15 Movie Characters Who Looked Hot AF On The Job

Sometimes we just want to escape into a movie and forget about all the things happening in our real world. We want our movies to transport us, make us laugh, and sometimes just offer a short break fro

Sometimes we just want to escape into a movie and forget about all the things happening in our real world. We want our movies to transport us, make us laugh, and sometimes just offer a short break from life stuff. It really helps when there's big explosions, suspenseful plot twists, car chases or even a monster or two. But most importantly, we want to see pretty ladies being good at what they do.

Whether they're a dancer, a reporter, or a used bookstore owner, every single woman on this list looks damn good. And not only are they looking good, they are doing it while kicking ass at their respective jobs. There's nothing more sexy than a hard-working woman, and below is a list of 15 women being a boss.

Here's a list of some of our favorite onscreen ladies looking ridiculously hot doing their jobs, and why they are giving us tingles and feels.

15 Mikaela Banes - Mechanic (Transformers)

Photo: TalkieWood

Just one look at Megan Fox under the hood of this car is enough to make me run out to my garage and yank out a handful of wires. Her role as Mikaela Barnes in the Transformers movies is one of her best, and hottest, if you ask us.

Mikaela has both brains and beauty, and her talent for working on cars comes from her car-thief dad. When she was young, he'd bring her along on his heists, and she learned her way around under the hood. She also grew up with the boy next store, Sam, but didn't really notice him until they were both grown up and dealing with those raging hormones.

The day she accepted the ride from him changed both their lives, and they are now destined to fight with, and against, an alien race of cars. As a car expert and loyal friend, she's the perfect person to have by your side in situations like this. You know, if you find yourself in the sorts of situations that involve fighting battles against evil, transforming automobiles.

14 Joy Mangano - Inventor/Entrepreneur (Joy)

Photo: LA Weekly

There aren't many things more attractive than pluck, and Jennifer Lawrence's character, Joy, has that in spades. As a divorced mother of two, Joy grinds it out from day to day at a dead end job, living in a small house with what seems like every single member of her extended family.

She turns an idea for a new kind of mop into an empire, fighting to be heard and to be taken seriously among all the nonsense she has to balance at home. There's a schleppy ex-husband, a nutty mother, and two sweet children that she has to take care of on her own.

Joy's got determination and grit sure, but she's also got a cool, vintage style that makes her hectic life seem like no sweat. There's something about a woman in a pair of '70s aviators that is downright beguiling. Add in a sexy bob and a leather jacket, and that's good enough for me.

13 Tanya Vanderpoel - Investigative Reporter (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot)

Photo: BlackFilm

Margot Robbie has range, we'll give her that. In the course of a couple of years, she played Tarzan's demure Jane, the insane Harley Quinn, and the serious and determined Tanya Vanderpoel. Margot plays opposite Tina Fey in Whiskey, Tango Foxtrot, and both are war time correspondents for a major television network. In between dodging bullets and evading bombs, they scramble to get the best stories in the fastest time.

Stationed smack dab in the middle of a Middle Eastern war zone, Tanya and her cohorts do serious investigative political reporting by day and heavy partying by night. Touring the country looking for stories to send back to the American network can get a little stressful, not to mention the close quarters of the hotel they in which they all stay.

Tanya turns out to be kinda shady to her fellow reporters, but she gets what she wants. And that's sexy as hell, just like the tight cargo pants she's constantly sporting and the thin layer of desert sand that always makes her look like she's overdue for a bath.

12 Carolina - Bookstore Owner (Desperado)

It's my firm belief that Salma Hayek would look good cleaning her gutters, so her role as the sexy bookstore owner is just over the top. Her character, Carolina, digs a bullet out of El Mariachi and in return, he recruits her to hunt down and kill his archnemesis.

If you think the owner of a small used-book store owner would be a terrible person to include in your vendetta, you have probably never seen a Salma Hayek movie. She's a total badass, and there isn't anything hotter than a woman who can handle her own in a tense situation.

Carolina blazes into a compound of menacing gangsters and leaves as one of the only ones standing. Of course, you have El Mariachi's guitar case full of guns to thank for some of the mayhem, but Carolina fought off the bad guys and saved her own day. Hot.

11 Jinx Johnson - NSA Agent (Die Another Day)

Photo: LATimes

What's hotter than a bikini with a utility belt? Halle Berry wearing said bikini, that's what.

