15 Most Famous Actors Shunned By Hollywood Filmmakers

Some acting careers in Hollywood look set to span for decades. Yet sometimes, this is just not how things unfold. Certain actors in the business can be big on the Hollywood scene one minute and completely off the radar the next. These stars are often the ones we believe will be around forever due to the hype that surrounds them at the height of their fame.

But no matter how much hype and praise a star receives it doesn’t guarantee longevity in Hollywood. This is the case with the actors on this list. One minute they were huge and then suddenly, without many of us noticing, they began to fade away. With some instances on this list, it happened so gradually that it was impossible to notice. With other cases, the star in question did something to damage their good name and movie producers could no longer take them seriously, or feared their reputation would damage the movie.

So, take a look at this list to see just which stars have, in a sense, been shunned by the Hollywood film industry, and have failed to reach the success they once had. It will be interesting to examine how quick these stars fell from grace, and may make you question just how long some of the movie actors you love today will last.

15 Haley Joel Osment

14 Rachel Leigh Cook

13 Bridget Fonda

12 Hilary Duff


Unlike many young Disney stars, Hilary Duff succeeded in transitioning, somewhat smoothly, from a Disney star to a movie actress. Duff originally made her movie debut in 2003’s The Lizzie Maguire Movie. Nonetheless, after the culmination of the Disney series in 2004, Duff began to appear in various other movies separate from the show. Although these would never be critically acclaimed movies Duff did spectacularly well amongst teen audiences. The actress appeared in the likes of A Cinderella Story, The Perfect Man, Material Girls and Cheaper by the Dozen. These were all released around the mid-2000s, but looking at it now, we can see how this was clearly the highlight of Duff’s career.

11 Emile Hirsch

10 Jennifer Grey

The 80s were a great time for actress Jennifer Grey as she appeared in two iconic movies; Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, opposite Matthew Broderick and Dirty Dancing, opposite the late Patrick Swayze. Both these movies, to this day, remain very successful and popular, however, Grey has not remained so popular. In truth, this was as successful as the star’s career was every going to be. So, what exactly happened? Many individuals believe that a nose job Grey had done in the 90s is ultimately what ended her career. The actress became unrecognizable to many fans and things were just never the same for the actress.

9 Matthew Broderick

8 Molly Ringwald

7 Helen Hunt

6 Uma Thurman

5 Jessica Alba

4 Jude Law

3 Liv Tyler

2 Katie Holmes

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1 Josh Hartnett


Around the early 2000s, Josh Hartnett was a huge star due to appearances in movies like Pearl Harbour and Black Hawk Down. The star has everything going for him around this time, but in recent years he’s slipped completely under the radar. It was in 1999 that the actor got his big break playing Jamie Lee Curtis’ son in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. This role gained Hartnett some recognition and he was soon cast in movies such as The Virgin Suicides and Here on Earth. Hartnett was considered a huge heartthrob at the time and it seemed as if his career was about to take off completely. Which it did, but very briefly. So why as the 2000s went on did Hartnett’s career dwindle out? It’s hard to say but the actor’s decision to leave LA at the height of his hype certainly didn’t help. He moved backed to Minnesota to enjoy a low-key life for a year. When he returned, Hartnett made some controversial decisions; he turned down the role in 2002’s Spiderman, which later went to Toby Maguire, and the role of The Dark Knight in Batman Begins, a role that went to Christian Bale. The star stated that he wanted to work in some smaller productions and eventually this was his only choice, as Hollywood was no longer knocking with big movie offers. It’s not all bad though, Hartnett has been having great success on TV with his starring role in Penny Dreadful.

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15 Most Famous Actors Shunned By Hollywood Filmmakers