15 Movies That Will Please Everyone on Date Night

The average person spends 23 minutes a day looking for something to watch on TV. This adds up quickly to the tune of 1.3 years of their life spent flipping channels. Anyone who has spent a Saturday ni

The average person spends 23 minutes a day looking for something to watch on TV. This adds up quickly to the tune of 1.3 years of their life spent flipping channels. Anyone who has spent a Saturday night debating what to watch on Netflix with their significant other is probably acutely aware just how much time they waste looking to find a movie for date night that will make everyone involved happy.

Everyone has different tastes in entertainment, and unfortunately this often means a compromise film that all viewers are pretty lukewarm about. Some couples alternate movie picks, although this sometimes means one person has fallen asleep on the couch because they’re so bored with the other person’s pick. Then there’s that guilt or buyer’s remorse everyone gets when they know they’ve picked a total lemon of a flick on date night.

Sometimes, you’ll get lucky and find that unicorn of a movie that meets everyone’s need for action, adventure, comedy, and romance. Either way, a little less time checking scores on Rotten Tomatoes and scrolling through hundreds of options, and a little more time spent popping popcorn, sipping beer, and leaning back on the couch is a really good thing.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 fantastic movies that will make movie night fun again, so both people feel like it’s a genuine date night and not a consistent pattern of settling. She likes chick flicks, but he likes action, no problem! She likes comic books, but he likes humour, we’ve got you covered! Pick one of these fantastic films and spend time looking for the perfect takeout to match the movie instead of mindless flipping.

15 Mr. Right


Mr. Right is a great pick for anyone who loves action and/or romcoms. This has intrigue, hit men, and all that warm fuzzy stuff, all tied up neatly in an hour and thirty minute bow. This 2015 flick stars Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell. Martha (Kendrick) is having a tough time getting over her recent break up and then she meets a guy who seems to be perfect for her; some might even say he’s Mr. Right! He’s funny, charming, witty, and has some pretty impressive moves. Everything’s coming up roses until she discovers that he’s a former hitman who can’t get away from his past.  This film has great dialogue, fight scenes, and more. Tarantino fans are in luck with this flick and Tim Roth is fantastic in his supporting role as Hopper, a shady character from Rockwell’s past. The unsung hero of this film is RZA for his portrayal of Shotgun Steve.

14 High Fidelity


For those who have record collections, are self-proclaimed music snobs, or fancy themselves a fan of music documentaries, High Fidelity is the right choice for you. John Cusack plays Rob Gordon, a thirty-something record store owner going through a breakup who decides to analyse what has gone wrong during each of his significant long term relationships through one of his infamous top five lists. This movie chronicles all of the relationship mistakes people make and pairs them with a fantastic dialogue. This flick is based on the book by “Bro” approved author Nick Hornby. The tagline for this 2000 film: “A comedy about fear of commitment, hating your job, falling in love, and other pop favourites” says it all! This film has some great supporting characters and cameos including Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Sara Gilbert, Tim Robbins, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It’s funny, thoughtful, and provides information about why we all suck at relationships.

13 Deadpool


Deadpool is not only a comic book character’s origin story, but it’s also hella funny and pretty romantic. Wade’s (Ryan Reynolds) life is perfect when he meets the love of his life. Then he discovers that he’s really sick. He enters a rogue experimental treatment program that leaves him with intense healing powers, but nearly destroys him and his life. He then gets out, with all of his new superpowers, and an amazingly dark sense of humour in search of revenge for what his supposed healers did to him. This movie is so couple friendly it was even released on Valentine’s Day 2016. The film makes fun of itself, the genre, celebrity, and what all of us would be willing to do for love (particularly if we had super powers and a wicked sarcastic wit, like Deadpool).

12 Swingers


Men can grieve a lost love too and such is the story of a bunch of bros trying to help their buddy get over a tough break-up. Swingers features younger, leaner, and meaner versions of Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, and Ron Livingston. Mike (Favreau) left New York to go to LA and become a stand-up comic and a star. It’s been six months since his six-year relationship ended and he’s still hung up on his old girl. Jon Favreau mopes with the best of them, while Vince Vaughn is like a fast talking squirrel jacked up on cocaine, who just wants his friend to get on with his life. I saw this movie during a particularly rough breakup and it made me smile. For those who are coupled, it will provide comfort that you’re no longer out there competing with, or being hit on, by guys who act just like Vice Vaughn.

