15 Most Outrageous Patients Ever On Botched

Thanks to shows like Botched on E!, the everyday person, and sometimes a major reality star, can get celebrity treatment and go under the knife to fix

Thanks to shows like Botched on E!, the everyday person, and sometimes a major reality star, can get celebrity treatment and go under the knife to fix plastic surgeries gone very, very wrong; even both “verys” aren’t enough to describe it and are still considered an understatement when considering how many outrageous and bizarre patients the show has seen. Seriously, it makes you think, “How in the world did this even happen?” and compassionately question how someone could live life that way?

From a breast implant that should have never seen the light of day to a nose job that would make anyone want to just go without the sense of smell for the rest of their life, Botched has seen it all. Interestingly enough, it is slated to see even more patients, as it just signed on for season four with lead doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, the dynamic duo (and phenomenal surgeons) who star in the show. Still, what else could we possibly see? From the woman who claimed she was “half pig,” to the guy who was determined to look like Justin Bieber’s long lost twin, Botched has given us pure entertainment and plenty of moments that made us laugh out loud. It’s one of those things that you think is funny until you realize that it’s someone’s actual life (but hey, that’s a major asset of reality television in general anyway). So we couldn’t help but make a list of the most unforgettable patients on Botched. Check it out below!

15 Mama June’s C-Section Comes Back To Haunt Her

Mama June brought the funny when she stopped in to see Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif. We all noticed when she lost 150 pounds in one year, but when it was time for her to correct her stomach after a C-Section almost turned fatal, she came to Botched for help.

Mama June revealed she was told by her former doctor that she was supposed to get a tummy tuck after giving birth to her children. Drs. Dubrow and Nassif made it clear why this was not only wrong but could have been detrimental to her body, had Mama June done so for all four of her children, including the youngest, Honey Boo Boo. It turns out this doctor probably had no clue what they were doing because they ended up cutting Honey Boo Boo’s head twice during the C-Section. Dr. Nassif is baffled but Mama June can’t go through with the surgery until she loses 75 more pounds. But her appearance on the show alone was worthy of mention as one of the most outrageous patients in Botched history.

14 The Infamous Boob-Butt Patient

Okay, so we’re all here for fat transfers and using a portion of fat from your body to enhance another. But we never would have seen this coming, even on E!’s Botched. We probably wouldn’t have believed it if the episode didn’t air and allow millions of others to witness it as well. A woman, Jana Stoner, who identifies herself as a model, said that she got a terrible butt enhancement surgery in Tijuana. As Drs. Dubrow and Nassif look more into it, Dr. Dubrow is convinced that DD breast implants were put in her butt instead. Of course even a realization like that isn’t enough to stop one of the doctors from bringing the laughs, as Dr. Durbow points out that it’s very possible Jana’s new butt has its own zip code. Jana has no problem supplying the entertainment too, as she goes as far as twerking for the doctors. At least she was able to laugh about it before they recommended a butt that came with less risk.

13 The Botched Bride

We can’t forget Janan, the woman who came to Dr. Nassif and Dubrow for help after a different surgeon totally did a botched job on her plastic surgery. Not only did her previous surgery make us give her a double take, but the idea that she was just getting ready to walk down the aisle is also what made her situation even more interesting. She told the surgeons on Botched that she had not one but two bad surgeries on her nose and hoped they could fix it before her big day. As Dr. Nassif gets closer and examines her nose, he realizes that one of the doctors who did the surgery actually “cut” her nostrils. He told her that her nose was “over resected,” and that her nostrils had “collapsed” along with a bunch of medical terms we don’t quite know the meaning of, but the state Janan arrived in made her pretty memorable and outrageous.

12 The Human Ken Doll’s Big Risk

Justin Jedlica didn’t care when the doctors told him that getting the veins removed from his forehead was a risk they didn’t really feel comfortable in taking. The man known as the human version of the Ken Doll (after nearly 200 surgeries) moved on with Dr. Leif Rogers, who was perfectly fine with removing the veins for Jedlica, no matter how dangerous or experimental the procedure was. But his forehead wasn’t the only topic of conversation on the episode. Jedlica was also preparing to go under the knife to get back implants. This was a history-making moment as it was the very first time the self-created implants were getting any use. Jedlica seemed more impressed than concerned and described his operation as “surreal,” after waiting so long for them to happen. Dr. Rogers was pretty confident as well and said the patient would be “very happy with his forehead veins and implants.

