16 Most Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions We Missed In Popular Shows

When it comes to TV, the censors are extra strict. They rarely let anything slip by them because if they did, someone would complain.

Nudity is one of the true pleasantries of life. It can also be disgusting. Really, it all depends on how you look at it. For the most part, when we see it in films or on television, we expect it. If we’re watching Game of Thrones, we plan on seeing nudity in every other scene. If we’re watching a sitcom on primetime television, we have hopes but no expectations. We get censor warnings at the beginning of TV and movies and ratings that tell us what’s in store for us, so surprises aren’t in the cards. Well, usually. Sometimes the people working the editing red tape mess up. After all, they’re only human. Sometimes nudity slips by them unnoticed. Sometimes they catch it but judge it to be innocent enough to let it stay or deem it to be unnoticeable by the naked eye. But, if there’s ever been nudity in a show, you can bet someone somewhere has spotted it.

When it comes to television, the censors are extra strict. They rarely let anything slip by them because if they did, someone would complain. But these people aren’t perfect. At least, they’re not as perfect as the do-gooders who write in to complain that they saw too much of Naomi Watts’ backside. When it comes to performances on television or live TV, things get even more risqué, and the editing process gets even more difficult. There’s only about a five-second delay and a lot can happen in that time. Over the years, there have been plenty of wardrobe malfunctions on TV shows. What we wanted to do is highlight all the times these happened on hugely popular shows. So no, you won’t be spotting all those sorry-not-sorry moments from Brazilian talk shows when the host (who is also in the buff) has all her clothes magically ripped off, leaving her naked on camera and we’re supposed to believe it’s an accident. We’re not sure if this has ever happened, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it had. To the best of our knowledge, these are all innocent wardrobe malfunctions on popular shows. Not all resulted in graphic nudity, but every single one of them was awkward. Here are the 15 Most Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions We Missed In Popular Shows.

16 Three’s Company

The legendary wardrobe malfunction on Three’s Company is embedded in the fabric of the pop culture mythos these days. Part of the reason why network television takes so much care in editing out and censoring all malfunctions is because of Three’s Company. The episode in question is “The Charming Stranger,” and in it, the nutty John Ritter character is sitting on a bed in loose-fitting blue shorts. As he moves around, the clothing malfunctions and stops covering up things. It’s only for a brief second, but that fallout was like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill.

15 Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Whenever you get beautiful celebrities on a talk show wearing loose-fitting clothing, you’re bound to see some questionable angles but it’s not always clear what is visible and what isn’t. On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, guest Miranda Kerr was on and talking about face cream. The entire time, she’s angled so that we can see straight into her loose-fitting top from the side. In real time, it’s almost impossible to know what we saw or what we didn’t, but people have slowed it down. There is a malfunction there, folks. This is not a test. There are actually several malfunctions just in case you missed the first one.

14 Celebrity Big Brother

Stacy Francis is a halfway celebrity. She had a decent singing career. She was in a very public fight with Whitney Houston, not long before Houston was found dead in her bathtub, and she was also on the first season of X Factor. Most recently, Francis found herself on Celebrity Big Brother. Obviously, they play pretty fast and loose with the term celebrity. It didn’t take long for Francis to make her exit from the house, but when she did, she made an unforgettable exit. Wearing a very high-cut dress, Francis decided that this was a no underwear kind of day. With every step, her private area was exposed. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, the poor woman posed for photographers while on a staircase, standing with her legs apart to make the high cut even higher. At one point, she even pulled the dress up to help her negotiate the staircase. It wasn’t until after the damage was done that Francis realized she may have just flashed her nether regions to the entire world numerous times.

