15 Most Unnecessarily Expensive Things Jay-Z And Beyoncé Have Ever Bought

Mega pop-star Beyoncé and rap king Jay-Z have been married since 2008, and have only risen in prominence and power since their union. Both of them grew up from nothing, and became defining voices in their musical genres. And even before they were at the height of their powers, they were known around the world. The couple were among the most famous musicians in the world just when they were single, but together they continued growing in terms of money and power over the years to become the very definition of the A-list. And as such, they’ve managed to bring their own ideas of style and cool to every single facet of their lives while having the sheer stacks of money to back it all up.

In 2017, Jay-Z’s was named the second-richest hip hop artist in America by Forbes Magazine, and the magazine listed Beyoncé as the single most powerful female in the world of entertainment. And with the capital that those stations bring, the two have been going all out and enjoying the high life. Whether it’s pampering their young children with the kind of presents we could only ever dream of, giving one another presents that exceed most people’s entire annual budget like it was nothing, or just deciding that they want the absolute finest no matter the cost – this couple have been making some of the most insane purchases of the last few years like it’s just a trip down to the grocery store. Here are fifteen of the craziest things that Jay-Z and Beyoncé have spent entire fortunes on.

15 An $88 Million Mansion

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As one of the prime couples of entertainment, it makes sense that Beyoncé and Jay-Z would want to live in a home that’s befitting of that kind of station. But they went above and beyond what even their peers can attest to with their purchase of a massive compound in Los Angeles for a staggering $88 million. The compound stretches out across 30,000 square-feet of space and contains eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms spread out across six buildings. Each of the buildings have bulletproof floor-to-ceiling glass panels throughout that open electronically at the touch of a button, because the future is amazing. Beyond that, the grounds to the home stretch out 10,000 additional square-feet and home a basketball court, four separate swimming pools, and a personal spa and fitness center.

14 A $26 Million Home In The Hamptons

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As if their brand new mansion in the heart of Southern California wasn’t enough, the couple also flexed some extra cash this past year and bought another house, this one on the other side of the country. The luxurious $26 million dollar home is over a hundred years old, and sits amidst a beautiful 17-acre meadow preserve. It even overlooks a quaint pond, and basically looks like every rich dream you’ve ever had. While it may not stretch out as far as their personal compound on the West Coast, this elegant house instead can boast to imported Italian marble, all throughout the house. While the couple has previously rented out the building, last year they made the decision to purchase it as a secluded retreat in New England.

13 A Rose Diamond Gold Bracelet For Their Daughter

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z are currently parents to three children – their eldest daughter Blue Ivy was born almost six years ago, and their twins (daughter Rumi and son Sir) were born just this past year. Beyoncé’s pregnancy in 2017 was a massive running story for countless magazines and websites, so it’s fair to imagine that the future big sister was feeling a little left out. But her parents proved to be thoughtful enough to keep that in mind, and still made sure to remind her how much she means to them. Among other things, the pair took her (and four bodyguards, naturally) to the famed Beverly Hills jeweler XIV Karats to buy her a gorgeous gold bracelet adorned with rose diamonds as a Valentine's Day present.

12 $40 Million Private Jet

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If you’ve ever gone flying and had to deal with the depressing and aggravating realities of air travel, then you’ve dreamed of having your own private jet that could take you around the world. But that’s just the reality for Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The two bought their own private jet for a staggering $40 million, which gives them the ability to just crawl into the plane in their relaxing (but still insanely expensive) track suits and not have to deal with a single extra person along the way. Beyoncé showed off the jet in a series of pictures posted online earlier this year, and even by the standards of private jets that exceed expectation, it’s a shocking how nice that private plane happens to be.

11 A Golden Rocking Horse

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When Blue Ivy was younger, she was showered with the kind of presents you would expect the first-born daughter of this mega couple. And while a lot of those gifts might have been a bit over-the-top, none of it compares to the sheer insanity of Jay-Z’s present to her – a solid gold rocking horse. Firstly, one has to wonder why that even exists in the first place. Secondly, it is a shocking present for a celebrity to buy their kid, simply because it is so obviously extravagant and unnecessary. Blue certainly would not have enjoyed it any more because it was made of gold. The horse was built by Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka for a whopping $600,000. And it’s a rocking horse. But the first family of pop culture can afford the finest of everything, including something as seemingly basic as a rocking horse for their newborn. Just imagine what the sweet sixteen is going to look like.

10 $350,000 In Birkin Bags

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Christmas with this family must be something special. Even beyond just getting to spend time with the family and enjoy one another’s company, they also just have the ability to throw entire stores' worth of presents at one another. Take their Christmas celebration in 2010, when Jay-Z surprised her with some Birkin bags. And sure, for most couples, a single bag would be enough to serve as a great present. But Jay-Z went above and beyond the call with this gift when he presented her with roughly $350,000 in the luxury designer Hermes Birkin bags. Those are enough bags to impress entire legions of style conscious women, and Jay-Z basically bought all of them to count as a single present. The other half leads a pretty nice life.

