15 Most Thought-Provoking Photos Of Cara Delevingne

Although there are a handful of models that have been able to successfully transition into the world of acting, there are far more that have failed in their attempts to become a fully-fledged actress. When it comes to young models, the statistics are far worse in comparison and it can seem even more difficult for them to become a respected actress. Yet, Cara Delevingne seems to be breaking all of the rules when it comes to the amount of success a young model can have in Hollywood. She has quickly become the new “It” girl in both modeling and acting, with a huge amount of success coming from her role as Enchantress in the 2016 hit film, Suicide Squad.

With her acting career starting off with a large amount of acclaim and success, her modeling career has gone through the roof in recent years as well. She is a favorite amongst some of the biggest names in the fashion industry and has walked the runway in shows all around the world. On top of being a favorite for pictorial spreads and magazine covers, she’s also gained quite a reputation as being one of the most liked within the inner circle of Young Hollywood. Her gal pals are some of the biggest names in modeling, the acting world, and the music industry. While there are some celebrities that have to maintain a pristine look and persona in order to climb the success ladder in Hollywood, Delevingne seems to be having the best of luck just by being herself. Check out our list of the 15 most thought-provoking photos of Cara Delevingne and see what all the hubbub is about with this new blonde beauty in Hollywood.

15 Sexual Innuendo Pose

There are other models that are known for their cattiness at runway shows and their rivals within the modeling world. Yet, Cara Delevingne is known for her incredible closeness with some of the other big names in the modeling industry. From the Hadid sisters to Suki Waterhouse, it seems like Delevingne is friends with everyone. Yet, many have speculated about exactly how close she is with the other females in the industry since there have been numerous photos of her and Kendall Jenner that have made people wonder about Delevingne’s sexual preference. This photo, in particular, had many people wondering whether or not it was a sexual innuendo of sorts. However, it can also be taken as a nod to all of the speculations in a way to poke fun at them. The meaning of the photo and pose remains a mystery but it’s definitely a thought-provoking photo that continues to make people wonder.

14 Gold Grills

As one of Hollywood’s young elite, Cara Delevingne is often viewed as a trendsetter through her fashion choices and overall look. Her naturally bushy eyebrows are a major point of jealousy for women all over the world that would kill to stay on trend with this look and she always seems to make it on the “Best dressed” lists on the red carpet. Yet, not all of her fashion choices have been heralded as being a trailblazing moment for this highly acclaimed model. While meeting up with a few friends, Delevingne was photographed wearing a pair of gold grills. It’s true that fashion trends seem to be cyclical over time and everything seems to come back in favor with the public. Yet, these particular gold grills seemed like a huge mistake. They looked like dodgy teeth rather than a style choice and pairing it with a forest preserve-style hat wasn’t exactly the best choice either.

13 Her Risque Shoot For Allure

Allure magazine is known for its completely nude spreads that feature some of the biggest names in both the entertainment and sports industry. The photos are always tastefully done to accentuate the natural beauty of the human body, rather than some of the other magazines that are known for nude celebrity spreads with more of a raunchy side. In the October 2014 issue of Allure magazine, Cara Delevingne posed in a nude pictorial spread shot by the famed photographer, Mario Testino. She was completely nude with a side pose turned towards the camera. The only coverage was through her long flowing blonde locks and some carefully placed hands. Yet, she did have a chain and padlock Chanel accent wrapped in one of her hands. This may have been symbolic of her forced relationship “chained” to fashion through her work as a model but whatever the case, it made for an extremely steamy photo.

12 Lion Tattoo And Thick Brows

Cara Delevingne has been known for her incredible passion towards animal rights and has posed in various photos in order to gain awareness all over the world. Yet, that doesn’t always say the same thing for every celebrity. The PETA campaign that has showcased various celebrities in the buff has sometimes turned into just a way to gain publicity for the celeb rather than to gain awareness for the cause. Yet, this photo shows that Delevingne isn’t just posing for a campaign and letting it go. The photo makes sure to showcase a lion tattoo on her finger and holding it close to her face, the viewer can draw a few comparisons between herself and this animal known for its wild mane. Delevingne is known for her trademark eyebrows and her facial expression seems to show that she is unapologetic about her wild “mane” as well.

