15 Movie Mistakes You Definitely Missed!

Making a movie is not an easy task. Not only does it require talented actors or actresses to play the perfect role; it also requires a talented work crew to work the set. Everything from stage and costume design, to lighting and sound, to even catering and first aid, if need be, has to be as perfect as it can possibly be. However, not every movie is 100% immaculate.

Every movie ever made will have a mistake in it. We're only human after all, and mistakes are a thing that makes us such. Sometimes, the mistake is so large that you can see it from Pluto. Other times, the mistake can be so small that only the most scrupulous of individuals would point it out.

Whether it bothers you or not, these are 15 movie mistakes you might not have noticed.

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14 Frozen- Elsa's Hair

Frozen may still be as popular to kids today as it was years ago, but it's always been an annoyance to parents. Sure, it's a cute kids movie, but after the eighth or ninth time viewing it, it starts to get old. Very old. Nevertheless, Frozen has become one of Disney/Pixar's most popular animated movies.

One song in the movie that everyone, even those who were fortunate enough not to see it, knows is "Let it Go." (You're lying to yourself if you say you didn't sing it in your head while reading it.) During the song, Elsa removes her hair from the bun and lets it go (sorry). Look at Elsa's right shoulder, and you'll notice that the hair actually moves through it. The thing that makes this scene stand out among the other mistakes in this list is that this movie is animated, meaning that someone actually made the hair go through her arm.

13 The Empire Strikes Back- Han's Coat

The Empire Strikes Back's sub-plot about the escape of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia, C-3PO, and R2-D2 comes to a dramatic end when Han Solo is frozen in carbonite and captured by Boba Fett. It's a dramatic scene, and at the time of the movie's release, many wondered if we'd ever see the scruffy Nerf-herder again.

Although the scene in which Han is frozen is dramatic, it can easily be ruined when one points out the mysterious appearance of Han's coat. Throughout most of the scene, Han Solo is seen in a white shirt. In Return of the Jedi, Han comes out of the carbonite wearing the same shirt. However in the original scene, his bluish coat that he wore on Hoth appears on his person when the camera cuts close to him. In later versions of the movie, the coat is edited to match the color of Han's shirt, but it's still of a shiny material compared to the cloth.

12 Gladiator- The Gas Canisters

The movie Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe as the leading protagonist, Maximus, is a cult classic that tells of a general turned arena fighter during his thirst for justice. Along with an A-list cast, this movie contained many battle scenes to keep the audience at the edge of their seats.

During one particular scene, a chariot falls over. Now, that might not be something to worry about, but if you look closely at the dust cloud at the end of the chariot, you may see a modern gas canister on the back. This is clearly what was used to flip the chariot, but it could've at least been hidden a bit more discretely.

11 Pulp Fiction- Bullet Holes in the Wall

"And you will know my name is the lord, when I lay my vengeance upon thee!" If you read that with Samuel L. Jackson's voice, then you know of Pulp Fiction. One of Quentin Tarantino's hits, it's about two hitmen trying to retrieve a briefcase for their boss. If that's all you thought the movie was about, then you're sadly mistaken.

During one scene of the movie, a goon pops out of the bathroom while firing point-blank at Jackson's and John Travolta's characters. The goon misses and is soon gunned down. Now, Jackson's character may have found his near-death experience a sign to quit being a hitman, but it may not be so mystical when someone can see the bullet holes before shots were fired. Looking behind Jackson and Travolta, you can clearly see the bullet holes before the goon hops out.

10 Jurassic Park- The Hand on the Raptor

Jurassic Park was a movie that blew everyone away with its life-like dinosaurs and suspenseful action. One moment that kept the audience at the edge of their seats was the scene with the raptors in the kitchen, where the children were trying to hide from the vicious killers.

When the raptors enter the kitchen, pay attention to the back of one of the reptiles. You may notice something appear and touch the back of the dinosaur. That, in reality, is the hand of one of the crew members keeping the puppet steady. The scene is still great, but knowing this fact may spoil viewings for everyone. Believe it or not, Jurassic Park is a movie full of mistakes, but it's so well made that no one notices these bloopers after the first viewing.

