15 Most Humiliating Award Show Moments Ever

It's here people: the award season. There's something special about the film and television award shows, whether it's because of the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes or any of the other ones that no

It's here people: the award season. There's something special about the film and television award shows, whether it's because of the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes or any of the other ones that no one watches, this is a special time of the year for film fans. While there are people who watch only to see who wins the big awards, some watch to see the biggest stars converse with each other, and others even watch for the fashion. There is also a collection of people who watch for the off-chance that someone might do or say something embarrassing. No, it doesn’t happen every year, but, when it does, it's spectacular. In a live award show, there are so many things that can go wrong. We sit on the edge of our chairs waiting for that terribly awkward speech, the horrific red carpet interview or an off-color joke from the host that misses its mark. The possibilities are endless and that makes it must-see TV.

Throughout the years of televised film and TV award shows, specifically the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes, there have been so many incredibly embarrassing moments that we've witnessed. Take the recently completed 74th Golden Globe Awards, for example, which showcased several humiliating moments, some even made this list. Even before the show started, we saw Al Roker completely forget every single movie that Mel Gibson had directed, namely Braveheart, when interviewing the star. We also saw Jenna Bush Hager call a film Hidden Fences, combining the two films Hidden Figures and Fences together. We thought she was horrible until we heard Michael Keaton make the same mistake, introducing Octavia Spencer's nomination for Hidden Fences on stage during the awards, which made everyone who witnessed both mistakes think to themselves, huh, I guess that is what the film is called. These were great bloopers but they are just minor compared to the entrants on this list. Here are the 15 most humiliating film and TV award show moments.

15 Emma Stone and the Hug

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14 Jennifer Lawrence Falling… Twice

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13 Hattie McDaniel's Win

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12 Rob Lowe and Snow White

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11 Music by Prudence

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10 James Franco and Anne Hathaway Hosting

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9 Isaac Mizrahi the Groper

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8 Ann Reinking

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7 "Come and get it, Frank!"


6 Dakota Johnson and Mom Bickering

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5 A Kiss To Soothe A Broken Heart

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4 Necking with Gary Busey

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3 Siblings Doing NOT Sibling Stuff

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2 Travolta Being Travolta

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1 Gwyneth Paltrow Fake Crying

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Gwyneth Paltrow takes a lot of heat for being different than other people. We should, by now, recognize this fact. Back in 1999, at the Academy Awards when Paltrow took home Best Actress, which would have been a surprising win if it wasn't a Harvey Weinstein production, we first noticed that there was something unique about the star. One of the big differences is, unlike most humans, when Paltrow cries and sobs, no tears come out of her eyes. Strange. By now, we've seen so many overly theatrical acceptance speeches that nothing can surprise us, but this was 1999. Times were different. Paltrow got up on stage and gave one of the worst performances of her career. It was obvious. It was fake. If you never suspected that winners already knew they were going to win before the announcement, then seeing this would have changed your mind. Paltrow's speech will go down in history as the worst ever, and that includes all the speeches that were cut off for being too long, the ones that just say thank you, and even the ones that are accepted by the presenters when the winner didn't show up.

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15 Most Humiliating Award Show Moments Ever