15 Most Outrageous Walking Dead Fan Conspiracy Theories

The Walking Dead revolves around a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. The plot follows sheriff deputy Rick Grimes who awakes from a coma to discover that a zombie apocalypse has destroyed the world and civilization. He eventually becomes the leader of a group of survivors as they struggle to deal with each other, surviving in this new world, other humans and the zombies, known as walkers in the series. Frank Darabont created The Walking Dead for TV, which is based on the comic book of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. The series first premiered in 2010 and is currently in its seventh season. The series stars an incredible ensemble cast, which includes Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Chandler Riggs, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun, Jon Bernthal, Christian Serratos and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The Walking Dead is a critically and commercially acclaimed series that scores some of the highest cable ratings. It’s one of AMC’s most successful original series. The success of the series has led to a spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead. However, a lot of questions and mysteries still surround The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead has some of the most fiercely loyal fans of any TV series. These fans have spent countless hours trying to find some answers in regards to the series. Several fans have come up with some outrageous, interesting and very possible conspiracy theories. These theories range from what caused the zombie apocalypse to how the series will end. Here is a look at 15 of the most outrageous The Walking Dead fan conspiracy theories.


15 Rick Is Still In A Coma

In the pilot episode, Rick Grimes is shot and falls into a deep coma. When he awakes the zombie outbreak is well underway and he sets out to find his wife and son. He eventually reunites with them and becomes the de facto leader for a group of survivors. However, several fans have speculated that Rick has been in a coma this whole time and the series has all been a dream. At one point the theory gained some traction with most fans believing the end of the series would reveal this is all happening in his head. The theory suggests that everyone he’s met and interacted with are either from his past or other patients in the same hospital. However, creator Robert Kirkman debunked that theory... well kind of. He sent out a Tweet that read, “Rick is NOT still in a coma. The events of TWD are definitely happening." However, he followed that up with, “But Carl and everyone else are all imagined. He actually NEVER found his family. He’s been crazy since he killed his first zombie. #joking?” Kirkman is known for his sense of humor and the enjoyment he gets out of pulling practical jokes on his fans.

14 The Zombies Run On Solar Power

The Walkers appear to be horrifying monsters that have no human qualities or personality. However, they might be environmentally conscious or it might all just be a coincidence. It’s very possible that this is the most outrageous fan theory but it actually makes some sense. The zombies are often shown slowly but viciously feasting on human flesh, organs and brains. It seems that it’s the source of their power however fans of the series believe they’ve discovered a different source. Reddit user 'morsayid' wondered what the walkers would do without humans to eat. This theory suggests that the walkers survive because of the sun and its solar energy. They point out that walkers outside are often seen roaming around searching for food. However, walkers in dark buildings or buried underground only move once they’re disturbed. The theory suggests that they go into hibernation mode when not in the sun.

13 The Walking Dead Is Mirroring Human Progression

The characters in The Walking Dead live in a world with no Internet, no stores, no cell phones and no resemblance of society. The world has completely fallen apart and there is no sense of order or civilization. A Reddit user by the name 'zeptimius' came up with an interesting theory regarding the series. The theory suggests that The Walking Dead is mirroring the progression of human history. For example, their time on Hershel’s farm in season 2 represents the end of the hunter-gather lifestyle and the rise of agriculture, which is set off by a hunting accident. Their time in Woodbury during season 2 represents the Roman Empire. It even includes barbaric games with a tyrannical leader, The Governor. The survivors are struck by an epidemic while in the prison that represents the middle ages and the Black Death. Alexandra represents the 17th century and the people being oblivious of the harsh real world outside.

12 Humans Will Go Extinct

There is a lot of speculation on how the series will end. Will they find a cure for the virus? Will Rick die? Will Carl survive? Well, some fans believe they will never find a cure and nobody will survive, not even Rick. There is no more civilization, no government and nobody to enforce any kind of laws. Buildings that have been destroyed won’t be reconstructed. Food is already becoming scarce and with a lack of farms there will be no more food. Also, many characters are already out of touch with how the world used to be and will commit murder without a second thought. The murder rate will continue to rise. Besides baby Judith, there seems to be no babies so population growth will be difficult. This theory suggests that Rick, Carol, Daryl, Michonne and the rest of them will all die before the series is completed. This implies that the only ones left will be the mindless zombies roaming around searching for human flesh.

