15 Most Outrageous Patients Ever On Botched (Part 2)

The types of scenarios in the E! docu-series Botched are endless and in this case, always outrageous! In Part 1, we selected some of the most memorable patients of the hit plastic  surgery show on E! While so far there are only a few seasons (not including this one) of Botched, this season has brought highly praised plastic surgery docs Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow back for more consultations with patients who've suffered botched operations, and they're as wild as ever.

Some patients want to look just like their much-younger daughter, others want to look plastic, and some have purple skin (you'll have to read on to see what on earth we're talking about!). For a taste of how this list shaped up in the end, consider this: E! networks' created two different terms-of-endearment for one very intriguing case-study below: "F$#% Doll' and "Blowdoll," respectfully. According to People Magazine, our dear "F#@$ Doll" stated: “I want to look like a f—doll, but I don’t want to be a f—doll. And I know that is very contradictory, but I feel like my body is a form of art.”

Don't worry, there are plenty of other juicy surprises in Part 2 of the 15 Most Outrageous Patients On Ever On Botched. Be warned: with the myriad of operations discussed and embarked upon in each episode (such as Botox, face lifts, rhinoplasty, and more), Botched may be among the most graphically transformational series on television! Read on for Part 2 of the 15 Most Outrageous Patients Ever On Botched!

15 Female Patient Transforms Into Own Daughter

One female patient does what she can to look exactly like her 34-year-old daughter. Janet consults with Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif about how to address a problem with one of her upper eyelids in the season 2 episode. The fifty-six-year-old patient had post-eyelid lift sensitivity, which resulted in a resistance from Dr. Nassif in taking on the patient in the first place. According to the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail, Janet’s last name is Cunliffe and, remarkably, her daughter's name is Jane. Janet has gone through round upon round of operations in order to look exactly, not just a little, like her daughter, who is more than 18 years her junior. The episode that just happened to be titled "Boner Free Zone" was one for the record books in just revealing how much potential lies within the realm of plastic surgery.

14 Drag Queen Needs A New Nose...Or A Better Skincare Regimen

Victor AKA Victoria “Porkchop” Parker from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 1 appeared on “Short Changed at the Nipple Bank” in season 3 of Botched. Victoria was suffering from a collapsed nose, and it wasn’t a painless venture. Victoria had undergone her rhinoplasty operation in Mexico and recovered in L.A. Victoria also suffered from a granuloma, as explained Dr. Nassif. "I know you came in as Victoria, we need to go back to Victor a little bit without the makeup on the forehead and the nose."

Yet Victoria's stunning tale didn’t end there. According to E!, the reason Victoria had to get a rhinoplasty in the first place was due to complications from injections. The bump on her nose actually just ended up being a large blackhead that had gone untreated for years!

Oddly enough, the end result landed Pork Chop back in-front of the cameras in a more intimate way than perhaps being duct-taped and lip-syncing for her life was on Drag Race.

13 Wannabe Actress Hates Her Nose

Arguably the most eccentric patient of 2017 so far, D-List actress Phoebe Price, was denied surgery from Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow despite her desire to correct a nostril that was too big. "I have probably spent a half a million on acting coaches and acting lessons … but my nose is holding me back," said Phoebe Price on Yahoo TV. There were many components involved with her dramatic transformation, so let’s take a quick look at some of her cosmetic history thus far: she started getting "Baby Botox" injections at 17 years old, spending approximately $1 million on Botox injections over the years. Her official reason for wanting more surgery was retaliation for nasty online comments. Let’s face it, this Botched patient mayhem is a definite must-see!

12 A Patient Wants To Be Jessica Rabbit

Most of us vividly remember Jessica Rabbit, the vivacious, voluptuous, and foxy animated rabbit originating from the late 1980s. Appearing in Botched on season 2 episode "Where The Wild Things Are," the transgender star Cassandra Cass was by far among the most outrageous look-alike cases on the show to date! As a matter of fact, Cass’ skills extended beyond the surgeon's office, before beginning operations in her quest to look like Jessica Rabbit (totaling over $200,000) Cass might have been found spending even more of her time as a successful model. This case of a 37-year-old Jessica Rabbit look-alike (one of the most well-known sex symbols in animation history) made an outrageous addition to the Botched doctors' growing portfolios on the E! show.

