15 Most Powerful Pokemon Mega Evolutions

Catching all of the world's Pokemon has never been more difficult now that there are more than 800 different creatures. From the highest dragon to the smallest bug, it seems that there will be no limits to what new Pokemon we will encounter in the future.

However, a lot of people don't play Pokemon to catch every single monster they find. Instead, they play them for something a bit different- battling. Let's be honest, that's the biggest reason any of us play Pokemon. We all love the thrill and satisfaction of seeing an opponent lose their team of six in the wake of our superiority. Because of this, Pokemon teams increasingly become stronger and tougher to beat.

One addition to the formula that shook up competitive battling was the Mega Evolution. By equipping one Pokemon in your party with a special stone, you could evolve it again into a more powerful variant of itself for the rest of the battle. These Mega Evolutions boasted increased stats, mostly new abilities, and sometimes even new types. It added a further element of strategy into Pokemon, forcing players to choose with Mega would work best in the context of their teams, as well as which would be best in taking out other Megas.

There are a sizable amount of Megas for players to choose from, but we've decided to highlight some of our picks for the 15 most powerful Pokemon Mega Evolutions.


15 Mega Garchomp

Each generation of Pokemon always introduces some kind of pseudo-legendary. Gen one had Dragonite, Gen two had Tyranitar, etc. Gen four introduced the Ground/Dragon type known as Garchomp. This land shark hits fast and hard, which made it extremely viable in the metagame, unless it went up against a speedy Ice type. This motivated Game Freak to give it one the first Mega Evolutions in the game to make it even more powerful.

Mega Garchomp is obviously much stronger. At the sacrifice of some speed, Mega Garchomp gets a chunky increase in its attack and defense stats respectively. Appearance-wise, gone are its arms and fins. According to the Pokemon Moon Pokedex, an increased energy exertion caused its arms and fins to melt together, creating the incredibly large scythes you see before you. Mega Garchomp is not easy to take down in combat. Even at the sacrifice of some speed, it is still very fast. However, it's the attack stat that gets the most love, and Garchomp is significantly stronger than most Ground and Dragon types. If someone pulls out a Mega Garchomp, you better be ready for a fight.

14 Mega Houndoom


One of the first Dark types introduced in Pokemon, Houndoom is quite vicious. Often an aggressive Pokemon, Houndoom is known to attack people that get too close, and burn those at a distance. This attitude makes it perform well in combat, having an impressive combination of attack and speed to set it apart from its slower competition (as far as Fire types go).

As the Pokemon Generations increased, though, Houndoom became less and less viable in battle, so Game Freak decided to give it some love with a beastly Mega Evolution. The biggest thing to note about Mega Houndoom is its design. Where the bones gently covered Houndoom's body, they've evolved into an intimidating set of skeletal armor for Mega Houndoom. It looks like something that was taken straight out of Hell, and packs a mean punch to go along with that. Because Mega Houndoom can use the move Nasty Plot with a STAB (Same Type Attack Boost), it can make short work of much tankier opponents. It's only downside is that it doesn't get much increase in terms of its defensive options, but if you're prepared for that, Mega Houndoom can easily dominate anybody it goes up against.

13 Mega Steelix

When it was revealed that Onix would be getting an evolution, we were terrified to see how monstrous it would be. Steelix is an extremely good Pokemon and has many great uses in battle. He has great stats all-around, and with the ability to learn Stealth Rock, can put a lot of pressure on even the most seasoned trainers. Because of this, it's not uncommon to see someone whip out a well-trained Steelix onto the field.

Then when Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire came out, Steelix got a Mega Evolution. As if Steelix wasn't already powerful enough, his attack and defense get buffed greatly, making him an even greater pain to deal with. Granted, his special attack and speed are still relatively low. Because of this, you can't expect to deal a lot of damage into enemies. Instead, expect him to take a lot. However, that doesn't mean that Mega Steelix is useless. By being able to learn moves that affect a Pokemon's status, Mega Steelix will surely be aggravating opponents with attacks that chip away at health. Because he's so difficult to take down, he can really grind people's gears. The only problem is that he is weak to commonly used types like Fire and Water.

