15 Most Powerful Asgardians In The Marvel Universe

This list contains past, present, and future Asgardians, and shows why each of these characters makes it onto this list as the most powerful.

Going by what we see of the comic depictions of Asgard, as well as what we get to see in the movies and in the Marvel cartoons, Asgard is an amazing place. Most people know Asgard simply as Thor's home planet, yet this small, but very rich planet, is quite unique. Asgard is very different from earth since it is not round and it does not rotate or revolve around a star, it simply floats in space in a dimensional plane much different from earth.

The citizens of Asgard are called Asgardians, and most of them are gods. These Asgardians are far superior to human beings with regard to their physical strength, speed, endurance, immunity to diseases and many other attributes.

Apart from Thor, Loki, and Odin - the three most famous Asgardians - there are so many others that have powers beyond what most people could even imagine. Some of the past Asgardians left great legacies, and the future Asgardians also seem to wield a lot of power.

Coming across powerful Asgardians is not a problem, ranking them according to how powerful they are is the problem. It would be easy to conclude that Thor was the most powerful god in Asgard and move on, but we would be coming up with the wrong conclusion. This list contains past, present, and future Asgardians, and shows why each of these characters makes it onto this list.

Although this list ranks Asgardians who are both alive and dead, which of these do you believe deserves a higher ranking? Which ones do you think do not deserve to be on this list?

15 Lorelei

Via Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki - Wikia

Lorelei is Amora the Enchantress's younger sister, and this relationship is an indication of just how powerful she is. Lorelei is one of the most beautiful women in Asgard, giving her power that is beyond what a warrior can wield. Lorelei needs only to use her voice and in doing so enslave the minds of men, which is why she can only be beaten by a woman, because her powers do not affect the likes of Sif. Her lack of interest in sorcery is what makes her different and slightly less powerful compared to her sister, but her desire to rule and even cause confusion in order to gain control really set her apart from all other women. Since she is an Asgardian, she has superhuman capabilities in terms of strength, endurance, immunity to diseases, and much more. She has lived over a thousand years, she is not affected by conventional injury, and she can seduce even the gods.

14 Skurge The Executioner

Via Marvel Database - Wikia

Just by looking at how huge and strong Skurge is, you will understand why he is on this list, in addition to the fact that he also goes by the name The Executioner. Skurge was one of the best warriors in Asgard, an illegitimate son of an Asgardian Skornheim goddess and a Storm Giant. Although his allegiance was with Asgard after fighting against the Storm Giants, he did cross paths with Thor many times. Were it not for the Enchantress seducing him to assist her in evil schemes, Skurge would have had one of the best and most triumphant histories of all. According to the Power Grid, the only thing that let down this super warrior was his intelligence, scoring a very low two out of seven. Having a combined Asgardian and Storm Giant physiology, Skurge was super strong, durable, and agile. He could move with superhuman speeds, he had super stamina, reflexes, and longevity. In addition, Skurge had superior hand-to-hand combat skills and he could take down almost anyone with his axe.

13 Amora The Enchantress

Via Blastr

Amora the Enchantress is a very dangerous woman whose name tells a lot about her abilities. An enchantress is a woman who makes use of sorcery or magic to put people under a spell, and that is exactly what Amora is and does to every man she is interested in. Her deep knowledge and experience in sorcery have made her immensely powerful, to the level of being one of Thor's greatest foes, since most of the time Thor is infatuated with her. Amora got into magic and sorcery after she was banished from Asgard at a young age for lacking discipline, where she seduced sorcerers and other powerful magicians to share the ancient and most powerful secrets of magic with her. The combination of sorcery and manipulation are what makes Amora rank so highly in terms of power, since she hardly ever gets involved in physical confrontations. If it were to get physical, the fact that she is an Asgardian goddess is a sign of her immense strength, stamina, speed, and durability.

12 Sif

Via Marvel Database - Wikia

Asgard has very powerful women who are fit and strong enough to be warriors, with the most powerful of the women warriors in Asgard being Sif. Sif is a second-generation goddess who is so important to Asgard and the rest of us comic lovers, because she is Thor's lover, which makes her even more powerful owing to her relationship with the main man of Asgard. Sif is never attracted to anyone but Thor, or anyone else worthy enough to wield the Mjolnir. Being an Asgardian, her physiology grants her superhuman strength, she is almost invulnerable to injury, and she has superhuman reflexes, agility, stamina, and speed. Few warriors can match up to Sif's fighting and hand-to-hand combat, proficiency in fighting with cold weapons, or use of her favorite sword and shield. In addition, Sif can teleport between Asgard and Earth, and she can open gateways to destinations other than earth using her sword.