In Die Another Day, Berry played an NSA agent, brought in to team up with James Bond to save the world from a North Korean villain and investigate his role in a diamond ring. She has a lot of practical business in the film, but that isn't stopping us from dubbing her our favorite, and sexiest, Bond girl. Not just all T and A, Jinx Johnson is a skilled and practiced operative that not only gets her guy, but gets the job done smoothly and with grace. She probably could've done both her and Bond's job, and never broke a sweat.

Of all the beach scenes, in all the  movies in the history of cinema, my very favorite is the one in which Halle Berry emerges from the ocean, in that infamous orange suit, ready to save the world from nefarious bad guys and global disorder.

10 Lily - Ballerina (Black Swan)

Photo: HelloGiggles

Having a dark side can be a turn on. But Mila Kunis' character in Black Swan might have taken it a little too far. In the competitive world of professional dance, it can get cutthroat among it's professionals. You hear about acts of horror and atrocities carried out by dancers jealous of another in their company, and Lily takes that stereotype to the extreme.

Lily befriends another dancer, Nina, as a way to get closer to her so she may undermine her as the lead role in Swan Lake. The more Nina succeeds, the more obsessed Lily becomes at sabotaging her performance. It takes a lot to look sexy while slowly going nuts, but Mila Kunis pulls it off seamlessly.

Maybe it's the leotards and tight shorts, or possibly the steamy lesbian scene between Kunis and Natalie Portman, but Lily is sexy as hell. Sexy enough that you could possibly overlook the crazy for just a little while. But not for too long...

9 Sara Melas - Tabloid Reporter (Hitch)

Photo: WeSharePics

Eva Mendes doesn't often get to be the "girl next door," but her role as Sara Melas in Hitch was as close as she's come in a while. True, she plays a tabloid reporter trying to trick relationship expert, Alex "Hitch" Hitchens into fodder for a story, but she looks damn fine in a sundress.

Sara has to suffer through several disastrous and awkward dates, but she takes it in stride every time. There's nothing more captivating than a good sport, and a girl who can go with the flow is an exceptional find. I can't imagine many girls who would keep as collected as she did when their date has a ridiculously exaggerated allergic reaction and his face swells up to twice its size.

Even though she was keeping a secret about her true motives, she was still kind and compassionate to him, and the way she looks in a wetsuit totally makes up for the tiny white lies she has to tell to get the story.

8 Dr. Julia Harris - Dentist (Horrible Bosses)

Photo: YouTube

To be clear, it still is sexual harassment if your boss is as hot as Jennifer Aniston, even though you might wish it wasn't. Aniston plays dentist Julia Harris. This character is among the most awful bosses of all time. Appearing in both instalments of the Horrible Bosses franchise, Dr. Harris really does lives up to the film's title.

Dr. Harris comes on to her employee, Dale, in a super aggressive way. But not in the good kind of aggressive. She stalks, annoys, and intimidates him, trying to lure him into a sexual relationship. Inexplicably, she wants to have sex with her way less hot employee, feeling challenged by his loyalty to his fiancé. Although it might be hard to believe anybody could say no to this beauty, her psycho totally cancels out her beauty.

You think you could make it happen with a woman who took compromising pictures of you while you were passed out and threatened to show your girl? Probably not.

7 Black Widow S.H.I.E.L.D. Spy (Avengers)

Photo: Black Widow

There's no getting around it: Scarlett Johansson is a total smoke show. Pour her into a tight leather catsuit, add some kickass martial arts, and top it off with fiery red hair, and it's a real game changer.

Every single thing Black Widow does is hot... I mean she could probably eat a sandwich wearing that suit and her enemies would stop and swoon. Even though she doesn't have any actual superpowers, she's still the most badass Avenger in the bunch. Having been trained by both Russia and American special forces, she's a match for every enemy she fights.

Besides those curves and moves, she's also chock full of secrets and intrigue. She's a trained spy and assassin, and she can fight along side you just as easily as she could turn and fight against you. She's mysterious and seductive, but when it comes time to do battle, she's all business.

6 Nancy Callahan - Dancer (Sin City)

Photo: ScreenCrush

By it's very nature, the profession of exotic dancer is going to be sexy. But Jessica Alba adds a layer of provocativeness that won't soon be forgotten. She plays Nancy Callahan, former almost-victim of a serial child killer. Police Officer John Hartigan is gravely injured trying to save her, and he believes he's going to die. He survives and goes to prison, and they exchange letters for the eight years he's there. He is released and comes to find her, and she admits to being in love with him.

