15 Movies & Shows That Prove Someone's Trying To Tell Us Something

After hearing and seeing the same things over and over, it's normal to think that maybe someone is trying to send us a message.

Do you sometimes get the feeling that there's a message out there for us just waiting to be realized? Once you start hearing and seeing the same things over and over, you wouldn't be alone if you thought for a second that maybe someone is trying to tell us something, a warning of some kind.

You don't want to feel paranoid but watching a few movies and TV shows with repeating themes of doom to come can leave you feeling some kind of way. Sure, you're not one to typically buy into some of the conspiracy theories floating around out there. And yes, you may roll your eyes when your next door neighbor or random co-worker tries to tell you how they know Big Brother's watching us, etc., ad nauseam. But after you're done with reading this, you may just wonder if in fact, our government is trying to prepare our feeble and delicate little minds for some major pandemonium ahead.

Warning: this list may leave you in a state of paranoia... or just get you in the mood to watch some great movies and shows. Either way, this may go without saying but just in case you're behind on your Netflix list and waiting to see or catch up on movies or shows -- MAJOR SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!

15 Passengers - Do We Depend Too Much On Technology? Do We Need To Move To Another Planet?

The futuristic situation that the movie Passengers offers up is one of those that seems like an alluring idea... at first. Five thousand people give up life on Earth forever to board a luxury starship headed for a new planet and the intention to arrive in a new century. The only problem? Human life expectancy has not changed and the flight will take 120 years. Luckily, the ship comes fully equipped with hibernation pods which puts individuals to sleep without aging or that would be one useless trip! Unluckily, two passengers find themselves awake 90 years too soon thanks to malfunctioning pods. They can't find a way to get their pods to work again and are forced to accept the fate that they won't be alive when the ship reaches the new planet and the only human interaction they will ever have will be with one another. Fortunately, they find each other attractive. But more bad news comes when they realize that the ship seems to be breaking down. It's a terrifying predicament to think about... technology failure at its worst. Maybe someone is trying to warn us that we depend on technology too much as it is. Maybe someone is trying to tell us that we need to move to another planet. Or maybe someone is just trying to make a cool story for a movie. You be the judge.

14 Arrival - Are Aliens Headed Our Way? Are They Already Here?

Cultural barrier to the extreme! In Arrival, people are going about their everyday normal, nothing-special lives when wham! Our planet is suddenly infested with several alien creatures traveling in heptapods. Poor Louise (Amy Adams) has the near impossible task of interpreting their language to our own which seems to have a very rough and vague translation. There are many themes to this movie but after watching it, you can't help but wonder if someone knows something that we don't.

Haven't there been just a tad too many movies with a similar premise? If aliens are coming, maybe there isn't too much to fear besides a MASSIVE change if they do come in peace after all. That's a small comfort to a hugely uncomfortable idea. If we're not alone in this big universe and the day comes when we meet face to face, let's just hope that there is someone out there who can translate for us. I'm not one to believe in UFOs and crop circles but movies like this do have me wondering if maybe the government has information they're not keen on sharing with the general public. How about you?

13 The Maze Runner - Sick And Twisted Experiments On Orphans

It's Lord of the Flies meets The Hunger Games. And if it was based on a futuristic true story, we'd all be in big trouble because we'd be a world plagued by sickness, leaving so many children orphaned that we had enough to spare for experiments as monster fighters. In the story, an organization called "W.I.C.K.E.D." which stands for "World In Catastrophe - Killzone Experiment Department" decides that we should let kids fight our battles for us so they wipe their memories and send them to a created hell in a little wire cage where they have to battle huge beasts to survive.

The book version was for young adults so it reasons that it's pretty much a movie for young adults but the basic premise is very creepy... our government selects people for experiments, knowing the likely outcome is death. If you enjoyed The Hunger Games, you'll go down Memory Lane when you find the part when the organization stops sending food and supplies to the kids. What is it with denying kids food in sci-fi movies? You gotta admit, there's a trend. Should this ever happen, you better hope you don't stand out in any way.

12 X-Men - Could There Be Mutants Among Us?

Kinda cool, kinda creepy. Cool that there could be people who look like us but are very, very different... with superhuman healing abilities and super powers. But creepy in the sense that there are people who turn into freaking mutants! Also creepy that we wouldn't necessarily know who they are just by looking at them. Well, the "Mutant Registration Act" that the Senator in the movie tries to pass would take care of that for the most part (except for the rebellious mutant, of course) but it's still an unsettling feeling that people with unbelievable and very dangerous powers could be lurking among us.