11 Zombies Will Decompose

The Walkers seem to be unstoppable and uncontrollable. They have no emotions or feelings and only want to feast on human flesh. The characters in the series struggle with how to deal with the walkers. The walkers are relentless and keep coming back unless they’re either stabbed or shot in the brain. Well, fans believe they came up with a way to defeat those evil walkers. FX’s Greg Nicotero once said that with each season the decay of the zombies increases. The theory suggests that the zombies will completely decompose and that will be the end of The Walking Dead. According to the series, it’s been roughly over 500 days since the outbreak started. The Walkers have decomposed more and more since that time. That means the way to deal with the walkers is to simply wait them out. The theory suggests that the walkers will continue to decompose until they’re gone.

10 North America Is A Quarantined Zone

Most fans of The Walking Dead assume that zombies have overrun the whole entire world. The assumption is that the airborne virus has turned everyone in the U.S., England, China and other parts of the world into zombies or humans trying to survive. However, this one theory suggests that it might not be the whole world. According to this theory, fans believe that it’s possible that either the United States or all of North America is the only part of the world full of flesh-eating walkers. So the rest of the world has quarantined North America off from the rest. This leaves Europe, Africa and Asia safe from the zombies and they’ve all moved on with their lives while aware of the chaos in North America. Basically, the rest of the world watches as zombies devour North America. The theory also suggests that eventually the other countries will use a nuclear weapon to destroy North America to get rid of the zombies.

9 It’s A Board Game


The Walking Dead has become a hugely popular series that some fans are obsessed with. The series contains a great amount of merchandise and even includes a spin-off series. The series has also released a tabletop board game, The Walking Dead RPG. A Reddit user named 'Sometimes_Lies' has suggested an interesting theory about the series. The theory suggests that in the end it’ll be revealed the characters are actually just playing a board game. It proposes that each piece on the game board represents a character in the show that is being controlled by the real life counterpart. The events in The Walking Dead mirrors what’s happening in real life. They believe that the characters are hanging out and sitting around the board game playing. Things that happen in the game are actually a reflection of real life. For example, Andrea gets frustrated with the game so she starts to sabotage it so they can start over until she is kicked out of playing. Beth was enjoying the game but gets bored and stops playing.


8 Rick Is Immortal

Some fans believe that the zombie virus affects everyone differently. The theory suggests that some won’t turn into zombies but actually become immortal. This theory was first proposed by Reddit user 'maryssmith' and led to a very long debate online. As it’s known in the series, the virus that turns people into zombies infects everyone and is airborne. Once a person dies they become a zombie regardless if they’ve been bitten or not. However, the theory suggests that the virus may have mutated in some people. So when they die instead of becoming zombies they simply come back to life over and over. This would mean it's worse to be a human with a mutated virus. So when Rick comes out of the coma he has actually died several times and the mutated virus brings him back to life instead of turning him into zombie. The theory implies that both he and Carl are immortal and have died several times in the series.

7 The Walking Dead And LOST Are In The Same World

Fans of The Walking Dead have found ways to tie the series to other popular series. This theory suggests that The Walking Dead and LOST exist in the same world. LOST was a critically acclaimed series that aired from 2004 to 2010. The series revolved around a group of survivors of a plane crash trying to survive on a mysterious island. A Reddit user believes that the Dharma Initiative created the virus and unleashed it upon the world after LOST had completed. Another clue that fans point to is the involvement of actor Jeff Kober. Jeff Kober portrays a character named “Joe” in both series. Joe is a mechanic who helps Kate in LOST. In The Walking Dead, he portrays a character named Joe who has a love for motorcycles. In LOST, several survivors finally get off the island and according to the theory, three years after leaving the island the zombie outbreak occurs because of The Dharma Initiative.

6 Aliens Started The Zombie Apocalypse

This is certainly one of the wilder theories proposed by fans, however there is always a slight chance that aliens are behind the zombie outbreak. When Robert Kirkman was first putting together the comic book series he faced some resistance from Image Comics. They were reluctant to green light another zombie series for their imprint. So Robert Kirkman lied and told them that the zombie apocalypse is a part of a larger alien invasion. However, the series became so popular that the alien invasion wasn’t necessary. Regardless, several fans still believe that an alien invasion is pending. The theory proposes that aliens want Earth for its natural resources and decided to eliminate the entire human race. The theory suggests that aliens sent down a virus to start the zombie apocalypse to wipe out the human race. According to the theory, the aliens will arrive after the human race is completely eliminated and will reap all the benefits of what’s left of Earth.

