15 Most Luxurious Travel Destinations Demi Rose Mawby Has Hit Up

Demi Rose Mawby is an internet famous model and aspiring DJ who has amassed over 6 million followers on Instagram so far. She leads a globetrotting lifestyle, and is always off to another glamorous location for modelling shoots, DJ gigs, or just for fun with her friends.

Demi Rose was already gaining popularity as a model and a former member of the somewhat notorious Taz’s Angels agency when she was spotted hanging out in Cannes with rapper Tyga in 2016 (while he was on a break with Kylie Jenner). The pair only dated for a few weeks, but photos of them stepping out together to clubs and on shopping sprees made headlines around the world.

Since catching the eye of the media through that encounter, Demi Rose has featured in magazines like FHM and SIXTY6 and has cameoed in music videos by the likes of Chris Brown and DJ Khaled. Her popularity continues to grow as she consistently publishes images of herself dressed in beautiful clothes in beautiful locations for her adoring fans.The beautiful British 22-year-old currently calls London home. She can be seen out and about at exclusive parties there almost every week. She infamously braves the cold in exquisite dresses, but frequently takes breaks from the London gloom and heads to warmer locations like Ibiza, Cape Verde, and The Canary Islands. There she seems to sport an endless array of colorful bikinis and chic oversized sunglasses. Read on for a glimpse at her globetrotting lifestyle.

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15 Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

via: demirosefans.blogspot.com/mckinsey.com

Abu Dhabi has become an increasingly popular destination for the elite in the last decade. The opening of the Yas Marina Circuit, which first hosted the country’s inaugural Grand Prix in 2009, has certainly contributed, as it draws celebrities and the well-to-do to the island every year. Demi Rose visited for the Grand Prix in 2014, staying in the five star Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi hotel, hanging out for several days along the marina, and spending her nights partying with dancers, models, and starlets. Yas Island is home to multiple swanky clubs, venues, and theme parks, including the Ferrari World theme park.

For anyone tired of the island life, Abu Dhabi itself is an endless source of entertainment. From the thousands of shops and fine restaurants to the beaches, golf courses, and camel markets, there is something for everyone, as long as they are able to pay for it. As Abu Dhabi is the world’s richest city (the average citizen is worth at least $17 million) it’s a good idea to arrive with your wallet ready to go.

14 Ibiza, Spain

via: Gallsource.com/Traveldigg.com/celebmafia.com

Demi Rose spends a large chunk of her time in Ibiza, unsurprisingly, as her boyfriend, DJ Chris Martinez, is based there. She has done multiple modelling shoots as well as spending a lot of leisure time wandering around Old Town Ibiza. Of course Demi Rose is not the only celebrity who vacations in this famous tropical island in Spain. Ibiza has something for every taste, whether it be boho-chic, beach bunny, or party girl. Many of the world’s best DJs play here, and Demi Rose is one of them. Styling herself as “the world’s sexiest DJ” Demi Rose fits right in with the vibe here, whether she’s dressed in a skimpy bikini at the beach or a stunning sparkly dress at the club.

Ibiza gets some 7 million tourists every year, most of whom are heading for the beaches or the clubs. But it’s also worth seeing Ibiza Town, which boasts plenty of ancient and beautiful buildings for those looking to spend a peaceful day in the shade.

13 London, UK

via: Joannelarby.com/Snapchat.com/demirosefans.blogspot.com

Demi Rose is originally from Birmingham, but the globe-trotting starlet has recently moved to London. Still, before she made it her home, she spent plenty of time visiting the English capital for both business and pleasure. She is frequently spotted by the paparazzi when out and about in the city, as she ventures from party to party. The chilly nights don’t seem to bother her as she makes her way around London in high, strappy heels and tiny party dresses. She also frequently posts snaps of herself at exclusive eateries, like Nobu Berkeley Street and Bob Bob Ricard. She is also known to frequent the tea room at Harrods.

As a vacation spot, London has almost infinite possibilities. Whether a person is after culture, fine dining, shopping, or clubbing, London provides it all and more. As one of the major hubs in Europe, it is the ideal place for the buxom Brit to base herself as she continues her rise to superstardom.

12 Santorini, Greece

via: theluxtraveller.com/dailymail.com

Demi Rose spent some time in Santorini in 2017, visiting the beautiful Greek island during a cruise with a friend. It was a brief visit, but Demi Rose still managed to fit in sight-seeing and clubbing, as well as a modelling shoot in a hot pink bikini.

