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15 Most Powerful Force Users You Didn’t Know About

15 Most Powerful Force Users You Didn’t Know About

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The Star Wars Universe is quite massive and spans more than just the movies that we have grown to love. Due to the comic books as well as the novels combined with the animated world, you haven’t heard of a lot of people that use the Force on a regular basis. There are talented users right under your nose, some of which the movies do not let on how powerful they are.

The Force belongs to more than just the Jedi and Sith. There are two parts, dark and light. Both sides are incredibly useful. The dark side is known to have raised the dead due to its power while the light has been known to restore or implement peace in any land. There is not much one can’t do with the Force and that makes the ability quite powerful to have.

What makes the Force dangerous is the people who have it that don’t know how to control it or worse, do know how and don’t care who they hurt along the way. You see this happen far more with the dark side than the light, but that does not make the light side any better as they have been known to rob people or wipe minds. Remember in the various movies when Jedi would tell people to do things and it would work? No side is good when in the wrong hands. You’ll notice this throughout the list when we go over the fifteen most powerful users you did not know about.

15. Jacen Solo

Jacen Solo


Remember when Disney bought Lucasfilm and the entire library of Star Wars books, movies, etc.? Well when they did that, they threw a lot of things out of canon. This means that there are a lot of things that Disney now owns that mean absolutely nothing to the storyline of the universe. This is both good and bad. It is bad due to the vast amount of people that the universe now does not have but good because there are deaths and issues that are now removed. One very important person that was removed, at least to Disney, is Jacen Solo.

The son of Han and Leia Solo, Jacen is now Disney’s Kylo-Ren. Disney basically took Jacen out of canon to replace him with the Kylo-Ren character. Most of the storyline with the two are very similar. Jacen was taught by Luke Skywalker and would eventually learn both good and dark parts of the Force. He was enticed by the dark Force, but would eventually be led astray to it more due to brain-washing from the Sith. He did eventually turn back good before realizing the dark Force was too much to overlook and joined back. His abilities were vast and quite powerful. Sadly due to the removal from canon, we’ll never see Jacen pop up in the universe in movie form anytime soon.

14. Darth Bane

Darth Bane


Darth Bane was not your standard Sith Lord. He really just fit into the evil world well and managed to know the dark Force better than any other during his time. During his time at the Korriban Academy, he amazed fellow students and instructors with how talented he was. Despite this, Bane often felt like he did not belong. He initially did not understand how powerful his power in the Force was but seemed to figure it out while in the academy. He loved being rogue in his time (see what we did there) and decided the academy had nothing for him and wanted to show the universe that HE was the most powerful Force user. He would eventually find success on his own and then controlled his own empire.

Bane also become the only ruler of the Sith and as such, he developed the Sith “Rule of Two.” This means that a Sith Master can only have one apprentice and in order for that apprentice to become a lord, he must take out his own master. Bane did not play around and felt that if an apprentice could kill his master, he deserved the role. He felt the Force was so important to hold that only the best should be given teaching in it. He himself would rule for quite some time and almost come back from the dead through using a Force ghost. Bane was and still is one heck of a Sith Lord but sadly no one talks about him like they should.

13. Star Killer

Star Killer


Remember the whole rule of two thing we mentioned earlier? A lot of Sith hated it and only went by it out of respect. Weird right? If one was found to have had an apprentice before they became a Sith Lord, they would usually face death or banishment. It really depends on the person and usually what their own master said. Darth Vader felt like he deserved more, so he took on Galen Marek, better known as the awesome Starkiller.

Many hope Starkiller makes it into the Rogue film in some way, but the major goal is to just be recognized for his greatness. He was a little bit like Darth Maul, in that he was Vader’s right-hand man who would kill anyone Vader sent him after, as few could hold a candle to him in combat. He was considered a living weapon who did not need the Force to do harm, which meant that when he did employ it he would end up easily killing anyone in his path.

