15 Most Powerful Star Wars Characters Who Were Both Jedi And Sith

Star Wars is known for a number of things, but any newbie to the universe can probably tell you a few things right off. There are Jedi and there are Sith. Typically, we know the Jedi to be the good ones who stick to the light side of the force. Meanwhile, the Sith are seen as the bad guys who stick to the dark side of the force. We all know major characters in Star Wars like Yoda and Luke Skywalker, as well as new ones like Finn and Rey.

However, most people tend to only know so much about Star Wars and rarely know that universe from the ground up. Due to this, there are a lot of major characters that do not get a lot of press. The sad part is that many of these men and women are major in the Star Wars universe. Jedi or Sith, they stand out. Not all major characters were just Jedi or just Siths, however. Many played for both teams.

There are a ton of reasons why each of them did what they did. It could be due to corruption, revenge, seeking opportunity, or in one case... an experiment gone wrong. Some of the top characters throughout all of the Star Wars universe were seen on both sides at one time or another. In this list, we're going to inform you of the most powerful to ever do such a thing. Sit back and enjoy the list of the fifteen most powerful Star Wars characters who were both Jedi and Sith.


15 Jacen Solo: A Promised Destiny The Dark Side Ended

He would become part of the New Jedi Order despite this feeling within, but would not be able to overturn it. He would then go on to join the Sith and train under Sith Master Lumiya. After being one of the most force sensitive children around, he and his sister Jaina Solo would be trained by Luke Skywalker initially. Their uncle would teach them in the force with ways no one had taught prior. Many believe this led to Caedus' curiosity in the dark side. Though his ultimate corruption was his own.

14 Darth Malak: Best Friend Turned Brutal Warlord


Now being the man to pilot the Star Forge on his own, a ship similar to that of the Death Star that would come later, Revan knew his friend was too far gone. While Malak was powerful and quite gifted with a saber, he was not the amazing duelist or genius his friend was. It was here that Malak lost before he ever got going. Revan could not save his friend, and would end his life to end the threat of a dark Malak empire. Built on horrific slave-owning brutality, Revan knew Malak's plans were terrible and could not risk the Sith Lord's survival.

13 Count Dooku: The Man Who Proved Wealth Isn't Everything

Dooku was then inserted into the amazing plans Sidious had to bring down the Jedi. Now becoming Darth Tyrannus, he would become a Count, taking over his birthright. Not completely realizing Sidious plans to use Dooku's skill and wealth, the Count would feed into this world and even help to train Sith. He would eventually become a stepping stone in the turn for Anakin Skywalker, whom Sidious had true goals for.

12 Darth Ruin: A Teacher Who Couldn't Get Enough, And Died Trying


He would be forced to stop speaking of them in front of padawans or other students. He would leave, and eventually join the dark side. Now known as Darth Ruin, he wanted to rebuild a crumbled Sith Empire. He would travel the universe seeking out new force sensitive pupils he could make into apprentices. Literally, Darth Ruin helped to rebuild the empire doing this. He would then wage war on the Jedi, starting off well. He would later be betrayed by other Sith, as is their way, due to his selfish desires.

11 Ulic Qel-Droma: The Man Who Proved The Force Can Giveth But Can Also Taketh Away

She would remove his connection to the force, completely, as punishment. Later on, in exile, Nomi's daughter Vima would seek out Ulic to train her while she became a Jedi Knight. Seeing this as an opportunity to make up for horrible past deeds, he would do so. He would then die as a member of the light side, embraced by it.

10 Karness Muur: A Man Whose Talisman Alone Held More Influence Than Most Sith Lords Combined


He developed massive power, and enough to create what is known as "sithspawns," creatures with immense power. He was able to develop them by taking force sensitive people and transforming them. Karness would use his skills to force the still unknowing Sith he and his Dark Jedi were Gods of sorts. Forcing many to worship them.

He would try to tempt the likes of Darth Vader to turn against Darth Sidious and even unsuccessfully try to affect Leia and Luke Skywalker.

9 Asajj Ventress: An Assassin For Hire, But Nobody's Lackey

This pushed Ventress to go on a warpath, seeking to kill all responsible. She would seek out and kill the Lords of the planet and took their place on top, with the power of the dark side. Now mentored by Count Dooku, she was a feared assassin for the Sith. She was so powerful, even Darth Sidious feared her and asked Dooku to kill her. She would go on to separate from the Sith and become a bounty hunter. A saber for hire, as it were. Meanwhile, she had the main goal to kill Dooku. Sadly, she would die in that quest.


