15 Most Revealing Marvel and DC Cosplay Costumes

Costumes are an integral part of any superhero or super villain's act, because they give them an unmistakable identity. Some of these characters have similar powers, so if they did not have costumes unique to them, telling them apart would be a problem, and following their stories throughout the years would be much harder. Furthermore, most of these characters use costumes to hide their identities, because most of them have to go back to a "normal life" and resume normal interactions within a community.

You would be surprised to learn that most of the characters we think look amazing in their superhero costumes hate their costumes for a number of reasons. Although in the movies these characters seem to transform into their costumes in a matter of seconds, some of them have to sit through endless hours with makeup artists just to transform, and some of the costumes are too uncomfortable to act in, let alone fight in.

You will notice that the male characters and female characters have very different costumes, even when they are part of the same team. Men usually have bulky costumes which cover their whole bodies, whereas some women have to do with very small clothing that ends up revealing all the curves on their bodies. However, this is the same case with today's fashion; men are all covered up, but women are all exposed.

Here are 15 people wearing costumes that their favourite superheroes or villains wear in the movies or in comic books. These are the most revealing cosplay costumes we have today, can you think of others that deserve to be on this list?

15 Mystique

Via Cosplay and Comics - Tumblr

Although the X-Men portray Mystique as a villain, she is a personal favorite. Her mutant powers make her one of the most dangerous villains to fight and definitely one of the most entertaining to watch. Her shape-shifting powers are incredible, because she can mimic anyone's appearance and voice flawlessly, and even mimic their personality to some extent. Unlike most mutants who are teenagers and others young adults, Mystique might appear young, but she is actually over 100 years old. Mystique's natural appearance is that of a very beautiful woman with a weird blue skin and yellow eyes, an appearance that strikes fear in anyone who looks at her.

This cosplayer has brought out Mystique's appearance so well that you would think that she was the real-life Mystique. There is no question about how revealing Mystique's costume is, and no one would judge you if you were to zoom in just to confirm that she were actually wearing some clothes.

14 Storm

Via Cosercosplay.com

In addition to the fact that Storm is one of the leaders of the X-Men, she is one of the most powerful women superheroes in Marvel. Her ability to control the weather makes her very dangerous to anyone who wants to go up against her, and she is an amazing asset to the X-Men. If she were a real human being, her powers would be some of the most useful powers in the world today, since she would make sure no individual would lose his or her life, because of droughts, floods, famine, and other freaks of nature.

The movies usually dress Storm up in a presentable way, but some comics and cartoons present her with very little clothing. This cosplayer has the right idea with whatever she is doing with her eyes, but her costume is a bit too revealing. However, we cannot blame her, because she has pulled off the look that most people associate Storm with.

13 Female Thor

Via Pinterest

The Avengers is a group of superheroes that movie and comic book fans all over the world love to watch and read about. The main difference between fans of the movies and the fans who actually read the comics is that the comic readers are so far ahead in what they know about the Marvel Universe compared to those who only follow the movies. For example, movie lovers have not yet been introduced to a female version of Thor or seen the destruction of Asgard, but comic book readers know all about that.

This cosplayer is dressed up as a female Thor, but comic readers know that she should actually be dressing up as Jane Foster, who has been a supporting character in the Thor films and is Thor's love interest. In the comics, Jane Foster proved worthy of wielding Mjolnir when Thor was no longer able to, and she became the goddess of Thunder and joined the Avengers.

12 Silver Surfer

Via Image Wide Rare

Silver Surfer's inclusion on this list is, admittedly, a desperate attempt to include the male gender here and not make this list only about the women. However, the people who design the costumes make it hard for men to appear in lists such as this one because, unlike the women, most male superheroes have elaborate costumes made out of too much material. It is clear that the costume designers want the women to appeal to the audience in more ways than just how serious their fighting can get.

Silver Surfer's costume covers him from the top of his head all the way down to the tip of his toes. He is on this list, because his costume can get a bit too tight and reveal information about the wearer that we might not want to know. This cosplayer shows the reason why Silver Surfer is on this list, at least the costume hides his face.