Starkiller did originally start as a Jedi in training before Vader and the Sith got to him. So when he was able to turn good once more, he went after his mentor and would end up defeating the great Vader in combat. Sidious, hoping to make Starkiller his new apprentice and take him back to the dark side, would tell him to kill Vader but Starkiller refused and went after the Emperor which would result in Sidious killing him.  However, being so good that he defeats Vader in combat must make you consider his greatness in the Force.

12. Freedon Nadd

Freedon Nadd


One of the other men on the list who turned from good to bad but was able to be killer in the Force the entire time is Freedon Nadd. Considered by many to be one of the top characters in the Star Wars Universe, he has yet to be added to any major movie or even animation sadly. The reason for his greatness may have been his lust for power. This may seem bad to most, but it was good when you talk up the gift in Force that he would develop. His lust for power led him to kill his Jedi Master Matt Tremayne.

Instead of going into hiding after this, he went into the heart of the Sith Empire where he would train and take in a lot of dark knowledge. Due to his power, he felt he could make himself a Sith Lord, even though you had to be made that by someone else. However, few could stop him. This led him to take over the world of Onderon, where he would sit on the throne for over one hundred years. No man could ever kill him and so he would eventually die off of natural occurrences. Not many had the stones to do what Nadd did, but few had the knowledge of the Force Nadd had either.

11. Exar Kun

Exar Kun


One of the most confident and downright amazing Sith has to be Exar Kun. Originally trained in the light for the Jedi, he would end up wanting to know more and would fall into the dark side when he came across forbidden knowledge. Being naturally curious he would continue to learn the ways of the entire Force, which would eventually force him to leave the safety of the order to attain more knowledge

One of the most confident and downright amazing Sith has to be Exar Kun. Originally trained in the light for the Jedi, he would end up wanting to know more and would fall into the dark side when he came across forbidden knowledge. Being naturally curious he would continue to learn the ways of the entire Force, which would eventually force him to leave the safety of the order to attain more knowledge

He would head to Onderon, which is where he came across the deceased Freedon Nadd. Nadd spoke to him via Force ghost and felt he could take over the physical form of Nadd. He managed to train Kun in the ways of the dark Forces and right when he would take over the physical form, Kun managed to get out before Nadd could do so and banished the spirit of Nadd in the process from Onderon.

Kun eventually gained so much knowledge due to Nadd and then after, that few could come close to his knowledge in the Force on either side. He did not mind mixing it up with anyone, dark or light. He would assume the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith and would go on a rampage against the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic in his time. No one could match him at his point and that made him a threat to any and all.

10. Marka Ragnos

Marka Ragnos


Another from the Ancient Sith era is Marka Ragnos, one of the most overlooked characters in the Star Wars universe. This is for a multitude of reasons, but his first life was pretty successful. He grew in power after he beat Sith Lord Simus to become the Dark Lord of the Sith where he would rule the empire. He would hold this role for about a century until his eventual death. During his time, he was very powerful and would mainly win any fight due to turning his opponents against each other, which kept threats away from his homeland of Korriban.

Another from the Ancient Sith era is Marka Ragnos, one of the most overlooked characters in the Star Wars universe. This is for a multitude of reasons, but his first life was pretty successful. He grew in power after he beat Sith Lord Simus to become the Dark Lord of the Sith where he would rule the empire. He would hold this role for about a century until his eventual death. During his time, he was very powerful and would mainly win any fight due to turning his opponents against each other, which kept threats away from his homeland of Korriban.

His power was said to be so high that it could have allowed him to take over any and everyone, but Ragnos choose not to expand the Empire like many assumed he would. He was happy with what he had. However, his Force ghost seemed a lot more active.

His second life as a Force ghost might have been the most important part of his story. His Force ghost would play a part in the new ruler of his empire, and would actually remain in usage by his Sith brethren before finally being banished by the Jedi years later.

9. Kyp Durron

Kyp Durran


One of the most talked about people in the Star Wars Universe among Star Wars fans may be Kyp Durron. Some love him, and some hate him. But this is mainly due to his role in the universe. He was a Jedi Master in the New Jedi Order and responsible for several deaths in his time. Due to deep anger, he was taken advantage of by Exar Kun earlier on. He would be guided in the Force by him and would kill his own brother due to the exploitation and even steal the Sun Crusher Super-Weapon too. After being banished by the Jedi, Kun’s influence on Durron went with it.