5 Poor Dental Hygiene Caused The Zombie Apocalypse

Most children know that brushing their teeth and proper oral hygiene is important to a healthy lifestyle. Well, according to this theory it's not just about a healthy lifestyle but will also prevent you from turning into a zombie. A Reddit user by the name 'ThirstyOne' proposes that the zombie outbreak occurred because of poor dental hygiene. They note that several characters have come into contact with zombie blood but that never turned them into zombies. The only way is to be bitten by a zombie or die and be reanimated. However, biting seems to be one of the most commons way to be turned. The theory suggests that the zombie outbreak is the result of deadly gingivitis or an oral disease. According to 'ThirstyOne', “The condition of the zombies is caused by the proximity of the rotting teeth to the brain.” They point out that Michonne once had two toothless zombies. She removed their jaws and they became harmless. Additionally, in Woodbury The Governor had an arena of toothless zombies. The theory also suggests that the series is a dream that Rick is having while in the dentist chair. When he wakes up he is criticized for not taking care of his teeth and it's revealed to all be a commercial for better oral hygiene.

4 The Walking Dead Is Live Version Of Toy Story


Toy Story is an animated film that revolves around a pull string toy cowboy, Woody (Tom Hanks), and an astronaut action figure, Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), as they compete for their owner, Andy’s, affection but later team up so they can reunite with Andy. Toy Story was a critically acclaimed film released in 1995. It might seem random to mention Toy Story but some Walking Dead fans think they’ve found a connection. The theory suggests that The Walking Dead is a live action version of Toy Story. One Reddit user made some interesting connections. The most obvious is that both revolve around a sheriff leading a group of misfits. In both cases the sheriff loves a child and will do anything for that child. Until, somebody new comes along and the child bonds with that new hero. This implies that Buzz Lightyear and Shane represent each other and would make Carl - Andy. The other comparisons include a singing southern girl like Beth and Jessie. In Toy Story, the group finds a safe place in a Daycare that is similar to Woodbury. Once they get there they realize it's run by a tyrannical leader Lotso, who is similar to The Governor.

3 There Are No Zombies, Rick & Survivors Are Murderous Psychopaths

Since the inception of the series, fans have been trying to figure out what caused the zombie outbreak and apocalypse. Well, some fans believe that there was never a zombie outbreak or apocalypse. In fact, they believe there are no zombies. The evidence they point to concerns Tyreese’s death. Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) is first introduced in season 3 and makes his final appearance in season 5. He slowly dies throughout the episode and appears to hear a radio broadcast. Most have interrupted the radio broadcast as something he heard as a child. However, the broadcast mentions a group that has been attacking and brutally murdering innocent people. The broadcast even says, “The group has continued their campaign of random violence, moving across the countryside unfettered with the republic’s military forces in disarray… then terrorizing the village by night, carrying out revenge attacks involving hacking innocents with machetes and, in some cases, setting them on fire.” Fans believe that Rick and the survivors are actually the group the broadcast is talking about. This would imply that Rick and the survivors are the actual villains. The theory suggests that Rick is almost like a cult leader and the survivors are his followers. At the time of his death, Tyreese is starting to realize that they’re actually the villains.

2 The Walking Dead Is A Breaking Bad Sequel

Breaking Bad was a critically and commercially acclaimed series that aired on AMC from 2008 to 2013. The series revolved around high school teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who is diagnosed with cancer and teams up with former student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) to cook and sell meth. The meth is known as blue sky and has a distinctive blue color to it. This theory may seem outrageous but once you start digging deeper it starts to work out a bit. The theory suggests that The Walking Dead is a sequel to Breaking Bad. In season 2 of Walking Dead, Daryl explains that his brother, Merle, was once a drug dealer and is in possession of his stash. Daryl pulls out Merle's bag of drugs and the Blue Sky Meth is clearly visible. In Breaking Bad, the White Family owns a red Dodge Challenger, the same car that Glenn is seen driving in season one of Walking Dead. Later, Daryl tells a story about Merle’s dealer and Daryl quotes him as saying, “I’m gonna kill you, b***h”, which was Jesse Pinkman’s catchphrase on Breaking Bad. The theory suggests that Jesse was Merle’s dealer. It also suggests that Walter White’s Blue Sky Meth is responsible for starting the zombie apocalypse.

1 Rick Is A Walker

There is very little information about the Walkers in The Walking Dead. They move slowly, are relentless and vicious. Walkers appear to be mindless monsters that just want to feast on human flesh and brains. Rick Grimes is the main protagonist and the one trying to keep the survivors together. He does everything he can to provide for them and love them. He protects them from walkers and other evil humans. However, some fans have an interesting theory in regards to Rick. Several fans believe that Rick is actually a walker and turned a long time ago. We’re seeing the world through his eyes and at the same time are given insight to what the walkers feel and think. Fans suggest that he was even a walker when he awoke form his coma and that he is still in the hospital room slowly moving around searching for human flesh to feast on.


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