11 The Dolly Parton Impersonator

It was only a matter of time before a self-proclaimed Dolly Parton look-a-like graced the screen of Botched channeling the country superstar. Still, it wasn’t Dolly's best known assets that brought her to Botched in the episode that aired in 2015. Instead, Rhonda revealed she had lost more than 160 pounds after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. But she didn’t necessarily end up getting her dream body, when she realized there was lots of excess skin hanging over her new physique. “He pulled everything up instead of pulling it down and cutting it off,” she explained to the doctors when she went to Botched for help. She also pointed out that her breasts fell right next to her belly button. Rhonda can’t even hold back the tears when Dr. Dubrow reveals there is a very good chance they could help her out. But not before he explains the dangers of getting plastic surgery to begin with. “Any doctor is allowed to do plastic surgery in a surgery center if they can get privileges. You can be a radiologist, you can be a rheumatologist, and do plastic surgery and it’s legal — it’s just not a good idea.”

10 The Doctors Say Absolutely Not

Dr. Nassif and Dubrow might make headlines for the types of surgeries they attempt to correct, but they proved with one woman, model Pixee Fox, that they will definitely draw the line somewhere. In one episode that aired in 2016, both doctors refused to operate on Fox, who wanted to get hip and buttocks implants in hopes of achieving a cartoon look. Now, we don’t really understand why she would want this look, but Fox was adamant about it, even after the doctors told her no because it wouldn't look right. In fact, they told her she would look like a cartoon. But Fox made it clear that’s exactly what she wanted. She admired the big butt, boobs, huge eyes, and appealing face. She admitted that she was already compared to cartoons out on the street, but wanted to take it a step further. She announced she would be going to see a doctor who would approve the operation anyway.

9 This Is What A Lip Filler Addiction Looks Like

Jordan James Parke, AKA the Man Who Wants To Look Like Kim Kardashian, brought us tons of laughs on Botched. He actually ended up being a Botched fan favorite. But Jordan went way too far with his lip fillers and came to see Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow for help. He actually admitted he was addicted to making his lips bigger. But he also got filler in his lips chin, cheeks, and even his forehead. It got so bad that he was at the point he could barely move his face. He said he liked the attention so much he just continued to get the fillers regularly. But it became too much for him to handle because the filler started to leak out. Interestingly enough, his fear is that his filler would leak and he would go back to having small lips. So he just wants the doctors to make sure his lips stop leaking. We know we’re not the only ones who kept touching our lips to make sure they were still intact during his segment.

8 The “Half-Pig” Woman

One woman had no problem admitting the real fallout of her botched plastic surgery. Lacey Wildd scheduled an appointment with the doctors to speak about her breasts that were already a size LLL, which landed her in the Guinness World Records! This wasn’t enough for Lacey as she wanted to increase them to a QQQ. But of course this was no easy journey. She said that one portion of the implant ripped so she had to have an “internal bra” put in; when asked with what material, she confessed it was pig skin. She then revealed she had pig skin in her corset and stomach area as well. Still, the doctors decided to look at the thickness of her skin to see if the surgery she wants to get is even possible. Meanwhile, Dr. Nassif is completely uncomfortable as Dr. Dubrow asks questions about Lacey’s sex and swimming life. But she loves every moment of it.

7 That Time Janice Dickinson Made An Appearance

The episode that included supermodel Janice Dickinson’s appearance was definitely an unforgettable one. She first made it clear that she was “ no stranger to plastic surgery” and broke down the list of surgeries she had already had done. “I’ve had a face lift, a brow lift, tummy tuck, and fillers.”

It doesn’t take much for Dr. Dubrow to be fascinated with a patient and Janice was no exception, as Janice revealed her breast implants were 30 years old! Of course they have a little fun and joke that Janice could hook Dr. Nassif up with a supermodel, but Dr. Nassif hints he doesn’t need their help and said he has dated plenty of models. Both doctors confirm they can help Janice recover from her botched breasts. She said they are the only parts of her body that ruin her “perfect” image. At least they gave her a good excuse to go see the doctors!

6 Balloon Bosoms

Oh Candy. She just really couldn’t get enough of her breast implants until they got so big that she couldn’t take it anymore. She said that her first surgery got her lots of “attention” and “job offers.” It looks like that prompted her to go even bigger from a 420 cc implant (which is equivalent to a DD) all the way to 1200 cc implants. If you think that was too big, Candy loved it and realized that was an even bigger perk for her career and probably life in general. “The bigger I went the more money I could get,” she said. And instead of stopping there, she went bigger!