This led Durron wanting to make up for his past which led him to do crazy things in the name of good. He was retaught the right ways of the Force by Luke Skywalker, meaning he was trained by two of the most talented Force users in the history of the universe. Learning all he could, he would do great things for the Jedi Order to make sure he made up for all the evil he was part of. He would eventually end up sitting alongside Luke on the Jedi High Council. No one sits there without great Force knowledge, meaning Durron had to be on this list.

8. Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis


He was spoken about during Episode III by Sidious, but not much was known about Plagueis outside of the random mention unless you read the books and everything in between. Before there was a Darth Sidious, Darth Plagueis ruled and many actually think he was behind the entire evil empire through Episodes I-III. Fans theorize that he could have pulled the strings until his death. Due to the rule of two, Sidious would kill Plagueis to take over his spot, but what Plagueis could do in the Force was quite impressive.

He could bring people back from death if he chose to and could even heal people, along with himself. Basically, he was a walking Lazarus pit. He was able to master the art of midi-chlorian manipulation, which is cooler than it sounds. The man was obsessed with living forever, and due to his ability to manipulate life itself, he stood to live forever if Sidious did not kill him.

7. Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus


One of the most powerful Force users you may never have heard of is Darth Nihilus. Considered to be one of the best Sith ever, what he could do was absolutely amazing and his results speak for themselves really. He was one of the few on planet Malachor V to survive the Mass Shadow Generator Superweapon, which made him simply crave Force energy more than one could imagine. He was a “wound within the Force” they claim. Darth Traya would find him and train him in the ways of the Force, which would feed the endless hunger he had for the Force.

Due to his need for Force energy, he would develop into one of the key members of the Sith world. While he did not have the power of some, his ability to manipulate the Force was as good as any before him and that led to many fearsome moments. He would become known as the Lord of Hunger due to his obsessive need for Force energy, which made him turn against any and all. Most believe if he executed everything perfectly and knew how to do some of the deeper things of the Force, he may have become the most powerful Force user ever due to his massive Force energy. However, he did not learn enough, especially in comparison to some of the powerful people left on our list. Despite not being able to maximize his Force knowledge, he certainly belongs in the top users because what he could do was incredible.

6. Karness Muur

Karness Muur


Karness Muur was once one of the most beloved and respected Jedi Knights of his time until his interest in the dark Force started to get out of control. He lusted after its knowledge and that led him to become one of the Dark Jedi.  He would eventually create the Leviathan monster and be part of the Battle of Corbos. He would be exiled to the well-known Sith planet Korriban where he took on the yellow-bladed prosaber, considered to be one of the strongest sabers in the universe at that time. The natives of Korriban saw him as a God of sorts.

In fact, it was Muur along with a few others who would take over the Sith species and first call themselves Lords of the Sith. What makes Muur stand out was his amulet, which gave him massive power in the Force. Due to the fact that he was already strong in the ways of the Force, the amulet boosted his power immensely; including having the ability to make anyone around him a mindless follower at a whim.

Muur stands out due to being one of the firsts, but also due to the fact that his power was so extreme that no one knew how to stop him. The only ones that could stand a chance were other Sith it seemed, which is why his greatest rivals were those around him rather than the Jedi seemingly.

5. Abeloth



Abeloth was once a servant of Mortis ones. She loved them as if they were own family and due to this she became a Mother in the group, a position of power. Sadly after she drank from the Font of Power and bathed in the Pool of Knowledge, she became corrupt with her new power. She then became a spirit of chaos. She would be impressed by the powerful Father, but would break away and take out worlds. She would become known as the Bringer of Chaos and Queen of the Stars due to the destruction she left in her wake. Needless to say, she had massive Force powers.

