15 Most Expensive Vacations Princess Beatrice And Eugenie Have Ever Taken

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice are lavish spenders. There’s no doubt about it. But as members of the British royal family, are we really surprised? As two princesses, Eugenie and Beatrice live the kind of life that a lot of people can only dream of. Their father is a prince, their grandmother is the Queen of England and they have access to all of the crown jewels of the royal family. What’s more, they also live a pretty fabulous jet-setting lifestyle. One moment they are rubbing elbows with the celebrity elite in the Caribbean and before you know it, they are skiing with the best of them in Gstaad. They know they are privileged, and they take advantage of all of the benefits they can.

And while there are certainly plenty of perks when it comes to royal life, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice have plenty of critics, too. A lot of people say that it’s all play and no work for the princesses. Some critics were even outraged when they found out that Eugenie and Beatrice had not one, not two, but 15 luxury vacations in just one year. Clearly the women play hard, but do they do any work? Their entire lives seem to be vacations. Some people can’t imagine taking so much time off, or even finding the energy for so many vacations! With that being said, here are 15 of Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice’s most lavish vacations.

15 Partying In Ibiza

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Ibiza is a huge hot spot for young, rich European kids from elite circles. Every year they flock down to the Spanish island to waste their summer nights away with plenty of club hopping and excessive partying. And apparently, both Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are no different!

But here’s something that everyone can’t help but wonder about: what does Queen Elizabeth think of the girls and all of their partying? Surely she might have said something in the past. At the same time though, Eugenie has also said that she adores and respects the Queen very much. She once said, “Whenever Granny walks into a room, everyone stands up, stops, and just kind of watches her because, obviously, it's huge when she walks into a room. And I find that incredible. I kind of go, 'Ah.'”

14 Yachting In St. Barths

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You know you’ve made it big when you find yourself lounging around on a luxury yacht somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean. For both Eugenie and Beatrice, they just call this another Saturday afternoon. Or even a Tuesday morning, for that matter. The royals have made it no secret that they love the Caribbean sun and that’s why they are there more often than anywhere else.

While Prince William and Kate Middleton love to get away to the island of Mustique, cousins Beatrice and Eugenie prefer St. Barths instead. That’s because it’s often referred to as the ultimate Caribbean hot spot for Hollywood’s A-list. Just ask Leonardo di Caprio – he is there almost every winter with a number of his supermodel friends. The island is also one of the most beautiful and well-kept ones in the region, too.

13 Skiing In Switzerland

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Surely, we’ve all seen photos of members of the British monarchy hitting the slopes in the past, right? For many royals, it’s a favorite past time and it’s also the perfect opportunity to get some well-staged photo ops in with the press. We’ve seen it with Princess Diana and Prince Charles and we’ve definitely seen it with Prince William and Kate Middleton. Well, Eugenie and Beatrice also love skiing in Switzerland even though no one really pays attention to them.

Either way, Beatrice and Eugenie have been coming to Switzerland ever since they were little girls. It has always been a favorite winter vacation spot for their parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. The girls have basically grown up on the slopes and have fond memories of their family holidays.

12 Shopping In New York City

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Everyone loves a good shopping trip to the Big Apple, right? After all, if you are going to spend your hard-earned pounds, it might as well be in the shops of Fifth Avenue. Okay, putting both Eugenie and Beatrice’s names in the same sentence as “hard earned pounds” might be stretching it, but the girls sure do love abusing their royal credit cards in the Empire State.

Also, Princess Beatrice has spent a lot of time working as an intern in Manhattan as well. It’s safe to say that the young royal knows the city just as well as she knows London. Or at least, she knows where all of the high-end shops are. It’s without a doubt that both princesses and their mom have dropped plenty of royal pounds during their shopping sprees in New York City.

11 Rubbing Elbows In Bahrain

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You know you are a royal once you start rubbing elbows with some of the richest men in the world in the Middle East, right? Situated near Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Bahrain is one of the richest countries in the world. And it’s also a country that Beatrice loves to visit several times a year.

Beatrice was last spotted enjoying the Bahrain Grand Prix with Spain’s Juan-Carlos last year. She then visited the country again that same year as a guest of the Gulf State’s Crown Prince. Speaking of business trips, it looks like Beatrice tries to tie in her work trips with her vacations, too. She loves to promote Britain wherever she goes and has even been heard saying, “Britain has trend-setting fashion, ground-breaking scientists, and innovative technology companies. It is also a welcome home for investors.”

10 Snow Days In Verbier

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What royal doesn’t love hanging out and getting wild in Verbier (just ask Prince William!). Both Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie absolutely love hanging out in Verbier several times a year. This is mostly because their parents Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson own their very own chalet in the Swiss hot spot.

As we are sure a lot of people can recall, the princesses’ cousin Prince William made a complete fool out of himself during his last trip to Verbier back in 2017. He partied hard with models and showed off some pretty awkward “dad dance moves” at a nightclub. From what we know, no one else from the royal family was with him. And thank goodness for that, too. No one wants to associate themselves with a middle-aged future King of England that doesn’t know how to dance.

9 Dubai And Abu Dhabi

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Anyone who has ever visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi knows that the United Arab Emirates knows how to put on a good show. A lot of people even compare Dubai to Las Vegas and Beverly Hills, but on a much bigger, more lavish and definitely eye-popping scale. And it’s also one of Princess Beatrice’s favorite hot spots, too.