13 Late Show With David Letterman

Eva Longoria could have been on this list a couple of times from different shows, but we decided to go with her Late Show with David Letterman appearance. During the interview, it became very apparent early on that Longoria was wearing nothing underneath a jacket. The angle she was sitting at gave the camera an eyeful but it was tough to spot details. It was clear, however, that from Letterman’s vantage point, the view was much more glorious. At one point in the interview, it dawned on the people at home, Is that jacket meant to be so wide open? Then, as Longoria adjusted herself, she realized that the jacket was exposing much more than she intended. Right as she fixes it, Letterman is leaning in toward her. What we get is a pretty awkward moment of Letterman looking directly into the white-hot sun as Longoria rearranges herself.

12 Dancing With The Stars

Every so often on Dancing with the Stars, the competitors have a wardrobe problem that is remedied quickly. Sometimes, the producers quickly switch to a logo during the problem spots. Other times, they edit it out completely. Sometimes, however, the performance is left alone. That’s what happened with Monique Coleman during her routine. At one point in the dance, Coleman’s shoe got caught her skirt during a turn. When she stepped down with that foot, the bottoms came down as well, revealing her entire backside. Coleman was quick to react and pulled up the skirt before anything got too graphic, but we remember.

11 Good Morning America

Pretty much everywhere Nicki Minaj goes, she takes a wardrobe malfunction with her. Is it all that shocking when this happens on TV? Not anymore. But, the event on Good Morning America is worthy of discussion, if only because the length of time in which the malfunction went on. During her performance of “Where the Girls At?” Minaj showed the crowd and the people watching at home exactly where they were at. After jumping around on stage rather vigorously, Minaj’s top had come down too far, exposing too much of herself. She then went on singing without a care in the world. It took some time until she noticed, adjusted herself, gave the crowd an embarrassed smile, and then kept on going as if this kind of thing happens all the time. Well, it does happen all the time.

10 The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

When Sarah McDaniels, the Playboy model, appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, nothing appeared to fall out or show up when or where it wasn’t supposed to, but that’s only because McDaniels adjusted her dress every few seconds. In what might have been one of the most awkward interviews on record, McDaniels struggled to pay attention to Colbert because of how extremely uncomfortable she was in her dress. Considering how attractive she is, McDaniels also had to fight off all the wishes that were being sent her way from the audience, countless people just hoping the dress decided to fall right off her body. She obviously didn’t trust that it would stay up and keep her covered either, so we stopped trusting it. Each adjustment would only ease her mind for about three seconds. Eventually, Colbert asked if she needed duct tape or a poncho. By the end, he just grabbed a tissue and covered her chest with it to make her feel more comfortable.

9 Fox & Friends

You don’t expect to see any of the Kardashians on Fox & Friends, let alone seeing as much of a Kardashian as we saw of Khloe when she came on the show to promote being rich and famous or whatever the hell she was doing there. Wearing a sheer top, Kardashian appeared to believe that she was completely covered up top, but that was a silly mistake. While her top was made of cloth, it was completely see-through in certain areas. So, while the awkward hosts giggled about who knows what, Kardashian’s nipple was on display for everyone in attendance and watching at home.

8 The Voice

Whenever a singer is performing on stage, especially for a show like The Voice, which is about the voice, we tend to pay attention to just that. That wasn’t quite possible when poor Natasha Lockhart, a finalist on the Australia version of the show, had completed her song. There she stood with her shirt off to the side, leaving the entire half of her body exposed. Incredibly, no one standing next to her told her, the censors didn’t catch it, and the producers never cut the camera away. We just all sat in shock and stared at what we were seeing.

7 Strictly Come Dancing

When Chelsee Healey was being twirled around by her partner on Strictly Come Dancing, it wasn’t hard to see that something was wrong. She kept looking down and readjusting her top. This got everyone’s eyes trained on the problem areas. By the end of the performance, it was as if she had completely forgotten about the dance and was just ensuring that her breasts weren’t exposed on national television. There was some nudity there, but not a whole lot. She did end up breaking down into tears afterward, afraid that she had cost herself the competition. In the end, though, there was a malfunction. Healey did save herself from worse embarrassment. Had the top come down, it could have been pretty awkward.