11 When Dogs Attack

Our next outrageous Botched patient - who appeared in season 2 episode "House of Horrors" - had been performed on by a doctor who was "on crack" during her first operation. Dr. Drubow was completely dumfounded when he found out that information. It also didn’t help that this patient's journey with plastic surgery began from a dog bite! Originally, Sarah didn’t even need to have her nose done as she sought only work done on her lips. In fact, this patient hadn’t been craving additional surgery whatsoever, having just gotten out of cancer treatment. It was a couple of years after her surgery for cancer that she discovered her plastic surgeon had been on crystal meth. "I really feel for Sarah, she’s been through so much... she’s very lucky to be where she is today, to have the ability to get all of these problems fixed," said Dr. Dubrow. The Botched docs sure had their work cut out for them in this case of worst-luck-ever!

10 Trans Star Wants To Retire From "Other Industry"

Transgender porn star Kimber James made quite the splash when she underwent surgery on her most definitely insured vajajay. Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif performed multiple operations on Kimber, including a 2nd labiaplasty, a boob job correction, and another nose job. One stunning discovery made during the show was that Kimber had a breast that lost blood supply in the nipple area. Presumably, the work the Botched docs did on Kimber required more chest fat, breast tissue, and implant work. “Vagina Bomb” was indeed an outrageous episode that made the 29-year-old buxom blond porn star Kimber satisfied in the end. “...I don’t wanna say I’m retired, I hate that word, and I’d love to do my own branding, I’d love to have a lingerie line for women that are of implanted [sizes],” Kimber said on the episode.

9 Saaphyri Windsor: Woke Up Mid-Surgery

Our next entry is another case of reality star courageousness on Botched. Saaphyri Windsor (pronounced like Apple's "Safari" web browser) is a patient that actually woke up in the middle of the plastic surgery that led her to seeking help from the Botched doctors. In fact, the original surgeon who had operated on Saaphyri when she allegedly woke up during the surgery told her to “shut up” when she came to.

Another twist is the stunning fact that this doctor has since been murdered - and possibly by one of his other patients. On Botched, the 37-year-old reality star also disclosed that she had been on an "ice cream diet" before consulting with Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif about numerous operations including breast implants and abdomen work. “This is gonna be a difficult case because liposuction will probably just make her worse,” said Dr. Dubrow. Saaphyri was ready for a challenge: “Pretty hurts and I’m goin' for pretty so I expected some pain.”

8 Almost Lead To A Total Disaster

If you haven’t heard of a polypropylene procedure, then this episode from season 4 is sure to open your mind to the concept of a surgery that causes breasts to continuously fill up with fluid and grow larger and larger. Since Elizabeth, who already had 4,000 cc’s before appearing before Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, wanted to be a little more voluptuous for her adult career, she was apparently willing to take even the most outrageous measures to achieve success. This Botched patient went to the right place for help: “Elizabeth had a very significant but localized problem in her breast that was treated with a local tissue procedure, but that doesn't fix the underlying problem, which is the polypropylene implants are going to continue to cause fluid to accumulate and wreak havoc on her breast tissue and will predictably result in a breast disaster for her," concluded Dr. Dubrow.

7 Had To Duct Tape Her Chest

Duct tape isn’t just for drag queens such as our dear #15 Pork Chop. Kailan, whose outrageous case was one of the most severe that Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif have fixed on the show, is one of the most outrageous ever because her original implants may have constituted the fastest boob job in recorded history. Her surgeon apparently spent just 15 minutes performing her entire breast augmentation surgery! The Botched docs listened as Kailan explained that since her fateful breast augmentation gone-wrong “duct tape rules [her] life.” After watching the show, the lingering question remains: Why isn’t Kailan’s former surgeon in the Guinness book of world records for successfully not killing a patient from a 15-minute breast operation? Finally liberated from duct-tape "prison" and more available to her loved ones as a result - especially her husband - this case is certainly one that started out terribly but ended victoriously for the patient.

6 "Crab Claw" Chest Deformity

On the 11th episode of season 3 was a Botched episode titled “Blowfish Lips and Crab Claw Bits” but what loyal fans of the series found perhaps most riveting was the story of a patient named Emily. Since each episode of Botched typically divides time between two patients, not all too often does E! get a case so rich, but this time that was exactly what Botched delivered. Emily had a disastrous breast augmentation that resulted in a chilling and painful deformation. In her consultation with Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, Emily explained “my breasts look like crab claws.” The good news for the 32-year-old patient was that, as Dr. Dubrow put it eloquently, no matter how many surgeries are needed down the road, Emily's botched operation can eventually be totally corrected! "However long this road is for me I'm hopeful and optimistic that there's a light at the end of the tunnel," said Emily.

