15 Movie Scenes These Celebs Hated Filming

For us outsiders looking in, it may seem as if celebs have it easy. We see the end result, when their movies hit the big screen. Then we see them smiling for the cameras, partaking in modelling shoots, and looking a million bucks during red carpet appearances. It appears as if they have no worries in the world. But what we don’t see is all the blood, sweat, and tears that they sometimes have to give and go through in order to get through a movie production. Making a movie is no average nine-to-five job. A serious amount of work goes into making a movie a success. Everyone on set has a part to play, from the directors, producers, and of course the men and women who get all the plaudits, the actors and actresses.

Movies are just generally hard to make. There’s no doubt about that. But occasionally the script throws up some creative differences, and there are parts of the movie that actors, producers and directors disagree with. When this situation arises, it’s normally the actors who have to swallow their pride and just get on with it, do the scene anyway, although they might not be entirely happy with the situation. They’re professionals and just have to get the job done for the sake of the movie. It may have not been pleasant for these stars while shooting these scenes, but as fans we sure do appreciate the outcome. These are 15 movies scenes, which for various different reasons, these stars hated filming.


15 Chris Evans – Captain America: Civil War

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American actor Chris Evans is known for his roles in superhero movies, mainly Captain America, a role for which he received plenty of plaudits. He portrayed the character of Steve Rogers in those movies, but in his fifth outing as Captain America, he brought something new to our screens. Chris Evans has always been in shape, but for Captain America Civil War, he really packed on a huge amount of muscle, giving the superhero its iconic look. The directors wanted to show off Chris’ muscles, and what better way to do that than to have him straining to hold a helicopter with his bare hands. That did actually happen; there were no computer-generated effects in that scene. It was one powerful scene, but one that Chris hated filming. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why. Although he was portraying a superhero, Chris is a mere mortal, and pulling back a helicopter as it was trying to take off must have hurt like hell and probably felt like he was being pulled limb from limb.

14 Batista – Guardians Of The Galaxy

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Dave Bautista, a.k.a. Batista, has slowly made the transition from wrestling to acting. He’s not quite up there on Dwayne Johnson’s level yet, but he’s certainly made a good go of things, and has landed some big roles. One of these roles was his portrayal of Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. He won plenty of plaudits for that role and got nominated for a few awards too. Let’s face it, a whole lot of the star appeal of Batista is the fact that he’s a massive monster. He was therefore perfectly suited to the role of Drax. He looked like he could walk through a wall. But during the shooting of one scene in that movie, he wasn’t feeling big and powerful, but was actually feeling rather crappy about life. It was a fight scene, the one where he lost the fight to Ronan. Batista ended up getting tossed in a pool of yellow liquid, and he had to spend a considerable amount of time in that pool too before getting pulled out. Doesn’t sound too bad. But it was freezing on set that day and big Batista was recovering from the flu. I wouldn’t go as far to say that he was a death’s door, but it just really wasn’t a pleasant experience.

13 Daisy Ridley – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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It’s fair to say that Daisy Ridley was a relatively unknown actress until she landed her big role in 2015. Some of you still might not have the foggiest who Daisy Ridley is. When you see Star Wars, the bells should toll in your heads. English actress Daisy Ridley received her first massive break when she got cast in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That’s one hell of a production to get thrown into. It must have opened her eyes up to a lot. Daisy’s recalled finding the scene they shot on the planet of Jakku incredibly tough. To simulate what they thought conditions would be like on the planet, they filmed scenes in the unforgiving terrain of the Abu Dhabi desert. Things were blowing up, Daisy and her co-star were getting chased, and they had to essentially sprint for long periods of time through the desert. But it wasn’t just the heat that Ridley hated. She found sprinting on the sand to be a killer for her legs.

12 Isla Fisher – Now You See Me

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There are quite a few really horrible feelings in this world, but you can imagine that very few are worse than experiencing the feeling of drowning. You’re under water, unable to breathe, you can’t reach the surface, and then panic sets in, making matters worse. That’s what Isla Fisher experienced on the sets of Now You See Me. It was her opening scene, and she hated filming it for that very reason, because she wasn’t great at holding her breath and felt as if she was going to drown. This almost actually happened. Isla was shackled up and then submerged in a water tank. During one of the shoots, she just couldn’t get free and began to panic. There was a large crowd around the tank, and when she began to struggle, they just thought she was acting and so didn’t come to her aid. Eventually someone caught on that all was not well and came to her rescue. But it was a frightening experience for the Aussie actress.