12 Mega Banette


Out of all of the Pokemon from Gen three that deserved a Mega Evolution, it was Banette. Ghost Pokemon are generally some of the most tricky and interesting creatures to fight, but Banette was known to go down pretty easily. Most people would even use Gengar or Dusclops over him, considering that they were overall better choices in the long run.

When he finally did get a Mega Evolution, the result ended up being quite fascinating. Mega Banette had the highest attack stat in the X and Y metagame, which instantly rocketed him up the tier lists for use in various teams. He can easily take down damage sponges with access to some decent STAB attacks (and the use of Knock Off). Perhaps Mega Banette's greatest asset is his ability, Prankster. This ability ups the priority of non-damaging moves, meaning that they will often go first. This means that status-inducing moves in Banette's arsenal, such as Will-O-Wisp, will mostly fire before anybody can try to land a hit. Then Mega Banette can also be loaded with the move Destiny Bond (affected by Prankster), which will instantly knock out any Pokemon that destroys Banette in the same turn.

11 Mega Sceptile

Gen three was home to some of the best starters since Gen One. In it, we got our first bipedal grass starter, Sceptile. This Pokemon was a unique Grass type because it was not bulky and didn't rely on healing moves like Synthesis. Instead, Sceptile was designed for hitting fast and hitting hard. After Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire introduced new Mega Evolutions, it only made sense that Sceptile would receive one as well.

Mega Sceptile introduced a unique Grass/Dragon typing to the mix, but this Mega goes farther than just type. Where Sceptile was built with attack and speed in mind, Mega Sceptile was specifically made for it. Both his special attack and speed have seen massive increases, which make him one of the hardest hitters you can find. Because he is now a Dragon type, he also gets STAB on moves like Dragon Pulse, which make him dangerous for other Dragon types. It also has the ability Lightning Rod, which makes it immune to all Electric type attacks. Overall, Mega Sceptile is a beast, the only downside being that he is 4x weak to Ice attacks. Flying and Dragon attacks also give him a bit of trouble, considering his defense isn't great.

10 Mega Metagross


Gen three had a lot of well-designed Pokemon that have since become staples of the franchise. It also had more than one pseudo-legendary to choose from. Arguably the most unique of the bunch, Metagross boasted a Steel/Psychic typing that was not previously known. Coupled with a host of new powerful attacks like Meteor Mash, Metagross rose to the top of the rankings when it came to battling.

When it was time for us to revisit the Hoenn region, it only makes sense that this popular powerhouse would also be getting a Mega Evolution. While the design can leave something to be desired, its capabilities in combat are more than satisfying. Mega Metagross is an extremely defensive Pokemon and has no problem taking a hit. At the same time, it also has impressive attack and speed stats that make it able to deal damage while soaking some in at the same time. Mega Metagross is every player's dream, and its only weakness comes from other Pokemon getting a status effect on it like paralysis. If that poses the only problem when battling, you're already looking to be in good shape.

9 Mega Gallade

Some Pokemon were given multiple evolutions over the years, and that's exactly what happened to Ralts from Gen three. Originally only being able to evolve into Kirlia then Gardevoir, Game Freak gave this Psychic cutie a different path when Gen Four came out. Instead of evolving it into the beautiful yet dangerous Gardevoir, you can instead evolve it into the bold and powerful Gallade.

Gardevoir and Gallade both received Mega Evolutions, but it's the Zorro-esque Mega Gallade that made our list. While this Pokemon isn't particularly useful in terms of the metagame (not being top tier and all), there are still plenty of options when fighting with this Pokemon. First of all, it's Psychic/Fighting type makes it very versatile in terms of moves and counters. While it doesn't get as much of a boost as some of the others on this list, its increase in speed and attack make it a solid damage dealer when faced with some bulkier Pokemon. When paired with the proper Pokemon, Gallade can manage to deal heavy amounts of damage and live throughout the remainder of the battle. Be careful, though, as Pokemon high in special attack could easily be its undoing.