11 Pulled Ponytail

Celebrities and models alike are often posed in questionable photoshoots that reference bondage and sexually submissive depictions. They are often highly controversial and bring on heavy criticism over the type of message that is trying to be conveyed. The criticism has sometimes become damaging for the celebrity and brand, which has made some more hesitant to go that route. When Cara Delevingne was asked to pose for the famed photographer, Terry Richardson, the pictorial spread was actually quite simple compared to some of his other shoots. Many of the photos focus on different facial expressions that exude the biggest impact, including one where she can be seen sucking on her finger. Yet, this one made many think of it as a sexual innuendo due to her bra being revealed in the shot and the pulling of the ponytail.

10 Tattooed And Ready To Fight

Models often pose in a variety of different ways in order to convey a particular message, whether it’s to promote a designer product or to exude sex appeal. This particular photo conveys a few things to ponder upon closer inspection. While it is a little difficult to bypass the fact that Cara Delevingne looks absolutely gorgeous in this up-close photo, the pose and up-close camera angle say a lot about this blonde model. Her initials are tattooed on her hand in a bold and large script, which has actually been a source of contention for the designers seeking out to use her for their campaigns and runway shows. Models are meant to draw focus towards the apparel and products, which can be difficult to do when they have visible tattoos. Yet, that hasn’t stopped her from her tattoo obsession and proudly displays one of them in this photo. With fists up and ready to fight, this is an edgy side to her that really shines through in this picture.

9 Hairy Mustache

It seems like the most successful models all have a certain trademark feature that makes them instantly recognizable. From Cindy Crawford’s mole to the heroin chic look made famous through Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne’s claim to fame is her thick and overstated eyebrows. While other models are focused on a sleek and high arch to the brow, Delevingne prefers to let the hairs speak for themselves. Yet, it seems like her lack of attention in grooming the hairs on her face isn’t limited to solely her eyebrows. When attending the YSL Beauty: YSL Loves Your Lips event in 2015, Delevingne had a grown out mustache that was heavily photographed. While the thick eyebrows were seen as her signature trademark, her thick mustache was seen as a major faux pas.

8 Spider Pose Reference To Illuminati

Celebrities and models alike are known for posing with various animals through photo shoots, whether it’s a giant snake or something cuddly and cute. Even crocodiles have been used to pose alongside some of the world’s most beautiful people since it makes for an interesting photo to pair something scaly and rough with someone silky and smooth. Yet, this photo with a giant spider on the face of Cara Delevingne seems to be a little off-putting, to say the least. While many people would shudder at the thought of holding a spider of that size, the idea of placing the spider on their face seems absolutely unfathomable. While she should have been commended for her ability to endure this ordeal for the right photo, she was actually criticized due to the reference to the Illuminati. A number of celebrities have been accused of showing their allegiance to the Illuminati and this photo seems to depict the “evil eye.”

7 Lipstick Selfie For Smear Cancer Campaign

At first, this Cara Delevingne selfie picture looks like some sort of odd color correction technique to mask uneven skin tone issues. There has been a huge trend in recent years that have women using orange and green concealers to get rid of dark undereye bags or red tones in the skin. There has even been a trend in using red lipstick to cover up certain inconsistencies in the skin. Yet, this isn’t a contouring process Delevingne was going for. Instead, it was part of the Smear For Smear Cervical Cancer Campaign. After accepting the challenge and posting the smeared lipstick selfie to her social media, Delevingne nominated her sister, Poppy, and fellow model friends, Georgia May Jagger, Suki Waterhouse and Kendall Jenner. The photo helped to garner attention to this worthwhile campaign and showed that she’s not afraid to get down and dirty for a good cause.

