15 Most Heinous Acts Ever Committed By Darth Vader

Darth Vader is perhaps the most intimidating villain in all of popular culture.

Darth Vader is perhaps the most intimidating villain in all of popular culture. His menacing stature and booming voice strike fear into all manner of characters in the Star Wars universe, and even real life fans, too. Darth Vader’s path down the dark side is paved with bloodshed, violence and tragedy. Many of his loved ones died, and this resulted in Anakin Skywalker having great pain and anguish that he simply could not overcome. The death toll of Darth Vader is in the tens of thousands, perhaps even millions or billions if you count Alderaan being destroyed by the first Death Star. His one true love, Padme, even died from a broken heart after Anakin turned to the dark side of the force.

Few of Vader’s enemies have escaped his wrath. He has killed X-wing pilots with his TIE fighter, he has mowed down enemies with his light saber, and he has used his force powers to choke the life out of those who disobey him. While Vader eventually redeems himself and does bring order to the galaxy, his carnage is still unequaled. His murders are sometimes quick, but they are always extremely brutal. Here’s a look at the 15 most brutal murders committed by Darth Vader. What do you think is the most savage attack Vader has carried out?

15 Killing The Jedi Younglings

14 Killing His Former Master Obi Wan Kenobi

13 Killing Rebel Battalion In Rogue One

12 Killing The Emperor

11 Murdering Tusken Raiders

10 Decapitating Count Dooku

9 Destroying Alderaan

8 Choking Admiral Ozzel To Death

7 Killing Karbin

6 Killing An Entire Mining Crew 

5 Strangling Captain Antilles

4 Probably Killing Former Apprentice, Ahsoka

3 Destroying X-wing Pilots In Trench Run

2 Killing Separatists On Mustafar

1 Killing An Entire Rebel Squadron

If you thought Darth Vader taking out Gold and Red Squadron during the Battle of Yavin was impressive, just wait until you hear about what happened on the planet of Vrogas Vas. Darth Vader showed up against a huge fleet of X-wings and Y-wings. It certainly looked like he was outmatched, and the rebels thought they had the upper hand, He was alone in his TIE fighter and the rebels were feeling mighty cocky. After all, there were hundreds of them and only a single TIE fighter. They assumed he was just a TIE fighter pilot that got lost, but soon they began to drop like flies. Darth Vader took out all of them –except for Luke Skywalker of course. Darth Vader against hundreds of rebel soldiers still isn’t an even match.

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15 Most Heinous Acts Ever Committed By Darth Vader