8 Mega Kangaskhan


Kangaskhan has always provided much speculation among Pokemon fans. What is the deal with its baby? Why does an adult Kangaskhan with a child hatch out of an egg? Is Cubone somehow related to it? Many have wondered why the baby is not a Pokemon in and of itself. And while many of these questions have yet to be answered, Game Freak knew exactly what to do when they gave this beast a Mega Evolution.

Kangaskhan itself doesn't get any cosmetic upgrades- everything goes to the child. The baby pops out of Kangaskhan's pouch and looks much more ready for battle. And, boy, does that child make Kangaskhan much more viable in the metagame. The reason that Mega Kangaskhan is so good is simply because of its ability, Parental Bond. Parental Bond allows Mega Kangaskhan to attack twice with each move (albeit the second attack will only do half damage). This can put many powerful teams on edge. Mega Kangaskhan doesn't see a massive increase in any particular stat either, but a decent increase in every area. Because of this, Kangaskhan is very adaptable, but best when hitting hard, because that Parental Bond is invaluable.

7 Mega Blaziken

When Game Freak began announcing Mega Evolutions for X and Y, a weird addition to the Mega roster was Blaziken. The reason this was so weird was because they didn't give the other Hoenn starters the same treatment until Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire a year later. But at least we got Mega Blaziken! Then they had this cute little event when the game launched that would give you a Torchic with Blazikenite.

Odd stories aside, Mega Blaziken was worth getting early. Blaziken was already a much-used Pokemon for his great stats, and Mega Blaziken makes it even better. Yes, it gets the boosts to its attack, special attack, and speed, but that's only one aspect of why it's so good in battle. Mega Blaziken gains the ability Speed Boost, which increases its speed between turns. Because of this, it won't be long before it begins out-speeding any other Pokemon your opponent could throw out. As a result, it works well with Pokemon that can heal it or give it some kind of stat boost to make sure that it stays on the playing field. Then Mega Blaziken also has access to a wide movepool, which make sure that it has great coverage on top of great stats.

6 Mega Lucario


There are few Pokemon that have ever reached the popularity of Pikachu, and the only one that has really come close is Lucario. Introduced in Gen four, Lucario starred in his own movie and got his own spot in Super Smash Bros. Brawl because of his popularity. It also had a slew of new moves, great typing, and viable stats that made it one of the top picks in the metagame.

As with every other popular Pokemon, Lucario was one of the first to get a Mega Evolution. He doesn't change much in terms of design, but gets an upgrade in his battle capability to make him an even better choice. Mega Lucario is most noted for having a wide range of options when building his stats and selecting his moves. Because of this, Mega Lucario can be one of the best counters when used properly. The only issues it faces come from other powerful Pokemon that have better offensive stats and speed. If you get a speedy fire type like the aforementioned Mega Blaziken, know that Mega Lucario will be in for a world of hurt. It's still an overall excellent choice for any team.

5 Mega Mewtwo Y

Some popular Pokemon were lucky to get a Mega Evolution. Others were lucky enough to get two. Mewtwo is one of these few, and the results are quite shocking. Mewtwo was already one of the strongest Pokemon in the game, so giving him more than one Mega Evolution adds in a host of new versatility when adding him into your team.

Right off the bat, I feel that I should note that both of the Mega Evolution designs are quite odd. Mega Mewtwo X looks like he's made out of rubber, and Mega Mewtwo Y seems like it would fit Mew better in the long run. Nonetheless, I digress. For this entry, I will be focusing on Mega Mewtwo Y. While it does lose some defense, its speed and special attack skyrocket. With these stats in mind, all you have to do is give Mega Mewtwo Y a good move coverage across the board, and there are all kinds of Pokemon you'll be taking out in a single hit. Its ability, Insomnia, isn't as great as others like Parental Bond or Prankster, but avoiding the sleep status is useful at the very least.

