15 Most Powerful Inhumans In The Marvel Universe

The Inhumans are some of the most interesting characters in all of Marvel Comics. They tend to be a bit different from the rest of the Marvel characters, but very similar to them at the same time. For

The Inhumans are some of the most interesting characters in all of Marvel Comics. They tend to be a bit different from the rest of the Marvel characters, but very similar to them at the same time. For example, you can treat them like superheroes you might run into with The Avengers.

Meanwhile, they come off like X-Men too as they typically come in as people with extraordinary abilities who are commonly human. Marvel has used them a lot as of late. They made animated appearances and then, of course, made an appearance on the S.H.I.E.L.D television show on ABC. On top of all of this, we're set to see a television show all about the Inhumans debut this year.

That being said, we have a clear understanding that these characters are becoming some of the top things to discuss when it comes to the future of Marvel Comics and their television/cinema world. For those unaware, there is practically an endless amount of Inhumans in Marvel, which makes it very hard to narrow down who is truly the best.

Many people start and end with the Royal Family due to how popular those characters are, and of course due to the comics focusing on them a lot more. However, there are several others to talk about. With the future of Marvel truly needing the Inhumans, Disney wanted to make sure we saw a lot about them in 2017 and early 2018. That said, you may see a lot of unknowns make this list, but they won't remain unknown for long when everything gets going. Enjoy.

15 Luna Maximoff


The daughter of Crystal and Quicksilver, Luna Maximoff is by no means someone you should avoid as part of the Inhuman world. Her power is quite interesting. She can read and manipulate the state of people nearby. This includes their emotions, intentions, and simple mental abilities altogether. She can even break mental bonds people have on them from other telepaths for instance. She has to see the people or be close to them to manipulate their emotional state. She has to wear special glasses, which makes it hard for people to know when she is using her power. When she does, her eyes turn color.

Being able to release people from mental prison from others is quite useful, but she can do some mental shackling of her own. She has the ability to prevent others from using their superpowers. This is quite useful or horrific depending on who she is controlling, good or bad. Luna is clearly someone that you do not want to mess with, and while she may not be the most powerful what she can do is clearly amazing.

14 Psynapse


A villain is just as powerful as a hero, sometimes more-so. One of the best villains with the most potential may very well be Psynapse. While very arrogant due to his extremely powerful abilities, he is often defeated due to this. However, what he can do is impressive. He is a telepath that often uses the astral plane to torture his victims as his powers are at their height in this area.

His most memorable exchange happened with Jean Grey as he had pretty much defeated her, but lost to her in the end due to his arrogance. She was able to break his grip on her and Psynapse accidentally triggered her powers to return. This did not work out for him. The Inhumans are often in fights with mutants, which is why this came about. While he is part of the royal family of Inhumans, he feels different than they do. His whole goal is to rid the world of mutants he deems weak. His psychic abilities are good, but they have always needed to be increased to compete with the likes of Grey and others. Despite this, he is still quite powerful.

13 Alaris


One of the new Inhumans, Alaris won't stand out to many but he certainly is powerful when you think of his abilities. While possessing high strength, he is also fast with great stamina. On top of this, he has bulletproof skin that helps in any situation. Relate him to Luke Cage basically, except he has a bit more speed. These abilities led for him to be chosen to go to Earth as almost an exchange program where he and others would attend Earth's human school.

It was here that he made friends and was able to fit right into the American and Earthly culture. This allowed him to be quite charming to his human peers who would not know of his abilities at this time. He was taken advantage of for a good portion of his time, but he would realize this later on and try to change it. He would even take part in a battle with Marvel villain organization A.I.M.

12 Gauntlet


Not all Inhumans are genetically given their abilities or given them by another aide. Some are basically machines that can take out any and all in their way. Gauntlet is one of those types. Originally an aide right under Apocalypse, he would work for the notable villain doing his bidding whenever asked. He would be given special weaponry to get this job done against any inhuman, mutant, or hero that he was sent after.

Fitted with a cybernetic gauntlet and high-powered weapons, he was tough to beat. However, further materials added would make him one heck of a powerful villain to come across. He also wears a mechanical device over one eye used for tracking and scoping out prey. This allows him to find anyone, regardless of ability to hide or run. He has worked for HYDRA and is also a mercenary for hire. Truly, he is one of the most powerful yet underused villains in comics today. He very well could show up in upcoming television properties.

11 Jolen


Jolen like Alaris before, is one of the new generation of Inhumans. The biggest thing to be known about Jolen's backstory is that there isn't one. This makes him an unknown threat from the get-go, and one you have to learn more about as you read through the issues. He is quite an impressive and powerful Inhuman. He can live for over 150 years, or possibly longer...which makes him age slower. On top of this, he possesses great strength and speed said to be "greater than that of a peak conditioned human athlete."

