before tying the knot in 2013. Before marrying, they already had a son called Takoda, and have now added Ryker and Trulee to their brood. Brice is a successful country singer and songwriter, who also plays the guitar on his own tracks. Four of his singles went to the number one spot of the Billboard Hot Country Songs and also Country Airplay. He also writes songs for other country stars. Their long-term romance makes it likely that they are going to stick together for good, which is great news for their kids too. Brice dwarfs his wife in both height and width when they stand up together, which somehow makes it all the cuter. He says they met when he was on Myrtle Beach, and as soon as he saw her he couldn’t take his eyes away.

1 Marilyn Manson

He may be a single divorcee at the moment, but his early effort definitely qualifies him for this list. The man that his mother knows as Brian Warner is not easy on the eyes in any way, and he doesn’t make any effort to improve that. In fact, he’s all about wearing the freakiest makeup possible and getting odd parts of his body out on stage. Perhaps this was the mutual interest which drew Dita Von Teese to him. Yes, the most famous burlesque dancer in the world was once Mrs Marilyn Manson. They were married in private in 2005, and only lasted until Christmas 2006 when Dita filed for divorce. The reason? Manson was having an affair with then 19-year-old Evan Rachel Wood. He also got engaged to Rose McGowan before all of this happened, and we’re really curious to know what he has that attracts these beautiful women to him. Whatever it is, we’re not seeing it from over here.

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