6 Bizarre Mouth Accessory Look

The celebrity world is constantly filled with questionable fashion trends that aren’t always a huge hit with the general public. It seems like every red carpet event is filled with stars wearing incredibly strange ensembles that photograph well for those in Hollywood but would seem completely bizarre if worn by anyone else in any other setting. In the case of Cara Delevingne, she’s often been seen as a trailblazer when it comes to her choices in looks for pictorial spreads or red carpet events. Yet, it was her mouth accessory at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in 2014 that had people scratching their heads in puzzlement. Her gown was incredibly sexy, as she went braless and the lace overlay offered absolutely no modesty. Her hair looked flawless and her eyebrows were on point, as usual. However, she masterfully held a strange mouth accessory between her lips for the entire red carpet walk and people couldn’t really figure out what it was. This bejeweled toothpick contraption seemed to be a style choice for the model but it came off as a “miss” and hasn’t made an appearance since.

5 Funny Face

While most models make a habit of ensuring that they appear ultra-glamorous and sexy at all times, Cara Delevingne is known for poking fun at herself on more than one occasion. Mixed in with glamorous looks and couture gowns, she can’t seem to help herself from acting like a goof ball every now again. Her favorite funny face expressions are usually a variation of crossed eyes and a tongue hanging out of her mouth. There are a variety of these types of photos of Delevinge strewn over the Internet and some were even used in some of her high profile magazine pictorial spreads. She seems to be content with being able to poke fun at herself and it says a lot about her that she doesn’t always have to be the runway supermodel at all times.

4 Dirty And Punk

Oftentimes, Cara Delevingne is portrayed as an ultra-glamorous supermodel with a sophisticated look unparalleled to any of her fellow models. Yet, ever since she became a tattoo enthusiast, she has been seen as far edgier than anyone else walking the runways. Embracing that edgy rock star side, Delevingne posed for a pictorial spread that showed a completely different side to her than the public has become accustomed to in recent years. Her hair looks more than just a tad disheveled and her body is covered with decals that are far more thought-provoking than any of her current tattoos. This British beauty had a few nods to her heritage in the decals, including one of the Queen of England on her torso. This was one of her most striking pictorial spreads, even though it may not have been her most attractive look.

3 Fake Tattoos At The Met Gala

While there are some red carpet events that seem to be open to any and all celebrities, there are others that are by invitation only and are thought of as the end all for Hollywood’s elite. The annual Met Gala is one of those ultra-prestigious events that are worthy of much more preparation in regards to a celebrity’s overall look. At the 2015 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, Delevingne wore a Stella McCartney ensemble with cutout accents but the true focus was on the custom-created Chinese birds and blossoms-inspired tattoo decals created by the celebrity tattoo artist, Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy. The overall look was dramatic and unique and made a statement saying to the world that her body could be used as a work of art.

2 Puma Campaign

Celebrities are often used for brand endorsement campaigns and have become thought of as one of the main sources of income for some of Hollywood’s elite. Choosing the right celebrity to promote a certain designer or brand can mean the difference between a failing campaign and a huge growth in sales. When Puma began seeking out the new face for their Do You campaign, it was Cara Delevingne that truly fit the mold. She’s always been thought of as a model that marches to the beat of her own drummer and she was a great choice to garner attention to the campaign, as well as the brand. This photo was used in collaboration with the campaign and exudes a sense of strength and confidence that only Delevinge could add in a single picture.

1 I Am Not A Trophy Campaign

There have been a number of animal rights campaigns over the years and it’s not exactly a new concept for celebrities to be used to help garner attention to the campaign. In fact, one of the most infamous animal rights campaigns is the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign for PETA. Yet, the “I Am Not A Trophy” campaign is a completely new concept that is more than just animal rights. Combining the cause related to endangered species and the empowerment of women, this brand new campaign chose to make Cara Delevingne its first celebrity model. It brings awareness to trophy hunting and poaching and also makes a statement about the way women are viewed in today’s society. It’s a bit interesting the way the animal’s likeness is portrayed against Delevingne’s flesh but whatever the case, the campaign photos definitely help to spark a discussion.

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