15 Movie Roles That Turned Actors Into Enemies

Actors... It is absolutely no surprise to anyone (or at least it shouldn't be) that actors, especially in Hollywood (but actors in general), have an overbearing, perhaps "deplorable excess of personal

Actors... It is absolutely no surprise to anyone (or at least it shouldn't be) that actors, especially in Hollywood (but actors in general), have an overbearing, perhaps "deplorable excess of personality" as was once said. These personalities, as one could very well imagine, don't always jive, even if it may seem so in a finished production.

Hollywood has been full of rivalry and petty reasons for dislike of one actor over another. Some are too pompous, arrogant, and want too much to be treated like royalty, and some are so familiar with cast and crew that they may as well have been passed around as a piece of meat, so well known were they... in more than one way, to so many.

That being said, these excesses of personality have come to a head more than once, on many sets, all through the ages of Hollywood, usually surprising people with their performances, in spite of their hatred, or disgust, or disdain one for the other. So the time has come to look at, perhaps, some surprising workplace discrepancies that turned actors into enemies.

15 Fifty Shades Of Grey

Who would have guessed that this coupling, built solely on a sub/dom relationship could have possibly come to upset? Besides the fact that the film betrayed just how awkward they must have been on set, their interviews did nothing but confirm their seeming inability to get on with each other... which is strange considering they spend the majority of the movie getting it on. Now Dornan is a married man, whose wife understandably did not watch the film, but it seems that he went out of his way to watch as little as possible of what, or who he was supposed to be doing. Said to have covered up his co-star after each and every time "cut" was called, Dornan tried to shroud his shame in the blankets he used to cover up Dakota Johnson. While neither have officially made statements of hatred, it is made clear by their body language both on and off screen, as well as their purposeful distance from principal photography to premiere.

14 Any Given Sunday

Football players... it makes sense when they lose their tempers, get jacked up, and beat on each other and others... taking as many hits as they do, many of them suffer from one form or another of brain damage. That being said, actors who play football players don't necessarily have the same type of brain damage (though one may wonder because... actors), but in the case of LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx: they fight anyway. On the set of Any Given Sunday, Cool J (method actor that he is...) hit Foxx in the head during a scene. Totally unscripted, Foxx was understandably upset, and took Cool J to task, ending in a brawl that resulted in the police being called in and Foxx filing an official complaint (though no charges were ever laid). Now since 1999, the two men have settled their differences, and have gone on to do quite a bit of music together, but it wasn't until many years of bad blood had passed, and the two sat together at an awards show, all grown up, realizing that opportunities were wasting away between them.

13 Batman Forever

Two Batman villains who hate each other, teaming up to face off against the Bat is certainly not unheard of. Even a villain who has a hate on for a partnered villain who has nothing against him is fairly common. The latter is the case when it comes to Batman Forever with Jim Carrey, and Tommy Lee Jones. Carrey (playing the Riddler) had absolutely nothing against his co-villain, but Jones (playing Two-Face) instantly took to disliking his partner in crime. The story, straight from Carrey's lips, goes as follows: "I went up to say hi and the blood drained from his face in such a way that I realized that I had become the face of his pain or something. And he got kind of shaking and hugged me and said, 'I hate you. I really don't like you.' And I was like, 'Wow, okay, what's going on, man?' And he said, 'I cannot sanction your buffoonery.'" They never did quite get on over the course of the shoot. Jones even refused to sit with Carrey during lunch breaks.

12 Charlie's Angels

First of two for good ol' Bill Murray on this list (which is likely to be of no surprise to anyone, given his eccentricities), Murray and Lucy Liu did not get along, by any means. Constantly quipping that Lucy Liu couldn't act, Murray even stopped a scene once, in the middle of shooting, just to berate Liu and announce publicly her inability to act. Liu, of course did not take kindly to this and proceeded to take a swing at Bill Murray, on set. So far as is known, there were no reports filed as was the case with Cool J and Foxx, but there was then, of course, a consistent animosity on set. “Look, I will dismiss you completely if you are unprofessional and working with me." said Murray about the incident. It is unsure just what Liu was doing to be unprofessional, unless Murray's idea of being unprofessional is simply about being a bad actor (in which case he should review some of his own work as well), but suffice it to say, in spite of Murray stating that he looks on Liu warmly now, there will be no great friendship between these two... professionals.

