15 Movie Drinking Games for Spring Break

Make this spring break a memorable one by gathering some friends with you, popping your favorite DVD or Blu-ray and enjoying!

Spring break is upon us for many college students and graduates. Those who are looking to break free from the monotony of daily life with a little bit of fun have come to the right place as we have compiled 15 of the best drinking games out there.

These are all games related to movies if you’re looking to watch a solid two hours of film while drinking before going out at night. Alternately, you could make a night out of it and watch several films, followed by a decadent meal at your favorite restaurant or late-night diner.

From everyone’s favorite boy wizard to a superhero classic, and even a classic film from your childhood, there’s plenty for you to choose from. We have compiled some of the best ones we found on Pinterest, where there are thousands of movie drinking game ideas that you can choose from.

The selection we made is based on a number of factors, including popular titles, classics, recent favorites, and great movies that become a notch better once you add some booze to the mix. Make this spring break a memorable one by gathering some friends with you, popping your favorite DVD or Blu-ray and enjoying!

15 Home Alone

One of the funniest movies that has ever been made has to be Home Alone. While the movie may conjure up memories of your childhood, we have discovered a new way of enjoying it as an adult that involves some keywords that make the film into a buzz-worthy activity.

In order to play this game, you will have to buy two different kinds of drinks—a beer or other beverage that you can sip on, as well as shots of your favorite liquor in order to conjure the Christmas spirit in March.

In this game, you take a shot whenever Little Nero’s pizza guy knocks over the statue, as well as when Buzz’s tarantula makes an appearance. Ideally, you will be doing this with a tasty and heartwarming liqueur to add some festivity to your vacation.

You will also have to take a drink whenever any character insults or threatens Kevin, speaks or attempts to speak French, when someone says pizza, when someone says Paris and when someone says polka.

14 Deadpool

One of the iconic films of 2016 was Deadpool, helping to redefine what a superhero film consists of, while also garnering an “R” rating due to the fact that the producers wanted to make sure the movie was as gritty as they wanted to be.

While there may be a sequel in the horizon, Deadpool is a film that is excellent on multiple viewings, and what better way to celebrate your spring break than by fantasizing about saving the world.

In this game, you drink when the word cancer is mentioned for starters. You also drink when someone says Frances or hero, as well as when Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, meaning he speaks directly to the audience.

Whenever there is a slow motion scene, you drink, as well as when the movie acknowledges itself. When Ajax asks what his name is, or Wade takes his mask off, you drink. Finally, you chug when the taxi driver appears.

13 Anchorman

Anchorman is Will Ferrell’s greatest role, featuring the funny, charismatic and under-educated Ron Burgundy as a news anchor. It’s a star-studded cast with the likes of Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and Christina Applegate, and it’s one of those movies that never seems to get old.

Comedies always make good drinking games and Anchorman is no exception, including some rules that will ensure you get a nice buzz going by the time the movie’s done. Additionally, it’s a movie on the lighter side that will keep you in good spirits.

You will take a drink whenever Ron addresses San Diego, whenever he attempts to seduce a lady, when Brick Tamland says something stupid such as “Loud noises!” You will also have to drink whenever a Judd Apatow favorite makes an appearance.

All in all, it’s a relatively simple drinking game with only a few rules, but each of these things will happen more often than you’d think, leaving you with quite the hangover the next day if you’re not careful. Make sure to hydrate.

12 The Big Lebowski

Another comedy classic of the last 20 years is The Big Lebowski, which is the crowning achievement of the Coen brothers. The “Dude,” played by Jeff Bridges, is one of those characters that transcends the movie he is in with his nonchalant spirit.

The film features a lot of bowling, a kidnapping, nihilists and a mustachioed cowboy that help to make up one of the strangest and most original settings and setups that a film has ever seen. Here’s what you need to do to succeed at this game.

You drink whenever Donny says “Dude,” or when the Dude drinks a White Russian, his drink of choice (which you should drink). Whenever Walter says “shomer Shabbos” or you see a weapon, you drink. Anytime there’s a bowling scene and someone gets a strike, you drink.

The Big Lebowski is quite a ride from beginning to end, so make sure you prepare yourself accordingly. Don’t overdo it early on as there will be plenty of scenes that meet these criteria.

11 The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games film series has become one of the most popular book series that has been converted into film, along with Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones due to its scary, yet realistic image of what the future could be like.

