15 Most Inappropriate Scenes In Netflix Films

Netflix has a strict no p*rnography policy that covers a lot of ground. But every once in a while, a film—very explicit or borderline—slips through the cracks. Sometimes, and in some of the examples on this list, the movie is rather tame, but features one crazy scene that sends it over the edge. Other times (and it's most common), a film parades around as an arthouse film, so it can show an abundance of s*x. The directors of these films will argue that s*x in its true essence is important. Maybe they're right, but it can also be a lot to take in. Well, we're interested in the inappropriate, the vile, the explicit. You can use this list as a warning or you can use it as a dare. The films on this list and the scenes that we're going to describe are the most extreme s*xual scenes in Netflix's entire library.

One of the most amazing things about this list is that there are several very good films in it. Despite the overly erotic or even violent scenes, many of these films are impressive feats of cinema. There are also some really horrible films, so don't take this list as a suggestion of must-watch cinema. We're not looking at merely unsimulated sex scenes here. We are exposing all those scenes that take s*xual activity one step further than we were expecting, stepping into the lands of uneasiness and discomfort. We're not prudes either. These scenes are pretty strange and unnerving for even the raunchiest of humans. At the very least, we just don’t expect to see these types of films on Netflix. That unexpected quality has a large role to play. Here are the 15 Most Inappropriate Scenes on Netflix.

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15 Blue Is The Warmest Color

Compared to most of the films on this list, Blue is the Warmest Color is remarkable. It's interesting and meaningful, but it also deals with some challenging topics. Though the girls in the film are of a consenting age in France, they are very, very young and many of the scenes are very, very graphic. This context can make it difficult to watch, even if the actresses were older than the characters they depicted. There were also some accusations afterward about the film shoot that make the film's content even more controversial. While the film is incredibly steamy, probably the thing that separates it from your average sexy film is how extended some of the edgy scenes are. Plenty of films have nudity in them, but multiple s*x scenes bordering on 10 minutes in length can take over as the point of the film after a while. Still, it's a great movie, which is really saying something.

14 Hooking Up

For a movie that feels incredibly amateurish, Hooking Up covers a lot of ground in its run time. It's basically an encyclopedia of s*xual activity going through all the various encounters someone could have. Unfortunately, the movie is mind-numbingly stupid and it seems that showcasing s*x in its various forms is the only point of it. There are several scenes that make the audience uncomfortable, ranging from taboo to profane. But the worst parts in the movie deal with the tasting of bodily fluids. These sequences were done with such a lack of grace that it will just make you queasy. There's nothing worse than feeling sick to your stomach while watching a movie, especially a movie that is supposed to be erotic. Side note: If you're a Corey Feldman fan like we are, stay away from this one because he stoops too low for forgiveness.

13 10 Rules For Sleeping Around

10 Rules for Sleeping Around is a comedy that has plenty of s*x in it but NO COMEDY. It is unfunny in every conceivable way and never even comes close to getting a chuckle out of its audience. That alone is inappropriate. They use s*x and the naked body as a fallback to get people to continue watching in spite of every joke missing the mark spectacularly. There is one scene in particular which has a guy kneeling down naked and a dog comes up from behind him. Though it cuts off before the dog mounts this disgusting freak, it does have an extended scene of the dog licking this idiot's private parts, which he seems to really enjoy. That’s about as far as we'll go in that description. Expect much more of this type of humor all throughout this movie...if you ever intend to watch it.

12 S*x And Lucia

While S*x and Lucia never really ventures into sleazy or trashy territory, there is plenty of graphic s*x and nudity throughout the film enough to make you forget you're not watching an adult film. However, if you're looking for a good adult film with a decent story line, S*x and Lucia is probably your best bet on Netflix. While it's not bad at all, the film does seem a bit unsure of where it wants to go. Still, it's not all bad. In terms of the vastly inappropriate, there's not one horrifying moment. There are a couple of scenes that are a tad much, such as a certain mud scene in which a man and the protagonist are shown covering each other's naked bodies in ultra-thick mud. Some may even find this scene sexy, but it's all too inconvenient. There's mud everywhere, it's too sloppy and messy. People are getting much too excited. Oh, come on, it's gross!

11 Adore

There's almost no real nudity in Adore, but the subject matter is what makes it inappropriate. You probably don't want to be watching this one with your parents, that's for sure. It's a film about mothers sleeping with their friends' sons. It's lucky that the mothers are incredibly beautiful (Naomi Watts and Robin Wright) and the sons are well-built. Otherwise, this film could have been even more inappropriate. But this one is ridiculous. It's super awkward for the entire film and it never quite makes a whole lot of sense. Is it rude? Not really. Is it too graphic? Not at all. But it is a terrible movie and the plot is offensive to our senses. For that reason, it's inappropriate.

10 Immoral Tales

A classic 70's arthouse film, Immoral Tales, showcases four stories of s*x and depravity. There isn't that much in the way of explicit s*x, but there is a lot of nudity. There comes a point in the film when you realize that the film is not going anywhere and that it's basically just a Playboy magazine on film. Should we hate it for that? Who knows? But it's unnerving for some reason. The director has such a fascination with the female body that the audience begins to feel like we're intruding in on these women. It just doesn't feel right. For example, there's a bathing scene in which women bathe each other, but the camera focus here is nothing more than the breasts and the p*bic region. It's as if the director forgot he was shooting a film and just held the camera on the areas he was most interested in. It's a really stupid film, but it's difficult to nail down exactly what it is (outside of the blatant voyeurism) that makes it so bad.