11 The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Ok, ok, it's true, this isn't a film, but still, it could not be avoided. Who knew that Will and Aunt Viv didn't get on in real life? Who even remembers that the actor who played Aunt Viv was replaced come the second season? Janet Hubert (the original Aunt Vivian) quickly developed a real hatred for Will Smith on set of Fresh Prince, calling him an "egomaniac", which is entirely possible, but to be fair, the show, as advertised, was already all about him. Either way, Smith countered that Hubert was over-bearing and seemed to want the "Aunt Viv of Bel-Air" show. For good reason, Hubert blames Smith for her dismissal from the show, and she also refuses to see him at any cast reunions for the show because, according to her, "He has not grown up"... A laughable statement coming from someone talking about her anger, and clearly continued grudge over years and years. Very grown up of you, Aunt Viv.

10 Groundhog Day

Number two for good ol' Bill Murray. Seems he just can't get on well with actors on set. Another unprofessional actor this time? Only if Harold Ramis counts as unprofessional. This dynamic comedy duo worked together on Meatballs, Caddyshack, Stripes, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, and lastly, Groundhog Day. Right from the get-go of their last film together, Murray was in a mood. Whatever personal issues he had in his personl life were not being left at the door when going to work. This led to fights between the two, and eventually to Murray ignoring Ramis altogether. Not just ignoring him for the rest of the shoot, but for twenty one years after. Murray refused to talk about his old friend, hating the thought that Ramis had made his career... which he did. Ramis, however, had recurring dreams that the two would become friends once again. People will never know exactly what was said, but on Ramis' deathbed, Murray at last went to his former friend, and shortly after his death, sent out positive words for the renowned actor/filmmaker. A pity he waited so long.

9 Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. apparently got the role of Iron Man thanks to the generosity of his once good friend, Terrence Howard. That's a swell friend, landing R.D.J. a handsome hundred million dollars, over the long haul. That being said, a lot of that money came from, apparently, pushing Howard out of the franchise. According to Howard, "It turns out that the person that [he] helped become Iron Man, when it was time to re-up for the second one, took the money that was supposed to go to [him] and pushed [him] out.” Now that's got to be smart, for sure. He even took to calling Downey Jr., in desperation, letting his good friend know just how much he needed the work (because actors who make big, tend to spend big as well). In spite of it all, though, at a celebrity birthday, the two men made up... or at least Howard posted a photo on Instagram of the two of them, saying "Nice to see my old friend again... #lifestooshort #allgood.” Because why would you want to let go of that potential meal ticket when still struggling to hit it big?

8 Lawless

Someone got into an altercation with Shia LaBeouf? No way! With Tom Hardy? A physical altercation? It is a wonder that Shia LaBeouf is still alive, given the physical prowess of Tom Hardy in comparison. That being said, on the set of Lawless, these two men were rumoured to have come to blows, and it was rumoured that LaBeouf knocked Tom Hardy out. The director thankfully put the story straight, stating that there was indeed a conflict, the two men had to be restrained, and Shia definitely did not knock out Tom. That rumour stemmed from a sarcastic statement from Hardy who made a passing comment about the fight. Clearly Hardy would have destroyed LaBeouf. After being arrested for taunting a homeless man for hours (really happened), it is no surprise that Shia would aggravate a situation between he and Hardy. After all, Shia's last name is LaBeouf... of course fights are going to happen when he's the one always bringing the beef (his name literally means The Beef).

7 Romeo & Juliet

"Two star-crossed lovers. Both alike in dignity" apparently didn't care too much for each other off set, no matter how it looked when they were on. "What light through yonder window break? It is the East, and Juliet is..." nowhere to be seen, or at least nowhere near to DiCaprio's Romeo, unless they were shooting a scene. Claire Danes was in no way a fan of Leo's antics at work. He was apparently very "immature", and she couldn't stand to be around him. The young, whiny couple did make it big at the box office however, but never took it upon themselves to work together again. Even fifteen years after the fact, Claire Danes was up for the role of Helen Gandy in the film J. Edgar, alongside DiCaprio's J. Edgar Hoover, but she instead opted for a long-term investment in the hit TV show, Homeland, which, to her credit, has been much more lucrative than J. Edgar would likely have been for her, and she wouldn't have to take orders from the goofy, antic-laden Leonardo DiCaprio.

6 Sliver

The sweet, sultry, seductive, sexy Sharon Stone was apparently not always loved on her film sets. Which is shocking... said no one ever. The interesting thing is that she was not only unloved but, in many cases, reviled by cast and crew. In a gritty, tell-all book, filmmaker Joe Eszterhas commented on how one cast member once urinated in a bathtub that was soon to be used by Stone in a scene. Eszterhas himself even attributed Stone's power of seduction on screen to her experiences of literally whoring herself to the industry. In addition to that hatred towards her, Stone offered some villainy in the direction of Billy Baldwin on the set of Sliver. Her dislike and disgust of Baldwin (perhaps thinking that they had hired the wrong brother) was so intense that she even took to biting his tongue (not lightly) during a scene, and immediately using mouth wash after every take that had a kiss in it. That being said... Billy is still a lucky man.