6 American Idol

You would think American Idol would have more wardrobe malfunctions than they do, but their editors must be good at their jobs. Well, they aren’t perfect. There was one moment that they missed, and it involved the contestant Naima Adedapo. During one of her performances, Naima did this very strange leap. In the jump, she thrust her arms upwards as well. The issue was that the tight top she had on was not aware that she was going to be performing this jump and arm thrust, so it stayed put. This left most of her upper body exposed during the jump. It was visible in real time, so we’re not sure how it was missed.

5 How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother had a large audience and not very many opportunities for wardrobe malfunctions. It would seem that there could be no problems. But, in the “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns,” it is guest star Katie Holmes who had some issues. The best part about this whole thing is that the pumpkin costume is really not all that risqué. It’s funny for that reason. In the end, it’s this not-so-slutty dress that exposes too much of Holmes. The issue was that the dress didn’t quite cover up everything underneath, so fans caught a glimpse of one of Holmes’ nipples in one scene. It was a quick shot, but eagle-eyed fans spotted it and told the world.

4 Survivor: Gabon

Survivor has been around for a long time and has managed to stay relatively nudity-free that entire time. Whenever something pops out, the producers are quick to spot it and blur it. For the most part, Survivor has been notorious for over-blurring, covering everything and anything they felt could cause a stir. Well, that was until Survivor: Gabon. In this season, during one of the running shots, fans caught a glimpse of more than they bargained for. The contestant was Marcus Lehman, and he wore boxer shorts that allowed a little too much movement. During the ridiculous run-in, Marcus’ privates popped out of his shorts and remained exposed for a few seconds. It was awkward for everyone, especially those who were watching it with their parents. You can bet there was no eye contact in those rooms for a few minutes.

3 Watch What Happens Live

Of course, Nicki Minaj is in here a couple of different times. She’s responsible for half of all accidental nudity on TV. On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Minaj wore a very tight-fitting black shirt that seemed so tight, it squished out things Minaj didn’t want to be squished out in the open. The craziest part is that during this malfunction, the host was asking Minaj about her other wardrobe malfunctions. While this conversation is ongoing, Minaj is suffering from another wardrobe malfunction. This only draws more attention to the situation. Sure, this could have been a publicity stunt, but we doubt it. Networks don’t play around with nudity with the hawk-eyed FCC standing by ready to nail them. Or maybe they do?

2 America’s Got Talent

In season five of America’s Got Talent, two aerialists, Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon, were performing a rope routine when they messed up a bit. They got stuck and couldn’t quite make a seamless transition. To make matters worse, during this hiccup, when all our eyes are trained, attentive, and focused, Dejon had a major wardrobe malfunction. As she hung upside down, her corset-like top refused to cover her breasts. There she hung, unable to make the transfer and basically nude. While it was a compelling mishap, it’s a wonder how the censors missed it. Maybe they were looking away feeling sorry for the mishap and missed an even bigger mishap.

1 Dating Naked

If you have not seen Dating Naked, then you’ve missed out on some of the weirdest television shows ever. Imagine someone who would be comfortable going on a date naked on national television. Now, imagine two of those people going on a naked date on national television together. That’s bound to be one of the most obnoxious dates ever. Incredibly, it is and that’s also why it’s compelling TV. So, the premise here is simple: naked people go on a date and do the most unflattering things they could ever do naked. The producers blur out everything, so it’s pretty much like they’re clothed anyway. Well, Jessie Nizewitz didn’t get the same treatment as everyone else. On her naked date, she was asked to mud-wrestle with her partner, a fairly standard first-date activity. During this wrestling match, however, the producers seemed to forget about Jessie’s bottom half. So, as she’s suplexing her opponent into the ground, her privates are just out and about for the world to see. The worst part is that wrestling isn’t really the activity you want to be doing naked with no blur. It was an unflattering position to say the least.

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16 Most Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions We Missed In Popular Shows