All grown up in the best possible way, Nancy goes on to work as an exotic dancer, and she probably makes a lot of money at it — she's definitely hot. The relationship between her and Hartigan evolves, but once Alba appears on screen in those chaps and bra top, it's hard to keep our minds on the finer points of the plot.

There's some other stuff that happens once Hartigan and Nancy are reunited, but it's really her dance with the lasso that's the standout winner in this role.

5 Lieutenant Nyota Uhura - Communications Officer (Star Trek Beyond)

Photo: Collider

Zoe Saldana had big shoes to fill when she accepted the role of Lt. Uhura in the Star Trek franchise. It was (and still is) a very important role for black women, and continues to be a ground breaking character. As the translator and communications officer, specializing in linguistics, cryptography, and philology, Uhura was part of the main crew, one of the first to be African American.

Trailblazing is arousing, and watching Uhura do her job working those switches and levers just does something to a body. In fact, watching all this and then listening to her do it in dozens of languages might just be the hottest thing in the galaxy. Caught in a low-key love triangle between Spock and Kirk, you have to admire a woman who can handle all that sexual tension and still be the best at her job.

4 Carol Ferris - VP Of Ferris Aircraft (Green Lantern)

Photo: Collider

Check out Blake Lively with all that dark hair. Who says blondes are better? As Carol Ferris in the Green Lantern reboot, she works as the vice president to her dad's aircraft company. Her childhood friend, Hal, who is also the Green Lantern, thinks she might be more suited as a test pilot rather than desk bound in that corporate job.

As much as Hal knows her, she knows him as well, and immediately recognizes him as the superhero behind the mask. How cool is it to have a woman know you so well, she's able to hone in on your secret identity right off the bat? Passion is wonderful, but there is an inherent sexiness in being with someone who knows you inside and out.

There's an allure in the familiarity, and the relationship that develops between Carol and Green Lantern is proof that sometimes passion isn't the sexiest thing a woman can bring to a relationship.

3 Louisa "Lou" Clark - Professional Caregiver (Me Before You)

Photo: NY Daily News

Emilia Clarke had to travel leaps and bounds to get from Daenerys Targaryen to Louisa Clark. One character is the Mother of Dragons, and the other is maternal caretaker to a quadriplegic grouch. Louisa, Lou, is sunny and upbeat, and works really hard to offer comfort to a patient who is cranky and sour.

Lou offers empathy, compassion, and earnestness to someone who clearly doesn't want it. A smile and a nurturing personality go a long way, and Lou is desperately adorable because of hers. Her quirky style is just a perk to her character. Bright colors, mismatched patterns, and kooky accessories make her as charming as she is sweet. That's an irresistible combination in a woman with such obvious good looks.

Although the movie ends in a brutal and heart-breaking way, Lou is always the bright spot. Even when you're crying your eyes out in the last few minutes, you can appreciate how brilliant she is.

2 Beca Mitchell - Aspiring Record Producer/Intern (Pitch Perfect 2)

Photo: Collider

Anna Kendrick is the very best at sly wit and cheeky humor, and her Pitch Perfect character, Beca all over that. At first too cool for the school's all-girl a cappella group, the Barden Bellas, Beca came around once she grew to love the bunch of weirdos she sang with.

While nobody usually loves a girl who thinks she's better than anybody, Beca's willingness to accept all the girls in the group is really endearing. She takes the lead of the Bellas, and the friendships she forms show what a cool girl she is. She also really likes to win, and her competitiveness takes those weirdos straight to the championship.

Her laid-back, rock-n-roll look adds to the attraction. On the surface, she looks like she might bite your head off for any ol' thing, but once you get to know her, you'll realize how smart and funny she really is.

1 Heather Lee - Head Of The CIA Cyber Ops Division (Jason Bourne)

Photo: Universal

These days, it would be really handy to have a girlfriend with superior hacking skills and outstanding digital knowledge. And it would really be practical for her to be the head of the CIA. Alicia Vikander plays just such a lady in the Jason Bourne movie.

Heather Lee, newly appointed boss of the CIA, takes an interest in Jason Bourne because of his connections with a shared enemy, but ultimately decides he is still, indeed, a US patriot. Whew, what a relief to have such a powerful, accomplished woman on your side. That could make any man develop an extreme crush. Being a boss is sexy enough, but having her in your corner, making sure you get what you deserve is moving.

Although her intentions get a little murky toward the end of film, it seems like she was out to help him, and she bailed him out of a few jams. You can be cautiously optimistic when it comes to her intentions and still crush on her super hard.


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