11 Date Night


Date Night is the perfect movie for the couple with kids who are feeling a little bedraggled with their everyday life as parents and partners. Tina Fey and Steve Carell have fantastic chemistry as a couple who feel like they’ve lost both themselves and a piece of their marriage in their suburban life as working parents. When they decide their life has been a bit too boring, they leave their white picket fence comfort zone and head to New York City. They attempt to have a nice night out at a hot new restaurant and even steal someone’s reservation. In a case of mistaken identity, this stolen reservation leads them on a scary, bizarre, and campy journey where they rediscover each other and themselves. While there isn’t that much inspiring in the plot, the chemistry of the comedy king and queen in pretty fun to watch, as are cameos by Mila Kunis, James Franco, and Mark Wahlberg.

10 Warm Bodies


“My friend "M" says the irony of being a zombie is that everything is funny, but you can't smile, because your lips have rotted off.” -Warm Bodies.

Warm Bodies is a zombie love story…no seriously it really is! There has been a zombie apocalypse that has wiped out most of humanity when R, an oddly introspective and sweet Zombie, saves Julie from another Zombie, a strange connection emerges between the two. Soon, they discover a possible cure for the disease, but first they must deal with the paranoid remaining humans (including Julie’s overprotective father played by John Malkovich) and the deadly “Bonies” zombies who threaten both the humans and the regular zombies. Then there’s that whole awkward fact about R having eaten the brain of someone close to Julie. Rob Corddry is fantastic as R’s undead best friend to top it off. Funny, heartwarming, sweet, and with a whole lot of zombies, this movie truly has it all.

9 Goon


Hey there sports fans! 2011’s Goon is about becoming a minor league hockey enforcer and falling in love. Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott) is an outcast within his brainy family and has never fit in or found his “thing.” That is until he discovers hockey, putting his fists of steel to good use. When an incident happens in the stands of a local hockey game, this leads to Doug trying out as a team’s enforcer or “goon.” He learns enough skating to barely get by and takes his job of protecting star player Xavier LaFlamme from a veteran enforcer from another team, “Ross the Boss” (played by Liev Schreiber). Doug not only tries to find his place on the team, but also in his own life, all while he tries to woo Eva (Alison Pill) in the process. Doug’s bestie is a loud-mouthed local cable hockey host, played by Jay Baruchel to round out the cast. This is truly an amazing performance by Seann William Scott, so don’t let the fact that he’s the guy who played American Pie’s Stiffler throw you off.

8 Grosse Point Blank


John Cusack gets a double bill on this list for his role in Grosse Pointe Blank, but he deserves it for being in such fun movies. Martin Blank (Cusack) is a professional hit man who is sent on a mission to the town he grew up in on the same weekend as his ten-year high school reunion. Not only does he has a couple of federal agents following him, but he also has to make amends with his ex-high-school sweetheart (played by Minnie Driver), fight off another assassin who aggressively wants to unionize (Dan Aykroyd), and of course reconnect with his old pal played by Jeremy Piven. Get nostalgic together and go back to a time of first love, first kills, and a whole lot of fun!  Even as a trained killer, Cusack's role makes you laugh, think, and reflect back on your own life in a really interesting way.

7 I Love You Man


Always a groom, but never a best man? I Love You Man is a “bromance” movie, not a romance one, but it’s a pretty funny one at that. Paul Rudd is Peter Klaven, a real estate agent who has finally met the woman he wants to marry in Zooey Rice (Rashida Jones). The only problem is he has literally zero male friends to ask to be his best man. After some failed attempts at help from his well-meaning brother and fiancée, he meets Sydney (Jason Segel) at an open house he’s hosting. They become fast friends and everyone’s excited, until things get a little too intense and threaten both Peter’s job and upcoming marriage. This is a sort of friendship/love triangle that is shockingly realistic in terms of growing pains everyone experiences throughout their lives and relationships. It’s funny and an easy watch for anyone who’s struggled to make friends and feel cool.