11 Balder The Brave

Via GetMovieNews

As the name suggests, Balder the Brave was the bravest being in Asgard, and one of its most skilled warriors. What was unique about Balder is that Odin, Asgard's ruler, commanded Frigga, his wife, to make Balder invulnerable to any type of harm, after proving that he was brave even in the face of death. Balder makes it to this list, because his physiology automatically granted him superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, longevity, and regenerative healing. In addition, Balder had a deep sense of danger such as when he sensed that Thor was in danger while he was in Asgard and Thor was on earth. Since he was the Asgardian God of light, he could produce light beams with the strength and heat to melt huge structures and even enemies. He could teleport, project energy, and had limited magical abilities. In the absence of Odin, Balder once ruled Asgard, a sign of his leadership capabilities.

10 Hela

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Hela is Loki's daughter, and knowing that the apple never falls far from the tree, there is no way Hela would ever be a good character. Otherwise known as Hela of the Norns, Mistress of the Darkness, or the Death Queen, Hela is not only a danger to mere mortals, but is also a great danger to the gods of Asgard - a fear that the three Asgardian goddesses of fate, the Norns, expressed. Odin made Hela a goddess who ruled the realm of the dead spirits in Hel and Niflheim, two of the nine worlds that Odin rules. Since the Nazis had taken control of her mind in World War II, Hela fought the invaders and made the situation worse. Hela has long wanted to possess Odin's and Thor's souls, a desire that will have to wait until these nearly immortal gods die. According to her Power Grid, her durability, strength, and speed are at a maximum, although she is lacking in intelligence and fighting skills.

9 Heimdall

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Heimdall is one of the most powerful warriors anywhere in the Marvel Universe, so powerful that he was given the responsibility to guard Asgard's Rainbow Bridge, the bridge through which all who wanted to get to Asgard had to pass through. Heimdall was Sif's brother, an indication that their family must have had a special inclination towards becoming the best and most trusted loyal servants to the King. Standing at the Rainbow Bridge to defend the city gates from intruders was no mere task, because it required the strongest and most powerful warriors in Asgard, a task that Heimdall played well. Since being an Asgardian automatically meant that Heimdall had super durability, stamina, and strength, he also had a special ability to see events that were miles off. His hearing was comparable to none in all of Asgard, hearing the faintest of sounds, including sap flowing through trees. Heimdall was undoubtedly a fierce and highly experienced warrior, who was skilled in hand-to-hand combat and the use of all weapons in Asgard.

8 Tyr Odinson

Via Marvel Database

Tyr Odinson was a mighty and powerful defender of Asgard, who fought numerous battles even before Thor was born. One time when he was binding the wolf god, Fenris, Tyr lost his left hand, which is why looking at him you will notice that a section of his hand is missing. Tyr's jealousy towards the superior powers that Thor had led him to rebel against Odin, because he must have felt like he had earned the right to have the most powers. Some of the most defining moments of Tyr's history include his fight with the fire demon and with the god of death - Surtur and Heliopolitan respectively - battles that he fought defending Asgard. Every Asgardian god has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and endurance, which Tyr has, although he is superior in strength, having the ability to lift 35 tons, which is far more than what the average Asgardian can lift. Tyr is a master when it comes to both armed and unarmed combat.

7 Magni Thorson

Via Comic Vine - GameSpot

Magni Thorson is the son of Thor and Amora the Enchantress, a very powerful Asgardian who grew up when his father and other Asgardians controlled Earth, a period considered to be in the future. The Asgardians' rule over the mortals on earth was oppressive and inhuman, a rule that led to many human beings revolting and forming resistance groups, one of which was led by Captain America. The fact that Magni is Thor's son is enough to convince people of just how powerful he is. In addition to having an Asgardian physiology which gives him resistance to injury, great stamina, and a long life, Magni is the Norse god of strength, meaning that he is stronger than all the Asgardians including his father. Magni also gained control of Thor's hammer Mjolnir, whereby he would throw it and it would magically return to him. He also used Mjolnir to create dimensional doorways and for flight.

6 Buri/Tiwaz

Via GrkRealmMyths Wiki - Wikia

Buri was Bor Burison's father, which makes him Thor's great grandfather. Buri was technically not an Asgardian like the others on this list, but he is here, because his son Bor was the founder of Asgard and is an Asgardian by association. Being the father of all Asgardians, Buri has the ability to lift over 100 tons, meaning that his strength matches that of Thor, he has superhuman durability, he is immune to diseases, and he is immortal. He possessed mystical powers that allow him to manipulate energies and cast spells regardless of distance. He can animate inanimate objects, manipulate his or any other being's size, he can freeze Frost Giants, and see everything happening in the nine worlds. Buri has the same abilities as the ones his grandson Odin has, he is skilled in sculpting ice, and he is one of the few beings in the universe worthy of wielding Mjolnir. With such powers, it is hard to understand how he lost fights against his son Bor and, in another instance, against his grandson Odin.