9 The Punisher- The Salad Bowl

The Punisher, the 2004 adaptation of the famous anti-hero story starring Thomas Jane and John Travolta, was a mixed bag of reviews. There were moments in the movie that matched the action and bravado that The Punisher comics contained, but there were plenty of continuity errors, confusing plot moments (the 'Popsicle Torture' scene being the most infamous), and cheesy moments. Although this movie wasn't as popular as expected, Thomas Jane would go on to reprise the role as Frank Castle in The Punisher video game.

This movie contained plenty of mistakes. One can be found during the pivotal moment when Frank Castle's family is attacked by Howard Saint's men. While in the middle of a shootout at the resort where Frank's family is staying, pay attention to the goon at the bar. More importantly, pay attention to the bowl of salad when it's shot. Not only does the salad fly in the air, but the bowl also remains intact when shot. But when the goon is shot and we see him fall, the bowl is magically refilled with salad! This may be a common case of a continuity error, but it's also something that may have been unnoticed during the action scene.

8 Alien- Missing Hood

Alien is considered a cult classic among Sci-fi/Horror films. Containing a gruesome creature, a strong heroine, suspense around every corner, and gore galore, this film will always be remembered. One memorable scene in particular is that of the Facehugger Alien that latches onto Kane's face.

Kane was in a spacesuit at the time with the usual gear of suit, hood, helmet, etc. But when the helmet is removed, you may notice that the hood is gone. It's not like the Facehugger ate it -- its sole purpose is to plant an egg in Kane and cause the most memorable death in cinematic history -- and with its bony appendages, there's no way the crew could pull the hood off. The missing hood may have been at the back of people's minds when viewing this scene, but pointing it out now will make one think about it every time they rewatch the movie.

7 Spider-Man 3- The Terminal Tower

Spider-Man 3 is considered to be one of the weakest in the Tobey Maguire Trilogy. Despite falling short of its two predecessors, Spider-Man 3 is one of the most memorable Marvel movies before the MCU was established.

Any Spider-Man fan can tell you that the majority of the 'web slinger's' adventures takes place in New York City. Obviously, this movie wasn't able to be filmed in the Big Apple for the entirety of shooting, so other places, like Cleveland, Ohio, had to suffice. But if one were to look in the background of the scene where Sandman and Spider-Man face off, the viewer may notice that the Terminal Tower -- a landmark of Cleveland -- can be seen. Obviously, this is a mistake that can be easily missed and probably was let go by the filmmakers, but keen-eyed viewers could still spoil the experience of the factual fallacy.

6 North By Northwest- The Psychic Extra

North by Northwest, a film created by the infamous Alfred Hitchcock, is a tale of spies wherein Roger Thornhill is chased across America after being mistaken for a man with a microfilm containing government secrets. It was considered to be the "Hitchcock film to end all Hitchcock films," and is praised as one of Hitchcock's finest works.

Although this film may be considered a masterpiece, it doesn't escape the grasps of human error. During the scene where Thornhill is about to be shot, look into the crowd behind the pillar. You'll see a young boy plugging his ears, anticipating the gunshot. That might not be unusual, except when you remember that no one other than the lady with gun and Thornhill know about the gun. Unless Hitchcock wants us to believe the child can see the future, this is clearly an extra who doesn't want to hear the gunshot again.

5 Terminator 2- The Self-Repairing Helicopter Glass

Still considered to be the best movie in the franchise, Terminator 2: Judgement Day casts Arnold Schwarzenegger as the badass  T-800 as he goes back in time not to kill John Connor but to save him from the T-1000. The T-1000 is a scary machine, being able to transform into any individual it wishes. It can also take a liquid form, making it an enemy that's hard to escape from.