11 George Clooney – Syriana

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This is a perfect example of an actor working incredibly hard for the sake of a movie. George Clooney would’ve surely appreciated the acclaim the movie got when it hit the big screens, but it’s also likely to evoke some pretty horrible memories for him. Firstly, Clooney just felt really uncomfortable throughout the whole movie. That’s because he was required to gain weight for the role, and he did put on a considerable amount of weight. Matt Damon recalls seeing him in between takes sitting alone, just being really down and depressed. There’s a scene in that movie where Clooney was tied to a chair, getting interrogated and beaten up. He hated everything about that scene, mainly because of a mishap that happened on set. Someone kicked the chair, and Clooney fell to the ground and smashed his head. For a long time after that incident, Clooney suffered severe headaches. Things got so bad, he even contemplated suic*de, and turned to alcohol to try and numb the pain. Doctors eventually figured out what had happened. But he says that those 12 months following the shooting of that scene were the worst of his life.

10 Natalie Portman – Black Swan

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The bold and the beautiful Natalie Portman has been wowing audiences since she was a teenager. Over the years we’ve seen her blossom on screen and become one of Hollywood’s finest actresses. She’s had some memorable roles over the years, one of which was her role as Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars movies. Another was her role in Black Swan. The psychological thriller proved to be a massive success, and that was largely due to the performances of two stellar cast members: Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. It may have been a successful movie, but they had to deal with a lot on set in order to make it happen. There was one scene that the two really hated filming, and they found it incredibly uncomfortable to shoot. It was their love scene. First of all, you can appreciate why getting down and dirty in front of a film crew with all the cameras and what not might be a bit weird. But what made it even more uncomfortable was the fact that they were long-time friends. So, getting all hot and steamy together was super weird for them. There’s even rumors the two did tequila shots just to get through that scene. Whatever they did, they certainly pulled it off.

9 Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant

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Leonardo DiCaprio is regarded to be one of the best actors on the planet for a reason. He goes above and beyond the call of duty, and does whatever needs to be done in order to make a movie a success and make a scene memorable. He puts that level of dedication into every movie he does. While he probably loves the outcome, there have been a fair few times where he’s hated filming certain scenes. But being the professional that he is, he just gets on with it.

The Revenant is one of his recent successes. The movie proved to be a massive hit, mainly due to the commitment Leonardo gave to his role. The movie was shot in really trying conditions. In one scene, Leo actually picked up and started chewing his way through a raw bison liver, tearing off chunks of meat with his teeth. Leo sticks to a mainly vegetarian diet, hence he found that scene incredibly tough. You may be thinking, with all the special effects in that movie, surely they could make something that looked like a bison liver? They did. They made a liver out of jelly, but Leo thought it looked fake. So, although he hated it, he actually ate the raw bison liver for the sake of realism.


8 Charlize Theron – Mad Max: Fury Road

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Mad Max: Fury Road turned out to be a major success, and was one of the biggest films of 2015. But Charlize Theron and her co-star in that movie, Tom Hardy, had a really tough time of things. Firstly, the premise of that movie is basically a long car chase in the desert. Charlize found the conditions really trying and incredibly testing. To shoot those scenes, she was basically hot, sweaty and was staring at sand for six months. Then, again, especially during the car chase scenes, Charlize has said that she found her director incredibly hard to work with. He wanted things done his own particular way, as directors do, but Charlize wasn’t happy and they ended up having creative differences. The conditions also didn’t help. Nor did the fact that there was a feud between Charlize and Tom Hardy. Charlize was in the desert for months without a friend. You can appreciate why she must have been losing her mind.

7 Diane Kruger - Inglourious Basterds

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Legendary director Quentin Tarantino doesn’t do things by halves. He’s known for putting actors through their paces and for making scenes look as realistic as possible. Anyone who works with him can expect some gruelling days of shooting. Diane Kruger was probably clued up as to what Tarantino’s all about. But she still couldn’t have expected to almost die – literally – at the hands of her director. There’s a scene in Inglourious Basterds in which Diane is getting asphyxiated. Firstly, she hated that scene because she had to shoot it many times. It’s not pleasant having someone’s hands wringing around your neck. With Tarantino looking over things, there couldn’t be any half measures either. It had to be shot to perfection and look as realistic as possible. Tarantino wasn’t happy with the way his actor was strangling Diane. So, he took it upon himself to do the strangling. That iconic scene is actually a close-up of Tarantino’s hands strangling Diane. But due to his overzealous approach, he actually strangled her. Then he forgot to yell cut and continued with the strangling, and so by the end of the scene, Diane had almost been choked to death. She was seconds away from losing her life. No wonder that scene doesn’t bring back fond memories for Diane.