11 Susan Storm

Via Pinterest

Susan Storm got married to Reed Richards and is also known as Sue Richards. Sue, together with the rest of the Fantastic Four, received powers upon her exposure to a cosmic storm, powers that transformed her into the Invisible Woman. Sue can manipulate light in such a way that she can render herself and other people with her invisible. Sue can also project invisible psionic energy, which she uses for defensive and offensive purposes.

In addition to Sue being the only woman in the Fantastic Four and the second in command, she is one of the most beautiful women in the Marvel Universe. Unlike most other women superheroes whose dressing reveals too much skin, Sue is usually covered up completely, with some costumes covering her from the neck to the sole of her feet. However, this cosplayer chose to wear one of Sue's most revealing costumes, very decent when you compare with others on this list, but still quite revealing.

10 Scarlet Witch

Via Naomi VonKreeps

Movie fans saw the Scarlet Witch for the first time in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in the mid-credits scene, but those who missed that scene saw her in Avengers: Age of Ultron and once again in Captain America: Civil War. Movie fans who do not read comics think that we have the wrong picture for Scarlet Witch here, because what this cosplayer is wearing is nothing like what we saw Elizabeth Olsen wearing in all the movies.

In the movies, Scarlet Witch was far more covered than she is when you compare her with her appearances in the comics, possibly dressing her up in order to keep the movies friendly to viewers of all ages. If this cosplayer were to dress up as the Scarlet Witch in the movies, she would not have made it to this list, but she is here, because she is wearing the more revealing version of Scarlet Witch's costume.

9 Psylocke

Via Marvel - JoyReactor

Psylocke is a mutant who is unfortunately aligned against the X-Men, a really good fighter who proves to be a real problem to the X-Men. Although she first appeared on the eight issue of Captain Britain Vol. 1 in 1976, she only made it to the big screen the other day in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Apocalypse. Psylocke is Sir James Braddock's daughter, whose birth name is Elizabeth Braddock. She has telepathic and telekinetic powers, in addition to having the ability to generate psionic weapons.

Psylocke comes from a family made up of members with superpowers; her brother Jamie Braddock is a powerful mutant who can alter reality, and her twin brother Brian Braddock, is Britain's superhero Captain Britain. This cosplayer has worn exactly what Psylocke wears in the movies, an outfit that is not as revealing as the others here, but is revealing enough to make it onto this list.

8 Red Sonja

Via Imgur

Red Sonja is one of those Marvel characters that most people might not know about, despite her appearance in the 23rd issue of Conan the Barbarian as well as having her own 18 issue series that run in 2013. It is likely that most of us missed her on-screen appearance in her own film Red Sonja in 1985, but since a new comic series based on Sonja begun just this year, more people will become familiar with her and love her as much as the ones who know her.

Sonja's story has a very sad beginning. At 17 years of age, mercenaries, who killed her family and burnt down their house, raped her mercilessly. The red goddess Scáthach answered her cry for revenge, giving her incredible combat skills. This cosplayer has done justice to the character's appearance, and we cannot help, but think that her 2011 ranking as the Sexiest Woman in Comics by Comics Buyer's Guide had something to do with her revealing costume.

7 Ms. Marvel

Via scififantasyhorror.co.uk


Ms. Marvel is a title that several women have held over the years, women who gain superhuman abilities through genetics or Kree technology. Her powers of flight, superhuman strength, her ability to shoot energy bursts from her hands and her enhanced durability make her one of the most powerful women in the Marvel Universe. Carol Danvers was the first woman we came to know as Ms. Marvel, but over the years, the title has moved on to Sharon Ventura, the once evil Dr. Karla Sofen, and Kamala Khan, who is the most recent Ms. Marvel.

This cosplayer is wearing Ms. Marvel's costume and it is quite obvious why this costume is on this list. There is a way that drawings of the comics and cartoon characters on TV shows look innocent, but when a beautiful woman like this wears the costume, we cannot help, but think of it as being a bit too revealing.

6 Emma Frost

Via Reddit

We can only hope that most villains would turn out like Emma Frost, since we first knew her as a supervillain, but she is now a superhero. She used to be a problem for the X-Men, but she is now one of their assets and central members, and she has even led the X-Men at some points. Emma also goes by the name White Queen, a mutant with some of the strongest telepathic abilities and an ability to transform into an organic diamond with superhuman durability and strength.