The last time Princess Beatrice was in Dubai, she was hanging out with her ex-boyfriend Dave Clark. The couple got to do some pretty great things like eat camel meat and go to a lavish party on board the HMS Mahiki (it’s a 125ft Polynesian-themed party yacht that only members of the elite have access to). We wouldn’t be surprised if Beatrice got to ride on a camel in the Dubai desert as well.

8 Beijing With Sarah Ferguson

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Another pricey trip that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie both went on was to Beijing, China with their mother Sarah Ferguson. Apparently, the two women were there on “business meetings,” or how Sarah likes to put it, “milking the royal name and connections for all it’s worth” meetings. We're sure you know what we’re talking about. Sarah has quite the reputation.

According to reports, Beatrice and Eugenie spent a week in Beijing with their mother Sarah as wedding guests of Victoria Tang. She’s the daughter of wealthy Hong Kong businessman Sir David Tang. Some reports even indicate that they were the guests of honor at the wedding. And from what we can tell based off of photos, they had an incredible time at the wedding. It sure must feel great to be a royal, right?

7 Colorado

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It might be hard to believe, but the royals do sometimes get bored with all of the luxury that private Swiss resorts have to offer them. That’s why they jet off to Vail and Aspen in Colorado instead.

Of course, for years royal critics have blasted Beatrice and Eugenie for their lack of dedication to their royal duties. But it looks like the two women couldn't care less about what their critics have to say about them. Beatrice even once said on record, “I know I'm very lucky. A lot of it is quite normal, scooting around the supermarket with a shopping trolley and things like that. With one parent being a prince and the other being an amazing sort of... business woman.” The key words there are “sort of.”

6 A Weekend In Greece

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Compared to Eugenie, Beatrice does seem more like the fun-loving royal sister. She’s got plenty of celebrity friends who would drop everything to party with her in some of the most exotic locations in the world. As a matter of fact, Beatrice was last spotted breaking plates and dancing on the tables with her supermodel friend, Karolina Kurkova. Now that’s a weekend to remember.

Locals witnessed how Beatrice and the blonde beauty went wild and let loose while participating the Greek tradition of breaking plates. I mean, it’s not a real party until a princess and a supermodel show up together, right? And from what we can tell, Beatrice loves to dance, too. The royal princess has got some great moves and is not afraid to show them off, either.

5 Fun In The Sun In Florida

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We couldn’t imagine being someone like Princess Beatrice or Princess Eugenie and complaining about boredom in their lives. That is simply ridiculous, considering these two women have the entire world at their fingertips. They can sunbathe in the South of France one day and then jet off to the South of Florida the next day. And that’s exactly what they do. Being a royal princess sure does give you a nice life, right?

Princess Eugenie once said, “How do I play the princess thing? I don't, really. I don't like talking about it much and find it annoying when people say things like, 'Oh, you're the princess.' One of my best friends jokingly says, 'Hi, Princess,' and I say, 'Shut up.' It is one of the things that bugs me most in the world.”

4 Florence, Italy

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If there’s one European country that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie absolutely love traveling to, it’s Italy. It’s the one country that they visit often, either alone, with their family and friends, or on business trips. And as we know, Florence has so much to offer from fashion to style and above all, great food. The women spend so much time there; we’re surprised that they haven’t moved there full-time!

At one point, Beatrice has even said that she would love to learn how to speak a different language and particularly, Italian. She once said, “I so want to be able to speak another language. I love the way my friends who are half Italian and half English break from one language into another without even pausing.” Sadly that hasn’t happened yet for either one of the sisters.

3 A Roman Holiday

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Back in 2015, Beatrice was once again spotted in Italy, but this time at a society wedding in Rome. The young royal looked elegant in pink from head to toe for her friend’s wedding. Joseph Getty, the son of billionaire Mark Getty, married jewelry designer Sabine Ghanem in what a lot of people called the society wedding of the year.

Right after the wedding in Rome, Beatrice wasted no time hopping over to Great Guana Cay, which is a tiny island off the coast of the Bahamas. She took a much-needed break with her then boyfriend Dave Clark. Yet many critics are still trying to figure out what kind of break she was trying to take. I mean, it seems like jet setting around the globe is the only full-time job that the princesses have these days!

2 Hanging Out On Yachts With Oprah

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Just a few years ago, the princesses were spotted hanging out with Oprah and the Hollywood elite on board David Geffen’s multi-million dollar yacht off the coast of Ibiza. Talk about great company, right? In fact, the royals love to mingle with the Hollywood elite, even though their grandmother Queen Elizabeth isn’t a great fan of the entertainment industry, or celebrities, for that matter.

But according to Eugenie, even though the two girls love to party, they are very different when it comes to their style and their personality. She once said, “Beatrice loves her glamorous dresses and her hair being curly or big – like Mummy's – and I hate volume. I like my hair to be sort of flat. I like just throwing on a pair of jeans and generally being more understated. She is more 'Let's do the glamour.' We're chalk and cheese.”

1 Non-Stop Partying

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At this point, it truly does seem like Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice could not care less about what their critics have to say about their parting lifestyle. They are princesses and by golly, they are going to do what they want to do, and when they want to do it. What’s more, no one is going to stop them from enjoying all of the lavish perks that come from being members of the British royal family.

It’s not like Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are going to take the throne anytime soon. Their cousins Prince William and Prince Harry have more pivotal roles in the monarchy. That also means Beatrice and Eugenie have the best of both worlds: they can party and travel the world like royals without worrying about public opinion. That is, everyone’s public opinion with the exception of their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth!

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