9 A Private Island

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When most people turn twenty nine, they get taken out to a good dinner and maybe get something they’ve been eyeing for a while. When Beyoncé turned 29, she got a private island from her husband, because why not? Seriously, she got an island of her own just 2.5 miles off the coast of Florida. Described as a tropical paradise by visitors, the island stretches 12.5 acres in the warm Florida heat, and offers the couple a beautiful private piece of sandy beaches and clear water. The island ultimately cost Jay-Z $20 million, which sounds nuts until you realize that the price sounds about right for a private island of your own. Jay-Z just wants to ruin every other man’s hopes of every giving their wives the best gift in the world.

8 The Houston Rockets

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Beyoncé has always been a big fan of basketball, being spotted at stadiums around the country. So it makes sense that she wanted to get a stake in a major team, and this past year she made the first steps towards owning a team of her own. Born in Houston, she naturally was interested in owning a part of her hometown Houston Rockets. And while initially it seemed like there would be some serious roadblocks towards her finally managing to get a stake in the franchise, the current owner of the team Tilman Fertitta has expressed excitement from the idea of teaming up with the music star. And come on – you know you want to see the halftime show she thinks is good enough for the court.

7 $300,000 Heels

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You expect someone like Beyoncé to have some severely impressive shoes in her closet, but nothing compares to a specific set of heels she happens to own. The Princess Constellation stilettos came from the famed House of Borgezie, and are even more impressive than you would dream of. Each pair of heels is molded to a specific person’s pair of feet using plaster, and then they insure the shoes with a lifetime guarantee. The shoes are then fitted with 1,290 gorgeous stones. And not only did she get those shoes for her own closet, she also was able to use them as a work expense – they’ve since been used in some of her music videos, giving the jeweller some great exposure in some of the most popular music videos in the world.

6 $1 Million Worth Of Wigs

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According to In Touch, Beyoncé has a personal collection of wigs that are worth more than most of us will ever see in our entire lifetimes. Seriously, her wig collection has managed to be worth more than an estimated $1 million. She reportedly keeps a climate controlled closet within her home, where she can properly take care of her wigs. According to friends of the star, most of them are actually custom-made from real human hair, with some of them are even worth $10,000 on their own. To her credit, Beyoncé has made a habit of taking any of the wigs that end up out of rotation and donating them to charities that work with women going through chemotherapy. That’s pretty awesome of you, Beyoncé.

5 Diamond And Gold Vampire Grill

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Seriously? Even if people don’t like celebrities going big with their personal effects, that’s amazing. Beyoncé showcased her new grill on Tumblr, showing off her new shiny pair of vampire fangs before she brought it front and center in the "Bow Down" music video. The stylish piece could have been a simple fake prop used for the shoot, but instead Beyoncé decided to make sure the piece was as real as it possibly could be. That meant using real gold and actual diamonds to make sure the piece was as amazing as it possibly could be. The grill blew up the internet when she first revealed it, as any real diamond and gold vampire grill should. That’s the sort of thing only Beyoncé could pull off, and boy does she pull it off.

4 $4 Million Worth Of Cars

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When most celebrities become famous, they make sure to upgrade from the average ride they’ve been using for some fancy and impressive new car. But Beyoncé and Jay-Z, being at the very top of the A-list, decided to go big on cars – and we mean big. Jay-Z’s personal collection is worth $15 million on its very own, and includes rides likes the Zonda F. Beyoncé doesn’t mess around either, driving around in the extremely rare and incredibly impressive Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR. But the most recent big addition to the collection came on Jay-Z’s birthday, when Beyoncé surprised him with a stunning white $2 million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. Most of us get by on having a nice book collection – these two are collecting the finest cars in the world.

3 Diamond Encrusted Barbie Doll

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Okay, Blue Ivy has just been getting the dream presents of every little girl in the world since she was born. And one of the most impressive might have been the gift she got for her first birthday, a princess themed event for the little girl: her own unique version of a Barbie doll. But the doll didn’t just come from Wal-Mart or Toys "R" Us. The specifically designed doll includes 160 separate diamond gems across the body, and is even adorned with white gold jewelry. The doll set her parents back $80,000, which is the kind of money parents don’t drop on every combined present to their children, let alone a single gift when they’re still just one year old. Seriously, the bar is high for her big birthdays later in life.

2 $250,000 In Champagne

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See, its stuff like this that makes being a celebrity seem all the more fun. In 2011, Jay-Z ended up at a Miami club while celebrating his new album with Kanye West. But to his surprise, he found himself in the same club that Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has used to celebrate the Mavericks to win the NBA Finals just a few months prior. And when Cuban came, he ended up spending over $100,000 on champagne in a single night. So Jay-Z decided to best that, and went all out. And by that, what we mean is that he dropped a grand total of $250,000 on champagne throughout the night. He even picked up a 15-liter bottle that cost $100,000 just on its own, just to make sure that he definitely outspent Cuban.

1 $6,000 Worth Of Playthings

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It takes a healthy relationship to allow a couple to go shopping at an adult entertainment store together. But not only are Jay-Z and Beyoncé confident enough in their relationship to recover from infidelity on his part, but they’ve also been spotted going in and out of a major New York adult entertainment store during the Christmas of 2013. The couple ended up spending roughly $6,000 at the store. Some of the things they bought were even reportedly gold-plated, which seems extravagant. But it’s still a very nice attribute of their relationship that the couple can go do that kind of shopping with that much money to throw at it.

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