You'd hope that these gifted mutant humans were nice, decent people who would use their powers for good in a Robin Hood sort of fashion but the thought of people with less than stellar scruples like Sabretooth and Mystique having incredible powers is not a good feeling. Watching the movie and seeing the different people over the years and eras dealing with their powers is an interesting thought. Is there some secret lair where the government has been whisking mutant people away for their own greedy agenda?

11 The Day After Tomorrow - Are Climate Catastrophes Coming?

Now this one is extremely terrifying and I hope with my whole heart that someone is not, in fact, trying to tell us something with this movie. Our new President may not buy into the whole "climate change conspiracy" but this movie brings a real concern right to the scary surface. It may be a fictional movie but the explanations for the disaster seem all too real. Still not scared? Well, this movie was based on the non-fiction book, The Coming Global Superstorm by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. Yeah... not a big fan of that title, especially the second word. And if you think the movie is a big exaggeration from the book, it's been noted that some events from the book to movie have very little modification. Let's hope that we can each do our part to take better care of our injured planet and that the North Atlantic Current does not destabilize.

10 The Matrix - Is There A Possibility We're Living In A Simulated Reality?

If given the option, would you choose the red pill and learn the truth even if it horrifies and saddens you and opens a Pandora's box of troubles and difficult decisions, not to mention that it adds elements that threaten your life? Or the blue pill, which offers a blissful ignorance and a way to ignore the nagging feelings that are telling you something isn't quite right? Neo chose red, allowing him to learn his reality and connect the dots of what had been bothering him: enslaved humans who were being harvested for energy by living machines. He had never lived free, it was all a dream-like existence.

Think about this one too much and you'll get a headache and a frightening prospect. Are we living a simulated reality right now? As I type this and as you read this, are we in fact actually submerged in liquid-filled pods connected to machines with tubes and wires? Let's hope not but one could argue that there's no real way of knowing unless you take the red pill.

9 Angels & Demons - Do Secret Societies Exist And If So, Who Is Covering Them Up?

A nuclear weapon in the form of antimatter -- a substance so powerful it can destroy an entire city, assassins, powerful secrets and a hidden society that will stop at nothing to cover up what is important to them. There are a lot of people who believe that a secret (and dangerous, and deadly authoritative) society such as this exists and that they do hold alarming and lethal secrets that they are willing to kill for.

With all of the Illuminati "witch hunt" craze that's going on now, it barely takes someone to be seen eating a tortilla chip or standing near a caution sign to be accused of belonging to the mysterious group. It's something we laugh along with as SNL portrays their version of the Illuminati. But is all the buzz about them in the media created by them so that we get comfortable to the idea and slowly allow them to take power? Is Dan Brown in on this? Tom Hanks? You can say no but I bet you'll think about it for a few seconds after you're done reading this.

8 The Exorcist - Are Demonic Possessions Real And More Common Than We Think?

What makes this movie bone chilling isn't Linda Blair spewing a pea soup-looking substance as her head spins like a demonic dreidel. It's not her character, Regan, showing off a serious acrobatic feat, crab-walking down the stairs upside down. It's the fact that this movie was based on a completely true story of a 14-year-old boy from Maryland. William Peter Blatty, the author of the book the movie is based on said that some of the elements of the book and movie are based on what the 14-year-old boy went through-- such as levitating. Blatty said that the aspects off the true case helped to give his book credibility. Apparently, credibility in this case equals harrowing fright. As for the pea soup bit, that's a bit of a grey area. In case you're not one for true ghost stories, I'll fill you in that the factual case of the 14-year-old boy from Maryland isn't the only one. There are many cases of documented possession which professionals consider to be credible. Google them for yourself... if you dare.

7 V For Vendetta - Is A New Revolutionary War Brewing?

Bringing about similar themes from the rest of the list such as a post-apocalyptic, dystopian future, anti-government protesting and freedom fighting, V for Vendetta is about defeating fascism and helping a democratic authority rise. I'm sure you've seen someone standing in a protest line with a Guy Fawkes mask on just like the character V wears in the film. Since the release of the movie, the mask has become a sort of symbol for standing up for what one believes in. Seeing as how the movie is set in the late 2020s, I can see parts of the movie becoming a reality, especially if our divided country (and world) keep going as they are. What do you think? V ends up fatally injured at the end of the story so what does that say about standing up for what you believe in? Is something trying to send a message?

6 The Witch - Is Satan Real And Able To Trick Us Earthlings?

This supernatural movie poses an interesting suggestion. The paranormal world is real, active and ready to communicate. More than that, witches, spells and chatting it up with the devil himself is a very real possibility. Even scarier, the devil isn't all red, horns and tail but can morph into any shape he so desires... even that of an innocent animal. Well, an innocent talking animal so there were clues but still.