8 Darth Krayt: The Promising Jedi Who Turned To The Brutal Dark Side


That sent him on a road down the dark side, as he took on the Darth Krayt role. This in honor of the beast he took down of the same name. He would go on to rebuild the Sith Empire after the Galactic Empire had gone down. He would train a number of Sith Lords and bring about major rule and conflict throughout the universe until he would be taken down by Cade Skywalker. The busy beaver he was.

7 Quinlan Vos: The Man Whose Touch Alone Could Know More Than Most Jedi And Sith Lord Could See

General Grievous led the charge in a fight with them, but they would overcome him. Dooku would train Vos after seducing him to the dark side afterward, only to then seek to kill him. This was thwarted by the vengeful Ventress who stepped in the way, sacrificing herself so that Vos could kill Dooku. While he would defeat Dooku in battle, Vos refused to kill him. He would rejoin the Jedi once more.

Vos would later survive Order 66, but there are conflicting stories regarding what ultimately happened to him.

6 Tel Angor: A Force Vampire, The Star Wars Horror Story


Sadly, the test backfired... turning Angor to the dark side. Any good inside him could not be sustained for long. The main reason was because the experiment made him need the force; he was reliant on it to live. He had to feed off of it, and in turn, needed force users to feed on. He became, quite seriously, a force vampire. He has been one of the most feared dark side members in history.

He raided several Jedi buildings, removing several from their connection to the force with ease. At this time, it is assumed Angor still lives and could hunt down more Jedi.

5 Freedon Nadd: The Revolutionary Who Lusted For Power Until His Death, And Even Afterward

Nadd was not a normal force user. He would go to the very heart of the Sith Empire to train and learn the dark side of the force. Being a selfish, power hungry man....he needed to know everything and learn anything available. Light or dark, Nadd wanted to know. This power he would develop became so strong that he would declare himself a Sith Lord. No master or Sith ever gave him the role, he quite literally took it. Nadd would go on to conquer the planet Onderon where he would sit on the throne for 100 years. While his physical-self did expire, his time in the force lasted much longer.

4 Starkiller: The Force Assassin Who Could Bring Down Entire Ships On A Whim


Starkiller enticed by the ways of the Jedi. He learned the light side of the force and sought revenge on Vader. Along his way, Starkiller would take out anyone he saw as a threat to his destruction of Vader and the Sith. He would even bring down Sith ships from the sky with his immense force power. Now a Jedi Knight, he would find Vader and come close to killing him after defeating him in saber combat.

Not satisfied with Starkiller avoiding the kill, Darth Sidious went on the attack and Starkiller would hold well. One slip up ended up ruining his run, costing him his life. The impression he made, however, was the stuff of legend on both sides.

3 Exar Kun: Perhaps The Most Influential Sith To Have Ever Existed

This led him to the planet of Onderon, where he came across now deceased Freedon Nadd’s force ghost. Nadd felt that the young former Jedi would be perfect for him to take over a physical form. Kun turned to the dark forces and after being fully corrupted by Nadd, Kun would shockingly banish Freedon's spirit.

Afterward, he assumed the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith and waged a destructive war against the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order.

2 Darth Vader: The Chosen One Who Proved The Great Balance Must Also Have A Dark Side


Sadly, he would be corrupted by Darth Sidious who had disguised himself as Senator Palpatine. Eventually fully turned, he would kill Mace Windu and the Jedi younglings. He would also go on to kill his former mentor, Obi-Wan. He fought and defeated his son Luke in their first encounter. He would rule side by side by Darth Sidious for years, until Luke was close to dying at the hands of the Dark Lord. Vader would sacrifice himself for his son. Ultimately, it would lead to true balance being brought to the force. Vader would be accepted into the light and allowed a force ghost.

1 Revan: The Genius Who Is Perhaps The Greatest To Have Ever Been Both A Jedi And Sith

Revan could not be controlled, and side by side next to his friend now known as Darth Malak, Revan was unstoppable. When the Jedi managed to capture him, they would wipe his brain from the Sith influence.

Remembering what happened, he sought to end what he had helped to create. Malak did not want to stop, and his brutal reign led to too much bloodshed. Revan would end his friend and seek to end the Sith before his life ended. It may be one of the few missions he failed on.


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