In fact, she went all the way up to 2500 cc implants. That was when she reached her breaking point and compared them to “two balloons.” She said when she woke up, she “instantly regretted it.” She tried to get a reduction but could only go down a little and created a large gap. So she wanted the doctors to step in and fix it. Interestingly enough, she wasn’t ready for her breasts to decrease the amount they recommended.

5 A Doctor Chopped Off Her Chest

In the same episode, a woman named Lauren came to see the doctors in hopes of them fixing a botched breast reduction she received. She was initially a size F and underwent surgery, under her physician’s recommendation, after she complained about having back issues. But instead of her breasts decreasing a size or two, they were unrecognizable after the operation. She said the doctor told her he took her breasts all the way down to size A because he thought that was a fit for her body size. She said she was absolutely livid after the doctor transformed her breasts into “nothing.”

Both doctors knew instantly there was something wrong with the appearance of her breasts. Even Dr. Nassif thought the entire situation was outrageous and said, “I have no clue what that doctor was thinking!” Still, he and Dr. Dubrow were confident they could give Lauren “good looking breasts.” We wish we could show you just how terrible they looked before. Yikes!

4 Sad Ending For Justin Bieber Wannabe

While his story had a tragic ending, the guy who was determined to be the next Justin Bieber, or at least serve as his double when it came to appearances, is still one of our favorite Botched patients. Tobias Strebel, AKA Toby Sheldon, went on the show after he spent more than $100,000 in surgeries to look like the singer. He had already had surgery on his cheeks, chin, lips, temple, and underwent liposuction and fat injections, all for the sake of being a Bieber look-a-like.

He even admitted that his girlfriend wasn’t much of a Belieber and didn’t care for his new appearance. But Toby didn’t care and said, “Only way I’ll ever stop looking like Justin Bieber is when I die.” Unfortunately that day did come sooner than later for the determined patient. He passed away the next year, in 2015, from an apparent drug overdose. He was 35.

3 “Now I Look Like Monkey’s Butt”

One woman of Asian descent, Cheryl, was livid after her eye surgery didn’t make her look western or Caucasian enough, in her opinion. She spoke on her first time coming to the United States and said she “was intrigued by the fact that, uh, everyone seemed so…rich,” and she wanted the same appearance. But she was left screaming, “I freaking just want my eyes back!” after she said it didn’t look they way she hoped. She added, “Make me Chinese again!” as she said she thought her eyes dropped too low and made her look way beyond her age. But she failed to mention the job she had done on her cheeks until the doctors question her about it. She admits, “I bought some black market fillers from China, they were really cheap.” Still, we have to confess our favorite line of Cheryl’s was, “Now I look like monkey’s butt.” Gotta love it.

2 Why Would You Put Star Implants On Your Ribs?

That’s a serious question. Like, no one can even see them under your skin. That might sound like common sense but it wasn’t so common when it came to the hilarious patient Ashlea. She told the doctors that she let a tattoo artist implant stars right on her ribs. Five years later, she wants the stars removed stat. Dr. Dubrow, who is normally fascinated by this kind of thing, reprimanded Ashlea and asked her why she would allow a tattoo artist to do work that is meant for a surgeon. She said she didn’t realize he was operating until it was too late and she could literally feel her skin going separate ways. Why Ashlea?! Just… why?! The entire portion of the episode just made you cringe. But then again, so does almost every clip in the entire Botched episode archive. Still, Ashlea admitted that her decision “wasn’t very well thought out.”

1 It’s Always Outrageous When New York Is Around

So Tiffany "New York" Pollard made her own entrance on Botched and she surely goes down as one of the most outrageous patients in the show’s history. At the time, she was a very popular reality star, but what we didn’t know is that she was struggling with a bad boob job. She even had a breakdown on the show when she tried to shop for a dress but nothing would fit, thanks to her huge breasts. Still, Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif are confident they can help her, but they let her know, “this is not an easy fix” as Dr. Dubrow describes it as a major “breast deformity.” They also take a look at her nose and Dr. Nassif says he can fix it while she’s under anesthesia from the breast surgery. New York, who had her own wand on hand, was happy at the idea that she would get the “Princess” treatment during her recovery phase. Oh, New York, never change!

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15 Most Outrageous Patients Ever On Botched