Jennifer Lawrence became the superstar actress she is now thanks to her time in The Hunger Games, which made a lot of money and had a better cast and crew than the Twilight flicks. Prepare to drink and go on the adventure of a lifetime with this one.

When the word “district” is said or read, drink. You also drink when Haymitch is a jerk or when a tribute dies. “May the odds be ever in your favor” is an iconic line from the movie that means you drink, as well as when an arrow is shot or Peeta is holding some kind of food.

You will feel a sense of accomplishment when watching this one, and make sure you watch them all as there’s plenty of time to have fun on spring break.

10 Mean Girls

This is the movie that defined high school for many of us, featuring Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan ruling a school that is split up into cliques, which, again, many of us can relate to. There’s a lot of drinking involved in the Mean Girls game so pay close attention.

You will take one drink in any of the following situations: when someone pronounces “Cady” wrong; when you hear gossip about Regina George; when someone says “crack” or “fetch”; when Gretchen accidentally spills a secret; when Cady and Aaron have an awkward moment; when Cady is confused by a part of “Girl World”; when a language is spoken other than English.

The game requires you to take two drinks when there is a failed attack on Regina, when Janis crosses off a task to sabotage Regina, when someone calls Karen stupid, when Cady compares high school to the animal world, when Gretchen has a meltdown, when the girls have a three-way call, and when an entry from the Burn Book is read out loud.

Finishing your drink will be necessary in a couple of situations as well: when someone is hit by a bus and when a Plastics “rule” is violated.

9 Zoolander

Will Ferrell is in this film as well as Mugatu, which is another of his iconic roles as he plays the fashion-frenzied villain to a tee. However, the real star of the show is Zoolander, the title character played by Ben Stiller which made all of us want to be supermodels once upon a time.

The protagonist is an adorable idiot who is very, very good looking and is always trying to do the right thing. The film will make you laugh out loud while also giving you all the feels from beginning to end. Here’s what you should know.

You will drink every time that Derek Zoolander makes his iconic model face where he puckers his lips and opens his eyes wide. The look has many different names, but they all appear to be the same thing. You will also drink whenever there is a celebrity cameo as there are many, including David Bowie.

Additionally, you will drink whenever Will Ferrell looks exactly like his dog and when some says “Blue Steel,” in reference to one of the iconic looks of Stiller’s character.

8 Lord of the Rings

If you’re going to commit to watch Lord of the Rings, we recommend you watch the trilogy. The three movies of one of the most iconic fantasy series of all times clock in at more than 11 hours of well-paced action and top-notch acting.

There are many different versions of this game, but we recommend you stick to a few rules that are repeated throughout the course of the film in order to ensure that you survive the lengthy journey Frodo and his friends have for you.

To begin with, you will drink whenever Frodo says “Oh Sam,” in an adoring manner. Whenever Gollum talks about his precious, everyone drinks. The films have a lot of maps so you will drink whenever you see any map. Whenever someone takes a drink or a Hobbit talks about food, you drink.

We don’t recommend taking a drink every time someone says the word “ring” as people have tried this before and failed.

7 Any Disney Film

There are plenty of great animated Disney classics that are worth watching and worth drinking to. From The Lion King to Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, there are plenty to choose from if you’re in the mood for some innocent fun to brighten up your spring break.

Someone compiled a series of rules that apply to all Disney films, especially the animated ones. These are designed to help you feel the magic of its universe and get a little woozy in the process. Here’s what you gotta do.

Drink whenever the villain is more interesting than the rest of the movie, when you’re turned on by the good guy or the princess, when someone plays with their hair, or the protagonist is being a total badass.

You drink twice whenever the comic relief character says something that goes over your head, when things freak you out and when someone gets pi**ed off. Finally, you chug when the music swells because a song is about to start, and you finish your drink whenever a character bonds with an animal or when a life lesson is learned.

6 The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese never ceases to wow his audience with the extreme level of decadence and degeneration that his characters experience in the underbellies of some of the most pernicious aspects of society. Wolf of Wall Street is no different, taking you for a wild ride from beginning to end.

The film is almost three hours long and it is non-stop action, much like the reality of Wall Street workers. Much like the characters in the film, you have to commit to having a good time when you watch this movie.

