15 Most Powerful Characters In Dragon Ball Super

It's been a while since we've had a Dragon Ball series on television but that all changed in 2017 when the creators introduced a new and exciting stage in Goku's adventure. Dragon Ball Super is still airing and is sizing up to be a pretty decent follow up to Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT and we're sure there's more to come for this series.

Dragon Ball Super is less than 80 episodes in but despite this, the series has already introduced some of the most powerful characters seen by Dragon Ball fans. This shouldn't come as a surprise though as the current story arc of the series focuses on a multiverse tournament that pits the best from all universes against each other in a battle for supremacy.

The world that Goku and the others got bigger when the other universes were introduced and this also paved the way for the introduction of a few characters that outdo the likes of Broly, Cell, and others in terms of power. Without further ado, here are the 15 most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Super.


15 Majin Buu

One of the team members of Universe 7, Majin Buu remains to be his calm and innocent self throughout Dragon Ball Super. This pink blob isn't as strong as Goku or Vegeta but it's his inherent abilities that make him become one of the strongest members of the team. He has already represented Universe 7 in a match against Basil from Universe 9.

Basil proved to be a great challenge for Majin Buu but thanks to his natural regenerative abilities, the lovable pink blob held its ground. Majin Buu could grow stronger as the series progresses though. He hasn't fought since the Buu Saga and with the evil devoid of his body, he has grown weaker since. With a few training sessions under the watchful eye of Whis and Beerus, Majin Buu can reach power levels far beyond Kid Buu.

14 Android 17


When Goku was rounding up the Universe 7 team, one of the first characters he went to was the young Android 17. This former human was formerly one of the enemies of the Z-Fighters during the Cell Saga. He was one of the strongest Androids out there and in Dragon Ball Super, the more mature and calmer Android 17 has cemented his place as the most powerful Android in existence.

Goku tested out the power of Android 17 before recruiting him  To Goku's surprise, Android 17 was more powerful than he expected. The two never fought before and this sparring session was the first time they went head to head with each other. Goku had to use his Super Saiyan Blue form to fight Android 17 and this should be enough proof that this former baddie is very formidable.

13 Cabba

Even Universe 6 has their own Saiyans. The only Saiyan on the Universe 6 team is none other than the young and innocent Cabba. Cabba's abilities are very undeveloped for a Saiyan but despite his lack of knowledge regarding the full extent of his race, he still manages to hold his own against Vegeta.

In their basic form, Cabba and Vegeta are equals. They share the same form and abilities including the Galick Gun. However, Cabba does not know of the Super Saiyan forms and Vegeta teaches the young Saiyan about their race during their battle. Cabba manages to go to his first Saiyan form thanks to Vegeta. This proved to be a big challenge to Vegeta who opted to use his Super Saiyan Blue form to answer back.

12 Zamasu


Zamasu is a persistent villain in Dragon Ball Super. Those who haven't been following the series from the start could get confused with what Zamasu really is. There are several Zamasus spread out across various timelines. All of them choose to do one thing and one thing only and that is to cause havoc.

There are several Zamasus revealed already. The first Zamasu is the one killed by Beerus in an alternate version of the present timeline. The second Zamasu is the one from the original present timeline who was supposed to be killed but was aided by his Time Ring.  The last Zamasu is the one from the future and is the most powerful one.

This Zamasu can hold his own against the Super Saiyan Blue form of Goku and Trunks' Super Saiyan Rage. Perhaps the best power of this Zamasu is his immortality. The only being to only truly kill Zamasu was Zen-Oh.

11 Hit

Each of the fighters from the various universes in the Universe Tournament is powerful in their own right. In teams of 10, each of the universes has their own star player as well. For Universe 7, that's none other than Goku. For Universe 6, the role of a star player and the strongest member falls to Hit.

Hit is a rather simple character in Dragon Ball Super. He's basically a hitman and as such, he keeps a calm and quiet demeanor. Don't let his lack of words and conversation fool you as Hit is far more dangerous than the personality he poses. He doesn't have any outstanding powers to showcase as Hit relies on physical prowess and technique alone in combat.

When battling, Hit strikes at the vital point of his enemies to easily dispose of them. His signature move is striking the heart of the opponent for an easy kill. This killed Goku easily and if it wasn't for a well planned Ki blast, Goku would've stayed dead.

10 Vegeta


One of the very few full-blooded Saiyans seen in the Dragon Ball universe, Vegeta has proven time and time again that he's next to Goku when it comes to power. Whatever Goku achieves, he strives to get as well. It's his jealousy and competitiveness that forces him to become one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball and in Dragon Ball Super.

Like Goku, Vegeta has also seemingly mastered his Super Saiyan God form with the help of Beerus and Whis. In that form, both Goku and Vegeta reach unknown amounts of power levels.

Vegeta is one of the people on the Universe 7 team and with the fate of their entire universe hanging in the balance, Vegeta strives not to protect the universe but to outdo Goku still. This isn't entirely a bad thing as Vegeta can become quite the fighter when seeing how strong Goku has become.

9 Champa

Champa is basically the Beerus of Universe 6. He's the God of Destruction of said universe and this alone is enough to make many other characters in Dragon Ball Super quiver in fear. Like his brother Beerus, Champa is capable of a lot of things that would result in nothing else but destruction.

While Beerus trained under Whis, Champa trained under Vados, sister and far superior counterpart of Whis. Despite this, both Beerus and Champa are on a level playing field when it comes to combat power. However, if these two do face off, Champa is the clear loser as he lacks the stamina to fight for long periods of time because of his weight. Despite this, Champa can still destroy planets and other beings in just a few moves. If he does lose weight though, he has the potential to be better than Beerus.