The tiny, beautiful island, with its volcanic sand beaches and gleaming white buildings, is a popular tourist destination. It is so popular, in fact, that it has begun to limit the number of people allowed to visit each day, in order to ensure there is enough water and other basic facilities for everyone. The island is well worth visiting, whether you spend time soaking up the sun on the beaches, exploring ancient towns buried by a volcano, or visiting the wineries that dot the landscape.

11 Sal, Cape Verde

via: Instagram.com/Easyvoyage.com/dailymail.co.uk

Demi Rose seemed to really enjoy her visit to the island of Sal in Cape Verde in late 2017. She practiced her DJ skills at an exclusive party at Bikini Beach Club and shot a stunning modelling shoot at one of the beautiful salt lake planes nearby. The curvy model also posted a lot of photos of delicious meals, so she was definitely taking advantage of the famous fusion style food of the African island, which is influenced by Portuguese, African, and Brazilian cuisine styles.

Sal also offers plenty of beaches, craft shops, and sports such as kitesurfing. For the more adventurous there is plenty of scuba diving opportunities, in ocean caves and shipwrecks. Or you can do what Demi Rose did and hire a horse to ride along the white sand beaches.

10 Cannes, France

via: Grammio.com/Dailymail.co.uk/t2conline.com

Cannes is, of course, famous for a world-renowned film festival which draws the rich and famous every year to its shores. In 2016 this included Demi Rose, who famously dated rapper Tyga for a short period while visiting the glamorous beach town. While she was already making a name for herself on Instagram and as a model, the press frenzy that surrounded this brief liaison catapulted the starlet to fame almost overnight.

The pair went shopping in Saint Laurent and clubbing at Gotha, where Tyga and his pal Chris Brown both performed. Cannes offers plenty of cheaper boutiques and less exclusive clubs, however, for those without a famous rapper to ferry them around and is well worth a visit for the pristine beaches, old-style glam and the opportunity for star-watching along La Croisette promenade.

9 Dubai, UAE

via: Mckinsey.com/Thesun.co.uk, twitter.com

Demi Rose visited Dubai in 2014 and made the most of her visit, spending time shopping, hitting the clubs and soaking up the sun on a yacht with her friends. Like many visitors to the largest city in the UAE, she spent some time wandering around The Dubai Mall, a colossal shopping center with over a thousand shops and more than 200 restaurants inside, as well as a world-class aquarium, a haunted house, an ice skating rink, and an indoor theme park. Demi Rose joined the 80 million visitors to the mall that year (more than the number of people who visited New York City).

Dubai offers more than just shopping, however, with plenty of beaches, clubs, and cultural attractions, as well as the iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

8 Mayrhofen, Austria

via: Telegraph.co.uk/Instagram.com/demirosefans.blogspot.com

Demi Rose spent time in April 2017 at the annual Snowbombing Festival in Mayrhofen, Austria. This famous music festival takes place in one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe and attracts celebs from all over the world. The festival includes concerts held in unique venues, including igloos, forests, underground, and on the streets of the town and has featured iconic acts like Liam Gallagher, Craig David, and Gorgon City.

The freezing temperatures outside forced even Demi Rose to bundle up in a furry jacket, but she shucked it to reveal a plunging neckline as soon as she was safely indoors. The resort also offers plenty of hot spas and saunas for anyone sick of the cold, as well as alpine yoga for those who can’t get enough of it.

7 Paris, France

via: Smithsonianmag.com, instagram.com

Paris needs no introduction, and has been a hotspot for celebrities, as well as anyone who wants a little bit of beauty and glamor in their vacation, for hundreds of years. Demi Rose has visited the City of Love several times over the years and has the beret to show for it. She enjoys the shopping when she's there and has plenty to choose from. As a center of Haute Couture, Pairs has thousands of high fashion boutiques to choose from, as well as department stores, flea markets and everything in between.

Demi Rose has also spent time visiting standard touristy attractions, like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc De Triomphe and had a fabulous day in Disneyland Paris, which is located around 20 miles from the city center.

6 Hong Kong

via: telegraph.com, instagram.com

Demi Rose vacationed in Hong Kong in 2016 and split her time between the ocean and the shops. She uploaded pictures over several days of herself enjoying the ocean on a boat while sporting her customary barely-there bikinis, as well as snaps of herself and her friends out shopping and partying in the big city.

Hong Kong has so much to offer it can be overwhelming to a first time visitor. Its attractions range in style from the most exclusive, expensive glamor, to the cheapest (and yet delicious!) street food. One of the must-see attractions is The Peak, the highest point in the city, which offers panoramic views. Demi Rose visited at night and took some glorious photos of the city lights. Finally, if you need to escape the stress of city life you can take a leaf out of the curvy DJ’s book and visit one of Hong Kong’s many adorable cat cafes.