6 Kirsten Dunst - The Beguiled

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Kirsten Dunst is a hit amongst teen audiences. She herself was starring in movies as a teenager, and so appealed to that demographic. Then of course, there’s her role in the Spiderman movies, which was her first taste of mainstream success. But she’s a versatile actress and her filmography isn’t just limited to those types of movies. She’s also done movies of a more adult nature. Some are certainly adult-rated, and not suitable for kids. One such movie is one of her latest releases, The Beguiled. In that movie, Kirsten has a pretty intense love scene with her costar, Colin Farrell. She hasn’t been shy in letting people know she hated filming it. But she’s also praised the entire team for making it as easy as possible for her to get it done. She says working with a female director helped. They were on the same page when it came to that scene. They wanted to shoot it in one quick take, and did not want to spend hours shooting it from every angle, which she says male directors tend to do. Farrell was also understanding, and let her be the boss to make her feel comfortable. That made the experience manageable for Kirsten, but she still hated filming it.

5 Liv Tyler – The Ledge

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The lovely Liv Tyler began her acting career at the age of 14. Since then she’s put together a vast and varied filmography. Plenty of people would know her as the elf Arwen Undómiel in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. But she’s a versatile actress, and has shown off her skillset in other roles, such as her portrayal of the cute gullible simpleton Shana in the movie The Ledge. Unless you’re a fan of Liv Tyler’s or one of the other cast members, it’s fair to assume that you haven’t seen that movie. It wasn’t a massive success. But you might have seen a movie still from the production. I’m talking about a still from a really intense scene from that movie, the scene which featured Liv tightly trussed up to a chair and ball gagged. Just looking at Liv in that predicament looked painful. Liv has revealed that it was extremely painful to shoot and it was a scene she hated filming. They were running out of time and the production team were about to be kicked out of the hotel room. So, Liv requested that she stayed in bondage for hours. Consequently, the ropes cut into her skin, and the skin was raw at the corners of her mouth where the gag had been pulled tight. It wasn’t a pleasant shoot, but it was an iconic scene that made the film. No pain, no gain, as the saying goes.

4 Monica Bellucci – Irreversible

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A lot of actresses have said that they find it incredibly hard to film love scenes. They just find it uncomfortable and find it tough to make it look natural. They just generally hate doing them. You can only imagine what it’d be like to film a scene depicting an assault, as Monica Bellucci had to do in the movie Irreversible. Amazingly, she’s actually revealed that she didn’t find the scene hard to shoot. She didn’t find it hard, but she still hated filming the scene all the same. Film aficionados would tell you that it’s probably the most brutal scene in cinematic history. They had to film the scene six times in order to get a scene the director was happy with. At first it was traumatizing for Monica. But she got a little more confident after each take. Eventually they completed the shooting of that scene. But Monica hated filming it, and she hates watching it even more. She’s said that she can’t handle watching it, and has to turn away whenever it comes on.

3 Gemma Arterton – The Disappearance Of Alice Creed

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The Disappearance of Alice Creed was a pretty low budget film, which is not the type of movie that British actress Gemma Arterton is used to filming now. But it’s a movie that got her noticed, despite the fact she didn’t do a whole lot of talking in that movie – she was trussed up and gagged for most of it. The film took around four weeks to shoot from start to finish, so the hardships Gemma faced were over pretty quickly. And she did face plenty of hardships. She’s been open about how she dreaded filming the scenes in which she was held captive. It really wasn’t a pretty film, and it wasn’t pretty for Gemma to shoot either. She hated filming it because she found some scenes incredibly demanding. She had to get across that feeling of constant terror and angst. Then to top it off, for the majority of the film she was tied up and gagged, and was systematically humiliated by her captors.

2 Margot Robbie – Wolf Of Wall Street

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Margot Robbie’s made quite the impression since bursting onto the Hollywood scene. She’s become known, not solely for her acting prowess, but for being the woman who’s prone to doing raunchy scenes. We’ve seen a whole lot of Margot Robbie over the years, and especially in that movie that made her a big hit, the Wolf of Wall Street. In that movie, she had to shoot a love scene, and hasn’t been shy in letting people know how she felt about it. She absolutely hated it, mainly because she just felt incredibly awkward. She felt awkward about having to do it at all, but having to do it with superstar actor Leonardo DiCaprio was even more intimidating. How did she get through it? She actually got through it by being the one in control and by being really assertive. That’s something that actually surprised Leo, because he certainly wasn’t expecting that level of assertiveness from Margot, especially during such a sultry scene.

1 Shelley Duvall – The Shining

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Shelley Duvall might not be the most well-known actress on this list. But those of you into your horror movies can probably recall her performance in The Shining. She’s said that the filming of that movie was among the worst periods of her life. It took 13 months to film that movie, so she must have been facing some serious hardships. By the end of that movie Shelley was physically drained and subsequently began to experience mental health problems. She was in such bad shape that her hair was beginning to fall out in clumps. She attributes this to her director, Stanley Kubrick, who certainly put her through her paces. She recalls that one scene in particular was incredibly hard for her to film. It was that terrifying bat scene. Shelley was crying constantly in between takes, and that was a lot of crying, seeing as how there were 127 takes! Then she went home and cried for about 12 hours straight. It sounds like a truly harrowing experience.


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