15My Best Friend’s Birthday - Tarantino's First Effort Destroyed In A Fire

A lost Quentin Tarantino film? Yes, that’s right, the cult auteur made something that even superfans haven’t seen. He made a short script with a friend about a man who wanted to do something nice for a friend’s birthday, but kept having it all go wrong

in hilarious ways. He worked on it until it was feature-length, then filmed it with just $5000 in his pocket. He used friends from acting class, people who worked with him at a video store, and just about anyone else he could. A 70-minute film ensued – but then a fire in the processing lab destroyed half the footage. There’s a 36-minute short which you can watch, which was taken from the surviving scenes, but it’s not the full script. It has never been released commercially despite being Tarantino’s first effort. However, being shown at film festivals has led to the short version being leaked online.

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