15 Movies Couples That Would Hate Each Other IRL

Romance films are often thought of as one of the most popular genres on the silver screen. While some people think of them as "chick flicks," there are numerous romance films that have garnered a huge demographic in its audience. Pitting some of the hottest leading men in Hollywood with the most beautiful actresses in the world, some of these romance films showed off the best couples on the silver screen. The public loves to see celebrities pair up, even if its a fictional relationship on the big screen. Some of these romances have actually led to some real relationships but not all of them have stood the test of time. Yet, their time together has allowed their love story to live on forever on the big screen.

There have been a number of romances depicted on the big screen that seemed like it would be the perfect match. Yet, not all of these Hollywood couples could be suited for each other like Sally Albright and Harry Burns in When Harry Met Sally. While the storylines have often been good enough to make moviegoers believe that they would actually work out, dissecting these couples in the real world would inevitably show a truly different outcome. That is the magic of Hollywood, but it's also a tad disheartening to know that most of these romance films wouldn't have even stood a chance in the real world. Check out our list of the 15 movie couples that would hate each other in real life and see how Hollywood can put a spin on even the worst relationships.

15 Vivian And Edward

When Pretty Woman first premiered in 1990, Julia Roberts had already made a name for herself on the silver screen. She had already won over the public with hit films like Mystic Pizza and Steel Magnolias, so seeing her as a streetwalker was a character that was completely different from all of her other roles. Yet, Roberts completely mastered the character and became the world's favorite "hooker with a heart of gold." Seeing her fall in love with the millionaire, Edward Lewis, was incredibly romantic and the public started looking at it like a modern-day Cinderella story. While it worked out in the long run, there's no way this would truly happen like this in real life. On top of the improbable situation of these two meeting like this is in the first place, it's hard to believe that these two would have been able to make things work with such different backgrounds.

14 Peeta And Katniss

When it was announced that The Hunger Games was being adapted for the big screen, fans of the books couldn't wait for each new film installment in the franchise. While the main storyline revolved around the Districts fight against The Capital and the horrifying practice of pitting children together to fight to the death, audiences were also very drawn to the romance storyline. The love triangle with Katniss, Peeta, and Gale was the sort of thing that made people declares teams but it was Peeta that she ultimately ended up choosing. In real life, it may not have worked out exactly like this because of the vast difference in personalities in Peeta and Katniss. On top of one being sociable and outgoing and the other being completely introverted, Katniss exhibited tendencies of not always being loyal and committed. This doesn't sound like a relationship that would stand the test of time in the real world.

13 Johnny Castle And Baby

There have been a number of dance-focused films that have captivated the world, from Billy Elliot to Footloose. Yet, there is just something truly special in the 1987 film, Dirty Dancing. Moviegoers couldn't help but fall in love with Johnny Castle and his romance with Frances "Baby" Houseman. He got her to come out of her shell and become the best version of herself, despite what anyone else thought. The two made an unlikely pair since Castle was shown as a bit of a bad boy. While it worked out in the film, it probably wouldn't have gone that route in the real world. Baby had a great relationship with her parents and it didn't seem like Castle would have been able to truly ingratiate himself into that family. There's also a good chance that Baby would have grown tired of him as she continued to evolve as a woman.

12 Amy And Nick

When it was revealed that the acclaimed book, Gone Girl, was going to make it onto the big screen, there was quite a lot of speculation regarding the main cast. With the production of the film garnering so much attention, people wondered who would be able to play these dynamic characters. It was ultimately Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike that achieved the lead roles and many people coined Pike the newest Hollywood "It" girl for her portrayal. The film was extremely compelling and moviegoers left with their jaws dropped over the incredible storyline and twist of events. While the couple remained united at the end of the film, there is no way that these two would have been able to make things work if the situation was in the real world.