5 Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot... and others like to stay safely away from heat or, in the case of Marilyn Monroe, simply pretend it doesn't exist. Apparently this great actor, beloved and idolized by so many women today, was actually a complete bitch to work with on set. The famous Billy Wilder once said "After working all day with her I feel like going home and beating my wife." Now that is an absolutely awful thing to say, since he should take his frustration out on Monroe and not his wife, but it does paint one hell of a picture regarding how she must have been to work with. After shooting Some Like It Hot, Tony Curtis swore he would never work with Monroe again, and equated kissing her to be "like kissing Hitler". One wonders what people see in Monroe to idolize her so, when her coworkers have such intense dislike for her. Either way, Monroe attributed their disdain to their own personal issues, and nothing to do with her. An Unlikely story but, as her coworkers each came to dislike her, she would fantasize someone else in their place, to make her job easier.

4 Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan

It must come as no surprise whatsoever that William Shatner, along with being kind of a lousy actor, is also a complete dick. That sort of attitude seems to come with the territory of thinking one is utterly amazing, as Shatner seems to think he is. That being said, George Takei, who is a sweet and generous human being, as well as a hilarious actor, never really saw eye to eye with Shatner. The rest of the crew of the Enterprise seemed to know how to put together a scene, and work together as a team, but not the captain. No, no, the captain of the ship had always to be the center of attention. In spite of all of this Takei never took Shatner to task, but that didn't stop ol' Bill from making drama. "It’s all coming from Bill. Whenever he needs a little publicity for a project, he pumps up the so-called controversy between us." said Takei in an interview with the New York Times. It seems to be that Shatner is creating enemies in his head so he can get some more publicity, fearing that he'll fade away into obscurity... as if he already hasn't.

3 Star Wars

Two of the greatest companions in film history... hate each other. Or rather, Kenny Baker (R2D2) is eternally frustrated by the disdain Anthony Daniels (C3PO) clearly has for his co-star. According to Baker, Daniels has always been a rather awkward and antisocial person. A travesty to Baker who tried, numerous times, to get Daniels touring with him as the famous duo from Star Wars, but to no avail. The last time Baker spoke to Daniels, the very robotic man (given his lack of emotion), looked down his nose at Baker and walked away saying "I'm having a conversation"... there was no one else around. Baker's frustration is more than well founded, given that that is how they last spoke. In addition to such ill treatment then, as before on set, Daniels offered this about his time with Baker: "I never saw him. I mean, R2-D2 doesn't even speak. He might as well be a bucket." What a sweetheart.

2 The Notebook

It's always interesting when life imitates art that imitates life. The Notebook, no matter what people say of it, was at least an intense love story that featured two lovers, very often at odds with each other. How very true to life. During filming, however, regardless of the chemistry Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling had on screen, they did not share it on set at all. Getting to the point that he had to call the director over, Gosling asked to have McAdams kicked off set, and to have another actor read off camera for her lines. He felt he could get no connection or chemistry from her, which is hilarious considering how many hearts were broken watching the damned film. So director Nick Cassavetes took the couple and a producer into a private room, and decided to have a bit of a therapy session. The Canadian couple yelled and screamed at each other until they reached some common ground, and while they continued to fight through the shoot, there was more flow. Then they started dating (on and off) after filming, and to this day, Gosling still doesn't like to see other men getting close to his now ex, McAdams.

1 What Ever Happened To Baby Jane

This is perhaps the most classic Hollywood feud of all time... and not just because of their age when the feud hit its peak. Joan Crawford was known for sleeping her way to stardom, including taking some of Bette Davis' love interests, so their relationship was always strained. But it was Crawford who approached Davis, long after their careers had petered out, to propose What Ever Happened To Baby Jane. Things started out polite enough, it seemed, but soon both started calling the director at night to complain about each other. Davis often loudly spoke of "that phony c*nt" clearly within earshot of Crawford. When time came for a staged beating, Crawford asked for a body double so as not to be struck by Davis, but a closeup required Davis in the shot... and Crawford was struck. Davis claimed to have barely hit her, while some claim Crawford needed stitches. But Crawford got revenge when Davis had to drag her in a scene. Crawford is said to have worn a lead weight belt to make herself more heavy, and to have ruined takes so that Davis would have to drag her again and again. The list goes on, so suffice it to say this was, and remains the greatest of Hollywood feuds.


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