15 Most Shocking Confessions Told By Celebrity Assistants

It's not easy being a personal assistant to a star with a diva-like personality, and it can take a toll on your own life.

Celebrities have very busy lives, so it's not surprising when a star hires a personal assistant to attend to the things they just can't get done. Whether it's picking up a gown for a red carpet premiere or even getting breakfast, these assistants are there for their star bosses no matter what, and they are very much appreciated for their hard work. However, some celebs need a lesson or two on how to treat their employees. It's not easy being a personal assistant to a star with a diva-like personality, and it can take a toll on your own life.

This list of 15 most shocking confessions told by celebrity assistants exposes the ruthless and heartless. We agree that celebrities have a lot on their plate, but that doesn't mean they have to treat their assistants like garbage. These shocking confessions are really juicy, and some assistants have even sued their celeb employer for mistreatment and lack of payments. For example, country star Garth Brooks was called "paranoid" and "vindictive" by his former assistant of 20 years, claiming she's a victim of his "vendettas." Marvel comics legend Stan Lee has reportedly caused his ex-assistant so much emotional distress that he filed a lawsuit against the celeb. Check out these 15 celebrities who need to learn a thing or two on how to play nice and pay their help.

15 Courtney Love - Promised Assistant A Full Ride To Yale

via: RollingStone

Rocker Courtney Love found herself in a mess of trouble with her former assistant, Jessica Labrie, who sued Love over "despicable content." Labrie worked besides Love for a year, but claimed that the celeb "acted with an improper and evil motive amounting to malice or despicable conduct." Labrie gave shocking details of what she was hired to do for Love, including working 60-hour overtime weeks without pay, forced to send false legal correspondence, and was forced to hire a computer hacker. Love also promised her assistant a full ride to Yale and a promised job working on the Nirvana biopic. The former assistant even mentioned that she dealt with anxiety, depression, and insomnia since working with Love.

14 Lady Gaga - Assistant Was Singer's Personal Alarm Clock

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It might seem fun working with someone as extravagant as Lady Gaga, but her former assistant will tell you otherwise. According to reports, Lada Gaga's former help, Jennifer O'Neill, filed a lawsuit seeking nearly $38,000 from the singer's touring company, stating she was owed for overtime. There were claims that O'Neill was literally her "personal alarm clock" and had to be there to give Gaga a clean towel every time she got out of the shower. Gaga, on the other hand, blasted her ex-assistant and called her things like a "disgusting human being" and plenty of nasty expletives. She added that instead of giving O'Neill her money, Gaga is going to give it all to her employees that "work hard" for her and "deserve it."

13 Naomi Campbell - Made Ridiculous Requirements

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We're not sure who would ever want to be Naomi Campbell's assistant after her string of abuse scandals. However, there are some brave people in the world, like her ex-assistant, Rebecca White. White only made Campbell's rap worse when she told the New York Post that the model would "intimidate and yell and gain her power by making people cry." The former aid told the Post that Campbell had crazy hotel requirements, which included the exact placement of 25 lily-scented candles that had to be from the specific brand Diptyque. Campbell also would make White send expensive gifts to women whose men she's slept with, stating, "I remember sending another model [a gift] because Naomi had slept with her boyfriend." Naomi replied, "Send something to make sure she thinks I'm her friend." At least White has never gotten a phone thrown at her.

12 Anna Wintour - Severly Critiques Her Assistants' Looks

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Anna Wintour has been the Editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988 and has high standards when it comes to her assistants. Thanks to the book The Devil Wears Prada, which was later made into a film, we got an inside look of the high levels of stress these personal assistants go through. From trying to find the latest copy of Harry Potter to send to her children in Paris to trying to find an antique store because Wintour loved a dresser, working for the Vogue editor seems tough. To be Wintour's assistant, you also have to dress the part. It's also been known that the editor loves to criticize and critique her assistant's looks.

11 John Edwards - Assistant Covered Up Senator's Affair And Love Child

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Sometimes, you have to go above-and-beyond for the celebrity you work for. In this case, former Senator John Edwards' assistant, Andrew Young, had to cover up his boss' affair with Rielle Hunter and their love child since the day he started working. Young even had to take out a lease for Edwards' mistress, get her a BMW, and make sure she got the proper allowance. If that wasn't crazy enough, Edwards even made Young claim that he was the father of Hunter's baby so that he wouldn't get caught. The scandal became very messy, and both Young and Hunter ended up writing books about Edwards and the ugly details of his life during his campaign.

10 Taryn Manning - Choked And Punched Her Assistant

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Anyone who watches Orange Is The New Black would love to work for any of the stars on the popular Netflix show. However, Taryn Manning is one star you might want to reconsider working for. According to prosecutors, the celeb punched, scratched, kicked, and choked her former assistant, Holliann Hartman. Hartman also claimed that Manning even smashed her face against the floor during an altercation. Manning's lawyers are trying to downplay all this mess and claim that Manning and Hartman were just arguing one night and that there were no fists thrown. Hartman had huge bruises all over her body, and you certainly can't hide those.