11 Jane And Eddie

When Someone Like You premiered in 2001, Ashley Judd had already made quite a name for herself on the big screen. She had a string of hit films in the 1990s and early 2000s but Hugh Jackman hadn't yet reached the peak to his career. It was a great pairing that resulted in magic on the big screen in this film about a heartbroken woman that finds herself becoming roommates with her womanizing coworker. People loved the idea of Judd's character changing Hugh Jackman's womanizing ways and there seemed to be real chemistry between these two characters. Yet, it's quite doubtful that these two would have been able to make it work in the real world. Judd's character had major issues regarding her former relationship, to the point where she was willing to take on a completely different identity in order to deal with them. Jackman's character would have undoubtedly grown tired of her emotional rollercoaster ways and never would have wanted to get involved in such sloppiness after his own heartbreak.

10 Andie And Benjamin

The 2003 film, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, is still such an endearing film to watch and it's not just because it stars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. There was something so special about this feel-good romance flick and everyone has their own favorite parts. With the premise revolving around Hudson's character writing an article on what "not" to-do, the interaction between her and McConaughey's character were truly entertaining. She basically put on a completely different persona and did all of the things that some women do that are major turn-offs to men. In the film, McConaughey's character was able to see beyond all of that and fell in love with her in the end. Yet, that would never have been the case in real life. Not only was she lying about the article and her motives behind her behavior but it would be impossible for someone to fall in love with a completely fake person.

9 Claire And Garrett

When Jennifer Lopez was set to star in another film, people had high hopes when the storyline revolved around her being with a much younger man. Lopez is known for having "cougar" tendencies in real life and pitting her against Ryan Guzman seemed like it would create some magic on the silver screen. In the 2015 film, The Boy Next Door, Lopez played the character, Claire Peterson, who was going through a separation period with her husband, Garrett, played by John Corbett. While Corbett has played a number of roles on the big screen, most people remember him as Aidan from Sex and the City. He was a lovable character when he was courting Carrie Bradshaw but he was an adulterer in The Boy Next Door. In the film, the two wound up making things work and she was able to forget his cheating ways. Yet, it's doubtful that these two would have truly made it work if it were in the real world. Putting aside his cheating past, he would probably have difficulty with her dating a 19-year-old that tried to kill him and their entire family.

8 Anna And Declan

The 2010 film, Leap Year, revolved around the time-honored Irish tradition where a woman proposes to the man on a leap day and supposedly the man must accept. Ann is played by Amy Adams and Declan is portrayed by Matthew William Goode. Although Anna is trying to get to Dublin in order to propose to her long-time boyfriend, Jeremy, a romance is sparked between her and Declan during their arduous journey to Dublin. He is meant to get her there while retaining compensation (which he needs in order to save his bar) but a series of catastrophic events turns it into a trip where he doesn't even have a car to get her there. In the film, these two wound up together and ultimately married but it would have never worked out in real life. Their lives were so completely different and they hadn't even spent any real time together that was meaningful, besides all of the talk of how badly she wanted to propose to Jeremy.

7 Justine And Phil

The cast in the 2002 film, The Good Girl, was a real mix of different actors and actresses but, somehow, it seemed to work. Jake Gyllenhaal may not have looked like the typical heartthrob character but he pulled off the anxiety-ridden young lover to a tee and even the side characters played by Zooey Deschanel and Deborah Rush seemed to bring the whole story together. Yet, the real drama in the film revolved around the husband and wife characters played by Jennifer Aniston and John C. Reilly. While the couple made it last in the film, there's no way that these two would have been able to stand the test of time in real life. Anniston's character was completely checked out of their marriage and didn't think twice about sleeping with other men, including her husband's best friend. Her cheating ways would have ultimately caught up with her or she would have had another dalliance and left.

6 Brooke And Gary

When it was announced that Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston were teaming up to star in the 2006 film, The Break-Up, the public had high hopes in what they would be able to achieve on the big screen. Both were known for being great in romantic comedies and it just seemed like the best matchup. While the premise of the film revolved around a horrible breakup of a couple that seemed to have a lot going for them, there were so many extremely comical moments. Although it definitely added the comedy into this romantic drama, it wouldn't have been so funny if it were in the real world. From flaunting their dating exploits while still living with one another to the incredibly hurtful things they said to one another, it would have been extremely difficult to go back to a relationship where there was so much drama.