4 Mega Diancie


Diancie is a bit of an odd Pokemon, but it's awfully cute. Still, cuteness only gets you so far, and it's not taking Diancie anywhere special on the battlefield. It's fairly low stats (particularly its speed) make it an easy target for faster and stronger Pokemon.

However, Diancie is the only Gen six Pokemon to get a Mega Evolution, and Game Freak pulled out all of the stops for it. Its attack, special attack, and speed all got a sizable increase, which instantly puts it into a much more usable state. Mega Diancie also boasts a very unique typing of Rock/Fairy that give it some excellent coverage over common types like Fire and Dragon. Mega Diancie also has some great moves like Diamond Storm and Moonblast to get in some heavy damage. Mega Diancie's ability, like most Mega Evolutions, is also extremely useful. Magic Bounce is an ability that allows the user to bounce back moves that don't damage, and that includes moves that affect one's status. Because of this, Mega Diancie has rocketed through the tiers. While it's regular form placed it near the bottom, the addition of its Mega Evolution has turned it into one of the most feared Pokemon in the metagame.

3 Mega Charizard X

Along with Mewtwo, Charizard is the only other Pokemon to receive two Mega Evolutions. Charizard is also one of the most popular Pokemon. Ever since Red and Blue, trainers have always been inclined to pick Charmander, because who doesn't want a massive fire breathing dragon on their team? Since then, he's been a part of games like Super Smash Bros. and Pokken Tournament (where his X Mega Evolution is present).

Both of Charizard's Mega Evolutions can easily bring the pain, but it's his X variant that offers a bit more bang for your buck. Mega Charizard X has great all-around stats that make it useful in just about any situation or battle style. However, it's the offensive strategy that will yield the best results. Mega Charizard X has the ability tough claws, which will increase all of its contact attacks (attacks where you physically touch your opponent) by 33%. Add that to brutal stab moves like Dragon Claw and Flare Blitz, and there is almost no one who can survive a hit. Mega Charizard X can also utilize Dragon Dance to become one of the most feared presences on the battlefield.

2 Primal Groudon & Primal Kyogre


Groudon and Kyogre are some of the strongest Pokemon in the metagame, as well as some of the most loved. Ever since their inclusion as the cover legendaries for Ruby and Sapphire, they've had a long time in the spotlight. However, they received some of the biggest upgrades when the remakes of their games came out.

Instead of Mega Evolution, Groudon and Kyogre were given something called Primal Reversion. This allows them to revert back to the forms that they reportedly took thousands of years ago. Naturally, these forms are much stronger and pose a much greater threat in battle. The biggest change comes from their abilities, Desolate Land and Primordial Sea. Where weather effects are generally useless in the grand scheme of things, these two abilities crank it up to an eleven. They bring sun and rain effects respectively, but they cannot be removed by other attacks or abilities. While they're both extremely good to use in battle, Primal Groudon manages to beat out his competitor by having better moves to counter other Pokemon that might bring him some harm. That said, either one of them would be enough to make someone rethink accepting a battle.

1 Mega Rayquaza

When you play through the Delta Episode in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it's always a great moment to see the powerful Rayquaza come down from the heavens to challenge you. Once you catch and ride it into the cosmos, you must use it to fight Deoxys, but with a twist. Rayquaza was given a Mega Evolution that turns it into an absolute monster in battle.

Each of Rayquaza's stats gets a notable upgrade, particularly its offensive ones. This makes it one of the hardest hitters in the game. Couple that with a high priority move like ExtremeSpeed and it will likely take out Pokemon before they can even land an attack. Mega Rayquaza also benefits from a diverse movepool, including attacks like the brutal Dragon Ascent and V-Create that can easily take out the strongest of foes. Rayquaza's ability Delta Stream is the only ability that can cancel out Desolate Land or Primordial Sea and halves the damage from Electric, Ice, and Rock attacks. That said, Mega Rayquaza is not invincible and can still be countered by other powerful choices, but it still remains one of the best Mega Evolutions in the entire game series. Game Freak will have to try hard to top this one.


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