8 Beerus


The main villain in Dragon Ball Battle of the Gods, Beerus has proven time and time again that Goku and Vegeta are no matches for him. With a monicker like the God of Destruction, it's pretty evident that Beerus is someone that's not to be messed with. His power combined with his rambunctious behavior make up for one powerful character in Dragon Ball Z.

Beerus has displayed his power on more than one occasion already. He was able to beat Ultimate Gohan, Super Gotenks, Rage Vegeta, and Majin Buu using only 70% of his strength. He almost killed Super Saiyan 3 Goku with a single strike. To make Beerus have a hard time, the best the Z-Fighters could do is let Goku and Vegeta turn into a Super Saiyan Blue and attack him at the same time. Even then, victory isn't certain. Perhaps the scariest thing Beerus has done was destroy a planet only by sneezing.

7 Whis

At first glance, Whis doesn't look like much of a fighter. He looks more fitting for the role of an ambassador for the universes instead. Don't let his charming good looks and lanky body fool you, Whis is one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Super and that's only part of the reason why Goku and Vegeta train under him.

In the OVA, Battle of the Gods, Whis was initially thought of as the assistant to the God of Destruction Beerus. In the end, Beerus reveals that Whis is very powerful and that he was the one who trained the God of Destruction. We got to see more of Whis' power in display during Dragon Ball Ressurection F when Goku and Vegeta began their training under him.

What Whis lacks in brute force he makes up for with his insane speed.

6 Frieza


Goku's bitter rival throughout the series isn't Vegeta but Frieza. He's been on the opposing end of Goku on several occasions already and with each confrontation, he sees his major flaw which he tries to get over the next time he comes about. In Dragon Ball Super. Frieza was called upon to become one of Universe 7's members. Goku relying on Frieza for help already says a lot about how powerful Frieza is.

The surprising thing about Frieza is that he never trains. This comes as a surprise because all he had when facing Goku was his sheer natural fighting prowess. He forced a Saiyan to his advanced form without having to train or even stretch even for a single day.

Frieza learned his lesson and has since begun training. As seen in Dragon Ball Ressurection F, four months of training has done wonders for Goku's most hated enemy.

5 Goku

Let's get the obvious out of the way. Goku from Dragon Ball is and will always be one of the most powerful characters in the franchise regardless of what story arc or OVA we're in. The Universe Tournament is filled with some of the most powerful characters any Dragon Ball fan has ever seen but that doesn't mean Goku is going to let others outdo him.

With mastery over his Super Saiyan God form, Goku's powers remain on the top tiers when it comes to power levels alone and Universe 7 should be very glad that Goku is one of their champions.

What makes Goku even more powerful is the fact that he's very competitive and whenever there's someone out there stronger than him, he'll strive hard to become better. His persistence in training and his full Saiyan blood will always keep him on top of the food chain.

4 Goku Black


Goku Black is actually the Zamasu from the original present timeline. Zamasu's hatred for Goku served as the fuel to create the powerful being that is Goku Black. This version of Goku is pretty equal in terms of power and the only difference between Goku Black and the Goku we've all known to love is that Goku Black is heartless and intent on hurting others.

Goku Black's base form is equal to the power of Goku in his Super Saiyan 3 form. Since Zamasu isn't a Saiyan at all, he had a hard time adjusting to the newly given body. However, he learned to control the Saiyan body to make it stronger over time. He never learned to use and take advantage of Super Saiyan forms though. Goku Black becomes even more dangerous when Zamasu learned that Saiyans grow stronger with anger.

3 Vados

Vados is the sister of Whis and is also one of the most dominant forces in Dragon Ball Super. She's yet to reveal the full extent of her power but even Whis himself acknowledges that her sister is far more superior to him. While Beerus underwent training under Whis, Whis underwent training under her sister. This alone should be enough signs that Vados is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

The closest we got to seeing Vados' power is during the argument between Champa and Beerus. The two Gods of Destruction were in a pretty sour argument and their fight could destroy potential planets nearby. To be precise, Universe 7's Earth could have been obliterated by the argument of the two. To avoid the inevitable, Vados decided to knock out Champa. She did so without breaking a single sweat.

2 The Grand Priest


Vados and Whis must've come from somewhere right? That's where their father, The Grand Priest, comes in. Vados and Whis; the angelic attendants of the Gods of Destruction Champa and Beerus are powerful on their own but whatever power they boast, they definitely inherited from their quiet and reserved father.

We've yet to see the Grand Priest in action. He's yet to do anything that will showcase just how powerful he is. Whis does say on several occasions that his father is one of the top five more powerful fighters in existence. He didn't say if he's considering Zen-Oh on the list but being on the top 5 is already something impressive. We're guessing that The Grand Priest's skill sets include spectacular strength and insane speed. We're very excited for the day that the Grand Priest uses his power.

1 Zen-Oh

With nicknames like Omni-King and King of All, it's easy to feel intimidated by the Dragon Ball equivalent of God Almighty Himself. True to his namesake, Zen-Oh is capable of doing almost everything without even breaking a sweat. This includes erasing people out of existence like what he did with Zamasu when he considered this immortal villain as annoying.

We've yet to see Zen-Oh fight and it's very unlikely that we'll see him in a fight because we're sure that no other Universe Tournament fighter is courageous enough to challenge this god.

According to Beerus, there was a total of 18 universes all in all. In a fit of rage and tantrum, Zen-Oh single-handedly erased the other 6. If Zen-Oh can do that to entire universes. we're sure that he can do so much more to those who slight him. We hope the Universe 7 team doesn't get to feel the wrath of Zen-Oh anytime soon.

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