5 Grace And Jerry

There have been a number of mobster films shown on the silver screen over the years, with each of them trying to achieve the same sort of magic in other such films as Goodfellas and The Godfather. While few have been able to even come close, there was actually some high praise for the 2013 film, Gangster Squad. Josh Brolin starred as the lead detective chasing down Mickey Cohen, played by Sean Penn. Yet, the real appeal to the film was the romance between Cohen's girlfriend and Jerry, played by Ryan Gosling. The audience couldn't help but feel drawn towards this complicated love triangle and the added danger of getting caught definitely kept the storyline going. This may be interesting on the big screen but it probably wouldn't be as entertaining in the real world. No one wants someone with that much drama and coming from two different worlds doesn't always end up well.

4 Edward And Bella

Prior to the first Twilight film that was released in 2008, there was already a huge fan base due to the novel series by Stephenie Meyer. When the first film made it to the big screen, it was an instant success with moviegoers. People couldn't get enough of the romance between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. The love triangle involving Jacob was just the icing on the cake for Twilight fans and everyone seemed to have their own team to root for regarding Bella's love. In the end of the franchise, it was Edward Cullen that ultimately got Bella to walk down the aisle with him. Yet, this definitely wouldn't have been the case in the real world. Putting the whole vampire aspect aside, these two were miles apart in terms of maturity. Bella was fully infatuated with the whole "first love" phase that every girl encounters but she would have evolved over time. In Edward's case, it's difficult to believe that a vampire that had lived for so many decades could find true companionship in a high school-aged girl.

3 Naomi And Jordan

The Wolf of Wall Street was a huge triumph for Leonardo DiCaprio since it paired him with Martin Scorsese and was one of three back-to-back hit films in less than two years. Starring in The Great Gatsby and Django Unchained, DiCaprio did the impossible by topping them all with The Wolf of Wall Street. Audiences loved the storyline of Jordan Belfort in the '90s market, especially including all the hijinks with Jonah Hill's character, Donnie Azoff. Moviegoers saw a real evolution with both of these characters and part of that included a new wife for Jordan Belfort. The film made it seem like he upgraded when she married Naomi, played by Margot Robbie. Yet, this relationship probably wouldn't work out in real life since Jordan was known to have a wandering eye and Naomi didn't seem like she could put up with the same old thing year after year.

2 Carrie And Big

When it was revealed that the hugely popular HBO series, Sex and the City, was going to move to the big screen for a feature film based on the show, fans around the world went crazy. The television series ended with Carrie reuniting with Mr. Big in Paris and it eluded to the two rekindling their romance and he was also moving back to New York. Yet, the first Sex and the City film didn't exactly offer up an easy road to the altar. From being jilted on her wedding day to the second film having her cheat with an ex-boyfriend, these two had their work cut out for them to try and get the relationship to work. While it finally was resolved in the films, it would have led to a total disaster in real life. Mr. Big was no stranger to divorce and he was not the type of man that would have been able to put up with that sort of betrayal in real life. In fact, it's highly unlikely that he would have even proposed to her in the first place, never mind his own fidelity.

1 Kate and Brad

While Christmas movies are often about giving and spending time with families, that doesn't mean that all of them show the absolute ideal and picturesque family situations. In the 2008 film, Four Christmases, the couple goes through all of the dysfunction involved in visiting four different families for Christmas. With both of their parents divorced, this couple couldn't even imagine ever getting married because of how badly it had turned out for their own families. Yet, visiting for Christmas really put things into perspective and they ultimately wound up changing their minds and even had a child together. The film showed how Vince Vaughn's character miraculously changed his mind about marriage over one glorious weekend and how Witherspoon's character's tactic of an ultimatum actually worked out. This whole situation would have blown up in each other's faces if it were in the real world and one or both of them would have run for the hills. From the commitment issues to the constant lies that they were so comfortable in telling, this relationship never would have made it down the aisle in the real world.

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