What makes this movie even more chilling is that normal, seemingly good people can get drawn into such a deeply dark world. We all like to think of ourselves as good and decent people, similar to Thomasin in the movie. After living a life she thinks is pure goodness and serving the Lord and being a good daughter, this 17th century character ends up committing murder and signing the devil's book in order to join a group of witches. Could it happen to any of us? Probably not. But watch this movie alone at night and try -- just try -- to sleep with the lights off. It'll make a (at least partial) believer of you yet.

5 The Walking Dead - Is A Zombie Future An Actual Possibility?

Pretty simple concept. Worldwide zombie apocalypse. AMC's The Walking Dead takes things up a notch in intensity versus other zombie portrayals. In their version, every human is a carrier for the pathogen that turns them into zombies meaning that no matter how they die (a bite or scratch from a zombie, of old age, from an organic disease, a fall from a steep cliff, etc.), it's certain that they will turn into a zombie after death. Much like other zombie shows and movies, the only way to kill the bloodthirsty former human is to damage the brain stem. This would be a horrifying reality were it to come true... it's not just the constant danger but the loneliness, the loss of loved ones, adjusting to a new existence. While in the midst of the zombie craze, have you thought for a second -- is this more than just a trend? Is someone trying to prepare us for something?

4 San Andreas - Is The "Big One" Headed Our Way?

If you grew up in California, chances are that you're not too afraid of earthquakes. I'm not saying you love them or anything but as far as natural disasters go, it's probably not that high on your list of biggest fears. Of course, that's because you likely sleep through them being accustomed to them as so many other native Californians are. But for people from other parts of the nation and other parts or the world, earthquakes make for terrific nightmare fuel.

This movie is kind of like 1996's Twister for Californians. But even the most seasoned earthquake survivors will quake in their boots just a bit when they see the megatsunami in this movie take over much of Northern California. In the movie, a seismologist and researcher are doing work on predicting future earthquakes before the big quake hits. San Andreas joins a long list of other natural disaster movies. Does someone know something that we don't? I, for one, think some heads up would be great if that's the case.

3 Signs - Are There Real Signs Of Alien Life?

I don't care how bad and tough you are. When you saw the footage from the little girl's birthday party in Brazil and the tall uninvited guest lurking around outside, you jumped just a little bit. The movie has many jump-worthy scenes, in fact, true to M. Night Shyamalan's signature style of suspense. But the movie, all in all, isn't that scary when you get down to it. Aliens arrive, all over the world, cause a little damage, a lot of panic and chaos but in the end, they decide Earth isn't so great after all and hightail it back home, wherever that may be. No harm, no foul? Similar in a sense to Arrival, if someone is trying to tell us something I think it might be that they know aliens are coming (or that they're already here!) and besides the hoopla of our own fears and insecurities, there's really not too much to be afraid of. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

2 The X-Files - Based On Actual Case Files?

Even if a show about sci-fi drama really isn't your thing, there's got to be at least one episode of this show that could capture anyone's interest. It's a fascinating concept -- specialized FBI agents tackling the cases that no one else wants to go near: paranormal phenomena. It's a chilling job but Scully and Mulder accept the challenge. Add an extra level of creepy to this idea since there are at least nine (and I'm sure many more could be argued by hardcore fans of the show) storylines of The X-Files that were based on actual events.

Now, nine may not sound like a lot but when you take into account that each episode deals with downright terrifying subject matter— serial killers, biological warfare, cannibalism, alien abductions, shapeshifting, war crimes and urban legend nightmares— nine sounds like more than enough. Since the show's two main characters are employed by the U.S. Government, is it possible that someone is trying to send us a message of what horrifying subjects are being dealt with in secret as we go about our normal lives?

1 The Host - Could We Be Subject To Alien Body/Mind Invasions?

Let's just face it -- we're not doing the greatest job on earth of taking care of each other, our animal friends and well, the earth. In The Host, aliens whole-heartedly agree with this sentiment and decide that they can do a much better job. So they effectively "fire us" from our own bodies and minds, just move on in and make themselves right at home, indicated by piercing electric blue eyes. And things actually start to get better. The earth seems to be in nicer shape and the world is now peaceful. The only downside is that the remaining humans (with their own minds intact) are being hunted by the invading aliens. It's a truly scary prospect to contemplate. This is an extreme version of Invasion of The Body Snatchers but the motives behind it kind of make sense from an outsider's point of view. If someone is trying to tell us something and this becomes a real possibility, I think a wise move would be to invest in a good pair of electric blue contact lenses.


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