5 Botched Tummy Tuck By Her Gyno

After getting a tummy tuck from her gynecologist, season 3 patient Samantha needed only the best to repair the resulting damage. Apparently, you do get what you pay for and when you're told that you can get a discounted plastic surgery operation from anyone - even a licensed gynecologist - it’s probably wise to proceed with extreme caution. In this Botched case, Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif had more than just a repair course to plot but were driven partially by concern for public safety itself due to the gross negligence of a gyno performing plastic surgery. Nobody wants to have a, as Samantha calls it, "Supa Fupa."

Having won her fight over breast cancer and botched post-cancer cosmetic surgery work, Samantha’s now living Supa Fupa and cancer free in Lincoln, Nebraska with her family.

4 The Michael Jackson Impersonator

Michael Jackson’s passing was hard on many, especially his devoted fans, friends, and family. A myriad of conspiracies have swirled since his death, and none of them have perhaps been stickier than the idea that he is still alive. In Botched's third season on the episode “Wrecking Ball,” a Michael Jackson impersonator discovers that if he made his nose any smaller, he “wouldn’t be able to breathe.” Roy, who did not give his last name, had already had one operation on his nose to look more like the late King of Pop. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the Botched docs told Roy that Michael was seen as a "nasal cripple" and that most of his actual nose was gone. Yet after appearing on Britain's Got Talent, the impersonator hadn’t intended to let go of his wishes for Michael look-alike perfection. Indeed, this patient - found outrageous for his die-hard devotion to resembling a plastic surgery icon - was willing to go to the point of practically becoming a "nasal cripple" in order to better transform into the gone-too-soon moon walking legend.

3 Frenchy Just Keeps Coming Back

Phoebe Price (previously on our list) called upon Frenchy when she had her visit with Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. Frenchy was an interesting patient for many reasons. First of all, she’s a famous beauty in France who needed what every reality star must have: bigger boobs. Yet 1000 cc's? For Frenchy, whose full name is Angelique Morgan, that’s just more of what the entire episode was affectionately titled, "plastic fantastic." This former Rock of Love contestant demanded her boobs become bigger and bigger and bigger. Needless to say, the docs do love Frenchy's big personality, but they do not love the idea of giving her bigger (and bigger and bigger) breasts in order to satisfy her.

2 Brian And The $100,000 Boobs Bet

Coming in at number 2 on our list is Brian, a gambler and musician who says “there are very few things [he] wouldn’t do for a bet.” For years, Brian had established a record of being a true die-hard better, yet it wasn't until being in a restaurant with a friend in 1997 that he bet that if he had boobs like his friend's girlfriend (who was flaunting them at the time), that he could get “as much attention as she could get.” For how much, his friend asked. “How about $100k?” replied Brian. After they shook hands, the bet was on, and Brian’s journey towards obtaining said boobs began. Amazingly, it didn’t take long for Brian to get boobs since he had a friend who was a plastic surgeon as well as a fellow gambler. When the plastic surgeon asked Brian if in return for doing the surgery for free he would play some backgammon, Brian agreed, and got the boobs! He hit up the Botched docs because he felt like his implants were getting old and it was time to consider removing them. But the betting man left with the implants in place, and remains a man with boobs.

1 The Strange Cosplayer

This is a case where the patient knows how outrageous and even potentially "scary" their look is after plastic surgery and wants it made even more so. This patient, who belongs to the cosplay world, didn't want to correct her botched surgery like most other patients on the show, but actually sought to enhance it. Bunny had her first plastic surgery operation at the young age of 18 to augment her already DDD breasts! When Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif had their consultation with the now 20-year-old cosplay actress in this season's most outrageous episode to date, they informed the determined purple-skinned patient of the risks involved with going bigger as she already had what one of them likened to basketballs on her chest. Ultimately, Bunny seems to be more concerned about what she’d look like if she got even bigger implants:  "I still feel that I need to go larger in my breasts in order to complete my hero look.”

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