15Lethal Weapon 5

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There was a time that another Lethal Weapon movie could have been possible. That time is long gone. If Mel Gibson could have kept his act together and been willing to bring the duo of he and Danny Glover (Murtaugh and Riggs) back together, Warner Bros

had green-lit the next installment. Instead, Gibson decided not to go there again.

Shane Black (original writer) was slated to return, Glover was on board and Columbus Short was cast to play Murtaugh's grown-up son. The plot was simple. Riggs was going to retire until his partner Murtaugh, talks him into helping him solve one final case.

Now Lethal Weapon has seen a resurgence on television and the fifth film will never happen. Probably for the best. Watching those two actors move around now would be painful.

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