5 The Canary Islands, Spain

via: Holidaypirates.com, instagram.com

The Canary Islands are an autonomous community of Spain, located roughly 60 miles from Monaco and receive around 12 million tourists a year due to their gorgeous weather and abundant natural beauty. Demi Rose visited this tourist hotspot in late 2015 and spent much of her time on the beaches swimming and soaking up the sun. She left plenty of time for the nightlife on offer and posted photos of some delicious seafood.

The Canary Islands are the home of the second largest Carnival in the world, held in February each year. They also boast some of the world’s best white wines and a range of activities for the more adventurous, including every kind of water-sport and plenty of scope for hiking in World Heritage-listed national parks. The various islands offer different attractions depending on your tastes. Demi Rose most likely spent time on Tenerife, the largest and most developed of the islands.

4 The Balearic Islands

via: Pinterest.com/instagram.com

Technically, the Balearic Islands include Ibiza, but Demi Rose spends so much time on that particular island, it deserved its own category in this list. However, she has been known to visit the other islands in the Balearic chain, which includes Majorca, Menorca, and Formentera, as well as many smaller islands, some of them uninhabited. On Instagram, Demi Rose has mentioned visiting some of the tiny islands around Ibiza and Majorca, as well as spending time on Formentera.

The islands offer a multitude of options for the savvy traveler, including unique, Spanish-influenced cuisine, such as lobster stew, cheese stuffed pastries, and plenty of wine. Formentera has pristine beaches with cream sand and turquoise water, as well as a beautiful salt marsh national park filled with rare birds. Meanwhile, Majorca has ancient Roman ruins and the bustling city of Palma, which has been home to many famous sportspeople, artists, musicians, and authors, including the composer Chopin, and current tennis world champion Rafael Nadal.

3 Monaco

via: Instagram.com, pinterest.com

Monaco is an infamously decadent travel destination for the super-rich and glamorous although it is possible to visit even on a budget. Demi Rose has visited the tiny city-state several times, and always parties hard with her friends while she’s there.

Monaco is the world’s most densely populated independent country, so don’t expect a vacation here to be peaceful. It’s more likely to be a whirlwind of visits to the ritzy casinos, rides on the tourist train networks, or, if you’re lucky, star-spotting at the annual Grand Prix. Beware, as if you want to visit the Grand Casino, formal wear is required.

Monaco does offer many natural and cultural treasures as well. The city itself is ancient and has multitudes of beautiful old buildings, cathedrals, and lush gardens to visit, as well as plenty of markets and shopping malls for all budgets, from ultra expensive on down to boho chic. Demi snapped some pics of herself exploring the city and the shops, as well as visiting clubs and restaurants and generally taking advantage of her glamorous location.

2 Orlando, Florida

via: Demirosefans.blogspot.com/realpage.com

Demi Rose headed to Orlando for a promotional trip when she was still part of the Taz’s Angels modelling group. She spent plenty of time sunbathing and enjoying the sights of the tropical city, and reportedly partied hard enough with the other models to be at risk of being arrested.

Orlando is an infamous spring break destination, so she wouldn’t be the first person to let loose there. But of course, Orlando is a lot more than just a party destination.

The home of a myriad of theme parks, most notably the Magic Kingdom Parks and Universal Orlando Resort. Between them, there are weeks of entertainment for the whole family. Demi Rose may have been more interested in the beaches or the water parks on offer, however, although they tend to be crowded year round. For keen animal lovers, there is also a wide range of wildlife parks and natural encounters, including cruises in the nearby Everglades, and snorkelling with manatees.

1 Amsterdam, Netherlands

via: Nationalgeographic.com/instagram.com

The capital of The Netherlands is a fast favorite with Demi Rose who has visited several times, both with Taz’s Angels and with her own friends. Demi Rose spends her time in the city wearing glamorous slinky black dresses with chic sunglasses and hitting up the clubs and shops. Amsterdam offers a huge selection of activities for all budgets, with world-class museums (including the famous Van Gogh museum), beautiful windmills, cute little coffee shops, and decadent clubs in the Red Light District. Considering her taste in accessories, Demi Rose may have enjoyed visiting the Museum of Bags and Purses, which houses a collection of 4000 bags. Or tourists can catch a glimpse of traditional Dutch culture at the flower market. No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without a trip down one of the old canals.

Amsterdam plays host to around 5 million tourists annually, and plenty of celebs aside from Demi Rose spend their time in the laid-back cafes and bars there.

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