During one scene of the movie, when the heroes infiltrate Cyberdyne Systems, The T-1000 breaks open a helicopter's window and kills the pilot. The T-1000 then goes inside the helicopter to take his place. When the camera zooms out, the helicopter's glass magically repairs itself. Unless Skynet created self-repairing glass to go back in the future, then it wouldn't make any sense to have the glass in one piece.

4 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers- Pippin Pulling a Houdini

In the second movie of the trilogy based off of the Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien, viewers see that Merry and Pippin, two of the four Hobbits in The Fellowship, are still captives of the vile Uruk-hai. During one gruesome scene where the Uruk-hai kill and eat some of their goblin brethren, riders from Rohan attack. The evil creatures are killed, and Merry and Pippin manage to escape.

Through the use of flashbacks, we see the step-by-step escape of the two Hobbits through the narration of Aragorn. In one moment, we see that Pippin almost gets crushed by a horse's hooves. He manages to escape, then unties his hands. Since his hands are bound up to this point, it wouldn't make sense for Pippin's arms to be sprawled out when the horse gets him. However, that's clearly the case in this scene.

3 Braveheart- Mysterious Cars

Mel Gibson's Braveheart is a dramatization of the Scottish Rebellion led by William Wallace. It's bloody, dramatic, and full of great moments. Also, it's one of the few movies that have a character yelling "Freedom!" at the top of his lungs before being executed. All in all, it's a great movie.

Since this movie takes place in Feudal Scotland, you won't find any modern-time concepts in the movie. Or so you'd think. During multiple scenes of the movie, a car can be found in the background. Now, it might not kill the movie for some people, but this is clearly an oversight of the crew since this is a mistake that could've been rectified.

The Avengers is a movie about the group of Marvel heroes of the same name. The group -- consisting of Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, to name a few -- fight the Chitauri under the command of Loki. All and all, it was a fun and adventurous movie, which many people enjoyed.

During the climactic battle during the second half of the movie, Captain America is injured when a Chitauri shoots him. We clearly see the wound where the blast hit him. Later on, though, the wound seems to disappear, and Captain America doesn't even react to it anymore (or that could be Steve's hardened constitution). Even if Captain America doesn't notice the pain anymore, that doesn't mean his suit shouldn't show signs of damage.

2 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban- The Breaking Pot

The third installment of the Harry Potter film series may not follow the books as closely as its two predecessors, but it's still one of the most memorable Harry Potter movies. One aspect of both the book and the movie was the use of the Time Turner: a device Hermione Granger used to take multiple classes at once. This device was later used by Harry and Hermione to go back in time to save Sirius Black.

While trying to rescue the hippogriff Buckbeak, Harry and Hermione must distract their past selves -- along with past Ron and Hagrid -- and get them out of the house before they're caught. To do this, Hermione throws a snail shell at a pot in Hagrid's hut. Take a closer look at the pot -- when it's struck by the shell, it completely disintegrates. However, when the shot cuts back to the pot again, it almost looks like it was cut in half.  This mistake went by unnoticed by fans and obviously the editors, who should've used some movie magic to fix it up.

1 The Wizard of Oz- Dorothy's Not-So-Ruby Slippers

Everyone, absolutely everyone, has heard of The Wizard of Oz, the story of a young girl named Dorothy and her dog Toto as they explore a magical land filled with talking scarecrows, a wicked witch, flying monkeys, and munchkins! It's filled with plenty of songs and memorable scenes that stick with all viewers. Even children today can enjoy such a timeless classic.

The crux of the movie is the Ruby Slippers -- Dorothy's only way of returning home. They're magically stuck to her feet, making the Wicked Witch very upset. When the Scarecrow teaches Dorothy how to collect the apples from the talking trees (which involves the trees throwing them at him), you'll see that the all important slippers are replaced with black shoes. The slippers that aren't supposed to come off aren't even on the protagonist's feet! Granted, this is quite an old movie, and mistakes are bound to happen, but this scene was in color. Anyone could've noticed that the slippers weren't red!

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