9 A Perfect Ending

There's nothing really wrong with the softcore adult film, A Perfect Ending, except that it's on Netflix. For a distributor that claims it has no p*rnography, it sure doesn't seem to include softcore as part of that category. There's no unsimulated s*x here, but there's no mistaking what this movie is—a really silly p*rn. Barbara Niven plays a housewife dissatisfied with her husband, so her friends hire her a smoking hot prostitute to tickle her fancy. The prostitute and the housewife then have some awkward crying s*x, which is about the least erotic thing in film. Then they continue doing it throughout the movie. But the real beauty here is that the prostitute and the housewife find happiness in each other. They both fill a void in the other person's life, so this is a happy ending. Oh! That's where the title came from.

8 The Canyons

Ugh! The Canyons is wrong on so many levels. First of all, it's inappropriate to have adult actors in real movies, if only because it tricks your brain into thinking you're watching an adult film. Then, when you realize that the film is actually trying its hardest to be a good movie, you feel a deep sadness. And then there's Lindsay Lohan's performance being lousy. Nah, totally unacceptable. Now, we get it. Lohan had already given up on life. But for Pete's sake, have some respect for yourself, woman. There was a time when she was talented and cared about things, but this shell of a human is just going through the motions. This film will push you to the limits of your acceptance. It's incredibly challenging to believe that what you're watching actually had a script and a plan. This one is so close to feeling like an adult film that you're actually kind of disappointed that it is so tame.

7 Nymphomaniac

Lars von Trier's recent Nymphomaniac isn't a bad film (or two parts of a film) but it is overly self-indulgent. We are enormous von Trier fans so we actually like this film, but we have already seen Charlotte Gainsbourg doing the deed in every conceivable fashion. We're actually tired of it by this point. The entire film is about s*x, so we all should expect it going in. But, we do have issues with what we felt were unnecessary inclusions of nudity and s*x from children. Sure, the nudity is so subtle that it's easy to miss and the s*xuality is human and understandable, but it doesn’t make it less inappropriate. This is probably the point of including it, but whatever. Hearing stories central to the plot is one thing, but showing the simulated penetration of an alleged 14-year-old girl is further than we'd like to go. There are a few scenes with even younger girls that border on outright disgusting, but fans shrug it off as natural. While the American version tones much of this down, the Greek versions are intense. In fact, too intense to bear.

6 Wetlands

All in all, Wetlands is a pretty fun movie. However, you take the good with the bad, and the bad is sometimes so disgusting you might just vomit. The main character claims she doesn't care about hygiene, which is the understatement of the year. She is close to having a fetish for dirt and disgust. There are several moments that will crawl under your skin and never leave. If you have a weak stomach at all or a germ phobia or OCD, stay far from this one. Watching this young woman wipe her genitals on one of the most horrifically dirty toilet seats since Trainspotting is an image that will stick with you until the end of your days. You'll never look at personal hygiene the same again after Wetlands.

5 Young & Beautiful

The French film, Young & Beautiful, is a character study of a very young prostitute, an erotic coming-of-age story that never really brings home a message. It's a troublesome film because the director doesn't seem interested in delivering a message or maybe he doesn't feel qualified to provide one. Whatever the reason, the film feels like a voyeuristic look at a teenager's life between the sheets and nothing more. While most of the explicit scenes have some class, the enormous age differences between the 17-year-old protagonist and her clientele is off-putting, to say the least. This was obviously an intentional shock because one of the men actually die while doing the deed. That's inappropriate.

4 Human Centipede 2

For the most part, the films on this list are erotic and s*xually graphic, striding in as tight to p*rnography as they could. Most do this under the guise of art, a remnant of 50's and 70's arthouse films that had a freedom to confront s*xuality that Hollywood did not. But the gross-out s*xuality and violence in Human Centipede 2 is something altogether different. This film is meaningless. The shock value is the only value in the movie and even that is cheap. In the worst scene, a man masturbates with sandpaper, telling you all you need to know about this pile of trash of a film.

3 Love

Gaspar Noe is a director who does everything in his power to be considered the most erotic and explicit director in the business. Noe adds in as much unsimulated s*x and graphic acts into his films as he can and still call them films. To be honest, his films are actually not terrible. But Love is not his best effort. Besides the fact that the movie is dreadfully boring, it feels as hardcore as a movie can get on Netflix. Even though you don’t get the 3D element of the film on Netflix, you still have fluids shooting at the camera. It's raunchy. With Love, Noe proves what we already thought. He's trying to make his films shock audiences into thinking they're more than they are.

2 The Piano Teacher

Recent Academy Award nominee Isabelle Huppert leads this film in one of the best roles you'll see of hers. Overall, The Piano Teacher is an incredible movie because it does what it set out to do—disturb you. Director, Michael Haneke, is an expert at making his audience feel uncomfortable and The Piano Teacher is maybe one of the most effective he's ever made. There is plenty to like about the film and plenty to be disgusted by. The r*pe is one thing, but there's also genital mutilation and incest. But back to the r*pe, the climactic scene in this film is one of the more unnerving encounters you'll watch. A testament to the actors and the director, but it feels too real and too extended. You'll need a shower and a deep cleanse after watching.

1 Antichrist

Despite being completely over the top in terms of being too graphic of the unsimulated s*x and genital mutilation, Antichrist is actually a really great film. It's dark and powerful and the message at the heart of the movie is deep, but there's genital mutilation. That alone should be banned in all films moving forward. There's just no room in most people's day for genital mutilation. At no point are we sitting around at home thinking we're prepared enough to face that. If you're a fan of Lars von Trier, you're probably as sick of seeing Charlotte Gainsbourg as we are. It's something that's become a staple in his films in the last decade and, frankly, we've seen enough of it and her.

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