She has an interesting personality, where she displays an apparent lack of emotions, especially where you would expect some form of emotional response. Emma is a character who always wears white, but nothing like what brides wear on their wedding days. This Emma Frost cosplayer wearing white is an almost perfect depiction of the mutant, from the hair to the cape.

5 Dark Phoenix

Via Wikimedia Commons

We all associate the Dark Phoenix with Jean Grey. Jean must have been everyone's favorite X-Man at some point, being the love interest of both Cyclops and Wolverine, and possessing powers that even Professor X knew were too superior to compare to other X-Men. When the Dark force proved too much for jean to handle, it took Jean over and transformed her into the most powerful villain in the Marvel Universe. Although Professor X had taught Jean to set up psychic circuit breakers, the force proved to be too strong even for that.

The tragedy that followed led to so much destruction and eventually cost Jean her life. This cosplayer is wearing what the Dark Phoenix would be wearing, except that the costume here seems to be too revealing. Dark Phoenix's costumes, whether in the comics or in the movies, usually appear to be tight fitting, but hardly are they this revealing.

4 Starfire

Via IGN.com

When you look at this cosplayer, it is easy to figure out why Starfire was recently ranked the 20th Sexiest Woman in Comics, since she is an impressive representation of the real character. Starfire has not made it to the movie scene yet, but we might soon see her make an appearance on the big screen. This costume is very revealing, meaning that DC will probably change it if they decide to include her in any of their future movies.

In the comics, Starfire has the ability to convert the ultraviolet radiation she absorbs into pure energy, which gives her the ability to fly using supersonic speeds, superhuman strength, and superhuman durability. Starfire is a highly skilled fighter, able to defeat a much stronger opponent in hand-to-hand combat. Other powers include language assimilation, immunity to extreme environmental conditions, immunity to radiation, longevity, and the ability to fire Ultraviolet energy projections.

3 Goblin Queen

Via Blastr

Madelyne Jennifer Pryor is the Goblin Queen, a character with a complicated past and a terrible present. After Jean Grey's death, Scott met Madelyne and they fell in love, got married, and even had a son called Nathan Summers. Although you would expect Scott's wife to be friendly to the X-Men, she is currently a supervillain. Starting as a friend to the X-Men, traumatic experiences - including her discovery that she was Jean Grey's clone and having her husband abandon her - left her feeling pushed to the evil side.

When playing the role of Madelyne Pryor, her dressing is what everyone would refer to as very decent. However, as this cosplayer is showing us, Goblin Queen wears one of the most revealing costumes in Marvel. This cosplay costume is a bit more decent compared to some of the costumes she wears in the comics. We can only hope that little girls do not grow up with the desire to dress up like the Goblin Queen.

2 Poison Ivy 

Via Punching The Walls of Reality

When it comes to environmental preservation, Poison Ivy is your girl. Poison Ivy would have been an amazing superhero owing to her love for the environment, but spending time with the wrong crowd has turned her into one of the most dangerous villains that Batman has to deal with. Her obsession with plants, environmentalism, and ecological extinction leads her to use poisons and toxins from plants in her crimes. She also uses mind-controlling pheromones to mislead any man who is after her, which is probably why she is Batman's love interest in some storylines.

Poison Ivy started as a temptress wearing a one-piece green bathing suit, with leaves covering all the "essential" areas. This cosplayer has the right idea when it comes to the image that Poison Ivy portrays, the image of a temptress. Poison Ivy's costume is without a doubt the most revealing costumes in the DC Universe since the wearer is literally in her underwear.

1 She-Hulk

Jennifer Walters is the strongest and most resilient woman in the Marvel Universe, because she transforms into She-Hulk. She is Dr. Bruce Banner's cousin, and acquired similar powers to the Hulk when she received a blood transfusion from Banner when she needed the blood following a serious injury. Jennifer's transformation into She-Hulk is not as extreme as is the case with her cousin, because even after transforming she retains control over her emotions and retains her intelligence and personality. However, she also transforms into a huge and very powerful green superhero.

Although Jennifer goes through a drastic change, she retains her beautiful female figure. These cosplayers have the right idea when trying to dress up like She-Hulk, especially since they have quite impressive muscles and they look hot. However, no one can deny the fact that She-Hulk's costume is quite revealing, and one might be forgiven to think that these ladies are in what appears to be their underwear.

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