Combine this with great reflexes and endurance. If this wasn't enough, after passing through Terrigen mists Jolen gained plant-related abilities, which may seem dumb until you realize what can be done with them. He can control them with his mind. He can grow plants, and even link himself with them. In fact, he can transform into a plant himself. He manages to use plants for travel, as he uses the root system while shrinking to go from point A to point B. He is even able to heal using these abilities, which means he has the power of healing himself. It is not quite the level of Wolverine but it is impressive. All of this makes Jolen very powerful to deal with.

10 Lockjaw


Seen as just another animal by some at first, Lockjaw is by no means someone to just throw away as part of the Inhumans. His power is vast and quite useful to the team. He may not be considered an Inhuman completely, but he was accepted into the Inhuman family which does make him eligible for our list. Oh loopholes! He is known for his teleportation abilities, which is often exploited to get the Inhumans where they need to go. They can even go through different dimensions with him.

His name speaks for him when concerning one of his powers. His bite and grip is impressive. He once caught The Thing in his jaw and it was almost impossible to get him off. He can sense danger from far off places, which makes him helpful in finding someone to help for the Inhumans or on his own. Needless to say, this super-canine has power that is quite amazing.

9 Triton


Many have seen a lot of this young Inhuman due to his usage in the Spider-Man animated series on Disney XD among other places. Due to his usage, people have come to know what he can do and how useful he is as a hero. He is the cousin of King Black Bolt, whom we will talk about later and the brother of Karnak, another man we will talk about in this series. It is clear that the political connections to the Royal Family have made him valuable. However, this royal can also kick ass when needed.

You may notice the fish-like body, which is obviously used to help him with part of his abilities. He developed his powers through being exposed to the Terrigen Mists, which we have spoken about before. His body is meant for full usage in the sea. However, he can be on land just as well. He does need special help to survive on land and must be moist at least or problems could occur. His has tremendous eyesight that allows him to see in the darkest of areas in the ocean, which helps on land too. On top of this, he can stand high pressure that allows him to access the deep ocean and on land allows him to take blows with little issue. Also due to his high strength in the water, he also has tremendous strength on land too. This makes him quite difficult to deal with.

8 Inferno


Inferno gives you the impression that his powers involve something to do with hot things, and you would be correct in that assumption. Born as Dante Pertuz, he happened to have Inhuman blood running through him from his Inhuman ancestors. He was not the only one, but few had an idea that something was up. That was until the Terrigen Bomb hit. Trying to battle Thanos, Black Bolt created the bomb to get rid of him. But in doing so, released the bomb gas around the world. While it did not hurt normal humans at all, it affected mutants greatly and put those with Inhuman blood into chrysalis. They had to undergo a form of terrigenesis to get out.

Dante came out from the chrysalis and developed superhuman powers like others. His, of course, was flame-based which is easiest compared to Fantastic Four member the Human Torch. The interesting part of this was that he was trained by other Inhumans to help him control things better, which the Human Torch did not have as much as he needed. Dante can not just make things hot, but could create heat as hot as that of the sun if he went too far and could create a supernova, *cue Al Gore voice.* Due to all of this and his extreme abilities, he is quite powerful and should be feared.

7 Karnak


Karnak may be part of the Royal Family of Inhumans, but he has never gone through the Terrigenesis process. The reason? They saw what happened to Triton and how he looked and were horrified Karnak would develop similar things. Due to this, he simply has the regular powers of an Inhuman in that he is physically stronger and faster than a human, as well as more agile. What really makes him dangerous is his mind and martial arts ability.

He has managed to develop his body into a living weapon due to spending time honing his skill at fighting. In addition, his intellect has grown exponentially to that of most humans and Inhumans alike. He can sense weak points in people and objects, which is a power in itself and can do so when it comes to logic, arguments, and any random situation. This has made him quite a difficult man to out-think, which aids him greatly in a fight.

6 Medusa


Medusa is the Queen of the Inhumans and the purest example of a fiery redhead. She may not seem like much at first sight, but she is much more powerful than she truly appears to be. She can control her hair to do things with it. I know what you're thinking, she is no more powerful than a hair stylist. That is until you hear what she can do with it. Each part of her hair is said to be ten times stronger than Earth's steel or iron. She has full control is each strand, making each part of her hair do exactly as she wants it. Oh women would love this ability for sure.

She can lift objects weighing tons with her hair and even do small things like pick locks or start a car for example. She can even create sonic booms with her hair by whipping it, which has affected Venom in the past among other symbiotes. All of this makes her very dangerous and not some sort of Queen that needs a King to protect her or any guard. Trying to take her down would be the worst idea you could ever have.