6 Almost Famous


To all aspiring rock stars, writers, travellers, and groupies, Almost Famous is the perfect date movie for you. When 15-year-old gifted high-schooler William Miller is given the opportunity to tour and write about the band Stillwater, he convinces his anxious, but supportive mother to let him go. This movie is about growing up and his adventures on the road with the band in the 1970s. While watching the movie, sing along to some great songs and talk to your sweetheart about the best concerts you’ve ever seen and the bands you wish you had seen. Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has barely gone through puberty and witnessing the insane reality of rock stars back in the day. This coming of age story will have you reminiscing about bad choices that you’d gladly make again and again. The fantastic cast includes Billy Crudup, Kate Hudson, Jason Lee, and Frances McDormand.

5 40 Year-Old Virgin


Most people think this is another one of those typical guy branded comedies, but it’s so much more than that because it’s actually a romcom in disguise. Andy (Steve Carrell) is 40, and still a virgin, hence the title: 40 Year-Old Virgin. Sure, he’s filled his life with various activities and a mean assortment of valuable collector item toys, but he’s failed at love. During an after-hours work game of poker, he divulges this secret to his co-workers who make it their mission to help get him laid. Shortly after he meets a nice mom, Catherine Keener, (who’s also a hot grandma) and falls for her. By the end of the movie, Andy has moved past that very important stage in life. This is the perfect movie to laugh out loud to together. There is a great support cast including Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, Jane Lynch, and a very young Kat Dennings.

4 Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist


This is admittedly the most “chick flick” movie on the list. Regardless, it is the perfect movie for a couple looking to relive one of “those” epic nights that becomes a legendary tale among friends (with a fantastic soundtrack to match). In Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Nick (Michael Cera) was dumped by Tris nearly a month ago, and he’s nowhere near over it. This makes it even worse when she shows up at his band’s show with another guy. Enter Norah (Kat Dennings), who’s at a crossroads for what she wants to do after high school and pretends to be Nick’s girlfriend. The two embark on an adventure to find a secret show from their elusive favourite band, Where’s Fluffy, all while taking care of Norah’s hot mess friend Caroline. Sweet, simple, and fun, this movie will take you back to your first love and high school, without all of the awkwardness.

3 Fever Pitch


Fever Pitch is a place where baseball fans can find a movie about a real life Major League team. Ben (Jimmy Fallon) seems like the perfect boyfriend for Lindsay (Drew Barrymore), but that’s only because they met after baseball season ended and he dotes on the workaholic Lindsay all winter long. She thinks things are going great, but it’s only because Ben has time on his hands during this season. Soon, she finds herself, and the relationship, in a love triangle, but the problem is the other person is the Boston Red Sox. The book the film was based on was about an unhealthy obsession with football (soccer) and how it impacts a newish relationship, but in this Americanized version, we go to Boston for baseball. The movie also follows the Red Sox in real life as they work to crush the curse of the Bambino and win the World Series

2 The Wedding Singer


Travel back in time to the 1980s with a movie that came out in the 1990s; a time when Adam Sandler was still making funny movies. The Wedding Singer is perfect for anyone who’s ever had cold feet, loved Billy Idol, or listened to David Bowie. They will flip over that and the performances of wedding singer Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) and the new waitress at the banquet hall Julia (Drew Barrymore) who are both engaged to the wrong people. The 1980s nostalgia, along with that of anyone who’s ever worked a crummy job, makes for the perfect funny backdrop to a truly sweet romantic comedy. Watching the actors dress up Miami Vice Style, getting to see someone drive a real DeLorean, and the overall 1980s atmosphere makes this a fantastically entertaining pick to bring viewers to a simpler time. Plus, let us not forget there’s a rapping grandma.

1 The Princess Bride

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When a little boy, played by a very young Fred Savage, is sick, his grandfather, Colombo’s own Peter Falk, decides to entertain him with an enchanting story called The Princess Bride. The story, although it has romance at the core, is also filled with entertaining adventures of shrieking eels, murder, kidnapping, ROUS’s (rodents of unusual size), wizards, revenge, and more. Cuddle up, enjoy spending a little time with WWE’s former great Andre the Giant as Fezzick, and before you know it, you’ll both be saying “As you wish” over and over again. This film is a cult classic, with so many quotable lines and fantastically memorable characters. This movie is funny, charming, and will keep even the most ardent romcom hater interested to find out how it ends. It is sure to be a hit on date night for everyone involved. So, even if you do not see another movie on this list, pull up The Princess Bride, you will sure not be disappointed.

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15 Movies That Will Please Everyone on Date Night