9 Lindsay Lohan - Had To Be Bailed Out Of Jail

Gavin Doyle became Lindsay Lohan's assistant in 2012 and admitted that he had to be Lohan's human alarm clock. In an interview with Cosmo, he stated that he had to be the one to tell movie production crews that Lohan was running late and would get scolded for it. Lohan had such a hard time getting out of bed that he even created a complex system to wake her up, which included setting multiple wake-up calls at her hotels, heading to the bagel shop at the crack of dawn, turning on all the lights, making a loud fuss, and then playing music really loud. Doyle went as far as having to bail Lohan out of jail when she rear-ended an 18-wheeler, almost killing Doyle who was in the passenger seat at the time. Whew!

8 Mariah Carey - Has Assistant's Walk Backwards So She Doesn't Fall In Her Heels

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It's no surprise that Mariah Carey made it to this list. The star is known for her diva demands, like having her pampered dogs ride around in cars with their own chauffeurs and lashing out on the Home Shopping Network when she was being filmed from "unflattering" angles. And with all the money she's making, she can pretty much hire people to do anything for her. Carey has a ton of assistants, but she hired one to specifically help her walk. One employee of her entourage is paid to walk backwards in front of the star to make sure she never takes an embarrassing stumble or fall.

7 Birdman - Being Sued $300,000 For Unpaid Work

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Rapper Birdman forgets that people don't like working for free. In this case, Birdman's former assistant, Javier Nuno, sued the rapper for reportedly being unpaid for 70 hours a week for a span of over 2 years. Nuno is suing the rapper for a whopping $354,750! In his lawsuit, Nuno claimed that he is owed $129,000 for his regular hours, $48,375 for any overtime, and is also seeking damages, which tops his suit to over $300,000. This is the second time the CEO of Cash Money Millionaire received a lawsuit for unpaid work by an employee.

6 Stan Lee - Put Assistant In Emotional Distress

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Stan Lee's former assistant, Shawn Lukaszewicz, filed a lawsuit against the Marvel icon back in 2015, stating that he is not the happy and charming guy you think you know. According to his lawsuit against Lee, his wife Joan Lee, their daughter Joan Cecila Lee, POW! Entertainment, and Fatsalagata, Lukaszewicz was put into emotional distress while working with the comic legend. He's accused Lee and the others with multiple labor code violations and wrongful firing. The ex-assistant claimed that Lee was extremely rude to him and would barrage him with insults. Lee's daughter even called him "f***ing stupid" and threatened to fire him. He's also suing Lee for unpaid work.

5 Robbie Williams - Assistant Claims S*xual Harassment

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This celebrity assistant story is definitely one of the most shocking ones on this list. In 2015, singer Robbie Williams and his wife, Ayda Field, were being sued by former personal assistant named Gilles De Bonfilhs, who claimed that the married couple s*xually harassed him. In his claims, Gilles stated that Field would walk around naked in her home and quiz him about his s*x life, shared her naughty stories, and would make him comment on her body. However, the couple was spared from the lawsuit, and the case had been dismissed.

4 Jermaine Dupri - Doesn't Pay Assistants


Jermaine Dupri needs to get his life together and hire a personal accountant. The star has been sued three times that amount to over $3 million. His former assistant, Taddrick Mingo, sued Dupri for loss of income, damages, and attorney fees. He also claimed that he worked for a bunch of hours that he wasn't paid for in the years 2010-2014. We aren't sure how much he's asking, but we're sure it's a lot. Besides being a crappy boss, Durpi was also being sued by his former business partner, Eddie Weathers, for $1 million, claiming that Dupri owes him 50% of profits from a merger deal. SunTrust Bank also sued the star for $2 million over a balance from a loan.

3 Garth Brooks - Assistant Claims Country Star Is Paranoid And Deceitful

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In 2013, country singer Garth Brooks' assistant, Lisa Sanderson, was suing him for a whopping $425,000 for unpaid bonuses and salary. Sanderson worked for Brooks for over 20 years and even considered him a "treasured family member." However, their relationship changed drastically when Sanderson claimed that the country star "manipulated" her and became a victim of "one of Brooks' paranoid vendettas." She continued to state that he was a "paranoid, angry, deceitful, and vindictive man who will turn against those closest to him on a dime." Brooks denied everything his former assistant claimed, and they took it to the legal system to get sorted out.

2 Christian Bale - Made Assistant Sniff His Armpits


Christian Bale's former assistant had so much to say about the star. She wrote a book about him and her experience working for him. His ex-assistant, Harrison Cheung, claimed in his 2012 book, "If Christian was away filming on location, I would take care of his five pets, along with stray possums in the backyard ... I would do anything from sniffing Christian's armpits for B.O. right before he hit the red carpet to making emergency sock-runs if Christian was all out of clean ones." This is probably one of the weirdest and most disgusting requests from a star.

1 Madonna - Demanded Assistants Be On Strict Diet


Madonna has been exposed a number of times by her former assistants. One of the star's ex-assistants claimed that she was required to bring Madonna water at least six times throughout the night and only paid her half of the going rate that personal assistants should receive. Another story claimed that Madonna is a clean freak and needed any toilet she used cleaned and scrubbed before she used them. One of Madonna's former nannies shockingly stated that everyone who was in her home had to be on a strict kosher and macrobiotic diet. The people living in her home were also not allowed to watch television.

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15 Most Shocking Confessions Told By Celebrity Assistants