5 Quake


Quake has gotten a bit of primetime attention due to being part of The S.H.I.E.L.D television show on ABC. Daisy Johnson was the daughter of supervillain Mister Hyde, which made many wonder about her affiliation down the line.She was born outside the Inhuman society, which made things interesting when she did develop powers. Her father caused her powers to show up, and what she can do is quite interesting and devastating. Just like on the ABC show, she can control earthquakes and vibrational material.

That said, she could do anything from level a town to give a mean massage. What she can do that is interesting is use accurate vibrations, which allows her to focus on one area at a time. In some cases, she can even go after certain people. She made Wolverine's heart explode and started a quake of sorts inside Magneto's brain to force him to pass out. Due to how young the character is, there is a theory that all of this is raw power and she could be even stronger down the line.

4 Maximus


Maximus was once the leader of the Inhumans in Black Bolt's absence, which led him to believe Inhumans were better than all others and that did not sit well with everyone else. Maximus is super-intelligent with an understanding of physics, biology, and mechanics. If his powers weren't enough, he's also an incredibly talented inventor. What makes him most dangerous is what he was able to do after exposure to the Terrigen Mist. He is able to numb and override a person's mind, as well as erase a person's mind entirely. He can do things like cause a small spell of amnesia to exchange a person's consciousness with another's.

This has led to several issues over the years. If you give him time to think or concentrate, that is when he is most dangerous. Due to his ability over the mind, he can make others do things for him by simply forcing it. This is similar to telepaths like Charles Xavier or Jean Grey. However, like them, he must be near others for it to work. If he had Cerebro, look out. He is quite unstable, which is his most prominent weakness. By exposing his weaknesses and ego he can be beaten. If not, look out for a long night as he will see things coming and force you to do his bidding.

3 Crystal


Princess Crystal like the Queen is by no means just another Royal that cannot do anything for herself, oh no. She may be one of the single most powerful women in all of Marvel Comics. We mean this in both power and influence. Before we get into her powers, her links to the Marvel world are massive and need to be spoken of. She once dated the Human Torch and even took part in the Fantastic Four when needed and was an Avenger for a while. This Inhuman also married Quicksilver, then divorced him. But not before they had a powerful daughter called Luna, whom we mentioned earlier. She also has ties to Ronan of the Kree, due to having a relationship with him.

So understand this. She has ties to the Royals of the Inhumans and the Kree, on top of being part of two major teams in Marvel. Influence alone is huge, but her own powers are just as valuable. She has control over fire, water, wind, and the Earth itself. She can also manipulate the weather if she feels like it. On top of this, she can create electricity out of nothing and manipulate it to do her will. She can of course force earthquakes, but not with the accuracy Quake has. However, she can halt them when needed. She clearly is someone all of Marvel should look out for.

2 King Black Bolt


The King of the Inhumans may top most lists, but you'll see why he did not top ours. That does not take away the greatness of Black Bolt. His parents messed with powers and experimented on Black Bolt when he was still in the womb. Due to how massive his powers were, they had to put him in an energy dampener until he was 19. His main power comes in the form of a sonic scream. It is a running joke in comics that Black Bolt does not speak to people often. There is a reason though as the vibrations are powerful enough to level a city. It has been said that if he would shout to full power, he would tear the planet apart. Like any other Inhuman, he has impressive strength but his abilities do increase this.

He can even rearrange molecules in a matter that can take him into Omega-Level, which is the highest rank of mutant in X-Men. This was found out when he fought Omega-Level mutant Vulcan, as he was able to match him every time he came up with something. This puts him in a class all his own that make people fear the King. Rightfully so, as he can defeat the likes of The Hulk, and has. There is a reason he is the King, but he may not be the most powerful Inhuman.

1 Lash


Lash is seen by many as the true most powerful Inhuman, despite not being the nicest of them. He developed his power simply because his city of Orrolan can only let so many into Terrigenesis and felt he was worthy. When he went in, he developed even more strength than he had before but most prominently he was able to absorb energy and rechannel it. He can literally absorb any type of energy needed, which includes all kinetic and random form that comes his way. For example, if The Hulk comes at him with his power of super-strength, he can rechannel that if he so desires and use his power against him or simply turn him into ice. Captain America won't approve, but oh well.

He can absorb heat and coldness of any kind from any sort of surface of the world. One would think that he could match anyone that comes his way regardless of their ability because the more he is attacked, the stronger he gets. This means if someone like King Black-Bolt comes for him, he could use his abilities against him.

The way to destroy energy absorbers is to give them too much energy to handle. However, it is uncertain if he has a level he tops out at, which is scary for anyone trying to take him down. Lash is the most powerful Inhuman simply because no one can truly match his power and if they try, he'll just get stronger from the altercation.

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