Her powers include teleportation, avatars that she can plant anywhere, lightning manipulation even when there is none to use around her, the ability to twist minds and turn people evil, and the ability to trap people in a Force stasis. All of this is just part of her abilities. She also paralyzed Ben Skywalker, Luke’s son, and injured Luke himself. She is said to have 12 times the Force strength of Luke, whom is considered the greatest Jedi ever. That said, she’s kind of a big deal.

4. Kyle Katarn

Kyle Katarn


Kyle Katarn once stated: I’m no Jedi; I’m just a guy with a lightsaber and a few questions.”

You remember how we’ve spoken about people being taken from the books and comics to be used in the new movies that are renamed and used in other ways? That happened with Kyle Katarn. So follow this one. Kyle is a human who was a former imperial stormtrooper who defected to the Rebellion. He was often paired with a Rebel agent and performed covert missions for the Rebels. He had great Force abilities and actually taught himself to become a Jedi. His power grew so much and his abilities in missions were so great that he became heavily knowledgeable.

He would go on to become a Jedi Master and would also become part of the Jedi High Council in the New Jedi Order. Few get to the council without having great Force knowledge. Since his time in history came later on, he had knowledge of a variety of powers. To make him all the more impressive, most of his Force powers were self-taught. Katarn perhaps stands out the most because of his ability to combine both the dark and light sides of the Force to accomplish his missions.

3. Master Fay

Master Fay


The only person on this list to not regularly carry a lightsaber, Master Fay was known to have massively powerful Force ability. Among the many abilities she possesses, Fay was able to maintain a young appearance despite living for centuries. She felt she was not a person to teach, so she would love the Core and roam the Outer Rim Worlds and basically go wherever she was taken by the Force that guided her. This led to her helping all over the universe with her exploits helping her become legendary among the people in the universe. This would obviously catch the eye of many. Due to her strength in the Force always leading her to the right place at the right time, she would feel led to the planet of Queta.

There she met up with other Jedi Masters, including the well-known Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was there along with the others to recover an antidote that was needed due to a new chemical weapon the Dark Side was using. She would end up running into Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress and Durge, a bounty hunter. Fay fought with Ventress, doing well until an explosion occurred which led her to become severely wounded by Ventress. Fay knew her time was limited due to Ventress having her on the ropes, so she gave all of her remaining Force strength to Kenobi so he could get out and save millions of lives with the antidote. She would fight Ventress until her dying breath so that Kenobi and the Jedi could get away. She died a hero and Kenobi would call her the strongest of them all whom would have lived forever if not for her sacrifice.

2. Revan



There is not much bad you can talk about with Revan. He was both on the good and bad side of history. He was a Sith and a Jedi, but the important thing was that he was possibly the most well rounded of any of the Human Force users. His endless curiosity was matched only by his growing power. His story is that of legend and one that a movie NEEDS to be made out of. We’re talking to you, Disney. Known for creating Revanchist, an organization of Jedi warriors who did not need the Jedi Council to tell them where to go, he also appeared in several of the wars we know of today such as the Jedi Civil War.

Due to his immense power and followers, he was the one who Forced Darth Bane to develop the rule of two, the well known Sith rule. Really, few could argue that Revan is possibly the most powerful Force user no one talks about. However, when it comes to using the Force in combat…few people could compare to the great Revan who had no problem taking out whoever he felt had wronged him or whom he felt was doing wrong in his eyes. Jedi or Sith, they all would pay at the hands of Revan.

1. The Father

The Father, Star Wars


Confirmed by Leland Chee, a Lucasfilm official and the person who holds the continuity database, The Father is the most powerful Force user to have ever existed in the Star Wars Universe. Of course, they could develop someone to rival this, but as of now, he’s the guy. He defeated powerful Force user Abeloth and kept the balance of the Son and Daughter. Without him, the two would tear apart the fabric of space and time, but no biggy if he took a day off right?

So what can he do? Everything. Not only can he control the Force to do whatever he desires, but he can also manipulate a lightsaber with telekinesis. His control over abilities related to the mind is considered so powerful that he beats out even Yoda in this department. He had the ability to do anything one could need in the dark side or light which made him so powerful that no one, literally no one, could rival him.

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