5 Bor Burison

Via Marvel Movies Wikia

Bor Burison was the most powerful Asgardian during his reign as the King of Asgard. Bor Burison reigned before Odin, because he was Odin's father, which makes him Thor's grandfather. During his reign, he had numerous victories, with some of the opponents he triumphed over including the Dark Elves and Malekith's army. His son, Odin, Ascended to the throne following his death in battle and although Odin had the opportunity to bring him back, he did not. By the fact that Burison was an Asgardian, his physical abilities are far beyond what the best human being would ever be able to do, and having reigned as the King of Asgard meant that he was superior to all other Asgardians at the time. In addition to having remarkable strength, Burison could fight multiple enemies at the same time, proving just how powerful he was. In addition to his skills and physical attributes, he wielded the Gungnir, a magical spear that the rulers of Asgard use.

4 Loki

Via 4 Your Excitement

Loki is without a doubt one of the most powerful Asgardians, although he is an Asgardian by adoption, not through birth as is the case with most of the others on this list. Loki found his way into Odin's home when Odin found him hidden in a fortress, after battling and defeating the Frost Giants. Apparently, the Frost Giant king, Laufey, was ashamed of his son's diminutive size, which is the reason he kept him hidden in the main fortress. Odin's father had asked him to adopt the son of the father that he would kill in battle, and Odin adopted Loki and raised him together with Thor as if he were his son. Loki's physiology is that of a Frost Giant, making him extremely strong, giving him an extended lifespan, immunity to all sorts of diseases, and he is resistant to normal injury. Loki's magical abilities and sorcery make him stand out as the most powerful sorcerer in Asgard, since he can shape-shift, rearrange himself on a molecular level, fly, teleport, reattach cut off body parts, and do so much more.

3 Thor

Via Dr. Odd

Everybody loves Thor and he is not on this list just because he plays the starring role everywhere Asgard is mentioned, but because he is a really nice guy. To most people, Asgard revolves around Thor, because he is the present day hero and he defends human beings in every way he can. Thor is the god of Thunder, and that alone says a lot about the power that he wields. The fact that Thor is the son of Odin and a member of the avengers are not the only reasons he is on this list, he is arguably the second most powerful Asgardian today, and has the potential of becoming the single most powerful being the nine realms. Thor is stronger than all Asgardian gods are, he has the ability to lift over 100 tons, he has heightened endurance and immunity, and he can increase his strength tenfold when he succumbs to "warrior's madness". His weapon of choice is his indestructible Mjolnir, with which he can channel his godly energies into a very powerful blast with the power to kill even immortals.

2 Kurse/ Valgoth

Via Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki - Wikia

Kurse was not born in Asgard or even have Asgardian parents, since before becoming Kurse he was the most powerful Dark Elf called Algrim the Strong. Kurse later received Asgardian citizenship after going through suffering and repenting, since most of his previous actions were as a result of coercion by Malekith, the dark Elf ruler. Kurse battled Thor at least two times, where he let Thor win the first time and overpowered him the second. His encounter with Beyonder, the cosmic entity, left him twice as strong as Thor, meaning that he had become extremely powerful. Kurse at one point beat Loki severely and later beat up Balder the Brave together with a legion of other Asgardians. Kurse's physiology enabled him to have superhuman speed, strength, durability, and stamina, he could track and find enemies over vast distances and through different kinds of disguises and illusions, and he was nearly invulnerable.

1 Odin

Via Collider

When it comes to power in Asgard, Odin was the center of it all. Odin was the son of Bor Burison and Bestia, a frost giantess, and until the battle with Surtur where all of Asgard perished except Thor, no one had the chance to win a battle against Odin. Odin had two other brothers, Ve and Vili, that were killed by Surtur, a fire-demon; deaths that led to Odin absorbing their life essences and becoming even more powerful. Odin constituted the council of godheads, he constructed the Destroyer Armor and made the Odinsword. Although Odin had the conventional superpowers that a normal Asgardian god would possess, Odin's powers were far superior to all others since he was the King. He had superhuman strength, speeds, reflexes, agility, stamina, durability, and tissue density. His possession of the Odin force gave him the power to manipulate massive magical acts, including transporting an entire human race to a different dimension, projecting forces, manipulating matter, erecting impenetrable force fields, endowing power, and so much more.


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