You drink whenever someone curses (which happens a LOT), whenever you see breasts, whenever there is any sort of drug use, and whenever Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill make you laugh hysterically.

We recommend you watch this one with the boys if you’re looking for a crazy night away from the mundane elements of your daily life. The film is quite the experience.

5 The Great Gatsby

Leonardo DiCaprio is too talented to not be in this list twice, and his performance in The Great Gatsby is another instant classic that you should check out. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece is better than the film, but the adaptation is a work of art in its own right.

Baz Luhrmann always adds some sparkle to the big screen with colorful scenes, elaborate outfits and music that is on point (Moulin’ Rouge anyone?). The new adaptation of The Great Gatsby will not disappoint so make sure you check it out with some friends.

Drink whenever Gatsby says “sport,” which happens as much in the film as it does in the book. If text appears on the screen or Daisy somehow makes things worse, you drink. If you manage to spot the T.J. Eckleberg sign, you drink. Finally, you shall drink whenever a 21st century song is played, despite the film taking place in the 1920s.

Make sure you check it out.

4 Star Wars

There are so many Star Wars movies to choose from, but we recommend watching the original trilogy, and perhaps the most recent ones if there’s time. The Force will definitely be with you as you watch one of the most adored film franchises of all time.

The rules require you to drink whenever someone has a bad feeling, whenever someone gets choked, an old Jedi rambles about the Force (including Darth Vader), there is a tremor in the force, someone exclaims “Noooooooo!”, someone is mind-controlled, and drink a shot if Greedo shot first, or two if Han Solo shot first.

You will also drink whenever someone tries to get money from Han, Luke whines, Han brags about the Millennium Falcon, Yoda talks like a fortune cookie, C-3PO loses a body part, R2-D2 plugs into the wrong socket and his head spins, Stormtroopers shoot everywhere but where they’re aiming, and if Boba Fett talks.

This game has the makings of a space classic.

3 Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is technically a TV series, but there’s so much good drama going on in this series that we couldn’t have excluded it. We recommend choosing a season and watching it from beginning to end, creating one of the most enjoyable film marathons of all time.

You can drink whenever Hodor says “Hodor,” whenever someone says “Mother of Dragons,” if Tyrion drinks, if Jon Snow is called a “bastard,” if Valkyrian steel is mentioned, and you chug during nude scenes, if Tyrion makes a quip or says something sexual, if a White Walker appears or if Ned Stark is referenced.

Finally, you get to chug whenever a main character dies, whenever Ramsay Snow tortures someone, whenever the Iron Throne is referenced, and whenever a dragon breathes fire. You’re gonna have a good time with this one.

The new season of the show will be coming out this July, so make sure you keep this article in your favorites and use it for later this year, or even for your next vacation.

2 Harry Potter

This is another film series that requires a marathon in order to reap the full rewards of it. Harry Potter is the book and film series of the millennial generation, and it’s one of those franchises that’s larger than life itself despite being fiction.

There’s a lot of drinking involved during the Harry Potter game so pay attention: you drink when the full name “Harry Potter” is spoken; you drink when Hermione gets angry; you drink when twins speak in unison; you drink when Hagrid cries; you drink when the word “brilliant” is uttered, and you drink when points are awarded to any house.

There will also be drinking when points are taken away from a house; when Ron makes his wide-eyed, wide-mouthed Home Alone expression, when Snape appears unexpectedly in a scary way, when Mrs. Norris appears, when Malfoy taunts somebody, when an elder issues a stern warning, when somebody that looked good is bad, when somebody that looked bad is good, and when Dumbledore lets know a secret that he’s too wise to talk about.

Yup, you’re gonna get hammered.

1 The Hangover

One of the most iconic spring break films of all time is The Hangover. The movie epitomizes what spring break is all about with its series of wild and unpredictable adventures that make things a little scary, a little tense, but very exciting.

The movie came out eight years ago but it still holds its own as the comedy film of an era. You can watch it and re-watch it and never get sick of it, and the fact that it is the best-selling comedy DVD of all time speaks for itself. Here’s what you have to do if you’re looking for a crazy night out this spring break.

Drink whenever you see a Las Vegas landmark, whenever there are neon lights, whenever Alan copies Phil, whenever Stu touches his missing tooth or refers to it, and when someone gets hurt.

You can also drink whenever Mike Tyson makes an appearance, but that last one is optional.

Sources:  Pinterest

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